Cheese in the Trap ep 4 summary


Jung confesses to Seol in the most emm unromantic way. What makes it worst is that Seol never considered him more than a friend, she reacts in a very shocked and flustered way. Jung lets go of Seol’s hand because he assumes it’s a rejection. Seol immediately grabs on to his hand and says she doesn’t hate him. Jung suggests they try dating because there is nothing wrong with it. Seol’s mind is completely going haywire, she does not know how to react and simply nods.

Seol can’t calm herself down. None of this makes sense to her, why Jung would suddenly like her. Thousand thoughts are going through her mind but the most prominent one is- why did she even nod her head.

seol says yes to jung confession.png

Seol tries to figure out how to speak and face Jung for the whole morning but once she sees him, she greets him happily. On the other hand, Jung simply waves to her, way less enthusiastic than her. 

Later on Seol has a meeting with a career adviser, she notifies Seol that her grade is pretty standard and she does not have any extracurricular activity to make her stand out either. Seol returns home to notify her parents that she might not get the scholarship because of her bad grades in one of her module. She asks if they can support her tuition but her dad reacts negatively towards her request. He announces that they will not support Seol because a girl attending college is nothing special.

Seol’s mum asks if Seol can sell her place so they can use the money to pay for her tuition and also for her young brother’s tuition. Seol is reluctant but agrees to her mum’s request. Once Seol moves back home it will take her 4 hours to commute from University to her house.

seol mum request.png

Seol tries to brush it off that her parents wants to sell her place and think about something else. But life is really just filed with problems, Seol wonders why Jung has not contacted her but hesitates to contact him first. Poor Seol has no one to ask for advice since she is on bad terms with Bora. Seol shrugs and tries not to think about it, suddenly her phone vibrates. Seol jumps up thinking it is Jung but it’s Eun-taek. Eun-taek suggests they meet up because he wants to treat them to something expensive and it will be her lost if she does not attend.

The next day, Seol and Bora are extremely awkward with each other. Bora finally open her mouth, she declares it feels awkward and they should just forget about their argument. Seol apologises to Bora and states that she focused on herself too much and don’t let others know about it. But from now on, she will share more of her feelings with Bora. Bora always apologises and will tone down her nagging. Bff reunite. 

best friend seol and bora.png

Seol becomes super interested when Eun-taek mentions Jung. Bora and Eun-taek senses something going on. Seol has no choice but to say especially she just told Bora that she will tell her everything from now on. Seol updates them what happened between her and Jung but none of them believes her. Seol insists it with a more detailed description, leaving them surprised and unable to comprehend the story either. Seol wasted her time to explain because they don’t give her any advice either.

TA Heo phones Seol to asks if she wants to be an office aid, Seol is surprised at the sudden offer but agrees. Een-taek teases Seol that she only got the job because of Jung but Bora defends Seol, Seol is capable and do not need people’s backing up.

office aid seol.png

Seol proofreads her message to Jung and after careful consideration on what to say, she finally hits send. However Jung gives her a somewhat half-assed answer and continues on gaming.

Seol is excited for her job except for one part- TA Heo. He continues to give Seol a hard time, he is known for being moody but is more nasty to Seol for an unknown reason. Jung visits Seol during work and the other teachers ask if they are dating and Jung confirms so, which surprises Seol because his behaviour until now doesn’t say so.

jung visits seol.png

Jung asks if Seol didn’t want to see him during the break but Seol is confused because in the text message he sent her, it seems like he didn’t wanted to meet up. Jung explains that he wanted her to have a nice break and meant nothing else. Seol is embarrassed as she misinterpreted his message. Seol explains it’s her first time she dated so she is unsure on how to act. Jung changes the topic and asks if she wants to go somewhere this weekend.

a date jung and seol.png

Seol is stressed, she does not know what to wear for her date with Jung. Suddenly she remembers In-ho’s comment- she should wear something bright to counteract her plain face. She also follows his advice regarding her hair.

In-ha has refunded the class that Jung signed her up on, he does not seem surprised and phones his dad. He notifies his dad the situation and suggests they push her more because she needs to get her life straight. After the call, Jung smirks at his actions approvingly. He then texts Seol the location of the date and meeting time.

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Seol fixes her hair before she heads out to meet Jung. In-ho notices her and asks if she is going to treat him to something but Seol tries hard to brush him off, she asks if he has nothing else to do. In-ho defends himself and says he was just at an interview. Seol scoffs at his outfit and suggests he wear something formal for interviews otherwise he will look like a gangster.

In-ho does not appreciate her advice and laughs at her outfit, Seol defends herself stating she followed his advice. He laughs even more and hopes she is not meeting a guy now because it will scare anyone off with her grandma outfit. Seol runs away in embarrassment.

embarassed seol.png

Seol fixes her hair before she meets Jung, he watches her from inside and gently strokes in the air as if he is touching her. Seol suggest the get popcorn because she has a coupon, Jung is confused what a coupon is and stares at it, he asks if she wants to go to a café instead. Seol states it will be a waste of money so they should go to an arcade to waste some time before the movie starts.

In-ha being In-ha is buying more clothes, however her cards are declined because it has been suspended. Suddenly something hits her. She calls Jung’s father immediately and begs him re-open her card. However Jung’s dad refuses as he wishes her to live a good life by knowing how to support herself.

baek in ha cheese in the trap phone.png

In-ha contines to call Jung throughout his whole date however Jung does not answer and simply ignores it. Seol is bored and is paying more attention on her popcorns than the movie, she thinks to herself that she prefers action-type movie than the one Jung has chosen.

They are the restaurant and everything is expensive, it either costs like an arm or a leg. Seol panics and looks for the cheapest item on the menu, she decides on a soup. Jung is concern that the soup is not enough and offers his steak, Seol refuses and states that she is full from the popcorn. However Jung insists he will get her wine because popcorn is greasy. Seol’s plan to save money is down the drain.

jung and seol meal .png

In-ho is offered a job as a janitor, he happily thanks the interview but the chairman enters and asks if In-ho can be a model for their poster. After the photoshoot, In-ho happily declares that he never knew being a model will earn so much and reminds himself to thank Seol.

It seems like In-ha can sense In-ho’s earning or something, she calls him to borrow money, well borrow but you will get your money returned. In-ha tells In-ho the whole situation about Jung and how her card is cut off. In-ho tires to persuade her to get her life sorted but In-ha does not listen and emotional threatens In-ho that he can always throw her away just like how he did so before. In-ho has no choice but to give her his earnings.

in ha and in ho cheese in the trap earning.png

Seol returns home, exhausted and tired. But the worst is that she is hungry because the soup is not filling. Seol heads down to the convenience store because there is no food in her house.

In-ho frantically calls Jung and Jung finally picks up. In-ho demands to know why he cancelled In-ha’s credit card. Jung does not seem to care and informs him that he did it because he stayed around him. In-ho is confused with his statement until he sees Seol walking in. He wonders if Jung is annoyed that he hung around Seol but that is not going to stop In-ho. In-ho even eats with Seol and forces her to buy him kimchi just like a con artist would.

Seol notices that In-ho is ambidextrous and compliments it being cool. In-ho pauses and says he used to be left handed but Jung broke his hand hence he is able to use both hands now. In-ho warns Seol that one day Jung may betray her too.

in ho and seol cute meal.png

Seol wonders what happened between Jung and In-ho and coincidentally Jung messages Seol the address of the academy that he mentioned before. Seol thinks whether they should continue taking like strangers, Seol tries to be a bit sweeter and thanks him for taking her out on a date and she can pay for their next date. Jung smiles at her message and wishes her goodnight, Seol cringes at their conversation and feels awkward.

The next day Seol goes to the academy and the staff informs Seol that her tuition will be free because it’s the directors order. Seol is surprised and excuses herself before signing up. However she notices the poster which has In-ho on it, speaking of the devil, he appears right in front of her. He suggests they have meals together from now on since they always bump into each other anyways.

in ho and seol academy janitor.png

Seol bumps into her neighbour as she goes home. The neighbour suggests Seol to get the landlord’s grandson to check her window because there is a pervert going around. Seol agrees and takes the landlord’s grandson to her room so he can fix the window, as they put up the mattress so they can get a better view of the window. The landlord’s son sees Seol’s undergarments hanging on the window, Seol awkwardly covers it with the curtain.

Jung calls Seol to see how she is doing, Seol asks Jung why does she not have to pay for the academy and declares she feels bad about it. Jung visits the chairman to thank him for taking in Seol. However Jung notices the poster of In-ho.

jung and in ho academy.png

Seol finally stands up to Teaching Assistant Heo and declares that she won’t be able to finish the job that he has given her. He snaps back and questions if she ate something weird today, the other teacher steps in and says the work is for next week therefore there is no rush. They are interrupted by Jung, he goes into the room to visit Seol, Teaching Assistant Heo becomes quiet and submissive.

Jung asks if there is anything interesting that has been happening. Seol hesitates to answer and wonders if she should tell him about In-ho but decides against it. Jung leaves for his class but once he walks away from Seol, his cheerful expression suddenly turns dark. He repeats Seol’s statement about nothing interesting happened.

seol and jung nothing interesting.png

Joo-yeon is at the administration department, the staff compliments her grade for being good and says she doesn’t have to go on an exchange program. Joo-yeon says she will only be gone for a year plus she was getting bored of school.

Joo-yeon requests to speak to Seol, she says that Seol denied liking Jung before but now they are dating. Plus Jung was extra nice to Seol as well and it made her jealous. Joo-yeon admits that she sent the homeless man to her but Seol should be careful of Jung because on that night, she asked Jung for help too and he refused.

argument joo yeon and seol.png

Seol interruptus her speech and says she does not care whether Jung helped or not because Joo-yeon was one who caused the problems. Seol takes out the scar to show Joo-yeon what she caused and also states that Joo-yeon is only telling her now out of her own convenience and never intended to apologise. Before Seol walks off, she warns Joo-yeon to not appear in front of her again.

The drama flashes back to the incident. Joo-yeon watches the scene and Jung appears behind her stating he is late but at least he called the security. Joo-yeon makes up an excuse, that she did wanted to save Seol but didn’t have the chance too. Jung laughs at her excuse whilst shrugging her grip off him. Jung coldheartedly strokes Joo-yeon’s face and hair, he warns her to never appear in front of him again.

joo yeon and jung .png

Seol is in her own world, she thinks back to Joo-yeon’s words and unable to concentrate on her class. Jung calls Seol but she does not pick up. In-ho spots Seol looking miserable and drags her to a room to fold paper planes. He explains that they give children tests papers in the form of planes because it makes them work harder. Seol gradually starts to lighten up and laughs. In-ho watches her reaction and is glad she is feeling happier than before.

It is raining outside and In-ho makes a bet that whoever gets to the convenience store first won’t have to buy an umbrella. In-ho rushes off which causes Seol to chase after him and drag him around too.

seol and in ho rain .png

In-ho loses and have to buy the umbrella, he also carries it as well. He asks if something happened because she seemed down at the academy. Seol denies it but In-ho insists she was upset. Seol hesitates but asks if the accident regarding his hand was really related to Jung. However In-ho does not answer her and asks if she is troubled because of Jung, Seol denies it again and walks off.

However Jung is waiting for Seol outside her apartment. Seol freezes like she has been caught cheating or something. Jung says he came here to check on the windows and door because there is a burglar going around. In-ho laughs at Jung’s explanation because not in a million years would he see Jung caring about others.

Jung answers In-ho:

“Because she is my girlfriend”

because she is my girlfriend.png


Awww In-ho is seriously sweet, I have a second-main lead syndrome in this drama. I do admit my statements will be very bias… I excuse myself for that. In-ho is just perfect, he is able to cheer Seol up and knows when she is upset. He does little things that cheers her up, not life changing acts but the little things are able to make Seol happy. Plus he doesn’t badmouth about Jung to the point it affects Seol’s opinion about Jung. He keeps his opinion brief and leaves Seol to judge Jung for herself.

Plus, In-ho’s statement has a big affect on Seol. Seol thinks of In-ho’s advice whenever she is in trouble. For example when she was deciding on an outfit for her date and when she stood up against TA Heo. I guess In-ho is like physically being there for Seol and guiding her but behind the scenes Jung is also helping Seol.

Also, it was sweet that Jung helped Seol. I mean he called the security and pretended he did nothing to help her. Yes, he could have went into the building to punch the homeless man himself and stuff but hey, its 21st century lets be civilised. Calling the security is probably more convenient and safe too. So clap clap to Jung