Chief Kim ep 4 summary


After Seung-Ryong being abducted Ha-kyung asks whether Yoo-sun knows anything because this situation reminds her of Chief Lee’s incident. After the call YoO-sun seems to be in great pain, she takes medication immediately to ease the pain.

Ha-kyung does not let her colleagues knows that Seong-ryong has been taken away instead she makes up an excuse for his non-appearance. She states that his friend is in an emergency therefore left early. Nam-ho is annoyed and frustrated that he left early on such a busy day.

The police shows the evidence to Seong-Ryong but Seong-Ryong is confused because he has not even pocketed anything yet. Another police suddenly enters and requests to see Seong-Ryong.

seong ryong police station .png

Ha-kyung goes to the police station to check whether Seong-Ryong is okay but instead she finds out that he is slightly dodgy as he gets checked for accounting fraud every year.

Seong-Ryong is taken to an eerie building with no one around. The building is old and empty. The man that took him there suddenly puts on leather gloves and demands that he should only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. First question he asks if he has taken the accounting book but Seong-Ryong answers ‘no’. However the man does not believe him and asks again, Seong-Ryong starts being cheeky but gets a punch on his face instantly.

seong ryong kidnapped.png

Seong-Ryong regains consciousness. Seo-yool is present now and is BBQing whilst cutting up pieces of meat. This is the strangest thing possible. Seong-Ryong asks if he planned this which Seo-yool states that his friends should have just locked him up instead of punching him. Suddenly Seo-yool brings out the accounting books and threatens him, he makes a bet with Seong-Ryong- if he can take a piece of jenga without making it fall he can help him regain his innocence.

Seong-Ryong starts his attempt but suddenly Seo-yool kicks over jenga tower. He shouts whether Seong-ryong is upset that he has something to keep him in check. Seo-yool states he isn’t like the people Seong-ryong previously worked with.

seo yool threaten chief kim.png

Min-young asks the advisor whether he has sent the tabloid newspaper regarding Chief Lee and his wife. They are doing everything to prevent Seo-yool to sign with Seoahn Jangryong Investment because they have worked hard for it.

Seo-yool gives Seong-ryong another chance, he must obey him from now on or he will receive a punishment greater than this time. Seo-yool laughs at his pitiful behaviour and how his account books can even train person. Seo-yool demands him to get on his knees and vow to work hard from now on. Without a choice Seong-ryong obeys him and do as he is told.

chief kim gets on his knees.png

Ha-kyung asks Nam-ho whether he knows when TQ group went downhill but he refuses to say as they are only ‘ducklings’ and even when they quack no one can hear them. However once he is drunk he starts blabbing, he tells Ha-kyung that TQ group dropped when the current CEO took the company from his wife. CEO told the board about his wife’s sickness and forced her to step down. However no one knows what illness Yoo-sun has.

Nam-ho continues that TQ group has been operating shadily ever since Yoo-sun stepped down and all these financial reports are lie. He warns her to not tell anyone because it is top secret and she might be in danger.

top secret tq group.png

Business operation department is in trouble for making a mistake on the year-end calculations, the man disses them for their lack of competence. Ha-kyung defends them and states their documents were wiped away during the last second and everything was done from scratch in such a short time. However her words simply anger him even more. Seong-ryong watches from the doorway as he’s scared to enter especially he left his team in such a crucial time too.

Nam-ho shouts at Seong-ryong for leaving them for his friends however Seong-ryong is confused with the excuse, he looks instantly at Ha-kyung. She takes him outside and demands to know what actually happened because it was like a scene in the movies. Especially she knows that he gets investigated every year therefore he must be a dodgy character. Seong-Ryong states that she must trust him to make up a lie for which she admits, however she did it only because she thought he might be framed like Chief Lee. She warns him to be careful from now on cause she will be watching.

ha kyung warnin to chief kim.png

Ga-eun energetically greets Seong-Ryong and offers him a present to apologise for her mistake- stabbing him in the middle. As everyone is watching curiously he says he will open it at home however Ga eun reacts defensively insisting he must open it now. Nam-ho steps in and tries to be cupid he says Seong-ryong should open it and leave it in the office so he can think of Ga eun wherever he goes.

Turns out the present is a small coin bank, nothing too romantic but very thoughtful. Nam-ho becomes curious and asks how they met. Ga eun states it bluntly that she hit his ‘middle part’ by accident. Nam-ho continues to interrogate which causes more confusion in the office and leaves everyone feeling a bit awkward.

ga eun visits chief kim.png

Ha-kyung requests Nam-ho to continue with his story about the truth behind TQ Group. However as reluctant as he is, he has no choice but to still tell. He explains there are 3 men next to the CEO and they’re all evil (Choi Min Young, Go Man Geun and Seo-yool). Nam-ho explains that Seo-yool was a prosecutor but now they brought him over here so they can make the perfect fraud.

Seo-yool gives Seong-Ryong and the accounting manager a task- they must make their account look perfect or TQ Group will lose money. However that means Seong-Ryong has to re-write the whole history of TQ Group.

re-write history of tq group.png

Out of curiosity Ha-kyung looks into what Seo-yool looks like and remembers him, he was the man that was standing outside her batting booth.

Seo-yool is strolling through the street and goes past the batting booth, he especially looks inside for Ha-kyung but she’s not there. He becomes disappointed and walks to the ‘hit the mole’ whilst waiting for her to appear.

seo yool waiting for ha kyung.png

Ha-kyung is suspicious of Seong-Ryong and requests to see the CV from Yoo-sun. She is shocked that Seong-Ryong was hired despite having such a bad history. Yoo-sun explains that Seong-Ryong was especially hired by Seol because Chief Lee refused to do the dirty work and he will need someone that supports fraud. Yoo-sun adds that the CEO has people around him so he can defend his management rights. However even if she wants to prove their wrongdoing she needs evidence.

Myung-suk is angrily being lectured by his father due to his incompetence in choosing the company’s model. CEO lashes at him for his ability and declares his son to just breathe and not do anything else. Yoo-sun overhears it and asks whether their son caused trouble again but CEO brushes it off immediately.

yoo sun myung suk ceo.png

Ha-kyung is beyond suspicious of Seong-ryong and even volunteers to do the account book again because she does not trust him touching the executives’ account. Myung-suk angrily enters and starts kicking up a fuss and throw their folders around the room. He demands to know who didn’t clear his receipt ad starts throwing accusations around. However no need, Seong-ryong steps in and declares he was the one who did it. Everyone is gobsmacked at how brave he is.

Seong-ryong states he simply did his job as the chief but Myung-suk is annoyed, he threatens him and asks whether Seong-Ryong knows who he is. Seong-ryong is calm and says knowing who he is and clearing his receipt are 2 different things. Myung-suk shouts at him and threatens him however Seong-ryong had enough. He snaps back at him and shouts at Myung-suk for acting like he is god when he is not. Seong-ryong clarifies it for Myung-suk, even if his dad is CEO it does not mean he can act however he wants.

Myung-suk tries to hit Seong-ryong but Seong-ryong instantly grabs his arm and twists it back. All the colleagues instantly jumps into action to save Myung-suk. Seong-ryong is out of control he vows to snap Myung-suk’s arm but Myung-suk has already escaped.

seong ryong myung suk angry.png

Nam-ho angrily shouts at Seong-ryong that he will fired and so will the whole department. Seong-ryong insists to take responsbilty but nothing can save the situation they’re currently in. Ha-kyung states that they all know Myung-suk is useless but they don’t say it, she even states Seong-Ryong is immature for beating Myung-suk up. However poor Seong-ryong is confused because he wanted to defend his colleagues but they’re annoyed at him instead.

Myung-suk is off to tell his daddy but instead CEO is annoyed at his son’s incompetence. He states that Seong-ryong is correct because he does feel ashamed of his son. CEO refuses to get involved for a little argument and instructs Min-young to sort it out.

ceo annoyed myung suk.png

Min-young updates Seo-yool that she will fire Seong-ryong because he used violence against the director however Seo-yool refuses her demand because he just ‘tamed’ Seong-ryong.

Seong-ryong is back to acting, he acts all innocent in front of Seo-yool. However Seo-yool is not buying it, he asks if he did it on purpose just to get him back. However Seo-yool states if Seong-ryong is angry he should have snapped his arm instead of Myung-suk’s. Seong-ryong is quickly dismissed, Seo-yool requests him stay low for the next few days and he will sort everything out. Seong-ryong arrogantly walks out knowing he will get away with it.

Ha-kyung waits for Seong-ryong and says she has been keeping her eyes on him but is unsure why he attacked Myung-suk. Seong-ryong being the great actor he is says she’s making him miserable, he is already getting fired tomorrow so what benefit will he even receive now.

cheif kim gets back at seo yool.png

Min-young states the chances of them getting the investment they wanted is slim as the rumours about Chief Lee is spreading around. Plus the investment group has seen the clips of Chief Lee’s wife stating the company is dodgy. CEO instructs Seo-yool to meet up with the director of the investment group and persuade them.

As Seo-yool is walking along the road he suddenly sees Ha-kyung, automatically he starts following her. Ha-kyung goes to the batting booth and vents out her stress as she thinks about her conversation with Seong-ryong. The moment she steps out she sees Seo-yool watching her. Seo-yool tries to make himself less creepy by playing with a flat soccer ball. Ha-kyung is already reluctant to talk to him because she knows his true identity. She quickly walks away but he chases after her to make conversation, he praises her for being good at baseball. However Ha-kyung is slightly disturbed by how enthusiastic he is and looks shocked. Seo-yool awkwardly says goodbye and questions himself about his actions.

cute seo yool stalks ha kyung.png

Nam-ho apologetically tells Seong-ryong that he will be on probation period until he gets fired which means he cannot work. Ha-kyung steps in and is annoyed for Seong-ryong, she angrily declares the company didn’t even give Seong-ryong a second chance. Soeng-ryong continues to play victim and says it’s nobody’s fault and he will accept his punishment. He quietly packs to move his stuff into the probation room.

seong ryong cool leave.png

Chief Lee’s wife frantically calls Ha-kyung but she does not pick up as she is out to buy food for the guests later on. Without much choice Chief Lee’s wife calls Seong-ryong. He meets up with her and sees that she has received a legal complaint about spreading false information, business disturbance etc. Chief Lee’s wife states she cannot afford to hire a lawyer and is unsure what to do. Seong-ryong is also unsure because TQ Group is such a large company and most lawyers would step down and would be reluctant to take the case.

Ha-kyung arrives and is slightly wary of Seong-ryong’s presence. She snatches the legal complaint from Seong-ryong’s hand because she will deal wth it herself.

seong ryong chief lee wife cafe.png

The investment company is here to see TQ group. However they see Chief Lee’s wife approaching and warns the security to keep her detain until the investment group is gone because she’s a risk. The security staffs are behaving really roughly with Chief Lee’s wife and Ha-kyung too. Seong-ryong tries to ignore it but steps in. His heroic act is unstoppable, he punches the security right on his face.

seong ryong heroic act take 2.png


Now we are talking, last episode really crawled and this episode is so much better. Finally some actions and humour in it. Thank god, I was getting so bored with the drama until this episode. It’s getting interesting, I have a feeling the investment company is interested with Seong-ryong heroic act and because of that he will not be fired.

Also I actually ship Seo-yool and Ha-kyung together more than Ha-kyung and Seong-ryong. I find Seo-yool’s behaviour to be absolutely adorable like how he waits around for her, as creepy as that sounds but in the most non-stalkerish way ever.