Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 11 summary


Kim Shin rushes into Sunny’s restaurant to greet his sister. He stares at her even more intensely than before and runs up to hug her, Sunny is beyond shocked and asks if he is crazy.

He declares introduces himself as her brother and he has missed her a lot. Sunny insists she is Sunny and not Kim Sun, and tells Grim Reaper off because they agreed to not see each other again. However Grim Reaper takes Kim Shin’s side and says he is her brother in her past life. She can only scoff at their story and says Grim Reaper made this story up because he misses her.

Kim Shin says she was the Queen of Goryeo and he was a warrior, she angrily tells them to get out of her store.

kim shin sunny reunite goblin.png

Kim Shin goes to find Sunny religiously everyday and offers all the stuff she wanted in her past life. He claims she likes permission, flowery shoes and this type of fabric. Sunny angrily rejects all his offers.

Sunny requests him to remove the stuff he brought because there is only one table left to serve customers. Kim Shin says he attracted the customers because he brings wealth to people. Eun Tak returns and tells Kim Shin he practically lives in their shop now. Kim Shin says he will leave soon and informs Eun Tak to come home early. Sunny warns Eun Tak to reconsider her choice in man and tells her to pass on a message to Kim Shin- to not buy her gifts anymore and simply purchasing food is enough. 

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Eun Tak goes to Duk Hwa to de-stress her anger as she cannot tell Sunny, Grim Reaper or Kim Shin her feelings. Duk Hwa informs Eun Tak that Kim Shin is behaving like that because Sunny is the reincarnation of his sister.

Eun Tak laughs at his suggestion and Duk Hwa exposes Grim Reaper’s secret to Eun Tak- he has the ability to see a person’s past if he touches their hand. Eun Tak finally believes it and as she remembers Grim Reaper touching Sunny’s hand.

deok hwa eun tak goblin.png

Sunny asks if Eun Tak believes in past life, Eun Tak answers she does and explains the 4 life that humans are given. First is the planting, then watering, life of harvesting and lastly the life to use the harvest. Sunny asks if Eun Tak has heard anything else and Eun Tak thinks about the conversation she heard between Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. Eun Tak answers Kim Sun was very brave in the face of love. Sunny demands to see Kim Shin.

Sunny enters their household causing Grim Reaper and Kim Shin standing in shock. Sunny is even more surprised to see Kim Shin and Grim Reaper living together. Kim Shin quickly pulls Eun Tak over and declares three of them live together.

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Kim Shin asks what business Sunny has with them, Eun Tak corrects Kim Shin and says he should offer Sunny somewhere to sit and make her a drink. Grim Reaper tries to talk to Sunny but she reminds him that he is not allowed to interact with her.

Kim Shin clicks his tongue and stares in shock at the change of Kim Sun to Sunny. Sunny asks for proof that she is his sister and will give him the benefit of the doubt. Kim Shin hands her over the scroll and Sunny stares at her own portrait. He asks if it reminds her of anything and Sunny simply answers she looks young and pretty.

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Sunny asks if the queen lived a happy and long life. Everyone stays quiet, Eun Tak and Grim Reaper excuses themselves for Kim Shin and Sunny to talk privately. Kim Shin tells Sunny that he communicated with his sister through letter and it helped him get though some tough times.

It skips the drama where the King is angered by Kim Shin’s victory in the war and it does not help that the evil scholar is next to the King. He finally snaps the bow and Kim Sun witnesses it, wondering if he is not talented in archery.

king yoo goblin .png

The drama shows the change in relationship between the King and Queen; seldom visits to growing jealousy of Kim Shin. The King knocks the medicine onto the floor and commands the servant to never bring the medicine for the queen again. He angrily leaves and Kim Sun stands there with tears in her eyes.

It is the day Kim Shin arrives back to the palace after his victorious battle. The King angrily storms into the queen’s room and announce the news, he asks her to choose who should survive: him or her brother. Kim Sun hesitates to answer with tears in her eyes. The King angrily belittles Kim Sun, of course she would not care, it won’t affect her whoever dies because she is the queen if the King survives and the sister of Kim Shin. Kim Sun affectionately calls the King an idiot, hoping it will wake up him. The King notices her outfit (she always wear white anyways) and asks if she is mourning already.

sunny king goblin kim sun yoo.png

Kim Sun declares the evil scholar is his enemy and not her brother. The King ignores her and asks her to make a choice, to die as the King’s woman or to die as the traitor’s sister. Tears flows from Kim Sun’s eyes.

The drama skips to Kim Shin walking up the stairs to find the King, Kim Sun affectionately looks at her brother as he walks up the stairs. An arrow hits her but Kim Shin does not look back.

queen goryeo goblin sunny kim sun.png

Back to present time, Kim Shin says his sister did not live long but she had few happy moments before her death, and even at her death she was looking at the King. Sunny’s heart starts aching, she rubs it while looking at the portrait. Sunny asks about the King wondering if he got reincarnated too but Kim Shin says he does not know. Sunny says she is interested on what he looks like and asks if he is goodlooking. Kim Shin laughs at her question because his sister asked the same thing.

Sunny is curious why he knows the story so well like her remembers everything, like his life has been reincarnated. Kim Shin notifies her, she may not believe his words but he has been living with those memory every since.

kim shin goblin sunny queen reunite.png

Sunny says she does not believe reincarnation but she is here because she knows how much Kim Shin regrets not able to give the presents to his sister, to the point it may drive him crazy, but she quickly adds, it is a nice type of crazy. Kim Shin says the way she talks is similar to his sister.

Sunny warns him to not talk to her causally even if he is her brother in the past life. She says that even in this life when siblings meet again they will feel awkward, so he should not expect her to welcome him back with open arms. Is she giving him a chance?!

Sunny excuses herself but looks around before leaving, she is sad Grim Reaper never said bye to her before she leaves.

kim shin goblin gong yoo.png

Sunny is leaving and Grim Reaper follows but does not say something. Sunny is angry and asks if he is going to remain silent but tails behind her. Sunny finally had enough and says even if he follows her they won’t have anything to do with each other.

Kim Shin is lost in thoughts, he mumbles to himself asking if Sunny is Kim Sun or not. Grim Reaper joins Kim Shin to be depressed together, he asks Kim Shin who drew the portrait of his sister. Kim Shin says the King did, it contains all his feelings towards her, and it is the last thing he drew.

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Eun Tak is in her room and suddenly thinks of Sunny, she goes to the restaurant and finds Sunny in cold sweats and resting her head on the table. Sunny says she does not believe in reincarnation but ever since she left the house she has been feeling unwell. Eun Tak asks if she wants to go to the hospital but Sunny requests her to take her home because her heart keeps hurting. It is a different type of pain, almost like someone is walking on her heart.

Sunny tells Eun Tak that she saw “Goblin couple” on Grim Reaper’s phone, Eun Tak immediately freezes. Sunny asks if Grim Reaper was referring to her and Kim Shin. Eun Tak does not reply. Sunny sadly states that Grim Reaper does not tell her his real identity. Eun Tak can only sit there and apologise, unsure what to say.

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Eun Tak walks back home and senses Kim Shin’s presence behind her, she turns around and asks what’s he doing here. He simply answers he is waiting for her and followed her footsteps. So sweet he is, so sweet. 

Eun Tak says she feels bad for Sunny because she’s never been exposed to these sorts of strange situation. The guy she likes is a Grim Reaper and her brother isa goblin, her part-timer is able to see ghosts. Eun Tak is different though, she was born with the ability to see ghosts so was able to adapt.

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Eun Tak asks Kim Shin if he thinks she was ever part of his life but he answers he is not sure. Eun Tak wholeheartedly wishes that Sunny is really his sister because she is nice, Kim Shin denies her comment because he doesn’t think Sunny is nice. Eun Tak emphasis they really might be siblings because they argue a lot and thats what siblings do. Eun Tak states she wants a brother like Kim Shin too but suddenly adds that she does have a brother figure- Tae Hee.

Kim Shin is annoyed by her comment and says they might actually go to Canada together and to the restaurant too. Eun Tak says she won’t go there with anyone else but Kim Shin he scoffs at her declaration because he knows she did (he saw a glimpse of her future). Eun Tak defends herself that she will not go there with anyone else but him, Kim Shin sulks and walks away. Well actually he ran away in the end. 

sulky kim shin gong yoo goblin.png

Everyone is taking photos and Eun Tak is quietly sitting by herself in the classroom. Suddenly she receives an unknown call but still picks up. The class president approaches her and notifies the number is hers. Eun Tak is surprised. The class president congratulates her for graduating and requests to keep in touch.

goblin eun tak class president goblin.png

Other classmates’ family enters the classroom, Eun Tak sits quietly by herself. Samshin suddenly walks in which gathers many peoples’ attention, she hugs Eun Tak and tells her well done. Samshin affectionately looks at Eun tak.  Eun Tak is confused and asks why she hugged her, Samshin simply says because she is lovely while fixing her hair. Eun Tak suddenly realises the young woman is the same grandmother that spoke to her when she was 9 years old.

Samshin gives her a bouquet and walks away. She approaches the teacher and asks if she could have been a better teacher. The teacher suddenly cries, Samshin walks away. What. So confused. 

samshin eun tak goblin.png

Kim Shin walks pass the teacher while looking for Eun Tak. He recognises the teacher and thinks back to the olden days when he first met her. She was a waitress at a stall and he saw a glimpse of her future- many students were smiling in the classroom with mobiles in their hand. A blurry scene of a girl sitting by herself with flowers in her hand was also his prediction.

Kim Shin goes into Eun Tak’s classroom and sees the familiar scene he once foresaw, the blurry scene of the girl sitting by herself turned out to be Eun Tak. He smiles to himself and says:

“You had stopped by without even knowing”

graduation goblin.png

Kim Shin is amazed at how he was able to see Eun Tak from ages ago. He covers her with the flowers repeatedly to re-enact his prediction. Eun Tak is confused and asks what he is doing. He replies that it is incredible he saw her back in the olden days. Eun Tak asks who did he see, he replies his first love and Eun Tak snaps at him as she does not know he is referring to her.

Kim Shin angrily asks back who gave her this flower and asks if it’s Tae hee. Eun Tak says it was not Tae Hee because she will be with him right now if he did come. She says she has someone else to give her greens. Eun Tak hands Kim Shin her camera and requests him to take photos. Kim Shin cannot help but smile when he zooms in.

gong yoo kim go eun.png

Eun Tak whines because he should have done a countdown, Kim Shin reassures her she looks pretty no matter what. She grabs back the camera and Kim Shin thinks she is going to take a photo of him, he poses immediately but she zooms up onto the school instead. She moves the camera around and captures people who she likes, people who she does not like.

Eun Tak tells Kim Shin that good thing must come late, for example him. Kim Shin does not understand her compliment and says he did arrived early but was unsure what class she’s in. Eun Tak says she wasn’t talking about that. Kim Shin tells her to not be disappointed about Duk Hwa and Grim Reaper’s absence, Duk Hwa is busy and Grim Reaper is going through a break up.

 gong yoo cute.png

Eun Tak looks over and sees Sunny and Grim Reaper. Kim Shin tells her that they are not here to see her but to see someone they thought would be here. Eun Tak suddenly thinks of something and drags Kim Shin into the building.

Grim Reaper asks if Sunny is here for Eun Tak’s graduation, Sunny says that is her excuse but actual fact she is here to see somebody and that somebody is standing in front of her.

They are at the café, she asks for the report for the ring but Grim Reaper notifies her it is not complete. Sunny says when he is done, he needs to give her the ring back. She gives the bouquet to Grim Reaper so he can give it to Eun Tak. He hands his bouquet to Sunny and says he wants to give her flowers at least once in his life regardless of who he is. She asks for his identity again and he says she won’t believe this, but he does not know his identity either. Sunny says both him and Kim Shin talks nonsense, and this will not work out.

yoo in na lee dong wook.png

Grim Reaper notifies Kim Shin about a new name card and it has Eun Tak’s name on it. Her death will be in 2 weeks and he won’t be able to foresee it. He accepts it and thanks him. Grim Reaper is surprised at his response and asks if he is not going to swear at the deity. Kim Shin sadly says there will be more cards like these coming and he will try his best to protect her.

He thinks back to what Samshin said and questions whether he can stop this; if Eun Tak dies he will have to live another 1000 year or forever.

name card eun tak death kim shin goblin.png

Kim Shin notifies Eun Tak and she is taken a back. Kim Shin tells her to listen to him whatever he has to say next, he has been meaning to tell her but haven’t had the chance. Kim Shin says she will die if she does not pull the sword out because it was her destiny as a goblin’s bride.

Eun Tak is lost for words and unable to understand the situation, she asks if those accidents were all god’s plan. Eun Tak lifelessly declares god is cruel to make their fate so twisted.

sad kim go eun gong yoo.png

Eun Tak is confused what to do, one day she would suggest to die by herself and the other day she would request to pull the sword, or they can die together. Every time, Kim Shin would agree with her decision.

Eun Tak is in tears and completely unsure what to do, he walks up to Eun Tak and promises to protect her no matter what, he will not let her die. He apologises for placing her in this situation but they must go through this hurdle together and see what doors are open. But no matter what happens, he will never let her go. Awwwwwwwwww.

eun tak kim shin hug goblin romantic.png

Eun Tak is energised more than ever, she goes to work and says bye to Kim Shin. He tells he to not go because it is dangerous right now. Eun Tak says she must go out, they cannot live in fear until the day of her death because that is not living at all. Eun Tak says even if she dies tomorrow, she must live today. So deep. 

Before she leaves, she tells him to protect her and she will try her best to live. She says her mum raised her up so she can go into college, she has many reasons to live and one of them is Kim Shin.

kim shin eun tak goblin cute.png

Kim Shin is unable to remain calm in the house, he walks back and forth once Eun Tak leaves. Suddenly he sees smoke from his hand. Eun Tak continues to summon him for weird reasons like flashing lights, handsome man, pretty clothes etc.

However Kim Shin does not mind and smiles every time she summons him. Eun Tak summons his again and says she misses him too much that she might die from it, he smiles and answers: “me too”. Kim Shin is so happy that he makes the tree blossom. 

cherry blossom eun tak kim shin .png

Grim Reaper picks up the ring and goes to Sunny’s restaurant, he hears the door and accidentally drops the ring. He goes and pick it up and sees Sunny entering, he instantly grabs his hat and turn himself invisible. Sunny leaves after grabbing her phone, he sighs in relief and picks the ring up.

Sunny enters again but with a cherry blossom branch, she mumbles to herself while measuring out Grim Reaper’s height. Suddenly she flings the branch and knocks his hat off.

sunny grim reaper secret.png

Sunny is beyond startled, she is lost for words and unable to gather her thoughts. Between her gasping for air she tries to figure out his identity, she asks him to explain himself. Grim Reaper can only look at her, unable to face her.

Sunny pleads:

“Why do you know my name? Why do you not have a name? Why were all of your answers so awkward? You did something to me before, didn’t you? Don’t do it this time, whatever it was”

tearful sunny kim sun.png

Grim Reaper promises he will not do anything, she demands to know what he is. He finally confesses his identity, he is a Grim Reaper. She cannot believe his words and demands to hear his answer again. He holds back his pain and wishes it was a happy ending instead, even though he knew it would not be. He suggests they break up, both tearfully looks at each other, unable to say anything.

king queen goblin sunny grim reaper.png

Eun Tak texts Kim Shin about her day, the 2 females ghosts follows her and gives her advice on what to say. The female ghost complains that she once had a nice romance story too and hope Eun Tak is able to ask her husband in her stead. Eun Tak agrees to help her get revenge.

Before entering the building she checks whether the lighter is working, she approaches the ghost’s husband and requests to speak to him, they head to the stairwell outside. Eun Tak says she is here to represent his wife because she wants to say something to him. Eun Tak continues to voices the female ghosts’ concern.

eun tak goblin female ghosts.png

However she finally senses something, the husband killed his wife and Eun Tak is also in danger especially the name card says she will die from height. The husband approaches Eun Tak, she warns him that she does not know what her boyfriend will do to him. She takes out a lighter and blows on it.

Kim Shin immediately appears and hits him with his sword, cutting his back. The man rolls down the stairs with blood all over his back. Eun Tak looks up to find an angry Kim Shin holding his sword. She mumbles sorry whilst looking at him, Kim Shin can only sigh in anger.

angry kim shin gong yoo goblin.png

Kim Shin chucks the man outside the police station and warns him to receive the polices’ punishment because if he choose to receive his punishment, he will kill him instead.

Kim Shin walks over to Eun Tak and the 2 ghosts, he angrily looks at the ghost who caused the trouble. Eun Tak defends her and insists they go because she will get scolded by Kim Shin. Kim Shin angrily looks at Eun Tak.

kim shin angry gong yoo.png

They are back at home and Eun Tak timidly asks if he is still mad, he turns around and she flinches. Kim Shin runs up to hug her and says he is not mad but just worried. Eun Tak says she feels like she is being scolded because her heart stings. Kim Shin angrily insists his heart hurts more than hers.

Eun Tak sighs and claims they are so pathetic and he continues to say no, she asks if he can forgive her and he says no, she asks if she can go on blind dates when she’s at college and he angrily shouts no. Awww they made up with each other. 

im not mad goblin kim shin eun tak.png

Grim Reaper is warned by his colleague to submit a statement of reasons as he only submitted one missing soul document instead of 2. Grim Reaper sighs and says it has been about 20 years where he came across a deceased soul and had no information about it. Grim Reaper adds it was the first time he met a soul that did not fear the Grim Reaper.

The other ghosts inform Eun Tak of a new ghost that has been roaming for around 20 years and has escaped a Grim Reaper too. Eun Tak continues to mop, uninterested. She turns around and meets the ghosts whom they’re asking about. It is the evil scholar, he eerily enters and stands in front of Eun Tak. He reaches out with his decaying hand and says he is happy to meet her- the Goblin’s bride.

creepy evil scholar goblin.png


OMG what the actual- why does he have to appear, I don’t even know his name and been referring him as evil scholar cause I never knew he would even appear again LOL. Like, is he even necessary in the storyline, why does he have to appear. Is he going to ruin Sunny and Grim Reaper’s relationship? There is not point though because it is already ruined. Is he here to seek revenge on Kim Shin? How did he even manage to survive after all these years, well I guess he is dead and is a soul but how did he avoid Grim Rapers?!

Anyways, moving on, I like how they did not make it over-emotional about the whole Sunny and Kim Shin thing, like yes she was your sister but that’s it, she is just her reincarnation. I am so thankful they did not make it too over the top. Kim Shin knows he owes the past Sunny as he basically caused her death, but he doesn’t go over the top like crying and stuff, which is good cause it isn’t even certain that she is his sister. Although we are 100% sure she is. 

ALSO! How Kim Shin saw Eun Tak in the past before was a nice touch, he knew his wife through predicting other’s future, was such a nice touch to the storyline. P.s. is it just me or Duk Hwa is too calm this episode, his granddad isn’t even dead yet (saying this in the nicest way possible).