Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 12 summary


Eun Tak is unsure what to say and kindly tells them to leave, the ghosts leaves first and Eun Tak hopes the creepy scholar ghost (Park Joong Won) will also leave. Park Joong Won smirks at her and then takes his leave. Eun Tak is unsettled and unsure what just happened.

Eun Tak tries to sort out her plan for the week and how to adjust her study days, she suddenly looks at Kim Shin’s  and is annoyed how he has the time to write a love letter and she is struggling to survive.

kim shin love letter goblin.png

Sunny is drinking soju to erase her miseries, she continues to drink, every shot she drinks, she makes a bet whether she wants to see Grim Reaper or not. However despite whatever statement she says back, it finishes with “I want to see him” because a soju bottle contains only 7 shots.

Grim Reaper is just as upset as Sunny, he asks his colleague if he ever wanted to get his memory back. His colleague wants him to not think about it because they are all sinners, and they have lost their memories for a reason.

lee dong wook sad statement.png

Grim Reaper tells Kim Shin that Sunny discovered his identity, Kim Shin sarcastically tells him “well done”. Grim Reaper blames Kim Shin because he is the one that made the branch to blossom in the middle of winter. He brushes it off quickly and tells Grim Reaper to hold Sunny’s hand and see her past life.

Grim Reaper defends himself and says that seeing someone’s past is not easy, it it tiring for the Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper adds that the woman in the portrait (Kim Sun) came to life she was so beautiful. Kim Shin angrily reminds him that’s his sister he is talking about.

grim reaper defensive brother kim shin.png

Grim Reaper hears Eun Tak’s footstep and tells her that he is in the kitchen, Kim Shin looks back and sees Eun Tak quietly sneaking backs her room. He uses his power to grab the book from her, Eun Tak struggles to grab it back. He opens the book and discovers his diary entry, he angrily asks if she forged another document.

She tells him to not pretend like he does not know about it and says this is a love letter. Grim Reaper gets up and is curious about the love letter too. Eun Tak says she wanted to know about his first love and wants Grim Reaper to translate his diary entry.

eun tak forge kim shin writing.png

Kim Shin insists it is not a love letter, Eun Tak snorts at him and starts saying the first line of his diary entry “One day after 100 years when the weather is good enough…”. Kim Shin is surprised and still insists it is not a love letter. Eun Tak does not believe him because Duk Hwa translated it for her.

Kim Shin voice increases, he tells her that Duk Hwa cannot read Chinese characters and those lines she just said was things he has been thinking. Grim Reaper looks at the diary entry and says it is not written anywhere there. Everyone is confused.

Grim Reaper asks Kim Shin if he told Duk Hwa that he could help people forget memories during the accident that Kim Shin caused. Kim Shin looks seriously at Grim Reaper and says he never told him once.

kim shin grim reaper eun tak shocked at duk hwa discovery.png

Eun Tak adds that Duk Hwa found the maple leaf for her, Grim Reaper and Kim Shin are comprehending the situation. Kim Shin thinks back to the time when Duk Hwa was able to read his own thoughts and says he should have released it sooner. Who would have dared to place the goblin’s house onto the market. Duk Hwa is the god?!

duk hwa is god goblin.png

God Duk Hwa (no idea on how to address him anymore) sits at the bar and is thinking back to all the help he has given Eun Tak, Kim Shin and Grim Reaper. The drama shows Duk Hwa and Samshin having a drink.

Samshin tells him that the goblin finally met his bride. Duk Hwa says it is destiny that they met. Samshin asks him what he is going to do about Yeo (King). Samshin asks how can he make them meet especially the King caused Kim Shin to have a sword in his chest. Duk Hwa answers it was destiny too because Grim Reaper needed a home.

duk hwa god .png

Samshin is curious about God’s plan and asks what he is planning. God Duk Hwa says he loves Kim Shin, Samshin defends Kim Shin and says he has been punished for years now and asks if it’s not enough yet. Samshin angrily asks why he didn’t create a perfect world with no sin. God Duk Hwa defends himself and says if he did then nobody would look for the deity.

Samshin is angry and says every child was born to be loved. She demands him to make Grim Reaper and Kim Shin recognise each other and they can make their own decision afterwards.

duk hwa sungjae btob.png

Kim Shin and Grim Reaper approaches God Duk Hwa. However as he gets any closer, God Duk Hwa has already placed a defensive field around himself. He then stops time. Kim Shin asks him to introduce himself.

God Duk Hwa thinks back to the day Kim Shin died and says the words that was in his mind before he passed away:

“Don’t pray to anyone. The almighty is still not listening”

kim shin pass away goblin.png

He continues and quote Grim Reaper:

“The almight must have his reason for erasing my memory”

grim reaper god duk hwa.png

God Duk Hwa says he has always been listening to what they were saying. He says Kim Shin plead for death but yet he is still clinging to his life now. He goes to Grim Reaper and says he never erased his memory but he chose to do so himself.

He informs them that all he does is give people fate but they can choose, he points at his body and says Kim Shin can say bye to this boy- meaning Duk Hwa. God Duk Hwa excuses himself and many white butterflies appear.

duk hwa god butterfly kim shin.png

Sunny and Eun Tak are enjoying sweet potato until Sunny states she knows Grim Reaper’s identity, causing Eun Tak to nearly spit out her sweet potato. Eun Tak says she only knew he was a Grim Reaper because they crossed paths few times, Eun Tak defends him and says that he is caring and nice. Sunny interrupts Eun Tak and asks if Grim Reaper has a clingy ghost girlfriend, and even if he does, she says she is out of Grim Reaper’s league.

Sunny tries to gather her thoughts, she says if Grim Reaper is really a Grim Reaper then Kim Shin’s claim to be her brother must be true. She turns to Eun Tak and asks if she is the goblin’s wife then. Eun Tak confirms her question, Sunny turns back around in disbelief.

eun tak sunny truth about grim reaper.png

The other Grim Reapers goes to Sunny’s restaurant because one of the Grim Reaper is her neighbour. Sunny gives them a large plate of chicken and says it is free because they have a difficult job. They are startled at her comment, Sunny walks away like it is normal to know their occupation.

The female Grim Reaper leaves the restaurant and encounters the evil ghost. Park Joong Won says he is not scared of her and asks if she wants to know who she really is. He tells her to hold Sunny’s hand if she is curious and reminds her that she committed a crime hence she is a Grim Reaper. He then disappears into thin air.

female grim reaper creepy ghost.png

Eun Tak returns and overhears Grim Reaper informing Kim Shin about Chairman Yu’s upcoming death. Kim Shin says he has said everything he wanted however he requests Grim Reaper to replace him and see Chairman Yu off instead.

Grim Reaper agrees and Kim Shin asks if he can pass on a message- tell Chairman Yu to not serve any man in his next life and be free. Kim Shin is upset but holds it in, he says to tell him he is thankful and very grateful.

kim shin upset chairman yu death.png

Before Grim Reaper leaves, he tells Eun Tak to check on Kim Shin now and again. Eun Tak hears Kim Shin’s sobbing and notices the rain falling from the sky.

Duk Hwa is working hard but makes lots of comments to the staff. Secretary Kim comes in and calls him, Duk Hwa grumpily asks if his grandpa sent him here to spy. Secretary Kim tells him to come with him right now, he needs to change into his seat and leave right now. Duk Hwa is confused.

duk hwa grandpa death.png

Kim Shin is in tears whilst writing down mourning messages, he continues to stay in his room for the whole day. Eun Tak goes into his room and sympathetically hugs him, she tries to comfort him by saying Chairman Yu will not go in peace and keep turning his head if Kim Shin is upset.

Eun Tak finally knows why it is more painful to live longer than shorter. She says that he must live happily and cheer up because that is the least he can do for Chairman Yu. Eun Tak asks if wants something warm to drink but Kim Shin rejects it and says he wants to eat with Duk Hwa.

upset kim shin gong yoo.png

Duk Hwa sobs whilst Kim Shin keeps him company, even though Kim Shin is also in pain. Duk Hwa regrets for not treating his grandpa better and asks how he can continue living because he constantly feels sorry for his grandpa. Duk Hwa heartbrokenly says he cannot live alone. Kim Shin hugs him and reminds him that he is not alone because he has his uncle. Duk Hwa continues to sob and sob. Kim Shin feels the exact pain he is in but unable to say anything.

duk hwa sob gong yoo sad.png

Kim Shin, Eun Tak and Grim Reaper surrounds the mourning Duk Hwa to offer him food. They try their best to get his attention by decorating the food nicely but nothing. Kim Shin asks if he wants him to make him gold, Grim reaper asks if he wants to walk through walls with him. But still no reply.

Eun Tak even offers her precious camera but Duk Hwa rejects it and says his grandpa got it for her. Duk Hwa gets up and excuses himself as he has something to do. He goes to the dining room and starts cleaning the cutlery because he knows how much his grandpa would want to clean it.

Duk Hwa says his grandpa gave the CEO position to secretary Kim; almost like his grandpa knew he would die soon. Duk Hwa says he is relieved because he is not prepared to take such responsibilities yet, he will work from the bottom. Duk Hwa adds that he will start learning go so he can become Kim Shin’s brother, father, and then grandfather. Just like his his grandfather. Omg I am going to cry. 

im your brother father grandfather goblin.png

Secretary Kim is looking at the documents Chairman Yu left behind. He opens the envelope for Duk Hwa and finds a credit card. He opens the letter that was addressed to himself and sees a statement from Chairman Yu:

“If someone by the last name Kim and first name Shin comes to you and say that he is here to retrieve his belongings, give it to him. All I have left behind belongs to him. He will come to you through rain and leave as a blue flame. Then you will know it’s him” 

chairman yu last words.png

Duk Hwa walks across the bridge and sees Samshin, he does not say anything but she turns around and asks if his grandpa left. Duk Hwa is shocked and asks how does she know, she replies that he is good natured and his personality will bring him luck. Duk Hwa asks if he wants a drink but Samshin rejects him and says he should go drink with someone that is a human.

Kim Shin is cooking for Duk Hwa and Grim Reaper comments saying he is jealous but he should not mind him because he is jealous of everyone recently. Kim Shin jokingly says he can just admit it that he wants a handsome uncle and looks over at Grim Reaper, he sees glimpses of the King’s face and stares at Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper is confused and asks if there is something on his face, Kim Shin replies that he saw a face on him that he should not have seen. Grim Reaper is confused and stare back at him blankly.

kim shin realisation.png

Kim Shin is smirking at Duk Hwa while watching him do work because he is finally becoming useful. He finds a document of an employee, Kim Shin is ecstatic as this was the man who served him during Goryeo.

Eun Tak walks down the stairs and brags her outfit to Kim Shin which he instantly answers with a “no” and frowns. He informs her that Duk Hwa will drive her because he has an appointment today and if anything happens, blow the light. Eun Tak reassures him and shows him the lighter, she declares that everything is perfect now. Kim Shin says she is missing something, Eun Tak laughs and coyly hits his chest, and closes her eyes.

eun tak kim go eun kiss.png

Kim Shin approaches Eun Tak and places the necklace he bought for her around her neck. He steps away and says he unsure why she closed her eyes. Eun Tak looks down and sees the necklace , she is touched by his actions but is actually unsure what the writing on the necklace means. Kim Shin says it means “fate ordained by the sky” in French.

Eun Tak says she likes the meaning and asks how does he know but he does not reply. He commands her to have no blind dates, no romance, no Tae Hee (made me LOL so much). He quickly adds that no man is allowed within 30m radius of the necklace. Hahaha is it to ward of men or something?!

eun tak kim shin necklace fate decided.png

Kim Shin goes to the interview at Chunwoo group to see his ex-soldier during the Goryeo times. Kim Shin continues to stare at Woo Sik which makes him feel uncomfortable. Kim Shin thinks back to the promise he made with him, to meet each other in the afterlife. He states aloud that Woo Sik must have been lonely on the other side and waited for him. Kim Shin begs for forgiveness and starts crying. Woo Sik is unconfused and without even a conversation, he is called in for an interview, leaving Kim Shin by himself.

Later on, Woo Sik receives a phone call that he got the job, both him and his family are overjoyed. Secretary Kim takes Woo Sik to his new apartment and gives him a new car as well. Woo Sik is lost for words.

woo sik kim shin comrade.png

Secretary Kim gives him a letter that contains his son’s name and says his son will bring light to the generation. Woo Sik asks who Secretary Kim is and he answers that he is the CEO of Chunwoo group.

Woo Sik instantly apologises for not knowing the CEO face and asks why he is giving him more stuff than he deserves. Secretary Kim simply answers that he saved the country in his past life.

Woo sik reward.png

Kim Shin calls Eun Tak and starts nagging her as she is not home yet. Eun Tak reassures him that she is fine and the day is still early. He continues demanding to know where she is, Eun Tak goes to a photo booth and blows out a matchstick.

Although Kim Shin complains that it is cramp, he still manages to pose for the camera. Eun Tak compliments his ability to smile despite the manic rush. Kim Shin asks if they can leave now, Eun Tak says they will leave in 5 minutes time because something might happen.

i like cramp spaces eun tak kim shin goblin.png

Eun Tak gives him an envelope that contains the monthly payment that she’s due him. Eun Tak reminds him to pay Sunny back with the money because it will give him a reason to see her.

Eun Tak says she is going to work but he quickly grabs her back and asks how was school. She brings up Tae Hee which Kim Shin quickly interrupts and says he was not asking about Tae Hee. Eun Tak says Tae Hee was scouted to go to America, Kim Shin starts bragging about his own talent. Eun Tak quickly kisses him and leaves. After her leave, he smirks to himself and says he wants to come here everyday.

photobooth kiss goblin.png

Park Joong Won appears in front of Eun Tak again, he introduces his name and says he knows she already knows about him. Eun Tak eyes becomes teary and says she does not know and tries to walk away. He instantly says “Kim Shin”. He asks whether Eun Tak knows if Kim Shin told her that he killed him. The weight of Kim Shin’s punishment is the amount of life he has killed.

Eun Tak demands to know why he is here and what does he want. Park Joong Won says he is here to tell her an interesting story. The sword that stabbed Kim Shin belongs to the King, the one who started this terrible tragic life of Kim Shin is caused by the King. He exposes that Grim Reaper is the King. Eun Tak is beyond shocked and unable to say anything. He continues to patronise her and says he is curious what happens when they discover each other’s real identity.

park joong won eun tak .png

Eun Tak is unable to concentrate on studying and thinks back to the happy times she had with Kim Shin and Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper suddenly calls out her name asks to talk to her.

He says he has no one else to talk to and wants her to listen. He tells Eun Tak that a person must commit a horrible deed to become a Grim Reaper but he is unsure what crime he committed but he is sure he was in Kim Shin’s life and also Sunny’s too.

eun tak grim reaper truth disocvery goblin.png

Grim Reaper:

“Kim Shin, who cut off enemies head. Wang Yeo, who ordered the death of Kim Shin and his sister. And the one who lead Kim Shin and his sister to their grave is Park Joong Won. Kim Shin is still alive. Kim Sun was reincarnated as Sunny. That means I am Wang Yeo or Park Joong Won”

Grim Reaper states that whoever he is, he will be Kim Shin’s enemy… He sadly looks down and says that no matter who he is, him and Sunny cannot be together. Stoppppppppppp.

grim reaper wang yeo truth sad.png

Grim Reaper calls Sunny and asks to meet up, she quickly gets ready and runs down to see him. She tells him off for suddenly showing up despite being secretly happy.

Grim Reaper sadly says that he misses her and wants to be with her but unable to, he is already dead and does not even have a name. He says his kiss will bring back all her memories from her previous life but he wishes her to have only the good memories. He leans in to kiss Sunny.

sunny and wang yeo kiss goblin.png

Flashbacks of her own life appears in front of her eyes. The King shouted at Kim Sun for wearing simple clothes and thought she was already mourning his death. He instructed one of the maid to bring the queen’s jewellery box, he grabbed it and threw it on the floor.

Kim Sun informed him that his enemy is Park Joong Won, the King did not listen to her and shoved a ring onto her finger while announcing that he is going to kill her brother for treason.

the fateful ring goblin sunny grim reaper.png

The King demanded whether Kim Sun wants to live as his woman or die as the traitor’s sister. He demanded to know if she ever loved him and has ever been on his side. Kim Sun slapped him across his face due to all his belittling and hateful comments at their relationship, moreover at the King’s pathetic side. He begged her to not be on Kim Shin’s side because that is the only way she will live.

Kim Sun tearfully answers that the woman who loves him is the traitor’s sister.

sad grimreaper kim sun.png

Back to reality, Sunny is unable to comprehend what just happened. Tears continue to flow from her eyes. Grim Reaper asks if Kim Shin was in her past life, she weakly nods. Grim Reaper asks if he was in her past life, she tearfully nods.

A moment of silence, Grim Reaper tries to straighten out his shaken voice whilst requesting her to look into his eyes so he can hypnotise her.

A heartbroken Grim Reaper request:

“Leave only the shining, happy memories and forget all the sad and hard moments. Whether they were in your past life or present. And forget about me”

happy ending sunny grim reaper goblin.png

Sunny sees Kim Shin standing outside and asks if he’s going to stand there for the whole day or is he going to deliver something to her. Kim Shin walks up to her and gives her the money that he owes her for the sweet potato. Sunny snorts at him and says she can treat them, he follows her inside.

She addresses him as brother again and asks if the King really did say she was ugly. Kim Shin finally realises that Sunny remembers her past. Sunny adds that even if he was on the battlefield, he should still send her a message or a letter.


“I’m so sorry for taking so long to recognises you brother. I promised to become happy, but I couldn’t keep it. I’m sorry”

Sunny tearfully thanks him for the present and asks him to visit his ugly sister more. They’re both in tears and simply glad to be together again.

reunite kim shin kim sun cute.png

Eun Tak is spacing out whilst walking back home, the female ghost continues to pop out but Eun Tak is unable to see her. Kim Shin comes and pick her up, Eun Tak seems very reserve and a lot is going on her mind.

However, she is still able to tell that Kim Shin is happy, she asks if something good happened to him, which he answers that Sun finally recognised him. Eun Tak is ecstatic for him but she wonders how she knew.

Suddenly she asks Kim Shin to pull to the side because she has something to say to him and it has been on her mind for a while.

kim go eun gong yoo car ride.png

Eun Tak informs him that she met a deceased and he is called called Park Joong Won. Kim Shin is shocked and asks how she knows about him, Eun Tak apologises immediately, she overheard his conversation with Grim Reaper.

Eun Tak says she does not know what he is after and says that strange things have been happening around her and she thinks it is relating to him. Eun Tak suggests that Sunny might recognises Kim Shin due to Park Joong Won’s doing. Kim Shin thanks Eun Tak for telling him and tells her to stay home and not go out because his house is the safest.

gong yoo goblin cool.png

Kim Shin is standing at the top of the building and overhears all the conversation, he is able to track down Park Joong Won. Kim Shin strangles him and reassures him that his suffering will end soon.

But before he kills him, he is curious as to why he suddenly appeared and was in the hiding for 900 years. Park Joong Won starts saying taunts Kim Shin that he was unable to find him because he was a mere soldier. Kim Shin is angered by his words and threatens to cut his tongue off and then cut his body into pieces. He tightens his grip on his sword and slices Park Joong Won.

kim shin so cool gong yoo.png

He swings his sword at him but nothing. Park Joong Won informs him that he will not be able to kill him with a sword like his and teleports behind him. He tauntingly asks if Kim Shin thinks he is the almighty after being a goblin for so many years.

Kim Shin approaches him again and says he will kill him no matter what. Park Joong Won uses an unconscious man to move as his shield. He continues to talk and asks whether Kim Shin knows the identity of the nameless Grim Reaper that he lives with.

He tells Kim Shin that Grim Reaper was the one who caused him to suffer and pierce the sword through his stomach. Dun dun dun.

park joong won.png

Kim Shin barges into Grim Reaper’s room and his workplace but he is no where to be found. Grim Reaper is at the temple where Kim Shin previously visited and prayed to the people whom he is indebted to, he stares at his own name and Kim Sun’s name.

Kim Shin asks if Sunny can tell him that Grim Reaper is really the King. Sunny tries to lie and angrily asks if he really think he is her brother in the life too just cause she remembers him. Kim Shin demands to know and grabs her back to prevent her from leaving, she does not reply.

Kim Shin:

“Even in this life you are protecting that fool”

angry kim shin at sunny goblin.png

Grim Reaper stands at the top of the stairs and asks himself if he is really King and whether he chose to forget his memories as a punishment for his crimes.

Kim Shin walks up the stairs and is approaching Grim Reaper just like the time when Kim Shin walked up to his death.

Grim Reaper:

“As expected, it looks like I am the worst memory. To you and to Kim Shin”

kim shin walks up to grim reaper.png

Kim Shin walks up to Grim Reaper and sends him a telepathic message:

“You can hear me can’t you? I hear yours too. I hear it very clearly”

Kim Shin finally reaches Grim Reaper, he grabs his neck and says:

 “Warrior Kim Shin greet you, your Majesty”

bromance goblin kim shin grim reaper.png


I love the ending so much it is amazing, I didn’t included the ending ending where Grim Reaper is regretting his life as a King because it was too short and pointless. But for those that are interested, Wang Yeo is sick and does not seem to be happy even though he is the King. That is basically it.

But moving on, I actually thought Kim Shin and Sunny reunion will be more touching, but I guess it is understandable I mean even if they were siblings it does not mean they are siblings this lifetime. So whatevs. 

There is something about this episode that I don’t like… not sure if it’s because the episode was relatively upsetting, I don’t know. I do find the appearance of Park Joong Won really useless; Kim Shin and Grim Reaper slowly discovered their identity anyways, he was not necessary. Plus he is creepy. Plus how did he survive for so long. Plus how are Grim Reapers unable to capture him. So many comments.