Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 13 summary


Grim Reaper is unable to remember his past life and is relying on Kim Shin’s confirmation whether he is the King. He tearfully asks if he is really Wang Yeo. Both are in a teary mess.

Kim Shin vents to Grim Reaper, he caused his sister, his soldiers, his servant and relative to die just because of his decree. He blames Grim Reaper for his foolish act but he knows that Grim Reaper is unable to do anything now. Grim Reaper can only tearfully asks again and again if he is really Wang Yeo. Kim Shin tightens his grip, ready to kill but after staring at Grim Reaper with hatred, he slowly releases his grip.

teary kim shin grim reaper.png

Kim Shin exposes his suffering and pain that he gone through; everyday he lived and remembered the day when everything was taken from him. However, Grim Reaper must have been living comfortably with no recollection of his past life. Kim Shin’s words are filled with resentment, he says Grim Reaper has the deity on his side every time, and walks away.

Grim Reaper is unable to say anything, he can’t apologise, he can’t chase after Kim Shin, but simply accept the truth that he has no recollection of.

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Kim Shin returns and tells Eun Tak to pack immediately, they are going to stay in Duk Hwa’s house. Eun Tak quickly agrees and does not say anything, Kim Shin stops here and asks why she never told him the truth. Eun Tak explains that she was only speculated the truth and it is up to Kim Shin to discover it and to also forgive.

They are at Duk Hwa’s house and he is completed confused at to why they’re both here. Kim Shin forcefully demands 2 rooms and Eun Tak offers to go stay with Sunny because she will be confused as well.

However Sunny is more than worried, she is not even at home and is pressing on the Kim Shin’s house’s doorbell repeatedly, but no answer. Later on, Grim Reaper returns and discovers no one is home…

annoyed sunny worried goblin.png

Park Joong Won heads to find Sunny after discovering she was the Queen in her past life. However, Grim Reaper appears and strangles him, declaring that he has seen him before. Park Joong Won lives by taking peoples’ dark thoughts and dark energies.

Park Joong Won says he only took the side of dark desires. The drama shows him being involved with Eun Tak’s mother’s death. He says he may have covered their eyes but the people that committed their crime could have simply closed their eyes too.

wang yeo and park joong won.png

Grim Reaper demands to know his name but Park Joong Won threatens him that even if he knows his name, he cannot do anything. That is how he has been surviving for 900 years. Grim Reaper is annoyed and tightens his grip but Park Joong Won disappears.

He informs him that Grim Reaper has no right to know his name when he does not even know his own name. He says to Grim Reaper that he is still holding something pathetic and this pathetic thing is destined to die in this life too. He teleports outside and people are seen fainting onto the floor.

Grim Reaper:

“Does he know me?”

park joong won evil doing.png

Kim Shin is lost in thoughts and thinks back to all his memories with Grim Reaper from arguing to cheering each other up. So sad…

Grim Reaper calls Duk Hwa’s phone but Kim Shin picks it up instead. He listens to Grim Reaper’s voice and does not answer. Grim Reaper senses something; he knows it is Kim Shin that is on the other side of the call.

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Grim Reaper waits for Eun Tak after her class and requests her to draw Kim Shin’s sword. Grim Reaper is curious what sword the King (himself) punished Kim Shin with. Eun Tak is more quiet than usual and Grim Reaper asks if Eun Tak is siding with Kim Shin, he asks if she can listen to him just this once. He gives Eun Tak the ring and asks if she can give this to Sunny because he does not even deserve the ‘excuse’. Plus, she will not remember him because he has hypnotised her. Grim Reaper weakly smiles and tells her that he is leaving now. Eun Tak picks up the ring and says Sunny does remember him.

grim reaper returns ring as sunny does not remember.png

Sunny stares out the window and Eun Tak asks if she is waiting for the King to appear. Sunny denies that possibility because she is the sister of the traitor.


“I was only told to keep the good memories and I must have been happy even in that moment since I remember it all”

Eun Tak hesitates to give her the ring and places it back in her pockets. She affectionally holds Sunny’s hand to cheer her up.

Sunny tries to persuade Kim Shin to forgive Grim Reaper as this all happened in the past. Kim Shin stands his ground; it is the past for her but everything is still current for him. He cannot return and can only move forward. Kim Shin reminds Sunny that he killed her, Sunny defends Grim Reaper that he killed Kim Sun and that is not the current her.

Kim Shin contines to look at her and won’t budge his decision. Sunny sighs and says her decision hasn’t changed either, if he wants to continue then he should. Kim Shin says if he reaches Grim Reaper this time, he won’t be giving him forgiveness.

kim sibling korean.png

Grim Reaper receives punishment from the audit team because he has been misusing his powers for personal reasons and even exposing his identity to a human. The audit team informs him that he will suffer from his previous memories as a punishment.

Grim Reaper clutches on his head and is in apparent pain. His previous memories are slowly returning. Wang Yeo is not cooperating with Park Joong Won and is constantly throwing his food away. Park Joong Won orders the maid to serve him poison, even know Wang Yeo knows it is poison, he still drinks it.

Wang Yeo is hysterically drawing a sketch of Kim Sun whilst drinking more and more poison that is prepared by Park Joong Won.

kim sun wang yeo longing.png

One of the maid present Wang Yeo with the queen’s outfit and the ring that he forced her to wear. He tearfully clutches onto her outfit and sob in despair.

Later on, he aimlessly walks along the street asks whom he should bestow the royal garment and ring to. Samshin tells Wang Yeo to give her the ring because it will come into use in the future. He agrees and hands it over to her. Tearfully, he leaves and declares to himself that the royal garment has no owner and throws it in the fire.

samshin wang yeo goblin.png

 Grim Reaper lifelessly looks at the portrait he drew of Kim Sun and declares that no one ever loved him, his servants, his people, his love. He orders the maid to bring him more ‘medicine’ despite fully knowing what is inside it.

Grim Reaper is struggling to comprehend his memory and is gasping for air. The audit team announces their leave as they have punished Grim Reaper and he should wait until further notice for assignments.

Grim Reaper:

“I was Wang Yeo”

wang yeo grim reaper goblin.png

Kim Shin walks into his room to discover Grim Reaper staring at the portrait of Kim Sun. He angrily snatches it off from him and declares he has no right to look at it. Grim Reaper confirms Kim Shin’s accusation, he was the one who killed everyone, the person who gave him the sword; he remembers everything and he is Wang Yeo.

Kim Shin knows the truth already but is triggered by his words, he storms up to him and pushes him against the wall, declaring he knows his crime already and he was right. He killed everyone, his people, his wife, his soldier and he could not even protect his own country.

kim shin grim reaper fight goblin.png

Kim Shin angrily shouts at Grim Reaper:

“Kim Sun, my sister, protected you with her life. You should’ve lived. You should have stayed alive and died by my sword. You should have proven with your death that I was a traitor, as you claimed. I’m sure my sister knew that once Park Joong Won said Kim Shin, that Kim Shin would be next. That she’d be used to pressure you. That’s why that idiot died there as the sister of a traitor, rather than become your weakness. To save you”

Grim Reaper pleads Kim Shin to kill him, Kim Shin is beyond angry but loosens his grip. He asks if that is really what he wants, to abandon himself again. Kim Shin says the sin of killing him was already committed by himself. Kim Shin spares Grim Reaper’s life and walks away.

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Eun Tak returns the ring to Sunny and apologise, Sunny says she does not need to apologise because it is so obvious why Eun Tak is giving it back to her instead of Grim Reaper. Sunny asks Eun Tak what sin she has committed to become the Goblin’s bride but Eun Tak simply answers with a smile “it’s destiny”.  

Suddenly Park Joong Won appears and approaches them, Eun Tak goes to defend Sunny and shouts at her to grab her lighter from her jacket pocket. Park Joong Wong is enraged by Eun Tak’s act and declares, she will not die now but later, after Sunny.

Sunny is confused and unsure what is happening and whom Eun Tak is talking to, Park Joong Won approaches Sunny but Eun Tak defends Sunny. Her marking suddenly shines and repels Park Joong Won, although Park Joong Won disappears Eun Tak has fainted.

kim go eun faints.png

Eun Tak is conscious again and Sunny is curious what happened, and why she is able to produce green light. Eun Tak simply confirms that she is a human and asks Sunny to go back first because she needs to talk to Kim Shin.

Kim Shin appears and asks how she has been recently, Eun Tak runs up to him and hugs him. Kim Shin notices her marking is slowly disappearing and is worried because if she is in danger, he won’t be able to sense her.

goblin wife marking .png

Eun Tak reassures him that she will be fine and Kim Shin asks if she has seen Park Joong Won again and she quietly answers that she was not his target but his sister was. Kim Shin comforts Eun Tak that Sunny will have someone else to protect her and she needs to worry about herself.

Kim Shin reminds Eun Tak that he will come for her in 2 days time because that is when the question that God gave him will be over. During these 2 days him and Grim Reaper will have to find the answer.

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Grim Reaper is filling out the form for the missing soul, the next day he goes and meet his colleague to hand over the documents. Grim Reaper says he got suspended and unable file it but his colleague must be careful because he has been around for 900 years and manage to live off from human’s negative emotion.Hence Grim Reapers are unable to do anything.

However, if he is on the list, they can atleast control him. Before leaving, his colleague gives him a name card which has Eun Tak’s name on it. Grim Reaper reads it and it says she will die within a week.

lee dong wook goblin .png

Grim Reaper informs Kim Shin that Eun Tak has another name card however before he announces the date, Kim Shin says the date does not matter and he should know about that because Park Joong Won is involved. Before Grim Reaper leaves, Kim Shin tells Grim Reaper that his sister is in danger and he must protect her just like how she protected him before.

Grim Reaper:

“That day why did you keep going? You knew you would die then and there”

bromance grim reaper kim shin goblin the best.png

Kim Shin:

“Since you gave me the sword. I requested your audience numerous times. But you, my king and brother-in-law, only instructed me to fight at yet another border. Only when you were sure I would die did you show your face”

Grim Reaper asks what did he wanted to say so badly. Kim Shin wanted to pass on the message of the late King- he ignored him because he loves him. Kim Shin adds that his servant, his people, himself and Kim Sun all loved him.

Kim Shin said he wanted him to grant him an order, and that order was to behead Park Joong Won. He had no idea that the sword he bestowed him would end up through his own stomach.

Suddenly something hits Kim Shin, he realises that he must use the sword to kill Park Joong Won; what it was originally meant to do. Both lost for words because it means that Kim Shin will die if it is removed.

kim shin grim reaper we all loved you.png

Sunny is unable to forget Grim Reaper but has to pretend that she has forgotten him. He follows her from a distance and waits outside in the café for her. She stops by the bridge that they first met and she finally asks why does he follow her, is he a stalker. Grim Reaper says that is not it, their paths simply overlaps.


“Thanks you, it felt like I was on a date with you, Kim Woo Bin”

date with kim woo bin.png

Grim Reaper is beyond shocked that she is able to remember him. Sunny answers that he made a mistake when he hypnotised her. He wanted her to only have the happy memories but in those happy memories, he existed. Even when she was suffering and dying, a part of her was happy because it has him in it. Sunny looks at him and says he must have died very young.

Grim Reaper:

“Everyday my heart broke from missing you. Because I was a fool”

Sunny is glad that he finally realise he is an idiot, she asks herself why she must fall for him again. She returns the ring and declares they really have to break up this time because she does not want to for him again in this life. Sunny places the ring in his pocket and says goodbye.

Grim Reaper can only stand there, unable to move or say anything because he thinks his crimes are not redeemable nor can she forgive him.

goodbye your majesty .png

Kim Shin goes to pick Eun Tak up from her work and suggests a short getaway. He sees a young child being bullied by 2 older children and helps the young child to do “wind bomb”. Eun Tak happily agrees to go on a trip with him but not knowing this will be the last trip with Kim Shin.

They are like on their honeymoon, reading books together, enjoying food and taking photos together. However every second, Kim Shin knows that it will be closer to his death.

kim shin eun tak lovey dovey goblin.png

Kim Shin says he has a gift for Eun Tak and gives her the contract that she made with him, saying she should have a copy too.

The drama skips to the scene where Kim Shin is staring at their contract, tears starts flowing from his eyes. He knows it is goodbye to Eun Tak soon. He thinks back to his declaration that no love last forever and how Eun Tak rejected his idea; sad love exists forever. Kim Shin continues to sob and sob, knowing that he must bear the pain and say goodbye to Eun Tak soon.

Kim Shin visits Duk Hwa and Sunny before he leaves, he does not say anything but watches them from afar. He waits for Eun Tak to finish class, he can only stare sadly at her and watch her approaches him. Eun Tak happily says she was just thinking about him and now he is here.

kim shin goodbye contract goblin.png

Kim Shin says he is here because he misses her but also to ask her a favour- it is about Park Joong Won. Eun Tak agrees and says she will be brave because she is the goblin’s bride. Kim Shin takes Eun Tak to the top of the rooftop and tells her to stay here and he will call her, then she should summon him. Kim Shin walks away but quickly returns to kiss Eun Tak, knowing it may be the last farewell. Eun Tak senses something but unable to ask him, a sudden worry suddenly comes to her.

kim shin gong yoo and eun tak kim go eun kiss.png

Kim Shin goes to find Park Joong Won and is ready to strike him with the sword. Park Joong Won taunts him that he cannot harm him and he should know that, Kim Shin declares this will be their last fight. Park Joong Won disappears.

Eun Tak is at the top of the rooftop and looking at the goblin book whilst thinking back to her sad days when she had no where to go but relied on the memories from Canada. How her life changed after meeting Kim Shin, she smiles to herself. Suddenly the buckwheat leaves flies into the air. Eun Tak senses something strange but she is unable to see Park Joong Won anymore.

park joong won creepy goblin.png

Eun Tak says it is all her fault, Park Joong Won waited for her mark to fade so he can use her to pull out Kim Shin’s sword. Park Joong Won approaches closer and closer to her, Kim Shin calls Eun Tak to summon him. She grabs the lighter immediately but Park Joong Won strangles Eun Tak causing her to drop the lighter. Eun Tak tries and tries to light the lighter, finally she manages to blow it.

Kim Shin appears and defends her but Eun Tak grabs the sword, causing it to disappear and also her hands to bleed.She begs him to stab her because she has figured out Park Joong Won’s true motive- he will possess her and pull out Kim Shin’s sword. Eun Tak begs him to kill her because she was always destined to die but Kim Shin changed her fate.

eun tak pleads kim shin to kill her.png

Park Joong Won catches Kim Shin off guard and possess Eun Tak. He uses Eun Tak to say his words, he slowly approaches Kim Shin and holds the handle of the sword, slowly he tugs it. However, Kim Shin does not flinch, he continues to let Park Joong Won to pull the sword out.

Grim Reaper to the rescue, he demands Park Joong Won to answer to his call. Seems like Grim Reaper is able to gain authority’s permission. Park Joong Won leaves Eun Tak’s body.

eun tak puls out kim shins sword.png

Eun Tak is unconscious and falls down, Kim Shin uses Eun Tak’s hand to continue pulling the sword out. The sword is in the shape of the fire, he aims a strike at Park Joong Won. Eun Tak is conscious and finally realise what Kim Shin has done.

Park Joong Won last words before finally disappearing:

“This is how it ends. However, I won’t perish in  vain. I took your life once again. Look, in the end it’s demise”

kim shin victory but also his death.png

Kim Shin uses the sword to hold himself up from falling onto the ground. He looks over the the weeping Grim Reaper and asks for forgiveness but he can finally notify him his brave death. The sword disappears into ashes, soon it will be Kim Shin.

Eun Tak runs up to Kim Shin and embraces him tightly wishing he could stay if she can hold him close enough. She hysterically repeats “no, no, no”. Kim Shin weakly embraces her, trying to comfort her even during his last moment.

Kim Shin:

“Meeting you was the reward of my life. I will come to you as rain. I will come as the first snowfall. I will beg the divinity to let me do just that

eun tak kim shin last goodbye.png

Eun Tak begs him to stop talking, she does not want to believe this is the reality. She pleads and pleads, every word is filled with pain. She weeps out her declaration of love for him hoping it can make him stay. Kim Shin whispers using his last breath- he loves her too.

His gaze does not leave Eun Tak, he affectionately looks at her till his last moment. His hand slowly slips from her face, a single tear escape his eyes. Kim Shin slowly vanishes into ashes.

Eun Tak screams in agony, gasping for air but to no avail nothing can cure her pain. She continues to sob and sob, looking everywhere for traces of Kim Shin. She begs him to return, unable to accept the reality. She cries, knowing nobody can hear her but her pain continues.

eun tak mourning kim shins death.png


Who cried? I bet everyone did, this is the saddest episode so far. What every watcher dread- Kim Shin finally leaving Eun Tak. He wanted to stay with her with every excuse he could find, but this was deity’s plan- to use the sword to kill Park Joong Won. If he did not obey Deity’s plan then it means Eun Tak will die because she was born to pull the sword and if she does not even do that, then more and more danger will reach her.

Kim Shin was brave to pull the sword, to erase his own traces. He knows that Eun Tak will never do it and he wants her to live, hence pulled the sword out. Even his last words are heartbreaking, his promise to appear during the rain and snow, he wants to comfort Eun Tak till the end, that he will never leave her. SO MUCH TEARS. 

But there were things that I quite don’t get, like why did Eun Tak’s marking disappear? Was it because she was about to die? That is the part I don’t get, why can she no longer see ghosts… But whatever, I am too upset to even think about this right now… excuse me.