Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 4 summary

EPISODE 4-Her True Identity

Bong-Soon gets a call from Gook-du which she names him as ‘cool Gook-du’. Gook-du calls her to say she is at a marriageable age now and should be more careful of her acts. Bong-Soon is reluctant to agree but decides to anyway. Gook-du also warns her that the suspect saw her face so she should change her hairstyle or something. Gook-du asks if something made Bong-Soon annoyed today. Bong-Soon angrily shouts at him that she has the right to feel angry, sad and her heart can break too.

Gook-du is confused with Bong-Soon’s reaction and thinks it’s something he said that made her angry. He insist they are fiends and everything he says is for her own good. This upsets Bong-Soon even more as he emphasised their friendship, out of anger she hangs up on him.

bong soon gook du call angry.png

Before Bong-Soon can even calm down, Min-hyuk calls her. He asks how strong she really is and whether she is a man. Bong-Soon snaps at him and asks if ‘s curious because if she’s a man he will date her. Bong-Soon threatens him that if he annoys her even more she might lose control and break another part of his body. Min-hyuk does not sense her anger and asks if she can crush boulders with her head. Bong-Soon erupts like a volcano and screams over the phone.

Gook-du enters her room and reaches his hand out for Bong-Soon. Out of nowhere girl-version Min-hyuk hugs Gook-du. He reaches for Gook-du’s bum and tauntingly grabs Gook-du’s buttocks. Bong-Soon is beyond disgusted and is traumatised, she screams aloud which wakes herself up from this horrible nightmare.

bong soon dream strong woman.png

Bong-Soon’s mother consults a fortune teller whether purchasing a space in a shopping centre is good profit. The fortune teller emphasise that the company responsible for the redevelopment won’t just sit and watch. The fortune teller advises them to challenge the boss directly and their profit will triple.

Bong-Soon’s mother then asks love fortune for her daughter. The fortune teller answers that she will be married into a good family and one of them will be destined for beatings. Bong-Soon’s mother is fine with it because she knows Bong-Soon won’t be the person getting hit.

Min-hyuk becomes sentimental when he sees the food Bong-Soon has prepared because it’s exactly how his mother cooked it. He compliments it being delicious and does not stop eating.

min hyuk food bong soon cooks.png

Bong-Soon is waiting for Min-hyuk in the car because she wants to avoid seeing him. Min-hyuk uses the walkie-talkie to call her back in but as she enters back into the basement, she notices that she was recorded inside the car. Everything she said just now was heard by him loud and clear. Bong-Soon panics but does not apologise at she insists she didn’t really badmouth about him.

Min-hyuk requests to go outside and rides his hoverboard, Bong-Soon is running after him to match his speed. However suddenly Min-hyuk’s drone is shot down. He instantly grabs Bong-Soon and hides behind a tree however the tree is not large enough to shield them. A bullet skims against Min-hyuk’s arm and he falls down dramatically. Bong-Soon glances up at the attacker which he instantly runs away. Bong-Soon being the super-woman she is picks Min-hyuk up and carries him bridal style to the car.

bong soon carry min hyuk bridal style.png

Min-hyuk demands to know what Bong-Soon is as her strength is beyond his imagination. He asks whether she is an alien or took some sort of drugs. Bong-Soon does not answer and insists he had it lucky the bullet did not hit his vital parts.

The blackmailer suddenly calls Min-hyuk to ask how he feels to be hit by a bullet. He warns Min-hyuk next time he will use a real gun if he does not give up his inheritance. Bong-Soon is worried and asks if he’s okay but he brushes her off and demands to be alone.

Min-hyuk stares at the drawing of the hooded girl and seems to be lost in thoughts. He thinks back to the day he left the house because he no longer wants to fight with his brother and will live his life in freedom.

min hyuk threat call strong woman.png

Bong-Soon’s dad senses that Bong-Soon is sad and sneakingly hands her over money that he secretly saved. He urges her to buy some clothes she will feel better. Aww so cute.

Bong-ki meets up with Hee-ji and is slightly surprised Gook-du isn’t present. Hee-ji thanks him for doing a good job because her fingers feels better after it. Cheater cheater cheater. 

The leader of the group of men that Bong-Soon beat up visits the walnut restaurant. He orders the food like a normal customer, well in large quantity. Bong-Soon’s mother stares intensely at them which he has to smile back awkwardly. Although he may seem scary he has a cute side, he struggles to eat the walnut cake and is gestured by Bong-Soon’s mother to use a knife to cut it.

gangster leader eat walnut cake strong woman.png

Bong-Soon thinks back to her teenage years and the struggles. The drama skips to the scene when Bong-Soon is posing with the ‘shaking stone’. The tour leader of the group informs the tourists that the boulder will not budge no matter how much people pushes it. However with a simple push the whole boulder rolls off. There were many times when Bong-Soon couldn’t control her strength and troubled people around her.

As Bong-Soon is washing her hands, Gook-du walks past and states he likes girls that are gentle because it makes him want to protect her. Bong-Soon is startled by his statement and accidentally pulls off the whole tap off. Luckily Gook-du has walked past and didn’t see the tap coming off.

gook do ideal type ji soo.png


“The fact that I’d be cursed if I used my superhuman powers for bad things meant nothing compared to how scared I was that Gook-du would find out and I tried that much harder to keep it a secret”

Bong-Soon even joined the knitting club so she can hide her real strength however her exams were also approaching. Bong-Soon is taken to the shrine to pray for good grades but instead she prays to Buddha to grant her as Gook-du’s girlfriend.

Bong-Soon overhears Gook-du being congratulated by her brother for passing and getting into the police academy. Also overhears Gook-du is now taken and is dating the prettiest girl in their school. Poor Bong-Soon spent her time knitting a scarf instead of studying just so she can give it to Gook-du.

bong soon scarf annoyed .png

Gook-du calls Bong-Soon out to see whether the recording of the victim’s finacé sounds like the voice Bong-Soon heard. Unfortunately the voice does not match Bong-Soon’s memory of the voice therefore the search for the suspect continues. Gook-do warns Bong-Soon to be careful because she is weak and Bong-Soon reassures him she will be fine.

Bong-Soon asks if things are going well with Hee-ji and his answer breaks my heart. He says that Hee-ji is preforming outside Seoul without any awareness that his girlfriend had a date with Bong-ki.

bong soon and gook du heartbreaking story.png

Min-hyuk has no choice but call his nice brother for help. He tells him the whole truth about someone targeting him and today he was shot by a steel bullet. Min-hyuk says he is suspecting it to be one of the other brothers and he needs his brother to find out who it is. Once Min-hyuk finds out who is targeting him, he vows to kill him.

Min-hyuk thinks back to his childhood when he was bullied by 2 of his brothers but the nicer brother defends him and saved him from being trapped in the closet.

min hyuk thinks back to his childhood.png

Min-hyuks self-invites himself to Bong-Soon’s cinema outing and Bong-Soon doesn’t really have a choice as her friend urges her to agree. Bong-Soon ends up crying during the movie because she finds superheroes movie the saddest. Min-hyuk is taken aback because he does not understand what could be sad about superheroes movie. However her friend and Bong-ki are completely used to it.

After the movie they go clubbing which Bong-Soon is completely drunk and wildly pole dances. Min-hyuk watches with a smile on his face but the smile is wiped away once she accidentally rips the pole off. Bong-Soon is drunk and unsure what’s happening, she swings the pole around unsure why everyone is so shocked. Min-hyuk laughs at the commotion and more importantly at how Bong-Soon is such a trouble-maker with great strength.

bong soon drunk behaviour clubbing.png

Bong-Soon’s mother is annoyed at her daughters behaviour. Min-hyuk even brought them all home and Bong-Soon angrily shouts at him for being interested in Gook-du. She wants Min-hyuk to not stare at Gook-du’s butt or she will rip off his. Bong-Soon panics as the memory of last night is slowly returning.

Voldemort has handcuffed the woman to the bed just like the last woman whom he abducted. He inserts something into her which instantly calms her down. He gently strokes her and says he loves skinny woman and she should only eat one meal a day to keep herself pretty. The other kidnapped woman is trapped in a jail-like room and can see the whole scene, she watches in fear.

second woman caught strong woman.png

Bong-Soon tries to figure out how she can get away with her behaviour last night and thinks of all the excuses she can come up with. Min-hyuk calls her to asks if she’s had breakfast and she does not need to come in early because he will work out and then go to work. Min-hyuk is unusually nice to her and Bong-Soon is delighted because this was not the reaction she was expecting from him. Especially she was beyond nasty to him last night, Bong-Soon compares his strange behaviour to when ‘you forget your homework but your teacher is off sick’. 

Min-hyuk secretly compliments her for being cute. He thinks to himself how cute Bong-Soon is and even when she threatens him to cut his bum off she’s cute to him. He states she is strange and bizarre but absolutely adorable.

happy bong soon phone call min hyuk.png

As Bong-Soon is heading out she bumps into a man, he apologises and Bong-Soon automatically remembers the voice she once heard. The voice that she heard at the hospital when the victim was taken away right in front of her eyes.

bong soon meet the criminal again.png


Noo why end it like this, I bet she will chase after the man but ends up losing track of him so she gives up looking but once she turns away, he appears out of nowhere and is aware of Bong-Soon. Therefore Bong-Soon also becomes a target or something.

Also the drawing on basement’s door is the hooded girl that we first saw in the drama and we all know who that girl is, the one and only Bong-Soon. The hooded girl must be Min-hyuk’s first love or something but he isn’t even sure of her face but has a sense of gratitude and admiration for her. So it’s no surprise that he really admires Bong-Soon’s strength and to not find her strange at all.

Also guys, I am getting bored of seeing Voldemort. Like it was scary at the start but it’s getting repetitive like do something else. He just traps people and make them skinny cause he likes skinny people. Like do something yeah, have some weird addiction like ballet dancing or something. Also I thought the reaction from the first kidnapped woman was completely boring. Like how could she react like that.. She can still eat and pretend to not hear the other woman screaming, she could have comforted her or talked to her or whatever, but she just ate. Like nothing was wrong, I guess maybe she was so starved that she needs to eat to survive but like… really? Or maybe voldermort was watching but I don’t know, just seem slightly off.