Cheese in the Trap ep 1 summary


Main heroine- Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun)  is drunk and her friends Jang Bo-ra (Park Min-ji) Kwon Eun-taek (Nam Joo-hyuk) are looking after her. She drunkenly declares she’s quitting school and points at random people, blaming them for causing her to leave. She falls back and Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin) approaches her to see if she is okay.

Seol voices over:

“I’ll disappear from your sight, happy now?”

ill disappear from your sight cheese in the trap.png

Seol voices over why she decided to take a leave from school. It all started one year ago during a year party, her friend- Bora greets her happily because Seol is returning to school after earning enough money for her tuition.

Kim Sang-cheol (Moon Ji-yoon) tries to force his classmates to eat the lettuce wrap he made, he notices Seol’s presence and forces her to eat the soju filled lettuce wrap. Although she is not keen, she still attempts it but fails.

Yoo Jung walks in which gathers everyones attention, even Seol, however instead of worshipping him like a god, she gets a glimpse of his true nature- he pretends to accidentally knock over the juice but secretly did it on purpose. She scoffs at his fakeness which Jung notices and stares at her.

seol and jung first encounter.png

Seol exits the toilet and witnesses Sang-cheol counting money and talking to another classmate about misusing the club’s money. Sang-cheol reassures the other classmate it is fine because Jung is rich. Seol walks downstairs and sees Jung standing there, listening into the conversation.

The next day, Sang-cheol confronts Seol whether she exposed his deed- using money from the membership board. Seol is confused as she did not do anything. Sang-cheol insists she is the culprit and even shows her proof from his mobile; a photo of the receipt. Jung witnesses Seol getting shouted at by Sang-cheol and smirks to himself, Seol yet again sees a glimpse of his true nature.

Jung walks over and tries to pacify Sang-cheol and declares that Seol did the right thing. Seol is angered and confronts whether Jung really thinks she was the one who backstabbed Sang-cheol. She states that he was also at the stairway that night.

it was you wasnt it cheese in the trap.png

Seol orders her drink and Jung enters too, they barely exchange eye contact and make no attempt of greeting each other. Nam Joo-yeon (Cha Joo-young) is waiting outside for Jung and confronts Seol’s rude behaviour towards Jung. Jung joins them and acts all friendly despite previously ignoring Seol, he hands Seol over a smoothie and says she should drink something healthy. Joo-yeon is annoyed and dislikes Seol even more.

Seol is late for class as Joo-yeon is taking revenge, she did not inform Seol the time for their class test. Bora is enraged and panics, she makes a deal with Eun-taek that she will kiss him if he stalls the lecturer for her. Although the professor is not here, there is a replacement teacher and the test will still proceed. He agrees to Bora’s request and steals the notes from the assistant teacher which causes the teacher to chase after him. Thanks to Seol’s loyal friends, she manages to make it in time for the test.

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Seol finally realises the wrath that Jung can create, her school life can fully change thanks to a person. Seol accidentally knocks over a pile of paper however instead of helping her, Jung steps on the piece of paper. Before he leaves, he warns her without any emotion that she should have been more careful.

Seol voices over:

“That’s when I felt it for certain. His distinct feelings of malice towards me. Because of one person, my school life was like hell. That is why I decided to take time off school”

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The flashback into why Seol decided to leave school ends. Bora visits Seol at work and asks if she remembers her drunk behaviour from last night, Seol cringes. Bora hands her over money that can cover her tuition fee but Seol refuses to take it and says she is not quitting school due to financial reasons.

Bora suddenly gets a call, Seol is granted with a scholarship. Seol is confused because she does not want to go to University due to Jung but it will be a waste to reject the scholarship after all, it is free education.

seol scholarship .png

Seol it back at University. Seol, Bora and Eun Taek rushes into the computer room to choose their term’s subject. There is a manic rush because it works in a first come first serve basis. Seol manages to choose the class she wanted, especially she got Professor Han’s class.

While leaving the computer room, Seol meets her arch-energy- Yoo Jung. Sang-chul and Joo-yeon are also there, they congratulate Seol for getting the scholarship, Joo-yeon adds, Seol should thank Jung for the scholarship as she only got it because Jung’s report was lost hence Seol is granted with instead.

Seol checks her timetable while thinking about Jung- how she left school because of him but now is back thanks to him as well. Jung pops out of nowhere and speaks to her, declaring that he is happy to see her return. He even invites her for lunch but she quickly rejects it by declaring that she does not eat lunch. After her departure, Jung approaches the computer she used and stares at her monitor.

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Professor Han class is filled with students, those who actually have the class and those that want to be in the class. Professor Han does the register to filter out the students that are meant to be here and those that are not. However Seol’s name has not been called out. She asks the Professor but he checks the list again and it does not have her name. Seol goes to the administration team to check and the teacher says that her timetable was modified but once she tries to check it, he pushes her away and is unwilling to help her.

Eun-taek and Bora are discussing with Seol about who took her student ID and password just to drop her out of Professor Han’s class. Kang Ah-young (Yoon Ye-joo) confronts them and says Seol is making it into big deal and she is too obsessed over grades.

seol classmate on jung side.png

Seol tries to brush the situation off but she is worried about her grades as it will affect her scholarship. She narrows down the the time frame when the additional classes were released, coincidentally during that time she was at the library. Out of nowhere, Jung appears behind her just like before.

Jung is happy to see her in the same class as him but Seol feels the opposite, she is reserved and scared. She starts to suspect him as a culprit, whether he was the one who dropped her out of Professor Han’s class.

After class, Seol leaves at the speed of the light. Jung catches up to her and asks if she wants to have dinner with him but she rejects yet again and makes an excuse up- she needs to steak to Professor Han. She indirectly confronts him and says she thinks someone messed with her timetable but once he asks if she has any suspects, she denies it.

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Seol begs Professor Han to accept her into his class as he seldom accepts more student however during her plead, Professor Kang walks in and is offended that Seol does not want to take her lesson. She asks for Seol’s name which Seol hesitantly answers.

Jung visits Seol at her workplace, he orders 2 drinks and gives one of them to Seol. She is confused and unsure whether to accept it or not but Jung has already walked away.

It is not a good start for Seol as she is late for Professor Kang’s class despite the wobbly start. She warns Seol that her grade will be affected if she is late again and to make matter worst, Seol does not have the textbook with her. She asks Son Min-soo (Yoon Ji-won) if she can share her book with her.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 13.43.34.png

Min-soo approaches Seol, although she hesitates to speak, she informs Seol that Jung stood behind her computer once she had left. Seol is annoyed and storms out the library but she cannot confront Jung as it is too risky. She asks her friends- Bora and Eun-taek for advice. Bora warns Seol to be careful because last time it did not end well when she suspected him. Eun-taek is not being helpful and teases Seol about liking Jung hence wanting to see CCTV footage.

Seol is on her own but once she gets up, she sees Jung approaching her. Things are a bit awkward as he confronts her directly and asks if she is really suspecting him, Seol does not answer. However, Seol is standing her ground and says he should just admit he didn’t do it. Jung asks to meet her later in front of the library at 6pm and they can watch the CCTV footage together. Before he leaves, he hands her over a coffee.

meet me outside the library.png

Jung phones Joo-yeon to say he won’t be able to join them for dinner as he is going to help Seol look at the CCTV camera. As Joo-yeon informs the other classmates, he watches them.

Seol is waiting for Jung but he is late to their meeting place, Seol is getting impatient and heads to the security department instead. With Bora’s help and her fake crying, Seol manages to get a hold of the CCTV camera.

However the spot that Seol stood is a blindspot where there are no CCTV footages. Change of plan is called for, they look out for suspects that were around the area during the time Seol left. They witness Jung leave after a short period of time and did not do anything to the signed-on computer.

seol cctv camera cheese in the trap.png

Jung confronts Sang-cheol whether he dropped Seol’s class so he can sign onto it. Sang-cheol denies this claim but Jung proves him wrong as Sang-cheol appeared at the security room so he can erase the evidence because he overheard the conversation Jung had with Joo-yeon. Sang-cheol becomes quiet and asks why Jung was in the security room too. Jung replies calmly he got the IP address of the computer that was used to drop Seol out of class, then he got a hold of the security footage.

Sang-cheol begs for his forgiveness and says he did not do it on purpose. He tries to use the pity card and says taking the class is compulsory for him as he will fail if he ends up in Professor Kang’s class again. Plus once he managed to drop Seol out of class, the space was already taken. He continues to beg Jung for forgiveness and to not spread the news. Jung finally admits that he did not know who was the culprit and was simply fishing around to see who fell into his trap. Sang-cheol is lost for words and gets a glimpse of Jung’s true nature.

you fell for the trap cheese in the trap.png

Seol is walking back home and tries to figure out the real culprit. As she walks back, she sees Jung walking towards her, he asks if she found out who it was. Seol answers back with a question, why did he not come to the meeting place and why didn’t he simply say it was not him. Jung defends himself and says even if he denied it, she would not have believed him.

Seol thinks in her mind:

“No, I wouldn’t have believed you. Why did you give up the scholarship? Why are you in the same culture class as me? I have so much I want to ask. I’m not ready to trust your answers for what they are yet” 

Seol apologises to him but he does not accept her apology and asks if she wants dinner with him as a form of apology. Seol quickly rejects him by claiming she does not eat dinner and runs away.

jung true nature cheese in the trap.png

Introducing out 2nd main lead- Baek In-ho (Seo Kang-joon). He waits outside of Baek In-ha’s (Lee Sung-kyung) apartment and witness his sister using older men for gifts. In-ha disses the man and says she only hung around him because he was slightly interesting but she is bored of him now. The man disses her back and In-ho steps in and chases him to his car and down the street too.

The sibling reunites and gives each other snide remarks. In-ho lectures her to go back to school so she can find a decent job but In-ha rejects the idea as she is not interested in finding a job. Plus he has not right to lecture her, especially he left her and now he is acting like her guardian.

In-ha asks if he has seen Jung recently and hints Jung might want to see him especially. She threatens In-ho that she will call Jung, but Jung does not answer and rejects her call. In-ha continues to play along and pretends to speak to Jung, In-ho is annoyed and storms into his room. After In-ho is out of sight, In-ha continues to contact Jung, she sends him a text message asking if he wants to meet up but he deletes the text immediately.

cold hearted jung cheese in the trap.png

Seol tires to accept her fate and work hard in Professor Kangs’ class and she will also forget about the whole incident involving Jung. However, suddenly he walks into the classroom and sits beside Seol. He says he swapped classes because this class would be more interesting. Seol is in a panic, she tries to avoid eye contact with him but he taps on her shoulder to remind her of his existence.

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Poor Seol to be involved with a terrifying guy like Yoo Jung. But I got to admit their interactions are really cute, how he would buy her a drink and always smile at her. There is a huge difference in his behaviour, before she decided to quit University and when she came back. I know why his behaviour changed as I have watched the whole series but will not say just in case I ruin it for some people.

I do enjoy episode one though, it’s one of my favourite episode in the whole series because you get to see how awkward Seol and Jung were with each other, Seol avoiding Jung like the plague and claiming she does not eat just so she can reject his meals. Even from Episode 1 you can see how strange Jung is and how manipulative he can be. He is able to make the whole class to hate someone and force them to drop out of school but maybe his love is just as toxic.