Chief Kim ep 8 summary


Seong-ryong is clearly doing a full on strike. He brings not only a massaging chair but pillows and entertainment items. The ‘witch’ demands him to remove it immediately but he refuses because none of these items break the waiting room rules. He takes out the list of rules and insists he has stayed within the rules. She has no choice but let him have his way.

Ha-kyung updates Seong-ryong about how TQ delivery is going to restructure and fire all the staffs that are 50 years old and over. Other than that she checks up on Seong-ryong, she asks if anything bad has happened to him recently. Seong-ryong is optimistic as ever, he’s completely fine but he might resign after this battle. He explains that once you get your revenge you want to cool off. Ha-kyung is slightly confused what he means by that which Seong-ryong adds that he simply wants to prove to TQ group that he is smart. Ha-kyung blurts out that he promised her he won’t leave if she requests him not to. Seong-ryong comforts her that their relationship won’t end just cause his job ends.

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Seo-yool angrily thinks back to the conversation he had with Ha-kyung. He storms out of his office and throws the baseball gloves into the bin. Coincidentally once he leaves the elevator he sees Ha-kyung. She greets him but is completely blanked by him. She’s confused by his attitude because he was the one who told her to greet him but he’s not doing it back. He looks back and continues walking without saying a single word.

Seong-ryong is being very disruptive, he plays a song that sings “come out, come out”. However the people aren’t allowed to do anything because they’re not allowed to tell him what to do, plus he’s still within the waiting room zone. The only way they can handle Soeng-ryong is to contact ethical management which they’re out of ideas on how to tame him as well.

Yoo-sun is updated by Ha-kyung on what’s going on in the company. Yoo-sun is disappointed and embarrassed that the ‘waiting room’ exists and will get rid of it immediately but Ha-kyung insists she leaves it because Seong-ryong is more than capable in handing it himself. Yoo-sun suggests they recruit Seong-ryong onto their side but after few seconds consideration she takes back her words.

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The accounting team is having an important meeting before they start their assignment however Seong-ryong is being so disruptive. He purposely munches on his crisps loudly and eats a large baguette in the most annoying manner. On his way out he switches off the lights as the last disruptive action.

CEO gives Seo-yool a situaiton he must solve. Both Hanju Bank and IGH investment are requesting a full-lump payment from TQ Group’s by the end of the month. Seoahn Jangryong’s investment isn’t fixed yet too therefore they cannot pay the full-lump payment. CEO states Seo-yool is friends with the chairman of these 2 companies and he must solve it.

Things are a bit awkward when the 2 chairmans are expecting Chairman Park from TQ Group to appear but Seo-yool is here instead. Seo-yool starts to threaten them and brings up the case where they avoided tax evasion and fraud, and he still has the evidence for it. Seo-yool warns them to take back their requests and extend the contract for 3 more years.

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Seong-ryong and Ga-eun teams up to embarrass the head of accounting department. First Ga-eun asks him for help regarding something she does not understand but it turns out to be a report from business operations. This is when Seong-ryong steps in, he angrily accuses the accounting department to be misusing business operations’ resources. Seong-ryong accuses them for having other departments’ information too and imply they are plotting something against TQ Group. He will take this further and report them to the moral and ethical management. Ga-eun plays along and tearfully asks if she will be fired and Seong-ryong exaggerates they will all be fired. Ga-eun runs out crying and high-fives Seong-ryong as she walks past.

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All the labour union members are arrested for obstruction of business and violence against police. CEO praises Seo-yool for his work, not only did he dealt with the labour union but also he was able to persuade the 2 chairmans. Min-young taunts him that the TQ badge looks good on him but Seo-yool is confused by what she means. Sh explains that he acts more like a TQ executive than a prosecutor. The moment Seo-yool enters his room he thrashes his stuff in anger and stares at his name display.

Seong-ryong does the final blow to annoy the accounting department. He sees there are people checking on the fire extinguishers, he picks up one pretending to be interested in how it works. He pulls off the hook and starts pressing on it while aiming for the accounting team. He brushes it off by claiming he was just checking whether it worked.

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Seong-ryong is finally sent back to business operation department due to the amount of trouble he is causing, he needs to be removed from the waiting room immediately. However he won’t agree without striking a deal. He states they must not take back his prize money, they must clear his name and also shut the waiting room. Seong-ryong even brings out a contract for them to sign, without much choice they have to sign it or Seong-ryong will continue causing more troubles.

Gi-ok and Ha-kyung goes to visit Gi-ok’s dad because he is at the hospital right now due to an injury he received from fighting with the police. Ha-kyung calls Yoo-sun to check who is responsible for this and it turns out to be Seo-yool’s subordinate which means Seo-yool was behind all this. Yoo-sun is not surprised and states her husband brought him to the company to make him do these stuff hence it’s really important that they capture him to prevent them from continuing.

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Yoo-sun warns her husband to leave TQ delivery alone, it was her father’s wish for full-time courier drivers to work happily. CEO agrees that he knows how much TQ delivery means to her but what he is doing is for the company’s benefit. Yoo-sun explains money is less important than their employees. Before she leaves, she instructs her son to also attend the board meeting.

Ha-kyung tells the truth to Seong-ryong regarding who was the person that actually hired the lawyers for him. Seong-ryong is not surprised as he knew from the start that it was someone powerful that helped him. She tells him the whole truth, from start to finish regarding how she was sent by Yoo-sun to spy on him. Seong-ryong is sightly offended how she suspected him but he does understand why she was suspicious of him.

However despite trying to act understanding he is clearly not happy, he walks away. Ha-kyung apologises and says he is different now and she knows he won’t betray her or the company. She begs for his help but he is reluctant and does not listen to what she has to say. He states he is sick and tired of TQ Group. She tries to persuade him by explaining the couriers need his help; he must help those that are in need. However Seong-ryong straight out refuses because even if he helps someone no one appreciates him and still think he is a thug.

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Seong-ryong hands in his resignation letter to Nam-ho which leaves everyone in shock. Yoo-sun’s secretary walks in and states she requests Nam-ho, Ha-kyung and Seong-ryong to attend the board meeting. The secretary hands a letter to Seong-ryong and informs this message is especially for him. Seong-ryong states he won’t be coming because he just resigned.

Everyone is present at the board meeting and Yoo-sun seems to be urgently needing Seong-ryong’s help, she looks around for his presence but he’s no where to be found. Seong-ryong is all packed up and walks happily out the business operation department. Suddenly he gets a text message asking if he’s read her message. He instantly opens the letter and is shocked by the content.

However the meeting must go on, Yoo-sun brings up the issue regarding TQ delivery and states she will make a plan to revive TQ delivery so they must not restructure it. Everyone is in shock at her claim and suggestion, they do not take her opinion nicely. CEO states she is making a very dangerous move which is agreed by the majority. Yoo-sun states business operation will take on this responsibility and at this moment Seong-ryong walks in. He insists he will revive TQ delivery in a manner that does not involve restructuring.

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Go Seong-ryong aka Chief Kim. I thought the ending could not have ended on a more higher note. So from now on it’s basically Chief Kim and co against TQ Group. I can’t wait to see more funny scenes because it’s bound to be funny.

I kind of don’t get why Seong-ryong wanted to leave TQ group without bagging the money first, I do get why he wants to eventually leave because he isn’t appreciated there but he hasn’t even stole any money yet. I guess it does show that money was no longer important to him and he wanted peoples’ approval more than anything. I was also surprised that he was offended when Ha-kyung told him the truth because Chief Kim offended? no way. I guess Ha-kyung is quite important to him and her words probably did hurt him. But overall I found it to be more petty than anything haha.