Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 15 summary


Eun Tak is walking around Canada and she meets the ghost again, he says “you again?”. Eun Tak is beyond shocked and chases after him but the ghost has disappeared. She slowly reaches a stall- where Kim Shin bought the necklace for Eun Tak.

The owner tells Eun Tak she made the necklace that she is wearing, a man asked her to design it, approximately around 10 years ago. Eun Tak asks what man is she referring to but the owner says Eun Tak should him better than herself. She further asks if Eun Tak knows the meaning behind the necklace. It means match made in heaven in French. Eun Tak is confused and does not remember anything about the necklace.

 kim shin buys necklace for eun tak matchmade in heaven.png

Kim Shin is mopping around whilst staring at the maple leaf. He goes to different countries to find Eun Tak, however every time he comes back, he is wearing a different outfit that represents the country that he just visited.

Grim Reaper is sick of seeing the change in outfit every few seconds and does not give him any attention. Grim Reaper finally has enough and sick of seeing the different outfit, he gives him permission to go find Eun Tak as he does not want Kim Shin to annoy him anymore.

 kim shin mummy gong yoo goblin.png

Back to the scene where Eun Tak caught Kim Shin going through the door and how he forced her to guide him around Canada. Eun Tak turns around suddenly and asks if she mention that she will be in Canada. Kim Shin quickly covers it up and says she did mention it.

Eun Tak treats him to a sandwich and he asks if she thinks this is enough for him, especially he spent so much money to sponsor her show. Eun Tak makes an excuse she does not have much money because the trip was sudden, however she still asks what food he wants. He quickly answers that he wants beef. Eun Tak brushes off the idea and says she does not like beef, he snorts at her reply and declares that she does love it. Eun Tak suddenly catches on and asks how does he know. She continue ranting and asks if he did a family check on her to see if she comes from a good background or something. He insists she still has to buy him meat and Eun Tak quickly leaves and tells him that she will call him later.

when did i say i like beef goblin kim shin eun tak.png

Kim Shin goes after Eun Tak and offers to guide her around instead, Eun Tak pretends she is not interested but goes with Kim Shin. She states that he knows the city well and asks if he has been here before, he replies that he was here with his first love and they have been here together 4 times, he says it whilst looking at Eun Tak affectionately.

Eun Tak confirms that he does have a girlfriend but he replies he does not anymore. Eun Tak continues to asks more question like why did they break up, he replies because he was away for a very long time and she had forgotten about him during that time.

eun tak kim shin first love never works.png

Eun Tak smirks at his story and becomes all smug, declaring that first love never works but he must have liked her a lot. Kim Shin agrees because he find it hard to hold back, Eun Tak asks what does he mean by that. He says that he always wants to keep her close to him. Eun Tak bitterly says his first love forgot about him but he hasn’t forgotten about her. Kim Shin can only look at her with amusement and teases her even more, declaring he does not stop thinking about his first love for even one second.

Eun Tak huffs and kicks the bundle of maple leaf under her feet. He asks Eun Tak if she has heard about the legend- if you catch maple leaf, you will fall in love with the person you are with. 

kim shin eun tak catching maple leaf.png

Eun Tak laughs at him and wonders if that’s what his first love said to him, Kim Shin answers yes and he caught one too. Eun Tak continues dissing as it did not work out for him so he shouldn’t believe this tale. She continues laughing at him but is very blunt with her words, she tries to make Kim Shin admit that he does have feelings for her and says that men are like that, they like to talk about their exes to woman they like.

eun tak kim shin annoyed maple leaf first love.png

Eun Tak is still venting her anger about Kim Shin’s undying love for his first love. She tries to brush it off by thinking about the main reason she is in Canada. She starts to become stress about it as she has no memory and notices Kim Shin sitting outside her hotel. She hesitates but decides to ask if they have met before around 10 years ago.

She quickly reassures him that she is not hitting on him but is only asking because she has a weird feeling. Kim Shin asks if she likes him but she laughs it off but quickly admits it, claiming he is her type and she does not have a boyfriend. She excuses herself quickly in embarrassment after declaring her attraction towards Kim Shin.

goblin did we meet before.png

They say ‘excuse me’ the same time, Eun Tak asks if he wants dinner with her and she can treat him too. Kim Shin says he was going to say the same thing and he knows a restaurant that has good beef.

Sunny is on the phone with Eun Tak, she updates Sunny about her trip, their conversation is the scene Kim Shin previously foreseen. He stands by the entrance and recognises the scene; all along he was the mysterious man. 

kim shin gong yoo smug.png

He happily approaches Eun Tak but cannot contain his happiness and tries to hide his smile. Eun Tak asks if he came here with his first love too, Kim Shin nods but says it was useless because she forgot it all. Eun Tak brings up the idea that first love is hyped up and he corrects her that his first love is just as beautiful and has not disappointed him. Eun Tak angrily calls over the waiter as she cannot bear to her this words anymore.

Eun Tak forcefully asks what he thinks about a girl who just became beautiful, she adds that she personally thinks she became beautiful recently. Kim Shin calms her anger by asking if they can meet again tomorrow before her flight and after when they are back in Korea. She holds her happiness by covering herself with the menu.

kim shin eun tak the cutest couple ever.png

Sunny watches the recording of her workplace and zooms into Grim Reaper. She even takes a screenshot of him and asks Duk Hwa to give Grim Reaper’s number to her. Grim Reaper freezes on the spot seeing Sunny’s contact detail appearing on his phone.

grim reaper sunny calls him again.png

Eun Tak is excited for her date and looks through the brochure, something catches her attention. It is the picture of the hill where it has few gravestones, which one of them contains Kim Shin’s face. She gets a glimpse of her past memories and runs out to the field.

Kim Shin is also there, she asks if the person on the gravestone is him and if he is a ghost. Kim Shin asks if she still see ghosts, Eun Tak is shocked and asks how does he know she can see ghosts, she demands to know if he is one too.

Eun Tak:

“Is your name Kim Shin by any chance?”

is your name kim shin by any chance goblin.png

She states they were here together 10 years ago but she has no recollection of it at all. She demands an answer from him; why she claimed she is his bride, why she must not forget him. Kim Shin does not reply, unsure what to say.

He mutter he is not Kim Shin and tells her to go back to the hotel because it is late. With that said, he walks away and leaves Eun Tak by herself.

kim shin walks away from eun tak goblin.png

Grim Reaper meets up with Sunny, she sits opposite him and asks why he is not shocked to see her sit down. She confirms whether he was the man who brought the letter and cried when she walked past him. Grim Reaper brushes it off by claiming she looks like somebody he knows.

Sunny asks for his name but he hesitates. He declares his name is Wang Yeo, she laughs at his name for sounding like a King and introduces herself. Sunny is slightly disappointed after meeting him in real life because he looks more handsome on CCTV screen, she excuses herself as she has work. Before she leaves, she tells him to not cry because it is cold outside. However he does not keep his promise, he cries immediately after she leaves. After few steps from the café, she also sheds tears and address him as “Kim Woo Bin”. She does remember him!

i wanted to see you kim woo bin goblin.png

The drama skips to the day when Kim Shin disappears. Sunny is at her workplace waiting for Eun Tak to come, she dials Eun Tak’s number but no reply. Sunny goes out to find her but discovers a child sitting in the rainstorm. Sunny invites him inside because she assumes he is waiting for Eun Tak.

Sunny asks him when does his grandma return, the child replies after nighttime because that is when she makes the most money. Sunny pities him but he insists that he should not complain because some people have it worst. Sunny praises him for being a good boy and says it is all the deity’s fault. The god should distribute the pain more evenly.

The child warns Sunny that she will be punished if she says that, Sunny says she is allowed to say that because she has been through a lot thanks to the Goblin couple and a Grim Reaper.

yo in ha goblin sunny dissing god.png

Suddenly a white butterfly surrounds the child. The child says the god was showing grace by making her oblivious. Sunny points to her self-serve drink machine and says even at her restaurant the god has to get his own water. She has the right to decide her own life and memory.

He listens to her and says he understand, Sunny still does not realise she is talking to God and laughs at his reply.

sunny meets the god goblin.png

The drama shows 5 years later. Eun Tak moves into Sunny’s rooftop. Eun Tak introduces herself, Sunny is surprised but unable to contain her happiness, just like their first meeting, she tells Eun Tak this is their first day together.

Later on, it shows Sunny seeing Kim Shin again after 9 years, she cries with tears of joy but unable to run out to him. Also, she was able to recognise Grim Reaper on the street but cannot even speak to him, but cry afterwards when he is no longer in sight.

sunny sees kim shin again goblin.png

Sunny types in her blog:

“To the one who thought that oblivion would bring me peace of mind. The moment our eyes met, I knew that you too retained your memories. Hence, in this life, we’ll have to live in each of our happy endings and ignore this tragedy. I pray that in our next life the wait will be short and the meeting shall be long. That we don’t need an excuse to see each other. Entitled with out own dearest names. So we could greet each other when we accidentally run into each other. With our love always being the solution. I pray that we can meet like that. I’m just happy that I saw your face. Sometimes you’re Kim Woo Bin. And sometimes you’re Wang Yeo. Please live a long and happy life. Goodbye

sunny remembers grim reaper.png

Kim Shin is sitting at the restaurant he went with Eun Tak and questions whether he deserves to be forgotten, if she has forgot about him then he deserves to be forgotten.

Eun Tak is sitting at the fountain that she once played with Kim Shin, she places the maple leaf down and suddenly her memories comes back to her. She cries at her returning memory, she runs to nearest candle and blows on it. She screams out in pain and loudly declares that she misses Kim Shin. She hysterically screams out his name and declares she misses him through her sobs.

There we have it, Kim Shin and Eun Tak are back together again. Kim Shin seems to be just as emotional as her with a teary eye.

kim shin eun tak kiss goblin remembering him again.png

Kim Shin and Eun Tak are in awe of each other’s presence but more importantly, both party fully remembers each other. Eun Tak asks how could Kim Shin leave her behind despite her begging him not to. Eun Tak changes topic and asks if the contract that she made with him actually caused him to return, in a slight disbelief of how a measly paper is able to achieve that. Eun Tak tells Kim Shin that every time it rained, she would be in incredible pain and no pills helped it. Kim Shin promises to make her happy from now on.

kim shin eun tak reunited again goblin.png

He mentions to Eun Tak that she has been touching his face for a while and it is making him feel embarrassed. She is checking if this is actually real and she is not dreaming. Eun Tak tearfully claims she has far too many dreams of him disappearing.

Kim Shin uses his power to open the fridge and quotes himself when he was drunk, that he will buy her everything in the fridge in one transaction. Eun Tak says she should stop calling his “mister” but calling him anything affectionate is too much, she asks if she can start calling him by his name. However he quickly refuses immediately.

It is the day that Eun Tak returns back to work. She insists to take the taxi and the plane like a normal person and asks if he wants to take the plane with her but he cannot because he does not have his passport with him and came to Canada in a rush.

eun tak leaves first in korea cute kim shin.png

Eun Tak goes to greet Grim Reaper, he happily smiles and addresses her with the nickname he gave her “missing soul”. Eun Tak sulks claiming it was mean of him to ignore her despite remembering her, Grim Reaper says nothing good can happen if a Grim Reaper is associated with a human.

Eun Tak corrects him that it has not been a while, in fact she is 29 years old and it has been 10 years since they have seen each other. Grim Reaper thinks about his past conversation with Eun Tak, how she will always be in the greatest danger when she is “9, 19, 29, 39 years old etc”. 

grim reaper goblin greatest dager when she is 9 19 29 39.png

Kim Shin leaves Eun Tak’s apartment in the morning after her midnight call as she was scared he will disappear suddenly. As he walks past Sunny’s apartment, he looks inside, she catches him doing it and asks what he is doing. Kim Shin sees a glimpse of her future- she is laughing and smiling with Grim Reaper. He informs her that she will be happy in the future and is glad to see her living well. Sunny mumbles to herself whilst watching her brother leave, she hopes he can make her part-timer happy.

Grim Reaper accidentally exposes his identity to Duk Hwa, Kim Shin tuts at Grim Reaper for being careless but Duk Hwa says he found out about Kim Shin first because he appeared with blue flames surrounding himself. Duk Hwa is not even surprised that one is a Grim Reaper and the other is a Goblin.

duk hwa finds out their identity.png

Eun Tak finally gets to see Sunny and asks where she has been, Sunny announces that she will be moving away. Although Eun Tak is surprised she is happy for Sunny.

Eun Tak updates Sunny about her trip, how she found everything she looked for, her destiny and her boyfriend. Sunny asks if her boyfriend is handsome, Eun Tak replies that he is incredibly handsome and he has large clear eyes and served the country too. Sunny adds that he must be stubborn. Eun Tak suggests to introduce him to her but Sunny insists it is okay as she has already seen him.

Eun Tak leaves as she has plans, Sunny tells her to take care of herself and looks at her affectionately. Eun Tak is confused as it sounds like she will never see her again. Sunny watches Eun Tak leave from the window.

sunny eun tak goodbye goblin.png

Eun Tak is thinking back to her time in Canada and how she was able to see the Canadian ghost, she wonders to herself why she can see them again. Kim Shin catches her off guard and asks what she is thinking about. Eun Tak explains arrogantly that she thinks she is his first love but is confused why he said he met his first love during late Joseon time. Kim Shin says he saw her in a scene he foresaw.

They are strolling around together, Eun Tak asks when she summoned him again, was that what he looked like during his warrior era. Eun Tak compliments him for looking very cool and she has always been curious as to what he looked like when he was a soldier.

Suddenly, Kim Shin stops walking and looks at Eun Tak.

goryeo man kim shin so cool goblin.png

Kim Shin:

“Yes. that’s why I’m saying this. I’m saying this because today is just about right. I’m saying this because you are still shining. I’m saying this because you were my first love. On another day that is just about right, will you be my bride?”

kim shin proposal goblin .png


Was that the most romantic proposal or not? It was so simple but filled with feelings. He can finally tell her that she was his first love, he can finally say that. His yearning and pleading to god has been granted. On a fine day, he wishes to tell her that she was his first love, he did not have to wait 100 years for it, but 9 years. It is so beautiful and simple. He had no ring or flowers (‘kay maybe he did created flowers) but still, his sincerity beats anything. Although they are technically a married couple the moment Eun Tak was born but he wanted to confirm it with her, that they are married because of love and destiny and not just destiny itself.

Moreover, Eun Tak fell in love with Kim Shin despite not knowing his identity. She became curious about him and was attracted to him, she knew nothing about him but there was a sense of attraction. Which makes their relationship even more beautiful. Plus, I loved how he tried to win her over by not exposing his powers or anything, okay maybe he did used it when he gave her the sponsorship… but anyways he didn’t want her to feel inclined to like him just because he was ‘Kim Shin’ but wanted to win her over again. He even contemplated whether it was right to even tell her the truth when she asked about his identity because he thinks he does not deserve her love…

I hope Sunny and Grim Reaper has a nice ending, I cannot deal with this anymore. Is she planning to leave everyone behind because her memories are too painful for her? She can’t do this! We only have one more episode left. My heart cannot deal.