Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 14 summary


My heart cannot take this anymore. The memory of Kim Shin is wiped away, his diary entry slowly burns and disappear, basically any traces of him is gone. Even his writing on Eun Tak’s book “it was first love”. Every trace of Kim Shin is gone. 

Eun Tak continues to sob in despair but suddenly something hits her, she realises the memory of Kim Shin is slowly disappearing, she sprints to her bag and grab a notebook and a pen.

Eun Tak:

“Don’t forget. That person is called Kim Shin. He’s tall and has a sad smile. He’ll come as rain. As the first snowfall. He’ll keep his promise. Remember. You must remember. You are his bride”

eun tak reminding herself she is kim shins bride.png

Somewhere where there is no one but Kim Shin. He wanders an endless land that is filled with snow and waves of clouds, a somewhat majestic scene but filled with sadness and loneliness.

Deity voices over:

“You have been erased from the memories of all who knew you. That is for the sake of their peace… and it is for my grace”

Samshin voices over:

“Your punishment is now over. That you can forget everything and sleep. Be at peace. But the goblin’s eyes filled with tears”

Kim Shin finally realises how his choice impacted Eun Tak’s future (Eun Tak at the restaurant with a mysterious man). Kim Shin declares to stay in the endless land and become the rain and the wind. He will become the first snowfall. So he has the chance to ask for Deity’s permission on one thing. The goblin is stuck between afterlife and life, between light and darkness. A place where even the god does not exist.

lonely kim shin goblin gong yoo.png

-9 Years Later-

Eun Tak has fulfilled her dream, she is now a radio producer. Her colleague tells her that it is raining heavily outside despite the forecast saying it will be sunny.

Eun Tak is standing outside her work and looking at the rain, she continues standing outside because she has no umbrella. She goes to the nearby café and even sits behind Grim Reaper but she does not recognise him, neither does he say anything.

Eun Tak is at home and thinks back to her childhood when she met a Grim Reaper and how the man at the café looks similar to the one she met when she was young.

eun tak seeing grim reaper again goblin.png

Eun Tak is still wearing the necklace Kim Shin gave her and asks herself if this was a present from her mum, she shines a light on her necklace to create a shadow of her necklace.

Kim Shin is walking on endless snow, reaching up to his knee, he falls but continues walking. He voices over that he is so lonely that he would turn around and follow his own footstep just so he can trick himself to believe that there are other signs of existence.

Eun Tak unconsciously writes down Kim Shin’s voice over but brushes it off and flips through her book, noticing the burn mark.

eun tak question diary entry kim shin.png

Eun Tak visits Sunny and orders the same food that she always get. Class president comes in and joins Eun Tak. Omg they are still friends, that’s nice. Eun Tak asks if she won the trial and she answers that she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t. She asks if Eun Tak is interested to go on a blind date, Eun Tak rejects the idea because she does not like lawyers. Class President says the man is a chef this time and also he is a fan of Eun Tak’s radio show. Eun Tak tries to escape by asking if she is the only friend that she can sell away.

Sunny joins in and urges Eun Tak to go on the blind date or she will be alone forever like herself. Eun Tak does not listen but appears to be more interested in the rain.

eun tak rain goblin .png

Eun Tak stumbles back to her place, the ghosts are curious as to why she is unable to see them. The young ghosts informs the other that she was able to see them until the Goblin passed away, so she is basically a widow.

Eun Tak is sleeping on her bed but suddenly bursts out crying. She clutches on to her chest; in pain and unable to understand why she is even upset. Although her memory no longer remembers Kim Shin, but heart does.

eun tak crying unconsciously missing kim shin.png

Kim Shin is alone and tired, with no sight of human or any living creatures. He clutches onto the contract that he made with Eun Tak. However the paper blows out his hand, he gets up immediately to chase after it. However as the snow is deep, he stumbles and falls but does not give up in chasing the contract- his only trace of Eun Tak. 

Snow is falling on the human world, Eun Tak looks up in the sky. A sense of sad feeling about the snow.

eun tak snow goblin sad.png

Eun Tak is holding her birthday cake with a candle on it, she asks herself whom she has forgotten to be in so much pain, she begs for help to ease her pain. Somehow Kim Shin is able to hear her every words.

She blows out the candle and smoke appears on Kim Shin’s arm. The contract that he made with Eun Tak slowly burns. He is back, he appears next to Eun Tak. Without a second more, he rushes up to her and embrace her.

eun tak goblin reunites again.png

Although she has forgotten who he is, she starts crying. Kim Shin is lost for words and unable to believe his eyes. He hugs her like she will disappear any second. Eun Tak suddenly snaps out of it and apologises for crying, she has severe mood swings and cries easily.

Eun Tak finally realises the situation and laughs at herself for apologising especially he was the one who hugged her first. She asks what business he has with her, he simply answers he was the one on her contract. Eun Tak is confused and looks at his clothes, asking if he is shooting a drama. Kim Shin does not answer and notices her staff badge, he happily declares he is happy she achieved her dream. Eun Tak scoffs at his comment and asks why he hugged her before. Kim Shin finally remembers- everyone has forgotten about him.

His heart is breaking but declares he is happy if Eun Tak is in peace because that is all he needs. Eun Tak is confused and walks away, however she looks back at him once more before leaving.

the heart rememebrs but not the mind.png

Eun Tak asks one more question before disappearing, she wonders how he got here without a staff badge. He simply answers because someone called him. Eun Tak heartlessly says “ah” and leaves. Kim Shin has yearned to see Eun Tak for 9 years but this was not the reunion he imagined but neither can he do anything because the past memories may bring her pain.

Kim Shin goes to find Duk Hwa. He calls out his name but Kim Shin is rudely grabbed back by security staff. Secretary Kim requests to hear him out, Kim Shin approaches him and says he is his uncle, his brother but is cut off by Duk Hwa. Kim Shin can only sadly watches nephew walk away.

i am your uncle goblin.png

No one recognises Kim Shin, he watches Sunny from outside and she looks out but continues to stare at him. A customer calls Sunny over, she gets distracted for a second but once she looks back at Kim Shin he is gone.

Kim Shin walks past Grim Reaper’s workplace and just like their first meeting, he looks inside. Kim Shin comments on his ugly hat and Grim Reaper asks if he is the goblin that disappeared into dust.

Before Kim Shin walks away, Grim Reaper says he didn’t turn into ashes as he claimed, nor is he part of the wind or rain. Neither is anything hideous. Kim Shin turns around and stare at him in surprise.

grim reaper kim shin. reunites again bromance.png

Kim Shin asks why he still remembers him because everyone has forgotten about him. Grim Reaper does not know why but his memory is still the same. Grim Reaper says he has one hypothesis- deity decided to leave Grim Reaper’s memory because him and Samshin wants someone else to remember Eun Tak’s and Kim Shin’s love. Deity says that if he does not close this door properly, other door may open.

Grim Reaper asks how did Kim Shin get back, Kim Shin simply states because of the contract. Grim Reaper does not understand but is just glad Kim Shin is back.

Grim Reaper says he should have said this immediately, 9 years ago or 900 years ago but he is incredibly sorry and wants to apologise for all his wrongdoing. He begs for forgiveness for his lack of incompetence. How he received everyones’ love but gave nothing in return but sadness. Kim Shin nods at his apology, everything is off his chest now. Their mushiness suddenly disappears when Grim Reaper bluntly states Kim Shin needs a haircut.

kim shin grim reaper you need a haircut.png

Kim Shin and Grim Reaper fights over the house again but this time in a more civilised format. Kim Shin asks if he has spoken to Sunny but Grim Reaper says he has not because he is forever a sinner. Grim Reaper asks Kim Shin if he has seen Eun Tak, he says yes but she has forgotten him but he is happy for her because she is able to accomplish her dreams.

Suddenly Duk Hwa comes in and tells the story to Grim Reaper about a weirdo visiting him at work. Duk Hwa becomes curious as to why he addresses Grim Reaper as ‘Uncle Tenant’ instead of just Uncle, and also when did he start living in this house. Grim Reaper brushes it off and says it will say on the lease. Duk Hwa spots the 2 drinks and asks about it, Grim Reaper says he like to cheers to himself. However Duk Hwa notices Kim Shin’s feet and asks about it. Kim Shin has no choice but to come out from his hiding.

Duk Hwa recognises Kim Shin as the weirdo from before but Kim Shin defends himself by claiming he is Grim Reaper’s friend. However, Grim Reaper does not defend Kim Shin and says Kim Shin will be leaving soon, he quickly waves bye to Kim Shin. Hahaha is this payback.

kim shin grim reaper wang yeo bromance.png

Eun Tak makes a mistake during broadcast claiming it is 22°, she gets shouted at by her boss, Eun Tak simply accepts her mistake and apologises. However one of her colleague checks on his phone and sees the news- the temperature is 22° and flowers are in full bloom too even though it is middle of winter.

Eun Tak leaves the building and notices the flowers petal, suddenly she looks over and sees Kim Shin. He was the one who created this miracle just for her but she does not even realise. She stares at him and Kim Shin quietly walks away.

i will come as the rain and on the first snowfall goblin.png

Eun Tak is stressed and on the phone to her colleague to discuss about plans to gain back her viewers. One of the waitress place a candle on her table, Eun Tak blows it out. She spaces out again whilst thinking about Kim Shin and his identity. She reaches for her drink and Kim Shin passes it over to her.

Eun Tak is stunned as she was just thinking about him few seconds ago. Suddenly tears flows from her eyes, she brushes it off and talks gibberish to clear her thoughts. She finally snaps out of it and asks why he is sitting there, he replies the same answer- because someone called him. 

kim shin eun tak café date.png

Eun Tak angrily says it is not her problem, however he replies that the person who called him is already here. Eun Tak looks around and Kim Shin adds that the person he is meeting does not recognises him. Eun Tak heartlessly says “I see” and tells him to leave because she is meeting someone soon. Eun Tak says her boyfriend will be here soon but Kim Shin corrects her that she does not have a boyfriend.

Eun Tak pretends to check her email so he can leave her alone, but somehow she cannot stop talking to him. She comments on his haircut and says she almost couldn’t recognise him. Kim Shin sadly says she still does not recognise him, she angrily argues back that she does. Awww they are meaning 2 different things. 

eun tak kim shin you still dont recognise me.png

Eun Tak asks if he was outside her building earlier and what was he doing outside when it was 22°.

Kim Shin:

“I was there to see someone. I missed her very much. When I look at her, I think she’ll run into my arms. But because I know that will not happen, my heart aches”

Eun Tak is forced to pay for Kim Shin’s drink, she scoffs at him and walks away. But before she walks away, she asks why does he not have 5 dollars, he defends himself that his wallet is in his jacket. She asks where he is heading and he points at a direction, Eun Tak takes off and heads the other way without even saying bye. Kim Shin can only watch her leave but is still happy to see her for a brief  moment.

kim shin eun tak you dont have five dollars.png

Kim Shin continuously goes into Grim reaper’s office to borrow money and for unnecessary stuff too. Grim Reaper has had enough and finally says why he understands why the Deity did not erase his memory of Kim Shin. Kim Shin is ashamed to hear his statement and says he has no choice.

He appears in front of secretary Kim and Duk Hwa, whom are both very shocked and unable to comprehend how he is able to get into their house despite their tight security. Kim Shin announces that he is water and fire, light and darkness, he is Kim Shin. Secretary Kim gets up immediately and says he was the man whom Chairman Yu wrote about in his will. Kim Shin covers himself with blue flame to prove his point, he states that he does not want the company but simply requires an identity, house, credit card and his nephew back.

i am the wind water fire kim shin goblin.png

Eun Tak is getting scolded by her boss again; the knife and clothing company both wants to take back their advertisement because of Eun Tak’s mistake. The boss demands her to find sponsorship, and if she can’t she will be fired.

Eun Tak lifelessly sits at the bookstore, Kim Shin snacks behind her and pretends to get a book. He sheepishly turns around and pretends it is a coincidence.

kim shin pretends it is a coincidence.png

A group of high-schoolers are talking about their love life. Eun Tak comments that they should enjoy it whilst it last, Kim Shin cannot help but laugh at her comment because he finds it cute.

Eun Tak asks if he is planning to pay her back the 5 dollars, he eagerly approaches her and asks if he does not pay her back, can they meet again and will she come find him. Eun Tak threatens him that if she sees him again, she will call the police because she is suspecting him as a stalker. Kim Shin laughs at her threat because even these accusation seems like a dream to him.

kim shin the stalker goblin.png

Eun Tak is unsure what to do because he is not threatened by her words. She asks what direction he is heading and Kim Shin states she is leaving again. Kim Shin says he is a fan of hers and listens to her radio show. Eun Tak finds him even more suspicious now because he knows her occupation. She demands to know his occupation, Kim Shin hesitates and quickly thinks of something.

He points at the furniture company and says he works there. Eun Tak asks for his job title. He stutters and makes up a lie, declaring he is at the top of the hierarchy so he sounds more impressive. Eun Tak does not believe him and is getting impatient. Kim Shin says to hand him over the documents and he will give her sponsorship just to prove his identity.

kim shin cute gong yoo ceo .png

Secretary Kim tells Eun Tak that normally an executive will sign the contract but the CEO has asked a favour. Eun Tak is surprised and asks if Kim Shin is really the director and whether he words at the headquarters. Secretary Kim answers that he does not work.

Eun Tak politely asks how she can thank Kim Shin, she does not even have his number. Secretary Kim is surprised and asks why Kim Shin asked him for this favour despite he barely knows Eun Tak. Eun Tak asks for Kim Shin’s name and Secretary Kim says he’s called Yu Shin Jae.

contract signing goblin.png

Eun Tak is praised by her colleagues that she is able to find sponsorship despite it being impossible. Her colleague energetically announces their next project- reading out people’s stories and finding their lost memory. 

Eun Tak and class president are at Sunny’s restaurant again. Class president eggs Eun Tak on to use this opportunity at work to find the person whom she addresses as Kim Shin but she suggests it may be a ghost that wrote the entry in her notebook. Eun Tak is confused because the writing is hers but she has no recollection of writing it. Neither does she understand what she meant by “you are his bride”.

you are his bride goblin.png

The bromance trio is back. Duk Hw runs in to give a letter to his uncle. An old letter has been delivered to the old chicken chop. Kim Shin looks at the letter and it is addressed to Eun Tak, Kim Shin thinks back to the day when Eun Tak excused herself in Canada.

Grim Reaper tells Duk Hwa to give it to Kim Shin, Duk Hwa is even more confused as to why Kim Shin has so many names. Kim Shin asks Grim Reaper to go instead. Duk Hwa constantly volunteers to go but he is completely blanked.

duk hwa bromance goblin.png

Grim Reaper goes to the chicken restaurant but Sunny is not in, he looks disappointed. A worker asks if she can help him but he continues to look for Sunny, day after day, refusing to give the letter to the worker and waiting to see Sunny face to face. But after a while, he has no chance but asks the worker to pass it on.

After he leaves the chicken restaurant, he sees Sunny everywhere, just like the first time he missed Sunny. However the real one actually does walk past him. They both look back at each other but Sunny continues walking after a few second stare. Grim Reaper is heartbroken and continue his lonely steps.

grim reaper sunny meets again after 9 years.png

Sunny delivers the letter to Eun Tak and is just as confused as her, she keeps on declaring that the letter is from abroad and also the person who came to deliver it is goodlooking which makes it even more strange.

Eun Tak reads the letter, it is from her younger self addressing to her mum. In the letter it details her journey with Kim Shin and how he has the power to connect to a different world. She reassures her mum that she has someone that can make her happy.

Eun Tak starts to become teary and declares she does not even have a passport and is completely shocked. She checks her diary entry again and compares the letter, asking if the man she mentioned in her letter is the ‘Kim Shin’ in her diary.

eun tak discovers the past.png

At this moment, Kim Shin calls her, Eun Tak is surprised and accidentally knocks the candle, she blows it out immediately. Kim Shin appears behind her and decides to watch her from behind. He asks if she was waiting for his call and she reacts by squealing but on the phone she denies it and says she has seen busy and does not even remember she gave him her number. Their conversation is really cute, where Eun Tak plays hard on the phone but secretly happy. 

eun tak kimshin cute call.png

Eun Tak uses the perfume Kim Shin gave her, which he compliments later on. He says he likes the scent, Eun Tak becomes annoyed and imply he must know a lot about women’s perfume; hinting he is a playboy. Kim Shin asks if she does not like the fact that he knows about perfume. Eun Tak is clearly not pleased but she says it does not matter to her. Kim Shin reassures her that she is the only female on his phone but quickly trolls her by saying it is because he just got a new phone.

Eun Tak takes her anti-depressant and Kim Shin asks what the medication is for. She says it is to heal the soul and this is his warning, so he is allowed to run away away from her because she is not normal. Kim Shin says he won’t run away but will try to be more strange.

kim shin eun tak cute medication.png

Eun Tak informs him that she will be going abroad and she is slightly nervous about it. Kim Shin says she does not need to worry because it will be natural for her as if it’s not her first time going abroad (referring to how she was roaming freely around Canada). 

Eun Tak has submitted a holiday request to go to Canada because she feels like she has lost something there and has to go there to find it.

eun tak sunny discussing about holiday.png

Eun Tak goes to the hotel which sent the letter and the staff there informs her that the letter was sent around 10 years ago because of the envelope deisgn. Eun Tak says it’s fine because the letter must have been sent recently for a reason, the way she said it sounds like something Kim Shin would say; she laughs awkwardly at her speech.

Eun Tak goes and explore around Canada and somehow this red door that she once came through with Kim Shin caught her attention. She stands outside the door trying to recollect her memory and suddenly Kim Shin walks out the door. Awkwardly he tries to go back inside but how could he when Eun Tak caught him.

Kim Shin quickly makes a lie but fails to do so, claiming he is on a business trip and here to research about furnitures. Eun Tak does not believe him and asks if he even knows what he is talking about.

stalker gong yoo goblin.png

Eun Tak threatens to call the police and Kim Shin tries to persuade Eun Tak that he is not a bad man and he can prove it to her if she spends time with him. Eun Tak quickly rejects it and he threatens her with the sponsorship, and she should at least treat him to a meal to thank him. Eun Tak quickly changes her tone and cooperates and becomes overly friendly. She even suggests to take him around Canada.

happy kim shin canada.png


I am so happy they are together again, although she does not remember him but at least he remembers her. Plus, Kim Shin has Grim Reaper on his side so he has somewhere to stay and now he has money thanks to the Yu family. I am glad Duk Hwa has settled back being the bromance trio easily.

I have a feeling Sunny does remember Grim Reaper because, I don’t know. Why did she look back when he walked past her because yes she may have forgotten about Kim Shin but it does not mean she will forget Grim Reaper. Especially, the hypnosis did not work before and he didn’t bother using hypnosis again too. But, I don’t know. I mean Eun Tak does not even remember Grim Reaper either so yeah…

But Kim Shin is so cute, like so so so cute. How he pretends to bump into Eun Tak at the bookstore was so cute, I bet he searched everywhere for her as well. And how he changed the weather just for her was the cutest. We all know that when Kim Shin is happy, the flowers will bloom but he is not happy, he made the flowers bloom so Eun Tak does not get into trouble. Although flower represent his happiness, he is not happy because Eun Tak does not remember him. It is so heartbreaking yet so warming.