Cheese in the Trap ep 5 summary


Almost like she is caught cheating, Seol is shocked to see Jung’s appearance at her apartment doorstep. Jung urges Seol to go in first because he needs to speak to In-ho. In-ho demands to know why he cut his sister’s credit card off. Jung does not seem to care and adds that he will also take away her apartment because it’s way too luxurious for a girl that is not earning any money. Or In-ho can quit his job at the academy instead and he will leave them alone.

In-ho laughs at Jung’s statement and asks if he is bothered by his return to the point he will go to this extent. In-ho suggests Jung to break his hand just like before. Jung does not flinch or show any remorse, he approaches In-ho and asks if he really wants that.

cheese in the trap jung threatens in ho.png

Seol sits on the stairs to comprehend what just happened. Seol suddenly gets up and runs down the road to find Jung. Jung angrily turns around and reminds that he told her she should stay away from In-ho but she did the opposite and even walked home with him.

Seol explains to Jung that it was raining and In-ho was going the same direction as her. Jung raise his voice and Seol mumbles apologetically explaining why she did not tell him, she didn’t want to stress him out. Jung reminds her again to avoid In-ho.

However Seol had enough, Jung never gave her a real reason or spoke about himself. Seol demands to know why she must avoid In-ho because she wants to assess the situation for herself. Jung angrily asks if she has to know, Seol is upset and frustrated. Despite in the midst of an argument, Jung opens up his umbrella and covers Seol. He does not want to argue with her and they should just sleep on it. Seol refuses to budge, even if it’s tomorrow nothing will change. Jung will continue to not answer her questions. Seol questions whether a relationship works like that and runs off.

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Bora calls Seol and is sobbing through her words. Bora’s dad is unconscious and she has called 911. Seol barely understands what Bora is saying but informs her that she will be heading over immediately.

Seol runs down and sees Jung in the same spot as how she left him, he grabs onto Seol and insist they talk however Seol angrily states they can talk tomorrow because Bora’s dad is in the hospital right now. Jung reassures Seol and takes her to his car so he can drive her there.

Eun-taek arrives before Seol and runs up to Bora immediately. He tries to comfort a hysteric sobbing Bora and continues to reassure her that her dad will be okay. However Seol ruins their sweet moment, Bora hugs Seol the moment she sees her.

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Seol is about to fall asleep and Jung asks if she wants to sleep out of concern. Seol says no because she will wait till Bora’s dad regains consciousness. Jung is surprised at her statement and says even if she waits, it’s not like it will help Bora’s dad. Seol stammers at the sudden coldheartedness.

The doctor exit the operation room and announces Bora’s dad is safe as he was discovered earlier. Jung suggests he get some blankets for them as they wait, he walks in and sees an asleep Eun-taek and Bora holding hands. Once he walks back out, he discovers Seol is already asleep, he places the blanket over her and tries to be as quiet as possible. He looks at Seol’s hand and slowly reaches for it. He continues to hold onto Seol’s hand.

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Both Seol and Jung are calm now, they apologise to each other. Jung tells Seol that In-ho was the grandson of a professor his father respected. After the professor died, they took In-ho in. However In-ho had a fight in high school causing his hand to break and later blamed it on Jung. Jung insists he never once hunted In-ho and is confused why he would accuse him. That is why Jung asked Seol to avoid In-ho because he is scared In-ho might hurt her. He asks if Seol believes his words now but Seol hesitates.

She thinks to herself:

“The feelings seemed too deep to be a simple misunderstanding. Yes, I’ll believe Senior for now”

jung asks if seol belieevs him.png

He asks if Seol has some ill feelings towards him recently because she doesn’t pick up his calls. Seol hesitates to tell him but it is better to say it than keep it in. She tells Jung that Joo-yeon visited her and told her the story of how her hand got injured. Also how Joo-yeon asked Jung for help but he ignored her. Seol says she is slightly upset that he didn’t help her and is confused why he decided to date her if he does not like her.

Jung answers that he called the security and even searched with them, plus the next day he went to see if she was injured. But she said the cut was from a tuna can so he thought she wanted to hide it to stop rumours spread. Seol sighs in embarrassment. Jung asks if Seol actually believed Joo-yeon, Seol does not answer and tries to explain. Jung sulks and says he is emotionally hurt. Seol apologises and makes a promise with Jung, if she ever gets hurt or whatever she will tell him to avoid mistunderstandings. Jung also promises to never do anything that makes her angry in the future. Suddenly Seol stomach rumbles and ruin the mood, Jung gives her a triangle seaweed roll that he bought earlier when she was asleep.

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In-ho gives snide comment to Seol, jabbing here and there about Jung. However Seol ignores his comment and heads home. He stops her just to tell her to go first (not like she was waiting for him) and he will leave later because Jung does not like them 2 together. Seol asks if he has a problem and if he does, he should just say it. In-ho says he does and they should pretend they do not know each other from now on. Seol angrily storms away .

TA Heo is tidying up an apartment and waits overnight for Seol’s neighbour to return. They start arguing because he did not return until the morning because he visited his mother. They notice the landlady’s grandson, he is acting suspicious and says he was exercising this morning and thought of the window that he previously fixed so came over to check.

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Seol carefully looks at the menu because she is treating Jung. Jung declares that he knows what a coupon is, seemingly proud of himself, he reassures that he doesn’t mind if Seol uses it. During the meal Jung asks how Seol met Eun-taek and Bora. Seol answers she met Eun-taek through Bora and Bora was a senior at the academy she went to. The first time she met Bora she was scared because Bora gives such a strong impression. Jung asks what’s Seol’s thoughts on him when they first met. Seol does not answer, Jung happily says he really likes it now, Seol stutters in agreement.

As Seol and Jung are walking back, a motorcyclist appears behind Seol. Jung quickly pulls her towards him so she doesn’t get hurt. However instead of being thankful, Seol screams in fear. She frantically pulls herself away from Jung.  After realising how rude her behaviour is, she apologises. They are at a gift shop, Jung is looking at a watch and Seol notices his liking for watches. Jung picks up a lion keyring with puffy red hair and compares it to Seol, declaring they look the same. Seol refuses to admit she looks like it but Jung seems to have taken a liking to it and even buys 2.

jung seol and lion.png

In-ho is working hard at work and suddenly receives many threatening messages from In-ha whom is demanding money. Seol goes to get some water and In-ho instantly goes over to speak to her. He gives snide comment about Seol learning English, Seol reminds him of what he previously said- to pretend they do not know each other. In-ho huffs and asks her to move as he needs to mop the floor. He aggressively mops the area surrounding her feet which startles Seol, she drops her work on the wet floor.

Seol angrily storms away and In-ho chases after her. In-ha happens to see them and follows Seol to the convenience store. She demands Seol to pay for her drink, Soel is more than confused who she is and what she wants.

in ha asks seol to buy drink.png

In-ho makes a deal with the one of the academy’s teacher, he will polish his shoes but the teacher must give him the  class notes. In-ho happily runs to the photocopier but is disturbed by In-ha, she uses Seol’s phone to call him. She demands him to meet her with the money she requested and she will leave Seol alone. Seol wants to escape but In-ha does not let her, she grabs Seol back and asks what relationship she has with In-ho. Seol insists they are just acquaintances.

Before In-ha can interrogate anymore, In-ho arrives and drags her away. He hurriedly hands over the notes to Seol before In-ha can do anything else or cause more troubles.

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In-ho shouts at In-ha for bothering Seol. She corrects his anger by asking if he thinks he has right to date. In-ho deny that he is dating Seol and wants to brush In-ha away immediately. In-ha says she is not interested and just wants money. In-ho is angered by her words and raises his arm, In-ha immediately shields herself. In-ho is shocked at In-ha’s reaction as it reminds him of their past.

A flashback of In-ha being beaten up by their aunt appears. In-ho runs to save her and takes her into a room so the aunt does not get in. In-ha insists to report her but In-ho rejects because they have no where to live. In-ha starts to place their aunt’s jewellery in a bag so she can sell it. In-ho leads both of them to the window but the aunt appears and drags In-ha from escaping. Luckily Jung’s dad appears and manages to save both In-ho and In-ha from escaping.

Back in present time. In-ha smirks at the money she managed to get from In-ho and is pleased about it. Praising her own behaviour and how she managed to milk some money.

smirk in ha money happy.png

Seol is asleep on her bed but is woken up by Jung. He says he is coming over and they can watch the movie next time when she is less tired. Seol suggests they go to a bar instead. However once Jung is at the bar he bumps into his old schoolmate (Seol’s neighbour). 

The neighbour says he was kicked out of his house due to his parents not accepting his relationship nor sexuality. Jung says he should pull himself together and return home. Neighbour says Jung does not know anything about love and only hung around good-looking people. Jung does not seem to appreciate the comment and stares at him. Luckily Seol arrives to the scene before things get anymore awkward.

jung and seol neighbour dinner.png

As In-ho is walking home he sees the landlord’s son grabbing a nearby brick and heading off. In-ho does not give it a second thought as there are many weirdos around anyways but he remembers that the man is heading towards Seol’s place. Although In-ho does not want to care, he cannot help himself to be curious. As he runs up the slope he discovers TA Heo unconscious with an injury. A nearby woman walks out and calls the ambulance, after screaming of course. 

Seol and Jung drops off the neighbour but as they leave, Seol stumbles and Jung catches her. Seol is unsure what to do and in her mind she hesitates to asks if he wants coffee or ramen. It’s like Jung can read her mind, he says he would like to but will do so next time. Seol stares in astonishment and freezes.

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Seol gives an alibi for her neighbour as the police is suspecting him as the man who attacked TA Heo and also the underwear thief. As they enter his place there are a bundle of undergarments, Seol tries to defend him but notices that her underwear is also in the bundle.

Seol updates Jung about what happened to her neighbour but Jung does not seem to care which surprises Seol because she thought they were close. As the police interrogates Seol’s neighbour, he mentions TA Heo being attacked, he instantly dashes off to visit TA Heo. Seol is confused with the whole development and tries to figure it out however she bumps into In-ho. They walk back together discussing about the incident but now that Seol thinks about it, she asks why In-ho was even near her apartment. In-ho becomes flustered and brushes it off saying he saw a man holding a brick and heading towards her place, but she shouldn’t think too much about it.

in-ho saves seol from landlord grandson cheese in the trap.png

Seol hears her neighbour arguing with someone and stops to listen because the other voice is familiar, the other voice turns out to be TA Heo. TA Heo angrily asks if Seol is happy to make fun of other peoples’ weaknesses. Seol is confused why he would say that because she has no intention in making fun of them. TA Heo becomes very defensive and bluntly implies her life must be great; she got a job and also a scholarship. TA Heo blurts out that she only got the scholarship because Jung threatened him otherwise she had no chance.

Almost like Seol is the one who caused all this, she stares at the truth in horror. Instantly Seol meets up with Jung at a nearby park. Jung senses something is wrong and approaches her nonetheless. Seol asks if what TA Heo said is true, Jung does not hesitate and admits it. Seol states they were not even close so why did he do that, Jung simply answers because he wants to get close to her. However he discovered she was planning to leave school so he had to help her in some ways.

jung scholarship seol truth revealed.png

Seol summarises what happened after Jung’s action but Jung can no longer stand to hear what Seol needs to say. He states that TA Heo wronged him in the past and he simply asked for a deal- TA Heo to lose the report and he will forget the past. Jung suggests they shouldn’t argue about something in the past but Seol refuses and demands to know why he can do something like this and show no regret. He tries to push the blame to Seol again and states he did all this for her. But Seol has heard enough, she gets up and says she cannot say thank you.

After Seol leaves, Jung stares emotionally at the floor, he was previously asked to be honest and he did but does not understand what went wrong. He calls TA Heo immediately.

assistant heo and jung angry.png

The drama skips back to the gathering, where Jung and Seol first met. TA Heo finds a wallet on the floor, he takes some money out but is caught by Jung. Few days down the line Jung approaches him with a favour- to throw his report away. TA Heo refuses because he will have to take responsibility for it. Jung insists he either listens to his request or he can receive the consequence of stealing money instead.

Back to the present time. Jung angrily storms up to TA Heo, belittling him for being dumb and also speaking behind his back. Seol’s neighbour steps in and tries to defend TA Heo, but Jung senses something about them and states they are a spectacle; one is a money thief and the other is an underwear thief. Seol’s neighbour finally snaps and says to Jung that his real personality is coming out, he never did show any consideration for people and stepped on them like it was nothing.

Jung isn’t taking any of it and says he is not at fault but TA Heo is, he caused Seol to discover the truth and also Seol’s neighbour to suffer by living a miserable small apartment. Jung makes a deal, Seol’s neighbour must return to his home or he will his parents about the state he is living in.

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Jung voices over:

“Am I weird? The way I do things and the way I think? Why? What about it? I’m not the one that’s strange. It’s all of you. You were like that too. You found me out and laughed cynically. You made judgements about me on your own. And you turned the other way. Seol. I’m not strange”

seol im not strange cheese in the trap.png


I honestly feel bad for Jung. He clearly has some psychological illness but unable to admit to it, and it does not help his dad wants him to be this perfect son which he is far form. Yes, Jung is manipulative and shows not remorse, which is like a psychopath but the last scene really broke my heart. Jung finally decides to step out his comfort zone and be honest, but what happened? His honesty is not appreciated and most importantly, Seol does not appreciate it. This confuses Jung even more. Although he seems manipulative and smart, deep down he is simple like a child in the sense he knows what he wants and will do anything to achieve that. If someone does not step over his barrier, Jung would not do anything to them either.

Moreover we can see how weak Seol and Jung’s relationship really is. Like how she reacted in such an extreme way when he saved her from the motorbike. It is almost like she is unconsciously scared of him but cannot admit to it. I do find Jung’s innocent feelings towards Seol very adorable, like when he held her hand. It is unknown how many relationship Jung previously had but one thing for certain. Is that he treasures Seol. He witnessed Eun-taek and Bora holding hands and imitated them, just like a child, his feelings towards Seol is really pure and innocent. Clumsy but only wants the best for her. Jung does not know how to take care of Seol, hence sometimes he is like an innocent child, other times he would be a controlling psychopath secretly bending his ways.