Cheese in the Trap ep 3 summary



Seol is confused why Jung is annoyed at her, she greets him but he blanks her out. Even when Seol approaches him he would try to end the conversation immediately and brush her off.

But there is no time to worry when Seol has a group work coming up and she is paired up with the most annoying members- Sang chul, Min-soo and Da-young. Seems like the chance of getting an A for this module is out of sight.

seol and her hopeless group members.png

Ah young updates Seol about what happened after she left. Jung stayed quiet after Seol left and only spoke when he asked Ah young where Seol lives. Ah young apologises to Seol if she placed her in an awkward position and adds one more thing- she thinks Jung likes Seol because his mood completely changed after Seol left for her blind date.

Eun-taek and Bora are fretting over nothing, they monitor Seol’s emotion for the whole day and panics whether she is angry at them for setting her up on the blind date. However Seol is not angry at all and is trying to figure out why Jung is behaving like this. Eun-taek and Bora approaches Seol with caution and tries to bribe her with food coupons.

briving seol with food coupon .png

Bora tries to make it up to Seol and threatens to hit Seol’s blind date, she physically proves it by punching Eun-taek to emphasis that she is strong. Seol jumps to Eun-taek’s defence and says she is not angry, she simply lost her phone. Bora and Eun-taek are relieved, well Eun-taek is relieved and in pain. Seol borrows Bora’s phone to dials her own number, In-ho picks up.

Seol goes to the restaurant to meet In-ho. He is surprised that her eyes are exactly like the photos but nonetheless he calls her so he can force her to buy him a meal.

Seol tries to escape, she insists that she’s only here to collect her phone but he forces her to sit down and gestures her to eat as well. He asks if she is Jung’s girlfriend but reading her expression is enough to tell that it is a no. He understandably agrees that she is not Jung’s type because her hair is like a dog’s fur.

dog fur cheese in the trap.png

In-ho continues to interrogate Seol and asks about her relationship with Jung. Seol does not give him a direct answer as she also does not know what her relationship with Jung is; especially he is giving her a cold shoulder now. In-ho gives up and picks up Seol’s phone and heads outside. Poor Seol is abandoned with In-ho’s mess, she has no choice but to pay for his food.

Seol curses him whilst walking out, he waits for her and returns her mobile and declares she is lucky to have her phone back; hinting she should thank him instead. Before In-ho leaves he gives her some fashion types and also a warning- to be careful of Jung because he is not what he seems.

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Seol is having no luck with her group members, Sang chul is being uncooperative, Da-young is already showing her laziness and Min-soo is clueless about the project.

Jung and his group enters the room as they are also looking for an empty room. Jung sees Seol’s phone on the table and does not say anything, he continues to give Seol the cold shoulder treatment. Min Do Hyun introduces himself to Seol and appears to be interested in her.

Jung and his friend walks past Seol’s meeting room after their meeting and his friend states that Jung and Seol are very similar; both have very hardworking ethics and does other peoples’ jobs without complaining.

similar jung and seol .png

Seol is busy working on her group report but her group members are not pulling their weight, they do not attend the meeting due to many issues and excuses. Seol is frustrated and stressed out but continues to crack on with her work.

The next day no one attends their meeting with obvious excuses but what frustrates Seol the most is Sang chul, he did not even bothered to give an excuse and posted a photo of himself partying instead. Seol had enough and looks for him at the bar, she angrily confronts him and also persuade him to attend the meeting. Sang chul agrees to go if she drinks the shot he made.

Jung is also working hard on the report but realises that his report got mixed up with Do hyun. He calls Do hyun and hears other people chanting Seol’s name in the background. He informs Do hyun that he will come and collect it. His friend warns Jung that Do hyun is very dodgy and Seol might be in danger.

do hyun creepy .png

Jung steps in whilst Do hyun tries to take Seol home, Jung angrily drags Seol to the taxi and shouts at her for being careless because not everyone is kind like her. He shoves her into the taxi and pays the driver to take her home safely.

Do hyun also leaves the bar and confronts Jung for being fake because he always acts like he is nice. Jung warns Do hyun that he might expose his true nature causing him to lose his summer internship. Jung adds that he cannot bear to watch him hitting on Seol anymore because it makes him feel nauseous. He warns him one more time- to be careful of his behaviour or he will be unemployed for the rest of his life.

do hyun jung confrontation.png

In-ho receives a phone call from Jung’s dad, he asks In-ho to visit him with In-ha because he misses them. Jung also returns home and sees In-ho and In-ha outside his home. Jung and In-ho continues to give each other the cold shoulder from the start till the end.

Later on, Jung’s dad apologises to In-ho on the behalf of Jung. He asks if In-ho can start playing piano again. In-ho rejects Jung’s dad’s suggestion and also any help he is going to offer him. As In-ho walks down the stairs, he pauses for a moment and stares at the piano.

In-ha warns Jung that she will leech onto his family until the end because that is the only thing she knows. If he wants to get rid of her, he needs to try harder.

in ha warning to jung.png

In-ha gets onto the taxi without In-ho and does not even stop when he shouts out. Jung finally has the chance to confront In-ho without any other people around them. Jung questions why In-ho suddenly decided to visit them. In-ho laughs at Jung for being fake because he acted nice throughout the whole dinner, his dad must feel bad that his son ruined somebody else’s life.

Jung can only laugh at his statement. Jung asks if it’s wrong of him to initially accept In-ho as a family member despite saving him from an abusive environment. Jung warns In-ho to take his sister and leave. In-ho angrily kicks one of Jung’s side mirror and declares if he feels happy if he picks on unfortunate people. In-ho demands him to stop manipulating people and to face others like a man. Jung kicks In-ho on the leg and says the kick is for breaking his side mirror. Jung calmly walks into his car and leaves In-ho.

jung and in-ho argument car.png

None of Seol’s group members are sending their reports despite the presentation being tomorrow. She checks on Facebook and notice they have logged in but did not read her message. Seol angrily declares they can fail together but decided to snap out of it because she needs the scholarship. Seol pulls an all-nighter and manages to finish on time, she celebrates by herself and hops into her bed because she can have 1 hour sleep before school starts. Although the report is done, the presentation script is not, Seol immediately hops back up and starts preparing for the presentation.

Seol hands out the script for the presentation to her group members and does not even respond to their excuses. Seol’s group is last to present and from all the previous presentation, her group has a chance to score a good grade. That is until Jung steps in and presents, he eloquently explain their topic and gets praised by Professor Kang.

jung presentation .png

Min-soon starts their presentation and is completely staring at her slides, she does not engage with the class and is confronted by Professor Kang. She says Min-soon does not know the information and is simply reading off from it. Professor Kang asks Seol to explain which Seol does it with ease, she then asks Sang chul and Da-young but as expected, they have no clue what the topic is even about. Seol starts to panic and tries to calculate the grade they will receive. Professor Kang shouts at them, although the slide is organised and well written, she can tell that one person did all the work.

Professor Kang grades them a ‘D’ and leaves. Sang-chul and Da-young pushes the blame to each other and tries to comfort Seol. Seol does not respond and even notice that Da-young did her part but just didn’t sent it to her, she quietly exist the room.

seol group work failure.png

Seol pleads to Prof Kang that she worked very hard on the group project and giving her a ‘D’ is too much. Professor Kang informs that Seol cannot continue her work ethic because the working world does not function like that. Sometimes you cannot achieve a task by yourself and require help from others.

Seol is disheartened and leaves the meeting room, she is greeted by Bora and Eun-taek. They happily asks if she did well in her presentation and if she wants to go on vacation with them. Seol coldheartedly does not respond and finally snaps at Bora for talking because she is already stressed enough. Bora is taken aback and asks why she is angry at her. Seol declares she got a D in her presentation and does not want to talk at the moment. Bora defends herself and says she only continued talking because Seol wouldn’t respond to her, plus she could have just said it from the start that she got a D. Bora confronts Seol and says she always keep things to herself. Seol angrily states she might not even get her scholarship and asks if Bora is happy. Bora is speechless and does not know what to say at the sudden accusation and declares that Seol never once opened up to her.

bora and seol fight.png

Seol tells Eun-taek to follow Bora and storms off. Seol puts in her earphone and walks off. Jung notices Seol and exits his car, he calls out to Seol but she cannot hear him. Jung follows Seol without her realising, he also does not say anything or do anything to interrupt her alone time.

In-ho spots Seol and quickly takes her bag and help her carry it, he declares her bag is heavy for a girl. Seol tries to take the bag back but he refuses, she leaves it as it is as she has no energy to fight back. In-ho asks if there is something wrong, however Soel denies it but In-ho knows something is bothering her, he insists her to tell him. Seol pauses and asks him for help in her mind but obviously In-ho cannot hear her and asks why she is staring at him.

in ho and seol problem.png

In-ho places a cold drink on her forehead and says he does not know what is bothering her but she should cool down first. He walks off but slows down so Seol can catch up to him. Seol gives smiles at the drink and seems to be cheering up already. He continues to carry her bag despite Seol’s protest. Jung watches their interaction from a distance and seems unpleased. This scene is actually really cute. 

cool off first seol and in ho.png

Jung is going to punish In-ho and In-ha due to In-ho’s kindness towards Seol. He phones his dad and suggests they stop financially supporting In-ho and In-ha because they need to be independent for them to grow. Jung suggests In-ha to get an accounting degree and work for their company, the dad is reluctant but agrees it being a good idea but only if he can persuade In-ha.

Jung calls In-ha but she does not seem to be interested in what he is saying and more interested in her nails. Jung hangs up and reassures himself that he is doing the right thing because many things have gone wrong already.

last warning in ha and jung.png

Seol voices over:

“I had no time to look sideways. I looked straight ahead so that I wouldn’t fail. I only looked ahead. And I thought I had lived harder than anyone else around me. What was it that went wrong? If this whole thing wasn’t someone else’s fault and it was mine. Everything is suddenly all tangled up. I can’t figure out where I am suppose to set things straight. The only thing I can do is the one thing I have to do now”

Seol heads to the coffee machine but before she enters money for it, Jung inserts the money for her and walks away. Seol calls out his name and apologises to him for setting him up on a blind date. She hopes he does not misunderstand her because she didn’t approached him to set him up with Ah young. She sincerely believes he is a nice person.

Jung also apologises too and says he acted very childish because he was frustrated and hope they can forget the past. Seol nods and agree, she asks if he is free tonight because she wants to buy him a meal. Jung is surprised at her sudden invitation but uses this chance to troll her, he asks if the meal is going to be expensive. Seol does not know how to respond and says she will treat him to whatever he wants to eat.

jung and seol makes up .png

Jung takes Seol to a convenience store to have rice balls and opens the packaging for her too. Seol is relieved because she was scared he will choose an expensive place to eat.

After their meal, Jung walks Seol back to her place. Seol happily declares she is glad they are friends again, Jung agrees and says he is relieved too. Seol remembers In-ho’s warning and asks if Jung knows him, Jung suddenly become quiet and asks how does she know him. Seol answers that In-ho found her mobile. Jung warns Seol to be careful of In-ho.

Before they say goodbye to each other, Jung grabs onto Seol’s hand and asks if she wants to date him. Dun dun dun. 

jung confession.png


Honestly the confession was disappointing like it was so forced and random that I didn’t find it cute. We all know Jung is interested in Seol despite his manipulative personality but the confession could be cuter. I guess because it was such an awkward confession, it makes his cold-hearted personality shine more? It emphasis that, although he does manipulate people but when it comes to emphasis his sincere feelings, he struggles with it.

Plus he still cared about Seol despite being angry at her means that Jung does have a human side, well he is human, but you know what I mean right? Right? Like no matter how angry he is with Seol right now, he wants her to be okay and not just because he sense In-ho is going to take her away but he does care about her feelings. I mean he followed her after she got her D grade because he was worried about her. He didn’t say anything to her but simply followed her.

I honestly get why Seol is frustrated with her group members, to those who have suffered from uncooperative friends or group members, we know the struggle. It is like irritating and you want to shout at them but then if you shout at them, it makes you look petty. I get ya Seol, I get ya.