Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 2 summary

EPISODE 2- Culprit’s Thought

Gook-du is confused why his colleagues are watching an old drama instead of an American drama, especially there is a correlation between watching American movies and crime rate. His colleague informs him that everything is back to basics, just like bible being the most sold book, it also applies to solving crimes.

Bong-Soon is slightly reluctant to Min-hyuk’s request of catching the criminal. She asks why does he not rely on polices and why he does not like them. Min-hyuk does not answer and asks if she likes police, Bong-Soon of course likes police and shyly nods yes. Min-hyuk demands her to eat too because she will just stare at him as he eats. Bong-Soon ignores his command but Min-hyuk informs her that he only has one meal a day therefore if she does not eat now, she will get nothing to eat later on. Bong-Soon digs in immediately.

bong soon digs in food.png

After the threat call, Min-hyuk demands Bong-Soon to protect him because it’s her job. With that said, he leaves work because he only works on 2 days. Bong-Soon silently judges him for his working ethic.

Min-hyuk bosses her to open the car because he is scared there might be an explosive there. Bong-Soon is lost for words and stares at him angrily. Min-hyuk watches from a distance and gestures her to turn on the car to test it out. Bong-Soon’s glare can kill but she still cooperates because a job is a job. She hates him so much that she wants to sit at the back passenger seats but Min-hyuk refuses as she needs to protect him.

annoyed bong soon car.png

As per usual, Bong-Soon’s mother gathers with other neighbours and gossip. Gook-du’s mother enters and chats happily with Bong-Soon’s father until she is called over by Bong-Soon’s mother. Bong-Soon’s mother asks if she would like to sign the petition to go against the redevelopment as she is famous and her signature will mean a lot, also it will increase the chances of the development to cancel. She rejects the suggestions because the petition can lead to many problems. Bong-Soon’s mother is annoyed at her behaviour, she declares that she does not get along with her, and states her being stuck up.

bong soon mother and gook du mother.png

Bong-Soon is holding Min-hyuk’s hand to pretend they are dating but secretly she is protecting him. He urges her to not look around because it will seem unnatural but the most unnatural thing is the way they’re holding hands. Bong-Soon quickly loosens Min-hyuk’s grip and demands to know if holding hands is compulsory.

Min-hyuk being the rich boy he is, goes shopping like no tomorrow, he buys things as if it’s free. Bong-Soon can only sigh because the games she bought from his company all goes back to his extravagant spending. Bong-Soon is not only his bodyguard but his lackey girl, she carries his shopping too but Min-hyuk suggests they get her something too. But what he means by ‘something’ is an ice cream.

min hyuk extravagant spending.png

Min-hyuk plays on his drone and Bong-Soon watches as if he will let her play. Bong-Soon is so immerse into the drone she does not notice a man watching them. Min-hyuk informs her of the man’s presence and suggests they catch him. Bong-Soon with no hesitation starts moving but what Min-hyuk means by that is to use his drone to chase the man. The man notices that they have realised and jumps on his motorbike, Min-hyuk manages to tail his bike and even takes a photo of his license plate.

min hyuk snaps photo of motorbike.png

Min-hyuk dismisses Bong-Soon as his mission to catch the man is a success. He even tells her to eat at home and she can eat whatever she wants because she needs the strength to protect him. He notices that the recent crime is in her neighbourhood. Min-hyuk appears to be concern and looks at Bong-Soon, he suggests they eat at a bakery before he drops her off. Bong-Soon immediately recommends her family restaurant.

Bong-Soon and Min-hyuk enters the restaurant, she gives signal to her parents to not expose their relationship. Bong-Soon’s mother scans Min-hyuk from top to bottom, he catches her stare and awkwardly nods at them. They leave with their pastries, the whole gang runs up to the window to get a better look at Min-hyuk. Bong-Soon’s mother completely approves Min-hyuk and wonders if they are dating, she happily declares that she will convert into a Buddhist if they are.

happy bong soon mother dating .png

Gyeong Sim is here to visit Bong-Soon, they spend their time together having a girly night and also talk about Bong-Soon’s new job. Sim suggests that Min-hyuk is homosexual because he is good-looking, dresses well and has no interest in females. Bong-Soon agrees because he even chose a female bodyguard instead of a male. Sim asks if she wants to be set up cause she knows someone nice but Bong-Soon rejects her offer because she likes Gook-du and can’t stop liking him either.

Bong-Soon’s mother urges Bong-Soon to marry Min-hyuk but Bong-Soon rejects her suggestion and adds that he is homosexual. However that does not stop her, she declares that no one is perfect and Bong-Soon should still marry him whether he is homosexual or not.

bong soon and sim girly night.png

Gook-du goes to the crime scene to investigate but after a while he leaves. Someone appears to be watching him from his balcony. Another woman is walking home by herself and a man is tailing her, she speeds up her pace and heads down the stairs. Unfortunately she cannot escape and the man manages to grab onto her.

The police receives another report, another incident at the same neighbourhood. Bong-Soon is with Sim at the gaming cafĂ© and it notified by her mum’s friend that there is another accident. They head to the location immediately and  overheard a passerby that the woman survived thanks to a wittness.

bong soon and sim friendship cafe.png

The police visits the woman that was attacked, she is unconscious and signs of waking up is slim. Plus her ribs are broken therefore it will be hard for her to speak. Gook-du is still at the crime scene to find any clues that were previously missed. His colleagues notifies him that it’s futile but Gook-du does not react nicely. He shouts in guilt that he was at the crime scene few minutes before the crime took place. Gook-du insists the criminal knows the neighbourhood well.

The police interviews the witness on what he saw. The witness says he was walking home and hears a woman screaming for help and once he got close to the noise, he sees a man wearing a black hoody and black trousers kicking and punching a woman, however once he got close enough, the man escapes. Gook-du listens into the interview intensely.

gook-du strong woman do bong soon police.png

The police investigates the photo of the victims and compare the 2 victims to discover any similarities so they can understand the criminal’s target. A police suggest that the criminal is not very good with swords hence the weird knife mark. There is also a possibility that each crime has a different criminal.

Gook-du is assigned to the hospital to watch over the unconscious victim. Gook-du compares the photos of the other victim and the unconscious, he seems to have realised something. He declares the criminal was not trying to kill her but was trying to make her faint.

gook du discovery.png

Bong-Soon is at the hospital to visit Secretary Gong because she needs the schedule of Min-hyuk. As she walks in, she accidentally bumps into a doctor which he looks back at her.

Bong-Soon even gives Secretary Gong flowers and a present but he does not appreciate it and seems to fear her. Bong-Soon tries to be helpful and suggests him using faeces wine as it helps promote healing of bone but the more she talks, the more it irritates Secretary Gong.

As she leaves, she spots Gook-du sitting outside a hospital room. In her imagination, bright light surrounds him like he is the chosen one with holy aura. She even rubs her eyes in disbelief but after confirming it really is Gook-du, she beams happily.

holy gook du funny strong woman do bong soon.png

She dials him and watches him answer her call. She coyly declares that she can see him but Gook-du simply answers bluntly and looks around for her. Bong-Soon says she will be over there shortly. Hahah what even was the call for?!

As they are speaking, a doctor wearing a mask enters the room. He injects something into the victim’s arm and leaves. Bong-Soon informs Gook-du that she was visiting someone and somehow managed to see him here. Gook-du lectures her for not trying to find a job instead. Bong-Soon notifies him again thats she is employed now but he does not seem to be paying attention again, he comments “that’s good”.

Gok-du asks Bong-Soon if she can cover him for a while as he needs the restroom, he tells her to call him if someone apart from a doctor or nurse tries to enter. However during the time when Bong-Soon is watching over, the victim suddenly experiences spasm causing her whole body to jolt up and down. A doctor rushes in and picks her up onto an escorting bed so he can take her to the surgery room. He notifies Bong-Soon to tell Gook-du that the woman is in danger and requires surgery immediately. Bong-Soon is frightened and can only mutter yes.

bong soon watches over patient.png

Gook-du returns and finds the victim to be missing. Bong-Soon explains the situation however before she even gets to finish, the real doctor enters. The doctor explains that he was in the operation room just now. Bong-Soon is confused and states even their voices are different. Gook-du senses the situation and remembers seeing a doctor wheeling a patient out. He runs out immediately to find the fake doctor and the victim.

Gook-du frantically calls for back-up and to close the hospital to prevent him escaping. The fake doctor changes his clothes and places the woman into a disabled chair so he can wheel her out. Gook-du runs past him, unable to identify the man. The man recognises Gook-du and quickly heads the other way.

gook du finds criminal.png

However he manages to spot the escaping man with the victim, he chases them but once he reaches outside they are out of sight. Gook-du notices an empty wheelchair and follows the criminal to the car park. But once he reaches the car park, the criminal is out of sight. Gook-du screams in anger and at his own ability.

Gook-du requests to see the CCTV footage and watches the man taking the woman away. He screams in anger. Bong-Soon looks down as she feels guilty.

gook-du cctv strong woman do bong soon.png

Warning: creepy and scary bit coming out. You have been warned. 

The man carries the unconscious woman down the stairs which appears to be a basement. The basement is eerie and has a weird animation of a woman with white hand knocking on the window. Around the basement has mannequin laying around, but what stands out is the many prison-like rooms. The man is wearing a skin like mask that covers his whole face apart from his eyes and lips. He places the woman on the bed and looks around aimlessly whilst looking accomplished. He approaches her and starts to unbutton her clothes, next to the bed is a naked mannequin. This man actually reminds me of Voldemort haha.

creepy criminal strong woman do bong soon.png

Bong-Soon apologises to Gook-du but he is not angry and states that he is also responsible because he shouldn’t have left her to take care of the victim. Gook-du reassures him that she will be fine because he will catch the criminal. Bong-Soon tries to think if she can help him in any way and suddenly remembers the criminals’ voice.

Gook-du notifies her that he has to head back to the police station and she should go home too. He walks away but returns after few steps declaring he will call her a taxi. He reassures Bong-Soon that it’s not her fault but Bong-Soon seems upset about her mistake.

bong soon and gook du sweet moment reassuring her.png

Warning: creepy scene again. 

The Voldemort looking man dressed up the vicim in a white dress that is similar to a ballet dress. He strokes her face gently appreciating her beauty and suddenly gets up and inject another dose of unknown chemical into her arm.

creepy man and the victim.png

Despite Gook-du reassuring Bong-Soon that everything will be okay, he knew he would get into trouble from his senior. His senior shouts at him for his incompetence. Gook-du admits his fault and will take any punishment given to him. His senior declares that he will delay the penalties and Gook-du should catch the criminal immediately. Other police compliments the criminal for being smart because he did not even leave a trace of fingerprint behind.

Despite being scolded, Cute Gook-du requests his senior to grant him witness protection. Bong-Soon is in danger because she witnessed the criminal. The other police says she will be fine because she even fought off 7 men by herself but Gook-du insists she needs protection because she is a weak girl. AWWW HE IS SO SWEET.

bong soon is a weak girl.png

Bong-Soon cannot stop thinking about the scene when the criminal took away the victim in front of her eyes. Her brother approaches her wondering if she is okay. Bong-Soon shares her worries, she prays the woman will be fine and hope he will not kill her. Bong-Soon states that her powers is useless, she cannot even protect a woman when she has immense strength.

bong soon my power is useless.png

Bong-Soon is back at work, she notices Min-hyuk’s schedule is filled with “P”. However before she gets to figure out the meaning, Min-hyun appears behind her. They both enters his office and Min-hyuk announces triumphantly that his blackmailer hasn’t managed to hack his system ever since he chanced the algorithm.

Min-hyuk brings up the crime and Bong-Soon states that the woman was abducted right in front of her eyes. Min-hyuk turns on the TV to watch the news about the woman and is very interested, he compliments the criminal for being smart. Bong-Soon glares at him, Min-hyuk quickly corrects his words and states that he wants the criminal to be caught too but that will not happen.

min hyuk compliemnts criminal.png

Min-hyuk thinks aloud and asks why did the criminal kill one but leave the other to live. Bong-Soon is curious and asks if he thinks the culprit is the same for both cases. Min-hyuk insists so and says the police is wrong for claiming it’s different people who committed the crime. Min-hyuk suggests that the man never wanted to kill the woman because he could have easily done so and she was not sexually assaulted either. He used the knife to threaten the woman and it wasn’t to kill her.

Bong-Soon asks why he is so sure which he answers that his childhood dream was to be a criminal. What a dream.

my dream was to be a culprit stong woman do bong soon.png

Bong-Soon’s attitude completely changes the moment Gook-du calls her. He notifies her that the police will be protecting her from now on, he asks where she is currently but Bong-Soon simply reassures him that she will be fine. He angrily asks her to be more careful and to just cooperate because it’s his job to protect his citizens.

He asks again for her location, Bong-Soon has to notify him again that she is employed now and she doesn’t stay in only one location as she needs to follow her boss. Whilst she says that, she glares at Min-hyuk. Gook-du says a police called Choi Si Won will be with her soon. Before he hangs up, she reminds him to eat and this time he actually listens to what she has to say but still hangs up.

remember to eat well bong soon gook du.png

Min-hyuk copies the way Bong-Soon was speaking on the phone and asks if she realises that she treats Gook-du like the boss and his real boss as a friend. He asks if Bong-Soon likes him and Bong-Soon does not even try to hide it and asks how does he know. Min-hyuk sighs and simply states that it’s so obvious, anyone can tell. Bong-Soon stays quiet in embarrassment.

Min-hyuk does agree with her that Gook-du is handsome. Bong-Soon is about to say he is her type but Min-hyuk completes her sentence. He gives some advice to Bong-Soon- boys don’t like it when girls are too obvious about liking them. Bong-Soon is offended for Gook-du and warns him to continue hating police as she believe he is homosexual and he likes Gook-du or something. He teases her and says good-looking polices are his exception while raising his eyebrows up and down.

goodlooking police are my style.png

Bong-Soon’s guard is here and Min-hyuk does not seem to appreciate it because it makes no sense for Detective Choi to follow Bong-Soon and she follows himself. He gestures the police to come over but the police does not listen, Min-hyuk has to walk over to him and tell him that Bong-Soon do not require protection as she is even stronger than him. However the police does not listen and return to his position because he is currently on duty.

The gang just seems to be expanding. The police is at the car’s backseat and Min-hyuk appears to be uncomfortable.

she is stronger than you bong soon.png

Warning: creepy scene ahead.

Voldermort has cuffed her arms and leg to the bed to prevent her from escaping. He cleans her fingers, the woman starts to stir and wakes up. She screams at the sight of him but she cannot escape.

He pulls her arm so he can look at her face, he states that she should be grateful because he went through a lot of trouble to get her here. He declares that she is his first bride. She sobs in fear, he gets up and picks up his chair, ready to swing at her. He demands her to be quiet because no groom will hurt his bride. He picks up a polaroid and snaps a photo of the woman which he places it inside a frame and admires it.

my first bride do bong soon.png

Min-hyuk is a guest for a game conference. Bong-Soon is in full concentration mode as the hacker may appear any second. A suspicious man walks by with a mask, Bong-Soon follows him but realises that Detective Choi is with her. She asks if he can stop following her but he refuses as it’s his duty.

Min-hyuk goes into the toilet which Bong-Soon cannot follow him in, instead Detective Choi follows him. Min-hyuk gives advice to Detective Choi, to not look for murderers or rapist because the criminal is not one. As Bong-Soon waits outside, she notices the man that she previously tried to tail, she follows him again but loses sight of him. Min-hyuk exits the toilet and argues with Bong-Soon that not all criminals will wear mask and a hat.

criminal at game conference.png

Min-hyuk senses something wrong and runs back inside the toilet to check on Detective Choi. He is on the floor and is suffering from a stab attack on his abdomen. They take him to the hospital immediately. Bong-Soon apologises to Min-hyuk for not doing her job properly. Min-hyuk admits that he overlooked his blackmailer and Bong-Soon should quit. However she refuses because she can protect him but Min-hyuk shouts at her and warns her the potential danger she will be exposed in.

Boon-Soon asks if he has any idea who the attacker can be, Min-hyuk states that he has a long list, it could be his half-brother, his competitors or even gamers. There are way too many suspects, he starts explaining that he has 3 half-brothers and 2 mothers. His family is messed up and he left his family because he was not interested in running a business. However his dad favoured him as he had talent hence gave the company to Min-hyuk, but that also means he is an enemy to his half-brothers. Bong-Soon reassures him again that she will definitely catch the criminal.

half brother strong woman do bong soon.png

Gook-du meets with his girl girlfriend- Hee Ji. She states that today is their 100th day together but he seems to have completely forgotten about it. He explains he was very busy last night as there was a major case which means he needs to return soon as well. Hee Ji is not happy about it but tries to be understanding, she states that he must be very tired and gestures him to eat before he gets called in again.

During their meal, they start to catch up with each other’s life but is interrupted by a phone call from Gook-du’s senior. He notifies Gook-du that Detective Choi was attacked when he was protecting Bong Soon.

hee ji and gook du 100th day together.png

Min-hyuk asks Bong-Soon to stay at his place so he can protect her and she can protect him too. Bong-Soon stares at him but he quickly lightens the situation and asks if she got excited when he asked her to stay over. She scoffs at him and asks why she needs to stay at his place but either way, she will decline.

Min-hyuk insists she really has no clue on how to flirt with him, if she stays over at his place, it is her best chance to wow him. Bong-Soon corrects his thinking and confirms she does not want to flirt with him nor has the intention to. Plus, according to her sources, he is not interested in girls. He laughs and asks if she’s a girl however Bong-Soon asks if he is interested in males then. Min-hyuk changes the topic and insists her to stay with him. They start arguing regarding the rules that the contract stated, finally Min-hyuk admits he is scared. Bong-Soon pauses and wonders if the rumour about his sexuality is actually true.

are you interested in guys stong woman bong soon.png

Min-hyuk asks if Bong-Soon really does like Gook-du and whether he likes her back. He guess it is a one-sided love from the way she acts. Min-hyuk says that if Bong-Soon uses him, Gook-du will find her attractive immediately as his rival appeared. Bong-Soon believes his suggestion and asks if it’s actually true. Min-hyuk continue with his story and insists he is telling the truth therefore she must stay with him tonight to make Gook-du like her. Bong-Soon agrees but because she is working overtime, she must be paid extra.

Bong-Soon has dinner with Min-hyuk and notices the packaging from her shop. She asks if he likes it, which he does and asks to go another time too. Bong-Soon confesses that the store belongs to her family and the person who served him was her father. Min-hyuk demands to know why she would lie because if she told him, he wouldn’t have went.

ramen bong soon and min hyuk.png

Gook-du is finally here, he storms inside and angrily asks whose house this is. Min-hyuk answers that it’s his house and she will be staying with him tonight. Gook-du demands to know who he is but before Bong-Soon even replies, he tells Bong-Soon to go home because it is indecent for a single woman to spend the night with a man. Gook-du angrily drags Bong-Soon away but Min-hyuk grabs on her arm and demands him to release her because he needs her tonight.

Gook-du insists he will take her no matter what but Min-hyuk refuses. This goes back and forth few times. The stare intensely at each other.

i need her for tonight bong soon.png


Why is this drama so scary, I am not prepare to watch the later episodes. Why is this drama about a psychopath gaining enjoyment from tormenting others or like has some sort of weird fantasy. The man must be a doctor or has medical knowledge because he was able to make the woman experience spasm, this created the reason for him to take her out the room hence drag her out the hospital. From my guess he is a doctor that experience high stress from whatever and seek relief in gaming but consequently from became addicted to a character that abducts wife or I don’t know. Some violence game probably or maybe something innocent but he portrayed a dark version of it. Moreover, I think the hacker is the same man as the Voldemort lookalike… because if there are 2 criminals wouldn’t it make this drama too complicated and slightly too scary. Well, actually they can have 2 criminals but I am guessing they will be tied together or something.

Maybe the criminal is someone Min-hyuk knows too… I don’t know, it is still too early to guess but I am throwing out ideas cause I want to predict the ending so I can avoid being scared of the Voldemort lookalike.

Anyways let’s move on to a happier topic. I do believe there will be a love triangle in this story because it will definitely lighten up the dark side of this drama for sure. Plus, I do think/ hope Gook-du likes Bong-Soon because I find them cuter together but sigh I know she won’t end up with him, that’s the whole problem with Korean Dramas. Min-hyuk and Bong-Soon reminds me of a sibling but we will have to see, maybe I will grow to like them later on.