Chief Kim ep 1 summary


Back in the olden times there was a man that was undefeatable and cannot be captured. He should have be awarded for his victory but instead he was punished because of an accountant fraud.Yes even back in the days there were accountants. He was responsible for recording the stocks etc, but instead he misused his powers and stole expensive items. He was punished for his sinful acts.

Enters Kim Seong-Ryong (Nam Koong Min) in the present time, telling the legend to naive listeners that is also in the prisoner cell. Kim Seong-Ryong is called out by the police because they do not have sufficient evidence of Seong-Ryong avoiding tax. However he does not let them off and demands an apology before arrogantly walking off.

seong-ryong arrogance police station.png

Seong-Ryung celebrates with bunch of gangsters at a Karaoke for his non-capture. The head of the gang praises him for his intelligence and Seong-Ryung isn’t exactly modest about it either, he joins in bragging about himself.

Yoon Ha-Kyung (Nam Sang-Mi) is batting aggressively to relieve her stress and after that she returns to her office. She enthusiastically asks if her colleagues have completed their assignment but to no surprise, is yet to be done. One of colleague complains Chief Lee for being absent but Ha-Kyung defends him, claiming it’s his first leave in 3 years time.

Chief Lee is inside is inside his car and listens to threatening voicemails. His hands begins to shake in fear. Later on a man appears and discovers Chief Lee hanging from the tree.

ha kyung office work .png

The next morning the news regarding Chief Lee incident appears on the screen. It summarises the incident regarding Chief Lee. He was discovered by a passerby and is in the hospital now but is unconscious. The police also found a suicidal note inside his car but whether he intend to suicide is another question.

The chairman of TQ enters the building, his secretary informs him the news of Chief lee but he does not seem to care. Min-young apologises on the behalf of Chief Lee’s action plus she had no idea he would turn to suicide. Another man informs the Chairman that they told Chief Lee to turn himself in and admit his crimes. The Chairman says his decision was for the better, he orders his secretary to give compensation money to Chief Lee’s family.

Chief Lee’s department is in confused state, they try to find out why Chief Lee tried to suicide. One of the colleague checks on her phone and discovers an article about Chief Lee killing himself due to embezzlement and gambling.

chief lee death .png

Seo Yool (Lee Joon-Ho) is aggressively interrogating a criminal and indirectly blackmails him, if he hands over the document that shows his embezzlement he can still be nice him. He is interrupted by his colleague, his colleague asks him for help regarding TQ group. Seo Yool informs him that TQ group is a loss case because Chief Lee is unconscious. His colleague asks if he can let this slip but Seo Yool refuses because whoever pulls the tigger last loses and that’s exactly what happened to his colleague.

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One of the Gangster Boss’ henchman notifies him to be careful of Seong-Ryong because if they ever get caught, Seong-Ryong will be the first one to reveal their organisations secret. Plus he goes around and pockets money from managers to the point managers look up to him and not the boss instead. The boss is angered by the news and warns his colleague to not mention it again but once he is in the changing room he thinks about Seong-Ryong behaviour.

Seong-Kim vents in anger at his savings, currently he has 230,000 dollars and is aiming to reach 1 million. He continue to scream in agony because there is no other places where he can embezzle a large amount of money.

seong ryong saving till 1 million.png

Seo Yool enters TQ group with his team to search for suspected tax evasion and accounting fraud because a person has reported to the police about the company’s wrongful conduct. Because of this action their stock level is dropping exponentially.

The team from Business Operations and Accounting department gathers at a meeting room to hand over their work log so the police force can investigate. The accounting team blames Chief Lee for the commotion but Ha-kyung and Nam-ho jumps to Chief Lee’s defence. They declare the real issue is the accounting team. The leader of the accounting team is angered by her words and states the business operation team is lower than them. Before the accounting team leaves they warn them to increase their competence instead of acting high and mighty.

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Ha-Kyung and Nam-ho visits Chief Lee’s family. Chief Lee’s wife insists her husband would never do such thing especially he hates gaming and gambling. They asks if Chief Lee said something to her that was strange, she notifies them Chief Lee asked her to tell people that looked from him that she does not know where he is.

Seo Yool joins TQ CEO and his secretary for lunch (Jo Min-Young). CEO thanks him for his help, Seo Yool asks Min-young whether she cleaned up the incident and she reassures him that she deleted everything before he killed himself. Seo Yool states she is naive to believe she wiped everything because Chief Lee definitely left traces behind. CEO warns Min-young stay alert and look out for this ‘trace’.

Ha-Kyung cannot seem to let the incident regarding Chief Lee alone, she asks Nam-ho whether he thinks Chief Lee was running away from someone. Nam-ho does not seem to be thinking the same as her and urges her to forget about it because this is going around in circles.

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CEO ask Min-young who she thinks should replace Chief Lee’s place and she advises him to let the accounting department take care of it. Seo Yool suggests they need someone not from the accounting department to, especially not someone in this company. Seo Yool suggests the person they need is someone who will obey unconditionally and has no pride. But most importantly that someone needs to be dispensable.

Seong-Ryong is working hard to learn Danish so he can move there but you need a minimum of 1 million dollar just to qualify for a working and living citizenship. His secretary is curious why he chose Denmark out of all the countries, Seong-Ryong answers that Denmark has the lowest corruption rate.

denmark is the best chief kim.png

Seong-Ryong has lost his job. CEO orders his underling to stop his service with one of the managers. Boss says he wants him to have an honest life which causes Seong-Ryong to react negatively because an honest life is the last thing he wants.

After being persuaded/ notified by his secretary, Seong-Ryong goes to apply for TQ group as the manager of business operations. Once he has the job he believes he can be rich in no time but life is not simple as that. Seong-Ryong decides to study for the interview but as he pulls out his books he notices a video cassette tape. The video contains him winning a prize for arithmetic and happily embracing his father after the victory.

casette tape chief kim father.png

It is the day of the interview, Seong-Ryung aces the exam like it was nothing. He even leaves early and gives an arrogant remark to the invigilator before leaving.

Ha-Kyung and Seong-Ryung are both at the convenience store but the mood for each person is completely different. Ha-Kyung is annoyed that she has to write an apology letter to the head of the accountant department whereas Seong-Ryung is satisfied with his exam performance. As he tries to throw his skewer stick in bin it accidentally rebounds into Ha-Ryung’s instant noodle. Ha-Ryung does not believe it is a mistake and insists he did it on purpose, she angrily declines his apology and his offer to buy her another one too. She angrily storms away as she needs to go back to work.

instant noodle chief kim.png

Seong-Ryung’s CV is not particularly valued by the interviewers, he senses their displeasure and immediately gets up on the table and sits earnestly. He declares he has many flaws but the main reason he applied to TQ group is because the company is like his life. When he was at the military he had a photo of the company in his locker and the last food his father had before he died was a seaweed roll from TQ group. He begins to fake cry to match his dramatic story.

His story starts to move the interviewers and reinforces what he previously said. TQ group means a lot to him and he will do anything to pay them back. He vows to do anything they ask and he can even prove this by signing it with his blood. His act does not end and he continues to sob so he can get more sympathy votes. But once he is out, he praises his acting skills.

chief kim dramatic interview.png

Min-young immediately chooses the other candidate and does not give Seong-Ryong a second thought although he performed the best in the practical exams. Seo Yool also looks through the candidates and is interested in Seong-Ryong’s background.

Seong-Ryong even prays in front of a candle, he earnestly prays over and over again. Promising TQ group to be their last victim and after that he will live an honest life. Hahaha you kind soul. 

seong-ryung candle chief kim.png

Gwang Sook is in danger, she is abducted by his old boss’ henchmen. They demand Seong-Ryung to bring the ledgers or he will chop Gwang Sook up. However Seong-Ryong hesitates to save Gwang Sook and even has time to peel the orange whilst deciding whether he should save her or not. In the end after many hesitation he is at the boss’ hideout with a black bag. The boss turns around with a big white fluffy cat in the most comedic and dramatic way.

Seong-Ryong cringes at the scene because it is something out of the movie. The boss demands to know if the bag is actually the ledgers and yes he is right to doubt. Seong-Ryong opens the bag which contains a large can of petrol. He is also holding a lighter and threatens him that he will use it and everything will end in a bang. The boss releases Gwang Sook and she leaves without much hesitation, abandoning Seong-Ryong.

dramatic scene chief kim.png

Seong-Ryong continues to threaten them by swinging his lighter around. He demands them to not get any closer so he can use this chance to escape but accidentally his grip loosens. The lighter flies out his hand and is caught by one of the henchmen. With not much choice on how to fight, he can only aim to escape. He climbs over counters like a monkey and is cornered but that does not seem to stop him from trying to escape.

He swings bottles around frantically, basically anything to save his own life. However he gets a text from TQ group confirming his successful application. Seong-Ryong is beyond happy, happy is not even the word to describe him. He smiles like a mad man despite being punched from one side to another.

crazy chief kim.png


The drama was better than I expected, well it got better in the end. At the start it seriously felt like torture to watch it, everything was slow and new characters popped out like mad to the point I had no idea who were the main characters. But after watching the first episode, I can honestly say it is getting interesting, mainly because of Seong-Ryung’s comedic expression.

I do find the main female lead to be slightly boring, I know that is her personality for the drama but it’s slightly lacking. She isn’t memorable other than the fact she appears slightly more than other female characters but I won’t end my judgement here because it is still early in the drama. I hope there is more to her than just being a workaholic.