Cheese in the Trap synopsis


I have never read the webtoon before so I cannot tell you if it’s identical but I have read that it’s slightly different. Moreover, I believe the webtoon has not finished… correct me if I am wrong…

It has been around few months since I have watched this and even re-watched this drama to understand it. It isn’t a deep drama but it does make you think, it feels like a slow-moving drama but in fact a lot is happening. You will understand when you watch it. It is hard to summarise as the drama contains many elements that contribute to one big thing but without further ado, let me try to summarise it for you.

The drama is set at a university setting, where the main heroine is a hardworking student called Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and one day she meets Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin), whom is a very manipulative person but is able to hide his true nature. He is smart and able to use people to his advantage but Seol starts to realise his true nature, actually let me correct this. She was aware of his true nature from the start but was able to accept him for who he is and slowly started falling in love with him

However, their happy ending is far from sight. Things get confusing when Yoo Jung’s childhood friends In-ha (Lee Sung Kyung) and In-ho (Seo Kang Joon) appears back in Jung’s life. In-ha is your antagonist who craves money and attention from Jung, but In-ho is the opposite who tries to settle with what he have but is constantly dragged into Jung’s manipulative games, as Jung believed In-ho is seeks more. It is also hinted that In-ho is attracted to Seol therefore it aggravated Jung’s wrath and consequently causing himself to distance from Seol as Seol and In-ho became close friends.

So yeah, this is the drama. Although it sounds dramatic with all this connection going on, it is actually quite funny ’cause you have In-ho that is like a wild man and an awkward Jung who tries his best for Seol, but indirectly making it worst for her.