Chief Kim ep 7 summary


Ha-kyung takes in Gwang-sook as she has no where else to go however Gwang-sook really does make herself at home. Ha-kyung feels more uncomfortable than her, she can’t stop thinking whether Seong-ryong is in danger. Gwang-sook reassures her that Seong-ryong will be fine because he is not the type to stay in the prison.

Seo-yool visits Seong-ryong and asks if he likes being in the prison. Seong-ryong questions why Seo-yool is at the prison visiting him but Seo-yool simply answers he wanted to warn him a little. Seong-ryong will try to expose everything about TQ group and drags others with him but he wants him to know that his credibility will drop to 0% and anything he says will mean nothing. Before he leaves he taunts Seo-yool to have fun at prison.

seo yool visit seong ryong prison.png

The lawyers are Seong-ryong’s saviours, they state the law do not permit them to do an emergency arrest. The police states they have evidence however the lawyers replies that some part of the book was missing hence the credibility of the evidence decrease greatly. Moreover they did not even receive a warrant to arrest Seong-ryong and it seems like they have been misusing their powers all along.

Seong-ryong is grateful for their help and asks who it was that called them. It is Ha-kyung. She appears and demand him to answer 2 questions: did he really commit the crimes that the police were charging him for and will he continue to do this. Seong-ryong does not give her a proper answer but simply sways his head from one side to another.  Ha-kyung takes it as a yes and leaves this incident to the past.

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Seong-ryong thanks Ha-kyung for her help and is curious how she managed to hire the most well-known law firm because only important people can do that. Seong-ryong says the fees are really high too but Ha-kyung seems to be hiding something. She claims her dad is friends with the lawyers and they treat her like their niece. Seong-ryong believes her claim but is unsure why she helped him still. Ha-kyung insists that he is a nice person hence why she helped.

Seo-yool suggests the reconstructing of TQ delivery involves cutting down the employees that are 50 years old and over. Poor Gi-ok’s dad works at TQ delivery which means he will be fired. However even if Ha-kyung and Nam-ho knows they can’t do anything to help them.

ha kyung nam ho gi ok.png

Yoo-sun asks why Ha-kyung requested her to help Seong-ryong despite knowing the books were enough evidence to arrest him. Ha-kyung answers that once you get to know someone you can see their strengths and weakness, and she weighed it out believing that he will change for the better.

Seong-ryong is curious what’s been happening at work during his absence. He searches “Mr Righteous” and discovers his popularity is decreasing as people have realised his past. However his popularity has decreased more than he expected, people are even gossiping about him now.

The business operation department is in a completely different mood too. They all seem to be wary of Seong-ryong and is more quiet than usual. Jee-joon blames Seong-ryong for causing their hard drives to be taken away. Even the most loyal fanboy Sung-tae is treating Seong-ryong differently.

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Seong-ryong is called into the ‘witches’ office’. She lectures him for ruining the reputation of the company because he is the first person in history to be arrested in TQ Group. Seong-ryong senses her displeasure in him and states she cannot fire him as it’s violates the law if you fire someone despite them being acquitted of the crime. She has no other choice but send him to the waiting room and then slowly force him to resign.

Seong-ryong is optimistic about his new environment,  although it’s not quite a room it’s near the toilet and has a breezy air. General affairs manager is also sent to the waiting room, he warns Seong-ryong that they are not allowed to work or do anything in this area. However Seong-ryong does not understand and continues. Go-eun even visits him and comforts him with a drink.

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Gwang-sook gets a job at TQ Group café and is overjoyed at her achievement. As she leaves she walks past Sung-tae. Almost like they have met before, both look back but only to continue walking afterwards.

The ‘witch’ appears and lectures Seong-Ryong for working when he is not supposed to. The rules are to sit in silence and do nothing but reflect on their mistakes. She throws his work into the bin and confiscates the laptop.

Myung-suk walks in arrogantly as he knows Seong-ryong is no longer around business operation and is in the waiting room instead. He demands them to reimburse his spendings however they are reluctant to help as it’s against the rules. Seong-ryong has appeared in time and slowly approaches Myung-suk and listens to his rant. Myung-suk immediately shuts his mouth at the sight of Seong-ryong and avoids eye-contact.

Seong-ryong’s presence is enough to command Myung-suk to do anything, he instructs him to get his charger and he obeys him without another word. He eats the hotdog that is given to him and listens to Seong-ryong’s lecture.

myung suk and seong ryong threat.png

Ha-kyung and Nam-ho visits Seong-ryong whom is using all his strength and attention in balancing 3 pens. They invite him to a meal to catch up and see whether he is affected by the new environment. However thick-skinned Seong-ryong does not care about the layout because he does not get embarrassed easily. Nam-ho and Ha-kyung are apologetic that they cannot help Seong-ryong.

Nam-ho re-invites Seong-ryong to live with him again and even decides to decrease the monthly payment by 50 dollars. Seong-ryong jumps at the offer and immediately accepts. They are now flatmates however Seong-ryong is not happy with his room because it’s in the attic. Not just any attic but an attic that has many issues, but despite all that Seong-ryong will still live at Nam-ho’s apartment as the price is very attractive.

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TQ group uses a different tactic to kick Seong-ryong away, they demand him to return the prize money of employee of the month. Of course he will kick off but it means more discipline actions to take place. Go-eun originally came to pacify Seong-ryong but unable to overhear the witch badmouthing Seng-ryong, she angrily demands her to apologise to him because he is a hero. Tables have turned Seong-ryong tries to calm Go-eun down instead.

Seong-ryong returns and finds a note from General manager Oh (the man that sits with him at the waiting room). They immediately search the entire company as they sense something wrong is going to happen. Seong-ryung makes it in the knick of time, General manager Oh is climbing onto the edge in preparation to suicide. He demands this is the only way he can clear his name and also get rid of the waiting room.

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General manager states he worked for the company over 22 years and did nothing but stayed loyal to the company. Now he is only left with guilt towards his family. Seong-ryong tries to clear his mind and states even if he suicides the executives would not even care. Seong-ryong demands to know what he has done that is bad enough to kill himself for. Seong-ryong screams at the top of his lungs to stop his negative thinking; he asks if he has ever embezzled money,  if he ever stole money, if he ever spent money that belongs to others. However the answer is no, Seong-ryong clarifies there are many people that have been living wrongly but can still be happy so why is he trying to end his life when he has been living perfectly fine.

Seong-ryong continues to persuade him, he must continue to live on and walk his daughter down the aisle. Seong-ryong slowly inches towards him while reaching out his hand. General manager Oh grabs onto Seong-ryong and bursts into tears. He wails in despair that he lived a life of honesty and tried his best but was not rewarded for his effort. Seong-ryong tearfully reassures him that everyone appreciates his effort and can tell he worked hard.

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The disciplinary team are here to pack the seats and table away assuming Seong-ryong and General manager Oh have both resigned. Seong-ryong is not going to let TQ group have the last laugh, he pushes his massage chair into the waiting room and arrogantly looks at the disciplinary team. Nothing can stop him.

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Hahaha nothing can stop Seong-ryong for sure. Although he is a embezzler and craves for money but Seong-ryong has the greatest sense of justice and will never do anything to hurt others. I thought it was a nice touch how he persuaded general manager oh by using himself as an example. He also shed tears because Seong-ryong can understand the pain that is going through a wrongly accused person.

Myung-suk’s fear towards Seong-ryong was the best bit of this episode, the amount of fear and respect he has for Seong-ryong is funny. When he asked whether he can consult Seong-ryong for help in the future was really entertaining. I think Seong-ryong can actually control TQ Group if he trains Myung-suk well because in the end the company basically belongs to Myung-suk anyways.

And is it just me or do we sense Go-eun’s affection for Seong-Ryong is increasing?