Chief Kim Synopsis

A very somewhat-unusual drama I must say, I barely watch office dramas because let’s be real, nothing interesting happens. Yes there will be some business problems and stuff but it’s slightly limited. Office dramas is limited to a rich chairman son falling in love with a poor cleaning lady or whatever, and this storyline has been recycled over and over again. Please no CEO affair that’s been recycled in so many forms that we can even predict the ending or write it for them.

What this drama is focusing on is embezzlement. Oh no. I don’t know about you but when it comes to number and all these laws and banks and whatnot, it hurts my head. So this drama really did not interest me especially when it will use these technical terms and I will be sitting there nodding but not understanding what is actually happening.

BUT BUT BUT. You should try things that you don’t like just to prove if your belief is right, and was I wrong about the drama or what. I watched the first episode and I became interested in the technical side of business and I think it’s all thanks to Seong-Ryong comedic expression. Although this drama involves quite a dark start with a man attempting suicide, it plays on the lighter side of it. The company is in a turmoil because the attempted suicide brought the darker side of the company into light therefore police becomes involved etc. But then we have have the money-loving protagonist; well antagonist actually, or half and half shall we say. I don’t know. Seong-Ryung (Nam Koong Min) coincidentally loses his current job which involves scamming people but this does not stop him neither will he learn from his mistakes. He aims for TQ group where can he scam a large sum of money in one go and forever live in happiness with money surrounding him.

But things doesn’t go smoothly for him of course. We have our female lead that is heroic workaholic- Ha-Kyung (Nam Sang Mi). She will be working under Seong-Ryung as the assistant manager and her role really involves keeping the new manage Seong-Ryung in check. Especially she has great admiration for the previous Manager but unfortunately he is hospitalised due to attempted suicide.

That is the summary, it may seem slightly dull and a bit typical but please do watch it for Nam Koong Min funny expressions. If you liked him in Beautiful Gong Shim, you will love him here as well.