Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 3 summary

EPISODE 3- Gnome’s Secret

Gook-du demands Min-hyuk to release Bong-Soon because he is breaking the law by making her work for more than 8 hours a day, especially at night too. Gook-du demands to know what sort of work he will be asking her to do and if he care to share. Gook-du warns him again that he will be charged if he continues to break the labor law.

Bong-Soon steps in and informs Gook-du she needs to do something tonight but unable to tell him because it’s against company’s policy. Gook-du ain’t going to take that as an excuse and demands to know what it is. Gook-du asks if she’s even asked for her mother’s permission and if the mother say no, he will Bong-Soon away immediately.

To Bong-Soon’s mother delight, of course she will agree. She even urges Gook-du to leave and not bother them. Gook-du is confused at the response because it’s not what he had expected.

gook du calls bong soon mother.png

Gook-du demands to know what job Bong-Soon will be doing tonight and more importantly what is her role at Min-hyuk’s company. Gook-du insists he cannot leave Bong-Soon with him especially she heard the criminal’s voice and saw his face. Bong-Soon insists the attack today was because of Min-hyuk and it has nothing to do with the wanted criminal. Gook-du asks if she is a cop and how certain she is about this claim, Bong-Soon automatically becomes quiet.

Min-hyuk has no choice but to cooperate with Gook-du but of course he is going to pay him back with something too. He acts all sweet with Bong-Soon to annoy Gook-du and acting all coyly with Gook-du to annoy Bong-Soon. Bong-Soon is scared for Gook-du’s safety because she believes Min-hyuk likes guys.

min hyuk flirt with gook du .png

Gook-du is the sweetest guy ever. He senses that Bong-Soon wants him to go and agrees to leave. Before he steps out he gives her a pager, if she presses on it the police will arrive to her location within 5 minutes. He leaves but turns around again to remind her. He shouts out “all men are dogs” for Min-hyuk to hear.

Bong-Soon looks for Min-hyuk to notify that Gook-du has left. Instead of looking for him she admires his walk-in closet that is filled with clothes, shoes and accessories. Between the hanging jackets, there is a painting, as she approaches it the door opens which leads to a secret room. The basement is filled with arcade like games and high tech looking items.

min-hyuk secret basement.png

Min-hyuk welomes her into his basement like a boss. He shows her the name and address of the person that owns the motorcycle. Bong-Soon energetically suggests they go find him now but Min-hyuk insists they go tomorrow and she should spend the night together protecting each other.

Min-hyuk sulks and states Gook-du cares a lot about Bong-Soon despite having no motivation in dating her. He nearly even addresses him as a “bastard” but quickly corrects himself. He asks if Bong-Soon’s necklace is from Gook-du, she happily answers her dad got it for her as a graduation present.

Min-hyuk suggests they sleep in the basement because it’s more safe there. He instructs her to sleep on the coach and he will sleep on the floor with his sleeping bag.

sleepover min hyuk and bong soon.png

Once he switches off the light a starry night sky appears on the ceiling. Min-hyuk says that he read a book that once people die they become stars and he believes that. Bong-Soon is less romantic and says they become ghosts. Min-hyuk sadly states this is the only way he can see his mother. Bong-Soon asks more about his life as he barely mentions it.

Min-hyuk explains that he was 6 years old when his mum brought him to his father’s house. His eldest and third eldest brother bullied him and locked him in a closet. Bong-Soon asks why did he build his dungeon which Min-hyuk answers that even when they locked him in the closet, he became comfortable with the cramped space and grown attached to it.

Min-hyuk also adds that his father was a thug and earned money that way, he also become friends with police and used connections to get his way. Min-hyuk concludes no police is good. Bong-Soon rejects his thinking and states some polices are decent. Min-hyuk asks Bong-Soon what does she like so much about Gook-du, Bong-Soon automatically becomes happy to hear Gook-du being the topic. Min-hyuk teases her and wonders how long her one-sided love has been going on for.

bong soon and min hyuk midnight chat.png

Bong-Soon thinks back to her first meeting with Gook-du. It was when she was in 6th grade. Gook-du was a transfer student and she was already dazzled by his looks. She stares intensely at him which Gook-du notices and states she has some drool on her mouth. Bong-Soon was even a little stalker when she was young, she would watch Gook-du play the piano from outside.

Bong-Soon concludes that Gook-du is the only person that makes her completely defenceless. Min-hyuk shows no sympathy and states Gook-du never asked her to like him. However Min-hyuk isn’t so coldhearted, he urges her to get up and game with him. Guess this is Min-hyuk’s way of comforting someone.

min hyuk comforts bong soon.png

The next morning Bong-Soon wakes up and finds Min-hyuk next to her, automatically she swings him off the couch. He explains angrily he had no other choice because the floor was so cold. Bong-Soon obviously isn’t happy with the explanation and looks angrily at him. He commands her to cook them breakfast because they will be out all day.

Min-hyuk complains the food is filled with carbohydrate but still eats it of course, well after complaining. Bong-Soon declares he will drive his future wife crazy but she brushes it off because he is ‘homosexual’. Min-hyuk isn’t going to let her throw an insult at him and let it off, he is going to troll her for sure. Min-hyuk brings up Gook-du again and says he has a nice firm butt which is plus because he likes guys with nice bum. Bong-Soon stares at him in disgust and stabs a chopstick through the table to warn him.

i like guys with nice butt strong woman do bong soon.png

Bong-Soon asks Min-hyuk what he is going to do once he catches the criminal, he answers that he will question his motives and also why he is targeting him. Bong-Soon asks whether he will hand the criminal over to the police but of course Min-hyuk will reject the idea and will handle it without the need of police.

Gook-du being the diligent person he is goes and asks Detective Choi whether the masked man looks similar to the one that attacked him. Detective Choi says the attacker does not know how to use the knife because the knife was a simple arts/ craft knife, also the person who attacked him is much older.

gook du interrogating strong woman .png

Bong-Soon and Min-hyuk’s action is taken place. Bong-Soon knocks on the suspected man’s door and asks whether he used his laundry machine yesterday because it was loud. The man quickly declines and tries to close the door, Bong-Soon holds onto the handle and insists he was really loud last night. Bong-Soon requests to go inside to see if he really does not have a washing machine. Without permission she still enters the apartment.

The man has enough and asks if she is really his neighbour. Bong-Soon without shame admit she’s not his neighbour and introduces herself. She describes the motorcycle and asks whether he knows the owner of it. The man starts to panic but why should he be scared when Bong-Soon is a small little girl. He starts touching her face not knowing this could potentially cause his death. Bong-Soon tries to hold it in but slaps him away in annoyance. The man automatically falls back.

bong soon hits man strong woman.png

Bong-Son automatically checks for his breathing. She sighs in relief that he’s still alive but without any response she has no choice but take him outside the apartment to seek help. Min-hyuk is startled at the sight of her dragging a body across the floor. But plan must go on, Bong-Soon seems to be used to people fainting from her power but Min-hyuk is beyond shocked/scared. He runs out to get the car ready so they can throw the body inside the car but 2 women are approaching the apartment.

Min-hyuk frantically dashes towards the elevator and presses the button. With not much choice they can only take him to the rooftop until everything is clear. The man begins to regain consciousness and Bong-Soon is unusually calm in this, she ties him with a nearby cable. Bong-Soon accidentally hits the cable switch causing the man to be electrocuted.

bong soon and man electrocuted.png

The man is unconscious and Bong-Soon starts to understand that she has not done her job properly. She sneaks away but Min-hyuk commands her to come back until the man is awake.

He finally regains consciousness and starts to sob. He says he reported his motorcycle to be missing but the police did not care about his report. Bong-Soon cries with him and automatically unties him. She shouts at Min-hyuk for finding an innocent person, poor man even limps back to his apartment without shoes.

innocent man strong woman do bong soon.png

They interview the woman’s fiancĂ© to see whether he has any motive to kill his fiancĂ©e. They were due to marry soon but the wedding was suddenly called off due to an argument. Gook-du requests a voice recording of his voice. However other polices insists that he is not the criminal because his behaviour is very sincere.

The police force is confused whether the suspect is the same for both cases or not, as the footprints are different. Gook-du insists they’re the same because the criminal is smart and likes to mess around with the police.

she is still alive strong woman .png

Min-hyuk insists the case regarding Detective Choi and the abduction are 2 different cases. Gook-du questions why he concludes this and what evidence is there to back up his claim Min-hyuk adds that he will be grateful if they let him take care if his own personal issues and they do their own job. Bong-Soon is annoyed at Min-hyuk’s rudeness to Gook-du.

Gook-du adds that Bong-Soon’s safety is his responsibility. Bong-Soon happily smiles at his declaration. Bong-Soon tries to help Gook-du to understand the situation, she says Min-hyuk is a bit of a psycho that has many enemies and the man who attacked Detective Choi may have mistaken him as Min-hyuk’s bodyguard.

min hyuk bong soon police station interrogation.png

Gook-du angrily advise Min-hyuk to hire a bodyguard and Min-hyuk answers he has, he points at Bong-Soon but she steps on him to prevent him revealing her true nature. Min-hyuk screams out in pain. Gook-du reminds Min-hyuk whom is screaming in pain that he will be the one that looks after Bong-Soon from now on and Min-hyuk is also responsible for hiring bodyguard to protect her as his job is brining her danger.

Min-hyuk limps out the police station and declares his toes are broken. Bong-Soon apologises and asks whether he needs the hospital. He angrily screams at her and says she’s a disaster waiting to happen.

min hyuk in pain strong woman.png

The police are interviewing the doctor that was responsible for the abducted woman. Dr says it isn’t hard to get his schedule as someone can easily call the office to get it. The doctor also adds that it is not difficult for someone to impersonate him. As requested the Dr hands over the CCTV footage of the operation.

Min-hyuk is at the hospital and the Dr informs him that he has a fracture on toe. Bong-Soon avoids eye-contact. He continues to limp out whilst showing his anger. Bong-Ki greets his sister and Min-hyuk too but Min-hyuk is definitely not in the mood to humour anyone or make small chats.

injured min hyuk .png

Gook-du meets up with Hee-Ji. She still seems bitter about him leaving her last time, she greets him with a long time not see. He says he booked her an appointment at the orthopaedic department.

Min-hyuk is enjoying life in the wheelchair and having Bong-Soon push him around. They visit Secretary Go and Bong-Soon waits outside for Min-hyuk. The secretary informs Min-hyuk that the man that ‘beat’ up Bong-Soon are downstairs and her twin brother works at the hospital. Min-hyuk acknowledgedly nods at the interesting combination- her brother heals people and Bong-Soon hurts people.

Bong-ki lectures Bong-Soon for causing trouble and says majority of his patients are from her. After he finishes his lecture he leaves because he needs to meet Hee-Ji as she’s a patient that is suggested by Gook-du.

bong ki and bong soon lecture hospital.png

Bong-Soon follows her brother and sees Gook-du being extra nice to his girlfriend, stating that he will wait for her. Bong-Soon became quiet and stares at Gook-du’s grasps on Hee-ji hand.  Gook-du is surprised to see Bong-Soon but still introduces her to his girlfriend. Bong-Ki leads Hee-ji for a diagnostic and an x-ray.

Hee-ji explains that her muscles ache and the pain has moved to her elbow. The pain affects her ability to hold anything. Bong-Ki states that she may have overused her muscles and caused damaged to her nerves. But he will need to do a blood-test and an x-ray to clarify. Hee-ji stares at Bong-ki and he looks back at her, they share a moment of awkwardness.

bong ki and hee ji appoinment.png

Gook-du shouts at Bong-Soon for signing the contract without even properly reading it. He angrily asks why she needs to be with Min-hyuk 24/7 and asks if she’s his caretaker. Bong-Soon explains Min-hyuk has lost his secretary hence why she has to overwork but Gook-du asks why is that. Bong-Soon remembers that she is the one that caused Secretary Go’s injury and becomes flustered. Gook-du angrily demands to know why all the employees are so weird in the company.


“You trust men way too easily, Bong-Soon. If a man is nice, he’s a player! And if he’s not, he’s a scam artist! That’s the kind of people men are”

gook duk tells off bong soon.png

Bong-Soon angry demands to know why Dook-du is so nice to her when he already has a girlfriend. Gook-du is surprised at her sudden question and stammers for an answer. Min-hyuk sees the confrontation and shouts Bong-Soon over to save her from embarrassment. Min-hyuk concludes what just happened and asks whether this is true, but Bong-Soon already has walked away and he is simply talking to himself.

Bong-Soon went home instead. Her mother exits the house and demands to know what happened between her and Min-hyuk. Bong-Soon reminds her mother that nothing will happen because Min-hyuk is interested in guys.

Min-hyuk calls her and says he could have been danger the moment she leaves. He lectures her for her bad working ethic. Bong-Soon becomes even more annoyed and says she simply wants to take care of her hygiene and will come back ASAP. Min-hyuk urges her to return quickly and she should not even dry her hair to save time.

annoyed min hyuk and bong soon hospital.png

Bong-Soon has finished showering now and starts to think why she can’t control her powers recently. She thinks back to the day she helped the man beat the delinquents and states it started since then. She gets many texts from Min-hyuk demanding her to return ASAP.

Bong-Soon is called out by the high school students again, the head of the group demands to know if Bong-Soon was the one who ripped the shoes. He takes Bong-Soon’s purse and looks in it but turns out there’s barely any money inside. He curses at Bong-Soo for being poor and she agrees with him as her life is a bit rough recently.

Bong-Soon’s anger is increasing, she warns him to not touch her stuff or head but he does not listen and even eggs her on to do something. Bong-Soonn bends his arm back and picks him up like a trash from the floor. Everyone screams in panic and fear. Before leaving she warns them to study hard and to not cause trouble or she might do something worst next time.

hero bong soon picks up student.png

Min-hyuk takes Bong-Soon to a family gathering and introduces her as his secretary. Things are already bit awkward as Min-hyuk is clearly not interested in entertaining or humouring his family. He texts Bong-Soon to focus on finding the culprit instead of enjoying the food whilst angrily glancing at her.

Min-hyuk’s dad starts talking and announces the heir to his Ohsung group, he states there is no issue in passing it down but simply wants to finalise it with the family. With not much surprise he chooses Min-hyuk. One of the brother compliments the father’s decision and the other brother angrily demands the father to re-think. The last brother shows his concern for Min-hyuk’s ability. Bong-Soon tries to understand the situation by guessing the attack and defence status of the three brothers but struggles to narrow down the culprit. However once she sees Min-hyuk’s father exploding with anger, she concludes the culprit is the father.

minhyuk three brother strong woman.png

The Voldemort man is at it again, he has taken a woman into his car by tricking her to think he’s the driver she called for. He goes to a nearby pharmacy and purchases few stuff and coincidentally Bong-Soon is also there. She plays around with her mum and accidentally hits the man but he does not react which seems to be strange but Bong-Soon is not aware of his presence at all. After he leaves she purchase her paracetamol and leaves.

Bong-Soon’s mother has not given up on Min-hyuk being her son-in-law. She urges her daughter to make a move on Min-hyuk because it’s a golden opportunity. Bong-Soon insists he is homosexual. To make matter worst, Bong-Soon concludes that Min-hyuk has a crush on Gook-du. Hee-ji calls Bong-ki because she wants to thank him for his help today at the hospital. She wants to treat him to lunch and Bong-ki agrees.

hee ji is cheater strong woman.png

The woman is finally awake and cries in horror to see the man’s face covered with nude-skin like mask. She begs him to let her go which he does but goes after her with a weapon. Oh boy is Voldemort creepy or what. The woman is stumbling and struggles to walk, the man suddenly struck her with the weapon he is holding.

Bong-Soon is walking in the rain while carrying an umbrella. Suddenly a sense of uneasiness reaches her, she drops her umbrella and the bag of grocery she is holding.

Bong-Soon voices over:

“I has an uneasy feeling that the time to use my powers would soon come”

bong soon has to use her power strong woman.png


Nooo is Hee-ji going to cheat on Gook-du, she cannot do this. Gook-du is like the most perfect human being, why she doing this to him. But once she dumps Gook-du it means that Bong-Soon has a chance. But I shouldn’t get my hopes up because we all know Bong-Soon will end up with Min-hyuk, after all they are the main characters…

BUT! To all those Bong-Soon and Gook-du fan, although we should admit the chances of this pairing happening is like 0.1%, I do think Gook-du likes Bong-Soon without even realising. Like he is scared he will lose the friendship he has with her or maybe he just sees her as a sister… which is more probable.

This is a guess but I think Hee-ji will be targeted on later. It seems like the Voldemort man has a thing for tall pretty woman and Hee-ji might be a target. This could change things and make Gook-du and Hee-ji close again but then the plot (cheating) is so unnecessary. If he forgives her, he is way too easy. I would lose admiration for his character for sure. Actually I should calm down, it hasn’t even happen but I feel like it is coming already.

Plus what is going on with Bong-Soon unable to control her power, it’s like the drama is hinting something major happening soon, like Bong-Soon killing someone by accident due to her powers or hurting someone close to her. Or maybe she loses her power and is in danger. But something regarding her powers is definitely changing.