Chief Kim ep 3 summary


Seong-Ryong accidentally saves someone and gets hit by the car instead in the most comedic manner. Even when he regains consciousness he reacts in the strangest way possible. But he finally starts to realise the situation, he is in the hospital getting treated too.

Chief Lee’s wife thanks him for his help and is very grateful for his courageous act. Ha-kyung explains that the driver was drunk and has no idea where he was going. Chief Lee’s wife warns Seong-Ryong to be careful as people may target him as he’s the new chief.

seong ryong in hospital.png

Seong-Ryong becomes an internet and news sensation for his heroic act. But Seo Yool does not appreciate his courageous act because it will only attract attention. Even Ha-kyung does not trust his true intention and asks whether he intended to save Chief Lee’s wife. Seong-Ryong’s reacts dramatically and act like he is offended by her question.

Seo-Yool demands to know who tried to run over Chief Lee’s wife and is shocked that everyone knows about the plan but him. He warns them to not meddle with his business without his knowledge. Once he exits the room he pushes CEO’s right-hand man against the wall and questions whether he is responsible for Chief Lee’s suicide. Min-young steps in and says Chief Lee decided to suicide and it was not an act they had planned or contributed.

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Seo-Yool sarcastically applauds Seong-Ryong and then the next second snaps at him for attracting publics’ attention. He warns him to not do anything that will get peoples’ attention. Seong-Ryong holds it in but the moment he exits the room he screams out to defend himself. He angrily declares he never even intended to save the woman but he simply slipped on ice.

Go eun is being bossed about by her colleagues at TQ group and thinks back to her mission. She is sent to TQ group to uncover the truth behind TQ group however that means she must get her superiors’ trust.

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Park Myung-Suk enters the business operation room to demand them to fix his expenses log and shouts at them for doing it wrong. None of them can speak back to him therefore Ha-kyung pretends she’s speaking to a customer but actually indirectly shouting at him.

Seong-Ryong offers to do the accounts for the higher ups but none of them agree to his suggestion. Seong-Ryong has no choice but to make them trust him first and slowly move his way up to the higher authority. Gaining peoples’ trust means closer to stealing money.

seong ryongs plan.png

CEO shows the clip of Chief Lee’s wife protesting but Seo Yool reassures him that it will quieten down. CEO asks if he is confident in getting an investment as he is competing against Seoahn Jangyong Fund. Seo Yool reassures him that he will be fine because it will be perfect. CEO states that the account must be more perfect than perfect. This investment is important for the business to thrive and their account must show no signs of fraud.

Seong-Ryong and Ha-kyung are at the police station to see the person who attempted to murder Chief Lee. The man says he will just accept his punishment and live in jail. Seong-Ryong requests to speak to him privately, he asks if TQ group set him up in this plan. Seong-Ryong states it bluntly that he must have it good, if he accepts him crime then his time in prison will decrease. However if they discover that it was attempted murder and not drink driving then his punishment will be much heavier. The man becomes flustered and asks him to repeat himself.  Seong-Ryong gives him many options and finally traps him to reveal the secret- TQ group gave him money to murder Chief Lee’s wife. Seong-Ryong warns him again before leaving, he must tell the truth and even if he does not he will manage to find evidence.

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Seo-Yool is driving along the road but suddenly takes a sharp stop and goes to a vending machine to buy food. As he is eating his food he watches Ha-kyung bat, but once she turns around he looks away. Am I sensing a love triangle soon.

Despite Ha-kyung finally accepting Seong-Ryong and even inviting him to a meal, he rejects it because today is his parents’ death anniversary. Seong-Ryong asks his dad why he made his mother suffer and swear he will never live like his father. He states his father was always betrayed but he remained nice and in the end had nothing left. Seong-Ryong vows to be heartless and not care about anyone.

seong ryong family anniversary.png

Despite having a rough morning where the water stopped working, Seong-Ryong gets the employee of the month award. He is welcomed with a red carpet and employees applauding him. Seong-Ryong is slightly reluctant to accept the prize and does not even seem grateful for their admiration.

Ha-kyung is deep in thoughts, she can’t forget the scene where Chief Lee’s wife was nearly killed. She requests to see the CCTV footage of the incident but the security says the scene was deleted because they had a virus that day.

ha kyng cctv footage.png

Seo-Yool gets updated regarding the man he ordered to kill Chief Lee’s wife. The man refuses to admit his crimes and says TQ group ordered him. Seo-Yool is annoyed and state they should have never used a thug.

Ha-kyung is called in by her superior. He warns her to not meet Yo-sun anymore because it may ‘damage’ the company. He wants her to not trust people that believes the news and asks whether she knows what he is trying to say. Basically threatening her that she will lose her job if she helps Yoo-Sun.

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Seong-Ryong volunteers to venture into the Accounting department because it will not only make his colleagues like him more but also gain some trust in the accounting team. However no one in the accounting team seems to be interested in him so he as no choice but to befriend intern-Ga Eun. Ga Eun is also plotting something similar, she acts super friendly with Seong-Ryong because it’s her mission to befriend him.

Seong-Ryong hands his colleagues cheques of 200 dollars each. He was planning to take them out for dinner but they are always so busy. All his colleagues are really touched by his generosity except Ha-kyung, she rejects his offer. Seong-Ryong closes his generous act by stating how happy he is to give them money.

seong ryong hands out money.png

Ha-kyung is by herself at the convince store and nosy Seong-Ryong can’t just pretend he saw her and leave. He joins her and states her face looks like the world ended or something. She asks whether ‘what’s right is right’ or ‘what you think is right?’. Seong-Ryong states that it’s what you think that is right because if you listen to others it becomes tiring. Ha-kyung has made her mind up, she calls Yo-sun to meet up.

Ha-kyung explains that TQ group was behind the man that tried to murder Chief Lee because the man’s behaviour and statement was strange. Plus the company destroyed the evidence and she was threatened by her superior. However there is no proof to uncover the whole truth.

ha kyung plan with yo sun.png

Seo-Yool asks for Seong-Ryong’s thoughts on finding out things he isn’t supposed to. Seong-Ryong answers that he is becoming someone important and hints that he has an upper hand against Seo-Yool. Seong-Ryong starts to initiate a deal with Seo-Yool; if he cooperates with his plan, will he benefit anything. Seo-yool senses Seong-Ryong’s change of attitude and wonders if he is going to backstab him. Seong-Ryong answers that he won’t  backstab him but to win you must be cruel.

Yo-sun says she is scared of the people in TQ Group but is more scared the truth being buried. Ha-kyung agrees to be on Yo-sun’s side even if it means being in danger.

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Seo-Yool thinks back to Seong-Ryong’s threat and becomes agitated. He notice the batting booth ahead and looks inside to see whether Ha-kyung is there again. However she is not there so instead he bats but fails badly.

The whole business operation department is in great panic because their data is lost and they need to redo everything. Sung-tae asks whether Seong-Ryong can do the executives’ account so it can reduce the burden. Seong-Ryong of course agrees immediately. Ha-kyung steps in and insists Sung-tae should be the one that does it since it’s his responsibility. However Seong-Ryong insists he is only helping him because the work demand is great and it has nothing to do with responsibility. Seong-Ryong ends the argument, he’s the chief and he has the right to do whatever he wants.

Seong-Ryong exits the room but Ha-kyung chases after him. She says she won’t treat him with respect and Seong-Ryong asks if she behaved like this with her ex-chief too. However Ha-kyung insists they are completely different people and he should stop ordering people around.

ha kyung and seong ryong argument .png

Gwang-sook calls Seong-Ryong, she warns him about police barging into their place but before Seong-Ryong can plan police arrives in front of him. The announce that he is being charged for tax evasion and anything he does or say will be used against him. This is all so confusing to Seong-Ryong because he has not even started pocketing the money and he’s being charged already.

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Honestly this episode was a let down, it’s really boring and nothing big happened. I guess we are still 3 episodes in so it should get better, well I hope it does. The most interesting part in this episode would probably be the upcoming love triangle, it does make it more interesting and probably funnier too.

Moreover I think Ha-kyung took too long to agree to Yo-sun like yo why you scared for, just agree. I feel like the drama wants to make it serious and stuff but it’s slightly too comedic for it to the point it I can’t appreciate the severity of the situation. The business is dodgy and someone was killed/ attempted to be killed because of how dodgy the business is but like the whole story about the rivalry and hierarchy in TQ Group is boring me.

I hope Go eun can appear more because I enjoy her appearance in this drama, I also like Seo-Yool. I have a feeling he is secretly a nice guy, like an undercover or something but we shall see.