Chief Kim ep 6 summary


The man does not believe Seong-ryong is not the leader of the labour union, he insists Seong-ryong to listen till the end. Suddenly he brings out Seong-ryong’s favourite thing in the world- money. He stacks out the money in front of him and with his quick calculation he knows there is 300,000 dollars inside.

Seo-yool storms into Min-young’s room and angrily reminds her that he requested her to never use force to handle a situation. Min-young arrogantly states the deal is worth 70 million so she can use any force she likes to make it a success. He warns her if things does not go smoothly he will not let her off.

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The man tries to bribe Seong-ryong with money, 2 boxes are for him and 1 is for other labour union members. The man states the money is enough for them to live comfortably but only if they cooperate with him and not appear tomorrow. He takes out a contract for Seong-ryong to sign but Seong-ryong is slightly reluctant despite having money in front of him. He questions what would happen if he does not sign the contract, the answer is simple, he will get beaten up.

Seong-ryong needs time to make up his mind, he wanders around the room unable to believe this is actually happening because it seems too good to be true. His dream to Denmark is within grasp. As reluctant he tries to act Seong-ryong ends up taking the bribe.

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Ha-kyung can finally get ahold of Seong-ryong, she demands to know where he was which he answers he simply walked around the town. Ha-kyung is annoyed at his wishy-washy attitude but lets him off as she’s relieved nothing bad happened to him. Seong-ryong does not tell her about the bribe but once he hangs up he can’t help but stare at the money that was given to him.

Myung-suk has no choice but ask his mother for money because his credit card is unusable since he no longer gets away with misusing the card. Yoo-sun asks if this is related to Seong-ryong which he answers yes. Yoo-sun uses this chance to lecture her son, he needs to straighten up and be responsible for his actions. CEO enters and warns his son to not mention this issue again. Yoo-sun steps in and states this issue is related to the entire company, before she left the company the expenditure was very strict. Yoo-sun hints that TQ Group is doing shady stuff.

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The courier drivers are still on strike despite being injured. The investors arrive and oversees the scene and are completely dissatisfied. CEO demands to know why the issue hasn’t been dealt with but Min-young insists they paid the head of labour union to drop the strike however despite taking the money it seems like he did not obey the order. CEO instructs Seo-yool to find the man and break him.

Well the man that took the money is currently in business operation department looking through flight tickets. Ha-kyung wonders if he’s going somewhere and he answers he’s going away this weekend to watch a pageant.

Seo-yool is completely lost and unsure on how to solve this issue. The labour union leader could have scammed them, or it could be the ‘security team’ mistake. He demands everyone to head to TQ delivery including the union, thugs and people from TQ Group etc. The agreement paper must be there because he wants to see who signed it.

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Things gets a bit awkward when everyone has gathered at the meeting room and the agreement paper arrives but to only discover that the person who signed it to be the one and only Seong-ryong. The man even shows a photo of Seong-ryong as proof. Seo-yool is beyond enraged at Seong-ryong’s betrayal. Nam-ho requests to see it as well and is shocked at the discovery.

Ha-kyung arrives to the meeting and insists she has work to do. Seo-yool calls Seong-ryong and demands him to appear immediately however Seong-ryong arrogantly walks in asking why he’s so angry.

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Seong-ryong explains why he took the money, basically he was wearing the red vest and the thugs mistook him as the leader, then they gave him money and threatened to beat him up if he refused. Seong-ryong adds that they also requested him to give money to the other labour union leaders and try to end the strike. Seo-yoo asks if he pocketed the money and that’s when Ha-kyung steps in. She takes out a receipt and says he deposited the money into the business operations’ account which means the money went back into the company.

The drama skips back to Seong-ryong thinking about how to deal with the money he is given. He can’t stop thinking about how badly treated the drivers were. However even if he gives the money back he might be targeted. He asks Nam-ho for advice although he tries to hide the identity of the story but Nam-ho senses that he’s asking for himself and gives him some tips on how to do this. Seong-ryong goes to Ha-kyung and hand her over the money so she can deposit back into TQ Group.

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Seong-ryong is on a Mr Righteous streak, he is applauded by TQ Group for helping the labour union. He arrogantly walks in and seems to have gathered a fan base, he even gets to use the executive elevator unlike his first day.

However the atmosphere is completely different in the CEO office, he rips up the newspaper that contains news about Seong-ryong. TQ Group ended up complying with the labour union’s requests. Min-young tries to push the blame to Seo-yool, she states the whole problem is due to Chief Kim and he was hired by Seo-yool. CEO demands Seo-yool to get rid of Chief Kim immediately. Once they leave the office Min-young cockily states if he need help she will be willing.

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Seo-yool is venting out his stress by playing baseball. Ha-kyung walks past and offers him some advice, he awkwardly walks out and tries to leave. Ha-kyung invites him out for a meal and he actually accepts.

Seo-yool sulks that she pretended she never knew him when they met again which she answers that she had no choice because it would have been awkward to say it during that moment. Seo-yool asks if she is close to Seong-ryong and wonders if that’s why she went to TQ delivery with him. She answers they are close because they’re in the same department.

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Go-eun approaches Seong-ryong during his overtime, she gives him a cake to cheer him up. Go-eun asks why he started working at accounting and finance which he simply answers that he needed to make a living. However Go-eun asks him to elaborate because there must be a deeper meaning. Seong-ryong simply states that number do not lie and as long as he does not lie there is nothing as honest as accounting. Go-eun smiles at his answer in approval.

Ha-kyung’s invite was random but it seems like she was plotting something all along. Seo-yool is completely drunk and Ha-kyung brings up TQ group. She asks what he was offered when he joined however he refuses to reply because the topic is boring. He says the next time they see each other she should at least greet him and if they have time they can play baseball together. Before Ha-kyung can ask anything else, he is completely knocked out. Mission completely failed for Ha-kyung.

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Aww cute Seo-yool is happy about planning a date with Ha-kyung. He immediately goes and buy a baseball glove and happily exclaims to himself that he will be able to catch all her balls. He suddenly remembers that he was given an envelope that contains photos of Yoo-sun and the person she was meeting. He opens it up and discovers the mysterious person was Ha-kyung all along.

The investors are meeting up with Min-young and Seo-yool. They state they are happy about the report because it’s realistic but cannot invest due to the recent protest. The investors requests TQ delivery to go through a restructuring because they need a stable company.

CEO is angered by the investors demand but has no choice but to cooperate with their needs because this investment is compulsory for them. CEO demands Seo-yool to get rid of Chief Kim immediately because if he did not intervene the investor would have never asked for TQ Delivery to restructure.

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Ha-kyung prep talks Seong-ryong that he must stand his ground no matter what because she does not want him to leave. Although she does to admit it but it’s very apparent she doesn’t want him to leave. Seong-ryong states he will try his best since Ha-kyung wishes him to stay.

Seo-yool states the more you use something the more it bends which Seong-ryong answers that he is not a glove or a circus elephant. Seo-yool asks if Seong-ryong wants to be a glove but Seong-ryong states he has no obligation to be a glove and simply wants to work underneath him. Seo-yool tells him to get out and Seong-ryong is slightly confused why there is no punishment. The moment Seong-ryong leaves Seo-yool picks up the phone and starts calling someone.

Ha-kyung waits outside because she is worried. Seong-ryong states Seo-yool is a sociopath and is very strange, especially how claim he will not punish him too. Either way they are both relieved that Seo-yool is letting him off.

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Gwang-sook runs up to Seong-ryong happily, the reunion is slightly too dramatic which leaves Ha-kyung feeling a bit awkward. He introduces Gwang-sook as his ex-secretary but their behaviour seems to say otherwise. It doesn’t help that Gwang-sook likes clinging onto Seong-ryong.

However this little outing won’t be complete without police intruding and annoucing Seong-ryong is under arrest for tax evasion and forgery. The police states this time they have evidence and Seong-ryong cannot escape. Seo-yool is smirking in his room whilst aggressively squishing the baseball glove.

Everyone is in shocked and disbelief that Seong-ryong was a scammer all along and people were calling him Mr Righteous. Seong-ryong can’t escape either because the police has the evidence. Suddenly a group of lawyers appears and says they need to re-confirm the evidence before the police can do anything to Seong-ryong. Seong-ryong is confused, he never even hired them but they’re here to help him.

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There is something about this drama that makes me really like it but at the same time it makes me hate it. I do like how this drama makes Seong-ryong goes through hurdles and hurdles to gain people’s trust and slowly he realises his inner caring nature. What I don’t like is how it’s getting repetitive with Seong-ryong betraying Seo-yool and he forgives him and whatnot. Like just hire another person already.

We all know Seong-ryong won’t get captured but I hope he does not return to TQ group and be Seo-yool’s slave again. Their relationship was slightly entertaining but I don’t think I can watch 16 episodes of the same situation but in different formats.