Cheese in the Trap ep 2 summary


Poor Seol, there is just no way to escape Jung. Even after being dropped out from Professor Han’s class, he follows her to Professor Kang’s class. To get away from Jung in the quickest manner, she starts packing away even before class ends. As she gets up, Jung asks if she wants lunch with him but she pretends to not hear him and sprint out like no tomorrow.

There is no escaping Jung, he continues to follow her around for the whole term. Seol is confused with his intention, especially when he invites her for a meal.

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Seol finally has enough and confronts him. She first apologises for whatever she has done to him, perhaps she was rude to him or something. Jung jokes that he cannot forgive her because normally when you accept an apology you will feel good about it, but her apology makes him feel worst. Seol sighs and asks what she can do to make him forgive her, Jung demands to have a meal together and he will call it even.

Seol thinks to herself:

“Does this guy have an obsession with eating?”

jung lets have a meal together.png

With little to no choice, Seol takes him to the school cafeteria so she can get rid of him quicker. Seol digs into the rice ball and is content but Jung is reluctant to eat as he wanted to treat her to something better. Plus, he is unsure on how to eat rice ball as he never had convenience store food before.

Seol tries to brainwash herself that he is cunning and is plotting something right now, he apologises to her for forcing her to eat with him. Plus she has the right to suspect him, Seol falls for it and apologises as well, she insists she should have bought the rice balls instead of him doing do. Jung quickly jumps in and says she can buy their next meal together. Seol quickly regains herself and concludes that he is cunning.

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Seol awkwardly walks with Jung after their meal together, she asks which direction he is going and quickly heads the other way. Seol’s friend (Kang Ah Young) notices Seol and happily runs up to her, she also notices Jung and is curious whether Seol knows him. Seol has no choice but introduce her friend to Jung. Ah young is very happy to meet him and compliments him for being good-looking. Seol drags Ah young away and lectures her about her behaviour- to not trust guys so easily.

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In-ho visits Yeonin University to find Jung but struggles as the campus is very big. In-ho sees a homeless man and asks if he is a student here or is a Professor, the homeless man does not reply him but walks away, nonetheless he still follows the homeless man.

The next day, Seol goes into the University early and bumps into the same homeless man. She sees In-ho next to the homeless man and assumes he is also homeless, she walks away from In-ho but he walks straight up to her. Seol tries to escape but he grabs her back. Seol reflexes back which causes her to fall on the floor. As In-ho tries to help Seol get up, the security warden walks out and starts chasing In-ho and the homeless man. Without even realising what is happening, In-ho runs away and helps the homeless man to carry his stuff into hiding.

The homeless man even tricks naive In-ho to give him money or he will call the security warden. Haha why have their roles changed. 

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Seol opens up her laptop and discover that her laptop is broken from the fall earlier. Seol panics and asks people around her to lend her a laptop as she needs to re-type her assignment. Jung offers his laptop to her as he knows she needs to re-type her work. Throughout the whole lesson, Seol types away and is clearly not paying attention. Professor Kang picks on Seol as she is not paying attention however Jung steps in and asks a question to distract Professor Kang’s attention.

However, Seol does not even notice the amount of help Jung is giving her, he even offers to collect the report so Seol can have more time to type up her report. Everyone has already left, Jung gets up and watches her type. Seol starts to feel awkward and asks if he has to watch her which Jung answers if it distracts her and if it does, he is glad because she has also has been distracting him.

Jung is being extra nice and helpful, he even waits for her to print and help her fix the printing issue. Coincidentally, Joo-yeon walks in and witnesses Jung being extra nice to Seol, she cannot help but feel jealous. After Jung leaves, she compliments Seol’s seduction ability and warns her to not get big-headed just because Jung is nice to her.

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In-ho walks around Yeonin University aimlessly and gets a phonecall from his ex-collague, he warns In-ho that their boss is mad at him and is out to catch him soon. The boss overhears the conversation and asks the ex-collague if knows where In-ho is.

Jung goes into the administration office to drop off the reports. The teaching assistant asks if Jung is going to graduate earlier but Jung answers no because he is having fun at school, the most he has in his entire university life. The teaching assistant seems to fear Jung and does not raises his head.

Joo-yeon also goes into the administration office and looks through the stack of reports, she takes out Seol’s report. Teaching assistant returns and gets a call from Professor Kang to deliver the pile of reports, Joo-yeon watches him leave as she hold onto Seol’s report.

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Things aren’t going well with Seol, she is at the library trying to study but suddenly realises that she has forgotten her USB. As she heads back to the computer room where she printed her essay, she sees Joo-yeon. Soel quickly senses something strange, she yanks the essay from Joo-yeon and quickly confirms the essay is hers. They starts arguing and Jung witness their argument.

He hears Joo-yeon confession about liking him and her warning to Seol. Jung’s friend interrupts them and asks if they are shooting a drama. Jung has no choice but to step in, he tells Seol to quickly submit her report and before he leaves, he tells Joo-yeon that he never gave her special treatment and coldly walk off.

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Seol pleads Professor Kang to accept her report but Professor Kang is reluctant to accept it because it will be unfair to other students. Jung knocks on their door and claims it’s his fault that Seol is late in handing her report. Jung requests Professor Kang to drop his mark instead and accept Seol’s report. Although Professor Kang is reluctant to accept the report, she has no choice.

Seol spaces out as she calculates what grade she needs in other assignment to drag her overall grade up. Jung snaps her out of her daze and reassures her that he can help her with other assignments. Seol is unsure whether he means it or not, but brushes it off because there is no time to worry about something like that. Jung asks if she wants to eat but quickly corrects his question because he realises that she does not eat.

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Eun-taek is hosting a ‘who is the prettiest in the class’ with the other male classmates excluding Jung. Bora interrupts their fun and drags Eun-taek out. She is curious what ranking Seol got but Eun-taek answers she got tied last place with Min-soo. Bora is not happy with the ranking and decides for Seol she needs a makeover so she can get a date. Best friend award goes to Bora. 

Actually… she is passing on her date offer to Seol. Eun-taek quickly agrees with her decision because Bora might decide to date this mysterious man afterward. They end their decision with a high-five.

bora going on a date eun taek.png

The matchmaker duo interrupts Seol from studying and persuades, well actually drag Seol away from the library. However before exiting, they bump into Jung and his crew, Jung even gives Seol a special greeting and offers to find a space for her. P.s he does this whilst pushing Joo-yeon arm-link around him. 

After a full day of studying, Joo-yeon texts Jung but is interrupted by the homeless man whom is demanding alcohol from her. Joo-yeon manages to divert the man’s attention and send him to Seol’s direction.

The homeless man enters the building and drops his glass bottle on the floor. He continues to stagger while searching for Seol. Meanwhile troublemaker Joo-yeon makes up a lie and runs up to Jung notifying him a different story- Seol argued with the homeless and he is chasing after Seol.

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Jung gets into his car and brushes off the story, Joo-yeon seems pleasantly pleased that he does not care about Seol’s wellbeing and smiles. However before he leaves, he uncovers her true intention, if she was really worried about Seol, would have ran straight to the security team instead of bothering him. Jung heartlessly declares she created the mess therefore she should clean it up.

Seol tries to escape the building before the homeless man finds her, however unluckily she gets caught. He grips onto her arm and drunkenly declares she needs to purchase alcohol for him. However he gets more and more agitated, he accidentally swings the glass bottle on her arm. Poor Seol is on the floor and clutching onto her arm but is quickly rescued by the security staff.

seol under attack .png

The next day Jung approaches Seol, he opens her canned coffee and asks what happened to her arm despite already knowing. Seol lies and claims she got the cut from a canned tuna and brushes it off as if it’s nothing serious. Jung carries her book and leads her to a nearby picnic table. He requests to see her cut and even cleans her wound and stick a plaster on for her.

Suddenly he advise Seol to not care about others and to look after herself first because no one is ever going to appreciate her for her help. As if he can read her mind, he confirms that he really means it. Jung tries to bring up Joo-yeon but Seol quickly interrupts and persuade him to think in Joo-yeon perspective. Jung stays quiet but smiles gently and compliment Seol for being amusing.

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Sang-chul yet again bothers Seol, he requests Seol to look for the presentation that she did last year as he wants tips for the class. With not much choice, Seol searches through the files and notice the receipt that shows Sang-chul misusing the membership money. Seol concludes that it was not Jung that exposed Sang-chul’s wrongdoing but Jae Woo instead. However before a close examination, Jae woo returns and snatches the laptop from Seol.

All the sunbaes are taking photos but Jung is standing by himself and affectionately playing with a bug on his hand. She watches him and hesitates to apologise for her accusation but nonetheless still approaches him and makes small talk, Seol appears to be uncomfortable and offers to buy him a meal. Jung is taken aback because this is rare, Seol makes up an excuse that she previously promised him to buy a meal and also she is sorry about few things. She has been misjudging him and tend to draw conclusions about people easily. Jung amusingly agrees with her apology and requests to take a photo together.

Before Seol can escape, Jung grabs Seol next to him and takes a selfie of just them two. Seol demands it to be deleted as she looks terrible in the photo but Jung refuses because he finds her cute in it.

kim go eun and park jae hin.png

Tae woo sees Seol and Jung, he thinks back to the event that happened 1 year ago. Tae woo is annoyed at Sang chul and Jung approached Tae woo asking if he will just accept the treatment he receives from Sang chul. Jung handed him a receipt, although he did not directly imply Sang chul has misused the membership board’s money, he gave enough hint for Tae woo to discover the rest. Jung walked back to the restaurant and listened into Tae woo’s deduction and approvingly smirked.

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Seol looks at the photo of her and Jung, she sighs because she does not approve the photo but is interrupted by a call from Ah young. Ah young notifies Seol about seeing Jung today and how he bought her and her friend a drink today. She asks Seol if she can help her out with Jung, Seol hesitates but remember that Jung is a nice person and agrees.

The matchmaker duo are at it again, they kidnap Seol and take her to an empty room so she can change clothes. Well more like Bora forcing stuff on her. Seol steps out with her new makeover and does not seem pleased. Bora reminds her to not disappoint her and have fun with her date, Eun-taek happily acknowledges the new Seol and states she will receives 3 more votes than Min soo.

seol new makeover nam joo hyuk.png

Seol nervously steps in and hides her face with her books, no one notice her presence apart from Jung, he compliments her for looking pretty. Seol laughs it off and declares that she has something to do today hence the whole get-up. Ah-young messages Seol to confirm the meeting time, Seol is unsure as she needs to make sure Jung is free too. She asks if  Jung is free after class which he says happily says yes.

jung smiles at seol .png

Ah young runs up to them and is the chirpiest during their meal. Seol tries to help her and awkwardly asks if she has a boyfriend, Ah young plays along and says she does not have a boyfriend. Seol adds that Ah young is popular with the boys and is very pretty, however Seol tries too hard that it seems unnatural. Seol finally does the final blow and say they will look good together, everyone becomes quiet. Seol excuses herself as she needs to attend her blind date. Ah young compliments Seol for looking pretty today and wishes she would always dress up but she only did it today because she has a blind date. Jung does not seem happy to hear about Seol having a blind date and doesn’t say anything.

blind date jung.png

In-ho is rejected for the waiter position because his image is slightly too rough for a high-class restaurant. He does not give up and chases after the manager, he suddenly notices Seol and overhears their conversation. Seol’s date is arrogant, he brags about his knowledge in piano and his previous experiences in spots. However he is incorrect and even disses Seol, Seol tries hard to keep it in because he is friends with Bora.

In-ho steps in and disses the guy and Seol too, he claims that she is also nothing special because she dates slimy guy like him. In-ho starts getting physical and threatens to punch the guy, Seol tries to pacify both party but with no chance, she leaves. However the man gives few nasty comments to Seol before she leaves, Seol finally has enough, she stands her ground, she disses his slimy looks and his arrogance. In-ho sits on Seol’s empty seat and discovers her phone.

seol blind date cheese in the trap.png

Seol’s feet is in agony, she struggles to walk to her flat and notices Jung waiting for her. He does not say anything and stares intensely at her, Seol asks him few questions but he does not say anything. He suddenly laughs and says:

“Recently I thought we had gotten pretty close. But you had your own reason for approaching me. You’re just like everyone else. It’s so hard to just eat a meal with you”

Jung says every word with pain in his heart, Seol is unable to reply his sudden emotional outbreak. He leaves but Seol can only watch him walk away.

you're just like everyone else cheese in the trap.png

In-ho laughs at Seol’s old phone and declares that he won’t get money if he sells it and decides to return it so he can get a free meal instead. He looks through her contacts and sees a contact named “Yoo Jung” but brushes it off because many people are called that. He looks through her photos and sees the photo of Seol and Jung, he concludes that Seol is Jung’s girlfriend.

He calls Jung through Seol’s phone, Jung hesitates to pick up but decides to in the end. Jung recognises In-ho’s voice immediately and asks to meet up.

in ho cheese in the trap phone.png

Jung is not happy to see In-ho but neither is In-ho. Jung glances at Seol’s phone and asks why In-ho has it. In-ho declares he is upset that Jung does not asks how he is doing despite not seeing each other for a long period of time. Jung heartlessly states they are not in any kind of relationship where it requires him to care about In-ho.

Jung hastily requests the phone back but In-ho rejects his requests because he wonders who Seol is to him, to the point he will take a photo with her and also collect her phone. In-ho taunts him whether Seol knows about Jung’s real personality.

A flashback of a teenage In-ho being beaten by a group of high school boys and Jung watching the scene. Back to the present time, Jung warns In-ho that once he takes over his dad’s company, In-ho will be in danger and so will his sister. He will withdraw all the financial support so he better not wrong him any more, he warms him to return Seol’s mobile. In-ho is lost for words and thinks back to his happy memories with Jung.

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So sweet In-ho is, he actually came to to visit Jung because he thought they can be close again but little did he know that Jung has never changed. In-ho was tricked by In-ha that Jung still cares about them. In-ho even looked for him at the University but Jung does not seem to care about In-ho at all. He is more interested in Seol’s mobile than his lost-long ‘friend’.

Also I thought Jung’s reaction to Seol’s makeover was so cute, like how he smiled so brightly and agreed to her meet up. But then was disappointed by Seol’s departure and also realising she dressed up because she has a blind date. Plus she only asked to have a meal with him because she wanted to set him up with her friend.

To make matter worst, Seol believes he is a ‘nice guy’ and is far from uncovering his real personality because she believes she has falsely accused him all this time. Now he has branded her as the ‘other people’, Seol would continue to feel guilty and be extra nice to the manipulative Jung. Dun dun dun.