Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 16 summary (last episode)


Last episode of an amazing drama, here we go. Kim Shin proposes to Eun Tak in the most simple yet beautiful way ever. She reaches for his face and gently caresses it, she nods tearfully, agreeing she will be the bride of a Goryeo man.

Eun Tak:

“I will be the first and the last bride of this beautiful man”

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Kim Shin is waiting for his wife and sees the class president (Eun Tak’s friend) leaving, he foresees a glimpse of her future- persuading Eun Tak to go on a blind date with a CEO. Kim Shin is annoyed and uses his power to cut her bag, her stuff falls out and she ends up tripping on her make up.The playful Kim Shin is smug with his actions and even sticks out his tongue. He finally realises that his wife may get stolen away, he runs away whist shouting Eun Tak’s name.

He dashes into Eun Tak’s workplace and happily declares himself as her boyfriend. Then quickly corrects himself as her fiancĂ© and suggests they get married this weekend and even does a wink. Eun Tak is even more surprised than her colleagues at his suddenness.

playful kim shin class president goblin.png

Kim Shin clutches onto his seatbelt for his life whilst Eun Tak drives, never in this whole drama will you see Kim Shin this scared. 

Eun Tak tries on her wedding gown which Kim Shin stares in awe and compliments her for for looking so beautiful. She compliments him back and he answers that he always looked handsome. Eun Tak suggests they keep their wedding private, just the 2 of them is enough.

Secretly, Eun Tak goes to buy Kim Shin a watch and places it inside his room to surprise him, she even leaves a letter next to it. After a whole day, he finally discovers it and it says:

“I love all the road we will walk together. I love all the sceneries we will see together. I love all the questions we will shyly ask each other and all the answers to those questions. I love you in all those moments. From your bride”

eun tak kim shin trying their wedding outfit.png

Sunny’s post finally reaches Eun Tak’s radio station, Eun Tak recognises it and asks her colleague to broadcast it whilst she dashes out. The same applies to Kim Shin and Grim Reaper, both recognises the story is from Sunny.

However once Eun Tak returns home, Sunny is no longer there. She discovers a letter from Sunny.

The letter:

“To my part-timer. Im leaving. Take care. Don’t cry. Get something to eat. You were all alone without a family. I hope I provided you a little bit of comfort. Please take good care of my stubborn brother. Stay happy together. Goodbye”

sunny leave eun tak letter.png

Kim Shin arrives to the scene and sees Eun Tak clutching onto the letter. She informs him that Sunny stayed with her and cared for her, but secretly she was suffering by herself as her memory was never erased. Kim Shin says Sunny left because she wants to punish Grim Reaper as there is no greater punishment than to not see her ever again.

However, Sunny cannot leave without giving Grim Reaper a chance to say goodbye either. She stands at the bridge and does a countdown to 50. However once it gets closer to 50, she slows down. Suddenly Grim Reaper appears behind her and starts counting with her.

grm reaper sunny countdown.png

Although she does not want to say her goodbye, she tearfully confirms they will not see each other again in this lifetime. Grim Reaper can only tearfully agree to her suggestion.

Before she leaves, she asks if she can hug him. Grim Reaper pulls her towards him. Both says their last goodbye and wishes each other nothing but the best.

Grim Reaper voices over:

“Like that. We parted in this life. It was much later when I heard from her”

grim reaper sunny final goodbye at the bridge.png

Kim Shin cannot bear to hear Grim Reaper’s painful sob, he even cooks for him and shapes the apples to bunnies so it can appeal Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper smiles at his attempt and give back the portrait of Kim Sun to Kim Shin, however Kim Shin insists he can have it as long as he eats. Aww. 

Grim Reaper meets up with the female Grim Reaper and explains the reason why they became Grim Reapers and their greatest crime was to suicide. He asks for her forgiveness as he used her indirectly to kill himself in the past. He hopes she can forgive herself too because that is probably what the deity wants- to forgive themselves and realise the meaning of their life. 

grim reaper forgives his own crime .png

Grim Reaper asks to see Eun Tak, she asks if he got her name card. Although knows her death is approaching, he wonders if she is worried. Eun Tak explains she is not scared but just curious:

“But it doesn’t change the fact that I am a missing soul. I was almost never born. I drove the person I love to death. And the person before me is a Grim Reaper. Above all else, every human dies at some point. That’s why life is even more beautiful. That’s why the first thought I had once I got my memory back was to live each day as it was my last”

eun tak resolves goblin.png

Grim Reaper is proud of her thinking and compliments her life for being beautiful. Eun Tak laughs at his agreement and reminds him of what he originally called her for. He hands her over a bouquet of buckwheat flower. He congratulates her for being the Goblin’s bride. Aww. 

congratulating for being the goblin's bride.png

Their wedding is simple, they are surrounded with fields of buckwheat flowers. No where is more beautiful than this place where it represents how their bond started; where Kim Shin got his first bouquet of buckwheat flower and gave his first and last bride during his first summoning.

Kim Shin:

“Until death parts us, every word that you say, whatever it may be, me too”

Eun Tak:

“Until death parts us, every word that you say, whatever it may be, me too”

me too wedding goblin.png

Eun Tak and Kim Shin are in their honeymoon stage, they sing during their dinner without a care about other peoples’ thoughts and opinion.

Eun Tak is out to meet one of her guest for her radio show. Kim Shin goes to the florist to buy her flowers so he can surprise her later. Eun Tak drives past Grim Reaper and waves to him, just like 9 years ago, without realising the situation, he waves back happily. His colleagues receives a call that the list they have has changed.

Grim Reaper finally realises the situation; the name list that they are holding have become  blank because of a death that cannot be placed on a name list– Eun Tak. He grips onto the name card, unsure what to do.

eun tak death is approaching.png

Eun Tak answers Kim Shin’s call, which he immediately complains and asks where she is because the world is a scary place. Although he says that, he has no idea her death is approaching and simply wants to see her sooner.

Eun Tak sees the truck heading down the slope but hesitates to brake before she reaches the crossroad because if she does, the bus will hit the daycare bus. Kim Shin is confused at her sudden quietness and repeats her name few times to see if something is wrong. Eun Tak brakes and defends the school bus, she bravely sacrifice her own life for others.

eun tak saves the school children.png

Eun Tak tumbles over and over from the hit of the truck. She voices over that today was such a perfect day, she woke up and had a perfect morning, everything went smoothly but it was for this moment. Everything went smoothly and perfectly just so she can die today. Eun Tak thinks back to Kim Shin’s confession and says “me too” before letting go of her wheel.

Grim Reaper watches the accident from a distance and states that a human sacrifice is something even the god cannot predict. He sheds his tears whilst watching Eun Tak take her last breath.

eun tak pass away die goblin.png

Eun Tak finally gets to see Grim Reaper’s office but in the way she least expected. She asks if it true that human has 4 lives in total and asks how many she has used so far, he answers she is on her first one. Eun Tak is relieved because she has 3 more.

At this moment, Kim Shin walks in, every step is heavy. He approaches Eun Tak with tears rolling down his eyes, he stares at his wife in disbelief. He sobs and sobs, unable to accept her death. She comforts him and asks him to live happily and bravely because that is the only way he can re-pay for all the love he received. Kim Shin wails in agony demanding to know how this can happen, how she can leave him behind.

last goodbye kim shin eun tak you have to live happily.png

Eun Tak:

“Mister, you forgot to grant one of my three wishes. Can you grant me that wish now? Don’t be heartbroken for too long. I’ll come see you again. Wait for me and don’t make it rain too much. It’ll cause trouble”

He questions her again- how he can live without her. She promises him that she will find him in her next life. Kim Shin continues to cry and unable to reply to her demands or compromises.

kim shin cries eun tak death.png

Grim Reaper offers the oblivion tea to Eun Tak but she rejects it because she wants to remember Kim Shin. She touches his face one last time and reassures that she will be back. He clutches onto her hand demanding her to return to him even if it takes 100 or 200 years, she must return to him because he will be waiting for her.

Eun Tak walks away to afterlife and says goodbye to Kim Shin. He clutches onto his chest and cries in pain, he sobs and sobs like his whole world has fallen apart.

you must return to me goblin.png

The rainfall lasted for days and days after Eun Tak’s death, not a day Kim Shin didn’t think of his wife. He wanders the roads and constantly thinks of Eun Tak, he even sports her signature red scarf and reminisce the times he had with his wife.

kim shin eun tak scarf.png

-30 years later-

Grim Reaper receives his final name card, his long punishment is finally coming to an end. He goes home to pack his stuff and finally opens the envelope that contains his name card. It has Sunny’s name on it.

He heads out for his final mission and Kim Shin greets him to bid him farewell. Although they do not share many last words, every word is sincere, they wish the best for each other. Grim Reaper jokingly tells Kim Shin to hang out the washing and after that, he should visit him at his tea room.

bromance duo last goodbye.png

Sunny walks into the tearoom and states Grim Reaper hasn’t aged a bit, he is just as handsome. He declares that he misses her and gives her the ring, he always wanted to sincerely put it on her. He informs her that she is the last deceased soul that he is responsible for, she asks if this is their happy ending. He says this is her 3rd lifetime but he is unsure what life he is on currently therefore this could be their last time together.

Kim Shin watches their interaction from outside and states his sister still does not care about her brother but Sunny is happy to see him before she goes. He says goodbye to his ‘ugly sister’ and wishes her happiness as he tearfully watches Grim Reaper and Sunny leave.

afterlife sunny grim reaper .png

Kim Shin:

“My sister, my friend and my bride have all left. And as always, I am left alone”

kim shin lonely buckwheat field.png

Kim Shin is walking along the road and suddenly see the reincarnation of Sunny and Grim Reaper. They are both actors and actress. Kim Shin is glad because it was his wish to see Wang Yeo and Kim Sun reunited and both happy.

They bicker as per usual, with Sunny over exaggerating her words and him taking it the wrong way. Although, he annoys her, she still clings onto him and asks if they will start dating. Well more like forcing him to ask her out. They start bickering as per usual but he manages to save himself by declaring that he liked her first.

grim reaper sunny happy ending .png

Kim Shin is in Canada and is informed by his butler to avoid going to the main road as there is a field trip. Kim Shin says okay but still leaves. He heads up to the green hill and sits and read. A girl that looks like Eun Tak is watching him from afar just like in episode 2. She thinks back to his declaration that love and sadness cannot last for eternity, and her answerer was “sad love”.

She answers “sad love” aloud. Kim Shin stands up and watches his bride approach him once again. Barely able to control his happiness, he watches her approaching him. Alas, the goblin has his bride back.

Eun Tak:

“You know who I am, right?”

Kim Shin:

“The first and the last goblin’s bride”

first and last goblins bride ending.png


The most heartbreaking but happy ending. After all these years, they are finally together again. I actually have no idea how long it took him to meet the reincarnated Eun Tak but… it is definitely more than 30 years, but 30 years was when Sunny passed away, what about later on… it actually does not say. No way it would be 30 years cause Sunny and Grim Reaper reincarnated and grown into their adult self, so it should at least be 20 if not 30 more years. So minimum 50 years until he met his wife again. Yeah, I am slightly confused when they met again, but all we know is that, he waited for her. Sad love is eternal. 

Goblin is seriously and easily one of the best drama I have watched and I watch a lot of stuff, the storyline is beautiful. Well, maybe slightly upsetting but nonetheless, a very beautiful drama with a touch of magic. But, I do feel like the ending can be a bit better, there were few things that made me go hmm for example, Eun Tak’s death. I know she would face great peril everytime she turns ’20, 30, 40 etc’. But like, was her death essential, I guess her death did show that love have no boundary, their love lasted through life and death. Despite, she really isn’t the goblin’s bride anymore, he still loves her regardless, because to him, she is the only one for him.

Since we are talking about Goblin’s wife, can I just say, why is Goblin alive. Not being mean, I do like Kim Shin. He came back because of the contract he made with Eun Tak since it was the first snowfall and coincidentally she blowed on the candle. But like, shouldn’t he disappear after the snowfall or whatnot. Why can he stay? That is what I don’t get, like is he just a wandering god now like Samshin? I guess that could work, I mean he did had the chance to reincarnate but he chose to live in that empty land hoping one day he could see Eun Tak again, and his dream came true and his way to achieve this was to have eternal life again. But this means, he has to witness the death of his wife another 3 times.

Eun Tak has 3 more life and all 3 will be with Kim Shin of course, but what about afterwards. She will not be fated with Kim Shin anymore, what is he going to do? This is what makes it upsetting, she may have 3 more lives but that doesn’t make her immortal like Kim Shin. He will have to live eternally by himself. I guess, that is the punishment he chose for himself and for Eun Tak too.

There are few gaps in this drama, I do have to admit it. Such as how Grim Reaper’s can have their last task, I mean and I thought they were punished for a reason. So like, how is it possible that they can stop their punishment. Is this applicable to Kim Shin too, like he can also pass away when the god decides that he has been punished enough idk. Also, I don’t understand Eun Tak’s mark, the mark symbolises her status as the Goblin wife right? But like why does it disappear when she is about to die but it reappears sometimes as well, before the 9 years gap her mark was disappearing and she couldn’t see ghosts but later on she could see ghosts again. I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me cause when she saw ghosts again and Grim Reapers etc, she technically ain’t the goblin’s wife anymore, so how does that work?!

Overal, Goblin really hyped up all the Korean Dramas and I am expecting great storyline from all the upcoming dramas that I will watch, but I know I will be disappointed. I truly love Goblin and I can say it rivals Rooftop Prince (I am a massive fan). I hope you enjoyed Goblin just as much as me and thank you for reading!

goblin ending.png

Disclaimer: I do not own Goblin: The Lonely and Great God and is simply summarising the drama.