Chief Kim ep 5 summary


The representative of the investment group informs Min-young that the mortality of the company is very important for them and TQ Group has lost credit due to the latest news regarding Chief Lee. However he has changed his mind but they will only agree if they meet their requirements. Also they do not trust Seo-yool therefore they will choose a random person to guide them through a thorough review. Seo-yool is reluctant to agree but has no choice too.

Seong-ryong and Ha-kyung kicks off at the security room and it seems like the guards have suffered more than Seong-ryong as he only has a bruised lips whereas the guards are covered with bruises.

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Seong-ryong is suddenly taken away by the guards, he screams and fidgets around but suddenly realise he’s in an important meeting. He instantly becomes quiet. Ha-kyung follows after him as she is worried about his safety, once she enters Seo-yool is surprised to see her. The investor requests Seong-ryong to be in the diligence preparation team as he is Mr. Righteous and have good morals. They saw him on the social media and believe he will do a fine job.

The investor states that Seong-ryong is an honest man and will do anything to save someone. He won’t let his personal feelings get in the way of assessing his company. However Seong-ryong rejects his offer because the responsibility is too great and there’s bound to be someone that is better than him. He suddenly leaves which leaves everyone in shock.

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Ha-kyung chases after Seong-ryong and states he cannot leave just like that but Seong-ryong says he has a plan that can make them drop charges against Chief Lee’s wife.

The investors aren’t happy that Chief Kim will not take the role, it also means they will withdraw the offer if they cannot persuade Soeng-ryong. CEO is not taken the news well and instantly calls Seong-ryong to the office so he can understand the real reason he refused. Soeng-ryong makes a deal with the CEO that he will take on the job if only he drops the lawsuit against Chief Lee’s wife. CEO agrees immediately because the investment is crucial for him.

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Seong-ryong also uses this chance to make Seo-yool dispose his account book so he cannot use it against him in the future. Seong-ryong basically indirectly forces him because if he refuses then Seong-ryong can easily quit his job and not be in the preparation team which means the investor will not be happy. This affects Seo-yool greatly because he needs the investment.

The business operation department is in awe of Seong-ryong’s ability, he can use his brains to drop the lawsuit and get into diligence preparation team because it’s the first time anyone from business operation is able to get in.

Seong-ryong’s head continues to grow and grow. He arrogantly walks up to Chief Lee’s wife and rips up the lawsuit because TQ Group is dropping the charges. Chief Lee’s wife is beyond grateful and thank him for everything he has done for both herself and her son.

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Seo-yool is updated regarding the members that are in the diligence preparation team. He is pleasantly pleased that Ha-kyung is also in it. Little does he know that Ha-kyung was sent by Yoo-sun to spy on them.

Seong-ryong meets up with Seo-yool to get his account books. To make sure Seo-yool does not have any copies Seong-ryong states if Seo-yool lies about not having copies then he is a cheap person and only a scum would do that. Seo-yool is slightly offended by his statement and takes out a USB claiming he forgot to give him it earlier. He throws it in the fire awkwardly.

Seong-ryong is pleased that he’s in midway of being released and suddenly thinks about why he actually helped Chief Lee’s wife. He calls Gwang-sook for advice and she states that he is turning into a nice guy because a true righteous person gets angry when they see injustice. Seong-ryong hangs up because what she’s saying is completely nonsense to him.

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Nam-ho overhears Seong-ryong looking for a place to rent and instantly goes over. He offers Seong-ryong the empty room because his wife and daughter are living abroad. He earnestly asks again and again that it’s almost too desperate, Seong-ryong sense that Nam-ho is tight on money and haggles with him. Nam-ho disagrees immediately because the monthly pay would be too low.

 Seong-ryong meets up with the diligence preparation group, they head to TQ delivery to do the reports and also to see the protestors. Seo-yool is enrage about the protestors and demand the person in charge of TQ delivery to get rid of the people before the investors arrive tomorrow. Seong-ryong is not much help, he asks many questions and even when they are doing the report he accidentally pulls the wrong plug which causes all the computer to blackout. Seo-yool is angered by his actions,he demands Seong-ryong to get out instantly.

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The accounting duo informs Seo-yool that TQ delivery has been in red due to the rise in fees however Ha-kyung insists it’s not because the increased in fees started in 2013 and in 2014 they reduced their cell phone and gas bills. Hence the the increased in fee is much smaller than the reduction of costs. However her opinion is not appreciated, even Seo-yool does not listen to her. Ha-kyung is on her own.

Seong-ryong is gaining face-to-face information from TQ couriers. They state the company blame them for their loss in profit but company’s operations is at fault. The employee states that they work so many hours but get nothing in return especially they have to pay for their gas bills etc. They are basically delivering machine without even getting breaks. They simply work and work but get nothing in return.

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Ha-kyung goes for a break and sees Seong-ryong chatting to the courier employees, although she laughs at the scene but happily joins them. After few conversation exchanges she heads back up but Seong-ryong refuses to go back and says he will stay with them.

Seong-ryong actually does stay with them till nighttime. A group of masked men suddenly arrives and threaten them to leave. Seong-ryong warns his friend to leave because he can tell they’re not real security and are actually dodgy people. The ‘security’ does not give them a chance to leave and attack them instantly. The area becomes a full-force battle. Even poor Seong-ryong is attacked as the people think he is one of the drivers.

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Seong-ryong is beyond tired, these people just can’t seem to stop coming. The diligence preparation team exits the building and witnesses the scene. Seo-yool is angered as he thinks Min-young has gone too far. Ha-kyung is distressed to see such a sight but no one seems to have any motivation in stopping it. Suddenly she remembers Seong-ryong is ‘part’ of the courier, she runs out but is stopped by Seo-yool. He urges her not to because it’s dangerous but she does not listen and runs out. Seo-yool chases after her and once the leader of the ‘security team’ sees him he informs the team to evacuate.

Seong-ryong is abducted to somewhere strange, he is placed on a seat roughly and suddenly a man states he is happy to meet the head of TQ delivery labor union. Seong-ryong is confused because he has abducted the wrong person.

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Hahaha so funny when Seong-ryong asked the masked men whether they are interested in him hence they wouldn’t stop approaching him. The drama is kinda hard to get into but once you are in it, it’s addicting. I am enjoying the drama more than I expected. It’s actually a very light-hearted drama that is easy to watch and something you don’t need 100% attention on.¬†In a good way.

Also I am liking Seo-yool’s character, he is sweet and slightly ditzy. Although he tries to act strong but has a very cute and adorable side without trying. Like he wants to be serious but he’s just a sweet little puppy. Was very cute when he praised everyone for their hard work but it was actually directed at Ha-kyung. Although she does not know that, it makes the drama even cuter. I hope there’s more development between them in the future episodes.