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An Min-hyuk (Park Hyun-Sik) is riding on a bus whilst hiding a bouquet. Suddenly one of the tire bursts and the bus is going haywire, it sways from one side to another. The driver completely loses control of the bus and it heads towards a child and her mother.

But the bus manages to stop before it hits them. Min-hyuk looks outside his window and sees a girl with a pink hoody but before he sees her face he woken up by a call.

It is a blackmail call but Min-hyuk does not seem to care and asks the caller to at least call him in a more reasonable time and not middle of the night. The caller warns Min-hyuk that something bad will happen to his company if he does not take him seriously.

min hyuk threat call .png

Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-young) gulps down her instant noodles and gets notification text about failing the interview. Bong-soon does not seem to care because it’s not the first time she has been rejected for a job. However that does not faze her, she continues to apply for another job.

As she fills in a self-introduction in another application, she introduces herself. A woman that is blessed with strength, this power is passed down their family but only in females. However there is a curse to this, their power must only be used for good deeds otherwise they will be punished by misfortunes. Do Bong-Soon explains that her mother used the power that was gifted to her for winning weightlifting competitions and it was not considered as selfish acts as she won the medals for her country. However one day her mum misused the power to beat her classmates for money and she was punished by having her powers removed.

Coincidentally, her mum’s playful weightlifting classmate became her husband meaning he is Do Bong-Soon’s dad. That is how Bong-Soon was born, a girl that is gifted with strong powers.

birth of bong soon.png

Bong-Soon witnesses a man groping a lady on the subway but unable to step in because she is scared to show her strength. Bong-Soon voices over the she’s had many types of jobs ever since she graduated High School, from working at a call centre to being a farmer. Whereas her brother attends a medical school. However one day her life as a farmer ends because of her mistake- demonstrating her powers in the public.

Bong-Soon is attending a class that teaches you how to make a game because it is her wish to design a game where she is the main character and she can portray her real powers through it. The teacher explains the tips on how to make a trending game and states the CEO of the company is never here, the drama skips to Min-hyuk on a hover board, gliding through the park without a problem in life.

min hyuk hoverbaord .png

A man wearing a black cap and a mask is following him, although Min-hyuk does not seem to care about his surrounding. He is able to sense the man’s presence and even chases him. Min-hyuk is more fit than he appears to be. 

Min-hyuk immediately notifies his staffs to get him a bodyguard because he is being targeted, after that he starts to rave in his car.

min hyuk raves in the car.png

The driver of the school bus gets off his car as a truck is blocking his way. An intimidating man appears and notifies the driver that the owner of the vehicle isn’t here, plus they will not move the truck. The school bus driver has no choice but to snap photos of the man, the man spots him and starts hitting the driver.

Coincidentally Bong-Soon notices it and makes a report but another man appears and snatches the phone from her. Bong-Soon does not seem to be intimated and even tries to reason with him. The man has stepped over Bong-Soon’s limit as he throws her phone on the floor and is not willing to compensate. Bong-Soon warns him again, there must be another way of dealing this without violence. However the man does not seem to sense his death is approaching him, he starts getting physical and hits Bong-Soon.

angry bong soon.png

She finally snaps, her years of holding it in has come to and end. She slaps him which causes not only his teeth to fly out but also his whole body. Other men approaches Bong-Soon, she steps on their feet and pushes them away. The man that bullied the bus driver approaches Bong-Soon and tries to hit her but she bends his hand back and ends up breaking his hand. More and more men approaches Bong-Soon but she easily takes them down and flings them somewhere else.

Min-Hyuk witnesses the whole situation and is completely lost for words, he is in disbelief and stares in awe. Seems like he has found his security guard.

min hyuk stares in awe.png

Bong-Soon hesitates to enter the violent crime unit as her crush is there and not because she nearly killed like 10 mens. She fixes her hair before she steps in and also freshens up her mouth.  Min-hyuk witnesses her preparation to go inside and scoffs at her behaviour, especially at her rehearsing on what to say.

With enough time to gather her courage, Bong-Soon steps inside. All the mens that she battered flinches at the sight of her. Gook-du calls her over. Bong-Soon smiles sweetly at her crush- Gook-du.

do bong soon gook du ep 1.png

The moment he looks at her, she immediately looks away. He asks for her name and address but before she even answers, he answers it for her. As he reads the report, he begins to find something strange about it, like her immense strength. He frowns at the report but continues to read it. Bong-Soon looks down in embarrassment. Gook-du informs Bong-Soon that the report was according to the children therefore it can be ignored but if there is another witness that can confirm it, she will be in trouble as it is illegal and she will be prosecuted.

Min-hyuk  steps in and laughs at Gook-du’s behaviour and laughs at his profession. Min-hyuk introduces himself as the witness to the incident and the person who called the police. Surprisingly he defends Bong-Soon and lectures the children for lying. He insists the whole accident is a lie because there is no way a mini Bong-Song can beat up all these grown up mens to the point they are half-dead.

min hyuk defends bong soon.png

Min-hyuk declares that the bus driver was also a victim therefore his statement is not valid however himself is actually a witness to this scene hence much more reliable. Gook-du warns Min-hyuk to be careful with his words because he can be prosecuted for making fake statements. Gook-du denies Min-hyuk’s claim and asks him to explain how the men got injured then. Min-hyuk hesitates and suggests they fought between themselves.

A child corrects Min-hyuk and insists that Bong-Soon was the one who beat up the men. Min-hyuk asks the children to read something which they are unable to. Min-hyuk confidently suggests that Hollywood is ruining peoples’ life to the point they are imagining stuff and not learning to read instead. Another police sees Min-hyuk’s point and agrees the statement being ridiculous; no way can Bong-Soon beat up so many men by herself. The other police officer urges Gook-du to wrap it up because it will get complicated when the higher-ups hear about it. Gook-du is unsure and hesitates because there is definitely something fishy about the story.

police station Ji soo.png

Bong-Soon waves to the children as they chant at her for being amazing. Bong-Soon turns around at the rioting causalities and they immediately shut up. Gook-du does not seem to appreciate the situation at all and warns Bong-Soon to find a job instead of getting involved with bad people.

Without any further proof, Bong-Soon is released. Min-hyuk asks if she is going to thank him but Bong-Soon questions why he lied. Min-hyuk does not understand why she is acting hostile. Bong-Soon inches towards him which causes him to flinch. She questions why he didn’t step in earlier instead of watching, hinting he is not acting like a man. With that said, she walks off. Min-hyuk is supposed to be annoyed but instead he compliments her for being sexy.

so damn sexy do bong soon.png

A group of doctors analyse the x-ray of the parent’s fractured hand, one doctor declares he has never seen a hand like that before. It is almost like someone snapped someone’s hand and tried to mend it back. The doctors are ecstatic to see such discovery because it changes the way they can interpret muscles and bones. Another doctor suggests they transfer the patients to a psychiatric ward because they keep insisting a girl caused their injury.

The drama skips back to 1997 when Bong-Soon and he brother- Bong Ki were kidnapped. Bong Ki pees himself out of fear. Bong-Soon is also scared and starts crying, she begs him to stop the car but he refuses. Bong-Soon kicks the door open and runs out with her brother, the kidnapper chases after them and Bong-Soon pushes him away with one arm. The kidnapper tumbles over and runs to his car. He starts driving towards them but Bong-Soon uses her immense power to stop the entire car and causing it break too. This is when Bong-Soon discovered her strength.

bong soon discovers her strength.png

Bong Ki is worried about his sister because the curse might occur soon since she used her strength, back then was okay because the man was a kidnapper but this time, it is slightly different. Bong-Soon reassures him that she will be alright and tells him to study, but once she is in her room she cannot help but worry too.

Bong-Soon wakes up and runs to the mirror immediately to check her appearance; whether the cursed happened. However she is relief the little red mark on her face is simply dirt rather than a pimple. Later on she bends the spoon to test if her powers are still here.

my power is gone bong soon.png

Min-hyuk frantically punches the punchbag whilst thinking about the man that tried to target him. Later on he goes into his office to see the information about his candidates for the bodyguard position. However he cannot stop thinking about Bong-Soon. He demands his secretary to find information about the woman, meaning Bong-Soon.

The secretary struggles to find information about Bong-Soon as Gook-du is a strict police with a stiff conduct. He is unwilling to disclose information about a citizen. Not only that but he goes to the extreme to capture criminals, for example dressing as a lady. The man threatens Gook-du but he does not care who he is and will only follow the law. You go Gook-du!

ji soo dressing as a lady.png

However, Gook-du’s action is not appreciated by his senior. His senior lectures him for taking the orders too far and unable to adjust his conduct for certain people. Gook-du defends himself and insists he never knew the man was an assemblymen and he only followed the orders. His senior warns him to loosen up because he might lose everything at this rate. Gook-du snaps at his senior and threatens him to try.

The higher up receives many complaints about Gook-du, they are unsure on how to deal with him. If they place him in the traffic department then their intention would be too obvious. With not many choice, Gook-du is moved to another department. He introduces himself to his new colleagues but they do not seem to care and is more interested in the TV and eating. Poor Gook-du…

gook du justice .png

Bong-Soon gets call from Min-hyuk’s secretary, he suggests they meet up as he has few questions. Bong-Soon agrees to meet up. Secretary asks if Bong-Soon is currently looking for a job because his CEO is very interested in her because she left such an impression on him. Bong-Soon scoffs at his comment and states that Min-hyuk should approach her himself if he wanted to say something.

Secretary suggests they consider this as the first part of an interview however Bong-Soon is more like the interviewer, she states her standards and lack of interest to be a bodyguard. She rather use her brain power than man power. Bong-Soon rejects his offer because she believes it will be a dodgy company plus she already has a company that she would like to work for. Secretary stops her by claiming she will receive 60 million won if she agrees and benefits too. Bong-Soon pauses and is interested in the offer.

bong soon instantly pauses.png

She walks back and starts blabbing, asking if the CEO likes her or is a stalker hence why he knows her number. Now that Bong-Soon thinks about it, it is weird for her to be chosen. Out of curiosity, she asks the name of the company. The secretary replies Ainsoft and Bong-Soon is instantly interested and changes her tune. Bong-Soon is like a tamed puppy, she happily asks when she can meet the CEO. Secretary is baffled at her sudden change of behaviour.

happy bong soon changes her tune.png

Bong-Soon’s mother chats with her friends about the redevelopment and how they should protest against it. Gook-du’s mother walks in and is all glamorous. She orders many pastries and chats with Bong-Soon’s father and also notifies him that Bong-Soon was at the police station the other day.

Bong-Soon goes to feed her dog but is interrupted by her mum. Can I just add, how cute her dog is. Her mum demands to know why she was at the police station and warns her to not use her powers because omen will happen to her. Bong-Soon reassures her mum that she is fine because somehow nothing bad happened to her and also she got a job.

happy bong soon job and no omen.png

Bong-Soon shyly answers her phone. Gook-du says he investigated about the men that were in involved in accident and warns Bong-Soon to be careful of them from now on. She should carry a taser around, he has few of them and will bring them to her after he finishes work. He is the sweetest. 

However he hangs up immediately after saying what he wants. Bong-Soon does not even have the chance to tell him that she a job now, actually he refused to listen. After the call Bong-Soon squeals in happiness and ends up falling off her bed, the whole house shakes from the impact.

cute gook du and bong soon phonecall.png

The next day Bong-Soon goes to meet Min-hyuk. She hands him over her CV and he looks at it, he notices that she has applied to this company before. Min-hyuk comments her for being brave because her CV is slightly lacking.  Bong-Soon says she applied to this company because they say they will not discriminate people on their gender, age or school. Min-hyuk can only compliment her for being brave and apologises that the job he is offering is not related to whats she wants to do.

Bong-Soon asks why he needs a bodyguard when he is physically fit, Min-hyuk keeps it brief and declares that he has enemies everywhere. Bong-Soon starts to asks about her benefits and wonders if his company offers yoga classes too. Min-hyuk is surprised at her question and answers no but they do have special offers for bodyguard. Bong-Soon asks if she gets “stop motion”. Min-hyuk pauses and is completely confused now. He asks if she means “stock options”,  which she says yes and does not seem embarrassed about her mistake. Min-hyuk is bewildered by her behaviour and declares that he will think about it.

min hyuk bewildered.png

Bong-Soon is not pleased with the lack of benefits that the company is offering, she requests to see the contract. Min-huk suggests an arm-wrestle to see her worth. Bong-Soon agrees immediately and completely overpowers him. He attempts to pin her hand down but fails completely, her hand will not even budge. She even lets him use his other arm but he still struggles to move her even by an inch.

Bong Soon reassures him that he does not need to feel bad because she is kind of special. Min-hyuk pretends he is not in pain and phones his secretary to bring the contact in.

arm wrestle bong soon and min hyuk.png

Bong-Soon tries to keep her happiness when she sees the guaranteed pay and signs the contract. Before secretary leaves, Min-hyuk requests him to have a chicken fight with Bong-Soon. He refuses because Bong-Soon is a woman but Min-hyuk says if he wins, he will give him a car. Secretary agrees immediately and is rearing to go. Bong-Soon suggests him to wear a helmet for safety. Min-hyuk orders takeaway so he can buy the delivery man’s helmet.

Take 2 of the chicken fight battle. Bong-Soon can only look at the secretary with little interest as she knows she will win. He flies across the room and makes a dent on the wall, parts of the wall crumbles off. The next second a ambulance is here to collect Secretary Gong.

secretary flies off .png

Someone seems to be tailing Bong-Soon but once she turns around there is no one. She reaches home and researches about being a bodyguard but is interrupted by a text from Gook-du. He asks her to meet him for a second as he has something to give her. He hands her over a taser and warns her to only use it when she needs to, he hopes he never needs to use it as it means she is in a dangerous situation.

Bong-Soon is really happy with her gift and tries to initiate more conversations with him, she asks if things are going well with his girlfriend but he leaves without hearing what she needs to say. He answers a call from a girl called Hee Ji and leaves.

cute gook du gives taser to bong soon.png

A girl was murdered at Bong-Soon’s area which causes panic in their neighbourhood. They all gather around the crime scene and speculate.

But it isn’t any much better at Min-hyuk’s workplace, an animation of a skull and words saying “KILL” appears on the TV. Bong-Soon is shocked but Min-hyuk is not surprised because he knows he is being targeted anyways. He further explains that he does no trust the police and wants to catch the criminal with Bong-Soon. He suggests they treat it like a game and if she catches the criminal he will transfer her to the department she likes- planning and development. Bong-Soon agrees immediately.

The news about the woman whom was murdered appears on the TV. However there is no CCTV or any footages that can help the police to track the criminal. At this moment, the person that is targeting Min-hyk calls him to warn Min-hyuk to not take him lightly.

bong soon and min hyuk deal.png


Gook-du is cutest, Ji-soo is the best. I watched this drama for him and I am completely drawn into this drama. I think the drama is better than what the trailers tries to show, it is much more funny and interesting than I expected. I knew the genre was romance/ comedy but it does have aspects of thriller in it. I got scared when the woman was murdered and the warning sign appearing on the TV. Okay, maybe I am just a scardey-cat.

But seriously don’t hate but right now, from episode one, I am mega shipping Bong-Soon with Good-du. Although he seems like he does not care about Bong-Soon and is only nice to her because she was his childhood friend and it’s his job to care for his citizens but like, he is so cute. I love how uptight he is and has such a strong sense of justice.

I watched the trailer for episode 2 and it is freaking me out, what is wrong with the man that is all bandaged up. I know nothing bad will happen to Bong-Soon cause she can defend herself but omg, do we need to see something scary. My heart was not prepared to see something like that. I THOUGHT THIS WAS A COMEDY, IT WAS NOT FUNNY. But overall I am more than excited to watch Episode 2 and see how the story develops.

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