Chief Kim ep 2 summary


Seong-Ryong runs up to the boss and embraces him happily because he got into TQ group. Everything is not going as expected, they are celebrating at Seong-Ryong newly found job like the fight never happened.

One of Ha-kyung’s colleague shows her a text message going around regarding Chief Lee, he made the suicide look intentional but actually did it to whistle blow TQ group. Ha-kyung thinks back to all his files being deleted and grows more suspicious of the situation. Nam-ho tries to dismiss his colleagues turmoil and brush it off but Ha-kyung will not let this slip. She insists they do not dismiss it because there is something suspicious going on and they shouldn’t trust anyone from now on.

Min-young is lost in her own world, she thinks about the conversation she had with Seo Yool. Seo Yool insists they hire Seong-Ryong. Min-young is seem to be really troubled by this decision.

chief kim hired for tq group.png

Seo Yool has resigned and gone to work at TQ group. His colleague barges into his office and sees his senior packing up. He demands whether he told TQ group about his investigation but Seo Yool snorts at his arrogance because his investigation does not have that much power. Seo yool disses the system and declares he rather be a loser than pretend to be one.

Nam-ho is angered by the new manager and states he cannot admit such a character to be his manager. Ha-kyung tries to calm him and explains the manager’s personality is more important. Once Nam-ho leaves, the whole business operation department runs to the bin to get a glimpse of the candidate’s CV. They are also in shocked at his CV and how much it’s lacking. They all agree to treat Seong-Ryong with disrespect.

annyed business operation.png

CEO and his wife- Jang Yoo-Sun (Lee Il Hwa) are at a memorial service, the wife appears to be really upset and after the service she informs her husband that she wants to attend the board meeting. CEO is surprised by her statement and seems reluctant. This son- Park Myung-Suk (Dong Ha) appears and is stinking of alcohol and a drunk girl comes out his car stating she needs the restroom. Both CEO and Yoo-Sun are displeased with his behaviour and stares at their son with disgust.

Seong-Ryong packs for Seoul as he’s moving and cannot help but think of his dearest memories. He thinks back to his childhood with his father. He asks his father how long they have to keep moving for, why can they not stay at one place. His father says he wants to be an honest man however his colleagues disagrees with his decision. Seong-Ryong suggests they live indecently so they don’t have to continue moving around. The dad answers that they may physically feel content but his heart would not.

seong ryong childhood flashback.png

Min-young warns CEO that Yoo-Sun must know that they are trying to sell TQ delivery and if she mentions anything during the board meeting it will definitely change the decision. She also asks if he really needs Seo Yool, the CEO answers that he needs someone that is able to think like a thief and act like one for him so he can never get caught.

Ha-kyung and Seong-Ryong meets again, they are fighting over the seaweed rice wrap and both are unwilling to let go. Ha-kyung says she will call it even if he gives this seaweed wrap to her, reminding him that he previously threw a skewer stick into her noodle. Seong-Ryong slowly loosens his grip with nothing more to back up why he must have the seaweed rice wrap.

They’re both heading the same direction and Ha-kyung is getting suspicious, she turns around and demands to know why he is following her. He laughs at her accusation and says he’s heading to work so she should just continue walking. Before she steps in, she looks around again and he is still walking behind her.

chief kim follows ha kyung .png

Once he enters he gets searched by the security staff as Ha-kyung informed the security. Seong-Ryong says he is a worker and is heading to the HR department to get an ID card. The security does not believe his words and Ha-kyung walks off happily without knowing he’s her new manger. Seong-Ryong causes a scene and screams after Ha-kyung which causes him to be dragged out by the security.

With much confusion and delay, the security finally confirms he is a worker with the HR department and embarrassingly apologies. Seong-Ryong heads to the high official elevator and insists to use it despite being advised not to by a staff. However the staff gets distracted for a moment as she needs to greet Seo Yool. Seong-Ryong runs up to the elevator and frantically presses on Level 3. However the elevator button does not seem to be working no matter how many times he is pressing it, with a sign coming up as ‘access denied’. Seo Yool and the staff stares at him blankly and in disbelief.

seong ryong elevator incident.png

Seong-Ryong enters the business operation department and is greeted negatively by his colleague. Ha-kyung still does not realise that he’s her new manager and insists he followed her to this office. The other colleague hold their office items like a weapon too shoo away Seong-Ryong. Seong-Ryong had enough, he introduces himself as the new chief. Everyone slowly place their item back onto their desk.

Nam-ho introduce himself as the general manager and instructs the other colleagues to also introduce themselves but no one steps in. Seong-Ryong is not shocked and guess they’re a shy bunch. Nam-ho gives Seong-Ryong a short and lazy introduction of the colleagues and says he has to show him something before he starts working. Nan-ho takes out a flow chart which shows the hierarchical level in this company. Informing what work is most important and compulsory to complete before the deadline.

nam ho introduces flow chart chief kim.png

Seong-Ryong is called in by Seo Yool. Seo Yool asks if Seong-Ryong hates prosecutors because he is a criminal that hides his crime well. Seong-Ryong says he passed the screening process fairly, Seo Yool laughs in disbelief at his claim. He slowly approaches him and throws crisps at Seong-Ryong. He asks why did Seong-Ryong think he hired him for, Seo Yool does not even let him answer and answers it for him. He states that Seong-Ryong came to this company to pocket money and he will allow him to do this but he should not get caught. He will let him off in exchange for something he will request him to do later on.

Hong Ga Eun (Jung Hye-Seong) is being interviewed at TQ group, the interviewer asks why she is interested in TQ instead of an accounting firm. Ga Eun answers there are more different tasks in a regular company than an accounting firm. She is given the job and exclaims happily.

hong ga eun interview.png

Head of accounting department is at the business operation department as he claims they have done something wrong and the payment does not match up. Seong-Ryong insists he will fix it but they must throw him a welcome party. Nam-ho lies to Seong-Ryong they will throw him a welcoming party and will meet later on at 7pm but winks at the other colleagues so they know he is lying.

However Sung-tae actually believes Nam-ho and is at the meeting place. Seong-Ryong also arrives and asks where the others are at. Sung-tae states they busy and unable to come. However the meal must continue, they are actually getting along better than expected and even discuss about Sung-tae’s ex-girlfriend. Seong-Ryong asks if he finds Gwang Sook pretty, and if he does he can set him up with her. Seong-Ryong plays matchmaker and sends a photo of Sung-tae to Gwang Sook.

 sung tae and gwang sook chief kim.png

Sung-tae happily greet Seong-Ryong the next day and everyone is in disbelief at there sudden closeness. The other colleague drags him into another room and interrogates him immediately. Although Sung-tae denies it they can tell Sung-tae agreed to a blind date hence acting extra nice to Seong-Ryong.

Chief Lee’s wife runs up to the CEO to demand him to reveal the truth instead of giving her compensation money. CEO instructs the security to take her away and Ha-Kyung arrives to the scene. She takes Chief Lee’s wife to a nearby bench so she can calm down. She insists she must do it because no one else is on their side. Ha-kyung suddenly receives an unknown phone call asking if she would like to meet up later on the day.

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Accounting team hands Seong-Ryong a USB stick and says the USB contains their previous work and also things he must do in the future. Seong-Ryong is confused at their statement and asks them to elaborate. They answer that he simply needs to do what he is asked and keep it a secret. After they leave, Seong-Ryong is happy that they’re also thieves because he will not stand out if he steals.

As he walks out he sees Ga Eun frantically mopping the spilled coffee. However as she mops, she accidentally hits his “middle area”. He is able to hold in his pain with screaming  but slowly limps away.

coffee ga eun and chief kim.png

Chief Lee’s wife protests outside TQ group with a large banner claiming her husband did not suicide, neither was he a gambler or an embezzler. Seong-Ryong tries not to interfere, he calms himself down and reminds himself that he needs the 1 million dollar.

CEO is angered by Chief Lee’s wife protest and how she got the press involved too. He demands to know how Min-young contributed in stopping it. She apologises and says she never knew Chief Lee’s wife would get an small internet broadcaster involve. Seo Yool fans the fire and adds that the rumour will continue to spread. Seo Yool continue to give suggestion to Min-young as he claims there is no way to end a legal protest. Min-young reminds him that he is also responsible for this task but Seo Yool belittles her and states measly jobs are designed for her.

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Ha-kyung thinks back to the call, it turns out to be Yoo-Sun (CEO’s wife) that called her. She states that she has heard about Ha-kyung a lot and she is very capable and has fair judgement, most importantly she cannot stand injustice. Ha-kyung is a little surprise and flattered by her comment, Yoo-Sun says she has spies inside the company and knows what type of person Ha-kyung is. The day she saw her defending Chief Lee’s wife, she made the decision to have her on her side. She states they must not let Chief Lee’s wife to suffer because it will be unfair on her.

Ha-Kyung is shocked at her statement and wonders what she means by that. Yoo-Sun requests her to find accounting fraud within the company and those that are ruining TQ group. Ha-kyung is unsure whether to accept the request or not and is about to suggest Yoo-sun to hire a prosecutor but Yoo-Sun insists that prosecutors only side with the rich.

Ha-kyung continues to bat the balls to de-stress and finally makes a decision to reject her offer because she don’t think she is capable enough to do the task.

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Soo Yool asks if he saw what was on the USB and if he did, does he have any plans on stealing. Of course Seong-Ryong will deny it but Seo Yool does not believe him. He has seen enough when he was a prosector and can guess what Seong-Ryong is going to do already. Seo Yool warns him that he can put him in prison if he wanted so he better listen to whatever he demands him to do. In exchange he must listen to him and not get caught for stealing. Seong-Ryong agrees immediately, of course he would. He is looking for a partner with the exact mindset as him.

Chief Lee’s wife is still standing outside the building and a car is heading towards her way. Ha-kyung notices what the speeding car is trying to do, she screams out in horror. Coincidentally, Seong-Ryong is leaving the building he slips on the ice and skids towards Chief Lee’s wife, pushing her out of the car’s sight. Instead Seong-Ryong gets run over but does not seem to be injured. He gets up and even asks if Chief Lee’s wife is injured but suddenly blood flows out of head.

chief kim injured .png


The ending of this episode cracked me up so much, it was meant to be serious but it had such a comedic twist that you just cannot take this drama too seriously. It makes everything seem so comedic and makes you appreciate this drama even more. I just love Seong-Ryong’s expression.

It really is a pity that his colleagues do not accept him but sooner or later they will cause hey, that’s how drama works and what is there to not like about him. He is so optimistic about everything. I think what’s going to happen next is that Seong-Ryong will play as a double agent or something, for Seo Yool and for Yoo-sun but most importantly for himself too as he needs the money. So if my maths is correct, then he would be triple agent.

What is bothering me about this drama is Min-young’s strong hatred for Seong-Ryong. Almost like she knows who he is or something. But then again her reaction was like that with Seo Yool as well so it might just be ‘her’ thing.