Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 10 summary


Kim shin watches them from inside but it interrupted by Eun Tak, she tells him he stared so much at them he might have caused a hole in the window. Kim Shin asks Eun Tak the identity of her boss, Eun Tak says she heard this question from Grim Reaper before, she predicts his next question will be “what does she like?”.

Eun Tak is unhappy with Kim Shin’s behaviour and says she is a beautiful lady. Kim Shin says he in not looking for a beautiful person but Eun Tak brushes it off and says she has heard this phrase before too.

jealous eun tak goblin kim shin.png

Suddenly something comes into Sunny’s mind. She asks if he is married or working for the national intelligence team because only these two can explain his weird behaviour. Grim Reapers denies the possibility of both suggestion. Sunny asks if he is a Grim Reaper, he looks at her and does not say anything. Sunny brushes it off and informs him it is fine as long as he does not for NIT or is married. She quickly goes back inside because it is cold. Grim Reaper continues to stand outside and is confused with Sunny’s identity too.

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Sunny goes inside and grabs a drink, Kim Shin stares intensely at her. She addresses him as older brother and asks why does he always stare at her. Eun Tak angrily looks at Kim Shin. He explains she has the same name as someone he knows, that is all. He asks if her real name is “Kim Sun” and what Chinese characters they are. Sunny tells him she does not use Chinese characters but English alphabets instead. She spells out “S.U.N.N.Y”

He asks if she has seen him somewhere, Sunny replies she saw him few days ago in front of her old store. Kim Shin is confused why she addresses him as “brother”. Sunny humorously asks if he rather be addressed as “hey” or “you”.

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Kim Shin asks if Sunny even knows Grim Reaper’s real identity. Eun Tak and Grim Reaper looks at Kim Shin and is shocked at his question. Sunny says Grim Reaper gave her this ring. Eun Tak asks the meaning of the ring but Sunny is unsure as well. Grim Reaper says he is glad she brought it up because he wants the ring back. LOL. He tells her to meet him tomorrow at the café they met before.

Grim Reaper tries to solve the link between Sunny and Kim Sun. He states the face that Sunny has in her past life is identical to Kim Shin’s sister. He then tries to solve why he cried when he saw the drawing of Kim Sun and when he met Sunny.

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Kim Shin is in the kitchen and Eun Tak joins him. She tells him off for not bringing money to pay, yet he bragged how much money he has. Kim Shin says he was flustered. Oops he dug his own grave. Eun Tak demands to know why he was flustered, he did not pay, he was curious about the relationship Grim Reaper and Sunny have. Eun Tak continues to tell him off, she said he should have asked if Sunny will consider him and bitterly states all men are the same; whether they are humans, goblins or grim reapers.

Kim Shin timidly says its not what she thinks, Eun Tak says he promised to tell her everything. She asks if he was waiting for this opportunity all along hence asked her to work at the chicken restaurant out of all places.

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Kim Shin says he does have the power to determine someone’s fate but simply advised her. He says once he has narrowed down the range, she will try her best to find a job in that sector and naturally will become more confident

Eun Tak says he is talking nonsense, she demands him to grant her wishes again- part time job and a boyfriend. Kim Shin snaps and asks why she keeps mentioning boyfriend. He asks whether he should break Tae Hee’s legs to show he is her boyfriend or something. He demands whether he should break something to prove he is her boyfriend. He finally says he must do something for her to think: “ah my boyfriend is a short-tempered goblin”. He then walks off angrily.

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Eun Tak shouts after him that she never said anything for him to get angry, he quickly returns and Eun Tak flinches. She looks down and he gently taps on her shoulder. Eun Tak looks at him surprised at his sudden change of behaviour. He strokes her head and says it was his first time to see her work and it made him upset.

He clasps her head with both hands like he is massaging her head or something. He says goodnight to her and walks away, Eun Tak smiles to herself after he leaves.

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Sunny and Grim Reaper meets up, he says he will keep the ring for a while. Sunny asks him for the reason why he needs the ring which he replies that he will researching on it. However the nature of the work forbids him to tell her what it is. He asks why she did choose this ring in the first place, she answers because it felt like it belonged to her. Grim Reaper continues to question and asks if she felt anything when she put it on. Sunny says she did, she felt like she picked the ring up to meet him.

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Grim Reaper is spacing out whilst cooking and Kim Shin snaps him awake by saying he is seasoning his food too much. Kim Shin says he saw Grim Reaper holding her hand yesterday and is curious if he saw her past life, like they were enemies or something. Grim Reaper says he cannot tell Kim Shin because its a rule that Grim Reapers must obey.

Suddenly, Kim Shin tells Grim Reaper his sister’s name was Kim Sun too. Grim Reaper says he does not know if she has been reincarnated, Kim Shin sadly agrees because he can only see peoples’ future. Grim Reaper gives Kim Shin a hypothetical question- if he meets the reincarnation of his sister, what would he do. Kim Shin says he will do nothing, he just wants to know if his sister is healthy and if she’s living well; he affectionately refers Kim Sun as an “idiot”.

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Eun Tak overhears their conversation as she goes into the kitchen. Grim Reaper asks Kim Shin to tell the story behind his death. Kim Shin is unsure where to start because it’s the first time he told this story. However he still attempts to:

“His father, the king, was dead. His mother was pushed out and died of a disease. His brother who was old enough to be his father was the king. No-one was on his side. Only Park Joong Won, his tutor and scholar. After he met Park Joong Won, strange things happened around him. His nephew who was the heir to the throne died and so did officials who had conspired against him. Even his brother, the king, died. Everyone died of a hereditary disease, but the child found out later that they were all poisoned”

gong yoo warrior .png

The drama skips to the olden times. Before the King passes away, he asks Kim Shin a favour- to make the young King to marry Kim Sun and Kim Shin must protect the young King. Kim Shin tearfully accepts the late King’s order.

sad gong yoo goblin.png

The drama skips to the day of the ceremony, where Yeo becomes the King of Goryeo. The evils scholar declares that he cannot become king because they must have a wife, therefore he will raise the king himself and place the world at the feet of the King and the under his feet.

evil scholar goryeo goblin.png

One of the scholar comes in and informs the king his wedding date; it was decided by the late king. The King confirms whether the girl is Kim Shin’s sister. The chancellor insists he must wed Kim Sun as she comes from a good background; her brother is a pure soldier.

The evil scholar steps in and says the king should not marry the sister of a warrior. The evil scholar says the late King should have saved his last breath. The chancellor argues back and defends Kim Shin, he was the late King’s friend and comrade, he was highly regarded.

Kim Sun is learning manners at her back garden, she suddenly makes a mistake and causes the bowl to fall on the floor. The king was watching her all along, Kim Sun notices him and smiles.

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Kim Shin returns home and notices the King is watching his sister. Few days later, he is escorting his sister to the royal palace. Kim Sun opens her window and notices her brother, she instantly beams but sulks few seconds later. She exclaims she didn’t see him the whole morning and thought she had to be wedded before saying goodbye. Kim Shin answers they should have kept it this way because he does not want to see her ugly face. Kim Sun asks Kim Shin what does the King look like, Kim Shin tells her off for caring about the looks more than personality. He reassures her nonetheless that the king is handsome. Kim Sun is happy to hear and asks if she is pretty, Kim Shin looks at her and says she is ugly.

Kim Sun is upset and says the king will not be happy to see her because she is ugly. Kim Shin comforts her; the king has already visited her. Kim Sun realises the boy whom visited her during her practice was the King.

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She asks for the king’s thoughts on her, Kim Shin says he thought she was ugly. She asks if her brother can visit his ‘ugly sister’ often while looking upset. Kim Shin says his responsibility is to wander from war to war and has no time for her.

Kim Sun is upset by his words but tries to keep her tears in, she reassures him to not worry about her because she will be happy. Neither of them say anything throughout the whole trip.

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Kim Sun warns the evil scholar to not blind the king, the evil scholar insists the king simply ignored everything and closed his eyes. The evil scholar says he is the one who made the king who he is and she should warn herself as she is only the sister of a lowly swordsman. The evil scholar further stirs Kim Sun’s emotions, Kim Shin was sent to the battlefield to die but instead he won it and is returning.

The evil scholar shakes with anger, he declares the citizens have been saying there is 2 king in a land, this is considered conspiracy.

evil scholar sunnny kim sun goblin.png

The King notifies Kim Shin to die during the battlefield and he will acknowledge him in his royal decree. Kim Shin feels betrayed and angered but agrees as his family is in Goryeo. The evil scholar listens from outside.

Kim Sun pleads the King to not look down on her brother and allow him to protect him as he is not just a warrior but he is also a chancellor. She also requests him to keep the evil scholar away from himself, the king angrily disagrees with her requests and asks if her worthlessness turned into greed.

The King:

“Did your brother say you are the only hope of your worthless family? It is the king that protects the people. How can a person protect the king? Do you even realise what you are asking of me? Your brother came back alive from a hopeless war. He is becoming the almighty to the people. I told him to not return, but he continues to laugh at my incompetency. How do I know if your brother will take that sword to protect me or kill me?”

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Back to present time, Kim Shin says it was the last time he saw his sister and the path to the king was so far away. He knew he would not reach the king but tried to and consequently many people around him to suffer. Kim Shin knew if he came back, he would have died. Grim reaper asks why did he still insisted. Kim Shin says he overlooked the fear and jealousy the King had, he also couldn’t forget the promise he made with the late King, moreover he had to defend his country and most importantly his sister wanted to protect the King more than anybody.

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Grim Reaper asks if he has seen the green ring before. Kim Shin makes a joke and says he does not want any relationship with Grim Reaper. He tells him to not joke and intensely think whether he has seen the ring before. Kim Shin asks if he really thinks he is his sister, but requests him to put the ring on to see what will happen.

Grim Reaper panics as Kim Shin approaches him, Kim Shin suddenly becomes gentle and address him as “Sun” and asks if she is being loved right now.

disgusted grim reaper kim shin goblin.png

Eun Tak interrupt their quality time together and says she needs to go out for a second, Kim Shin asks where she is going and they have to go together because they’re considered as one now.

Grim Reaper sees his escape route and eagerly urges Kim Shin to leave because he wants to be alone. Kim Shin says his sister liked being by herself too and tries to touch Grim Reaper’s face but restrains himself.

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They are heading to paju to visit the ghost that requested Eun Tak to give her some flowers. Eun Tak suddenly compliments Kim Shin on everything but he does not take it as a compliment because it’s too exaggerated. He questions if he has done something wrong. She says no. He asks if she has done something wrong and she says no. Check out their couple outfit haha.

Kim Shin is curious why she is suddenly so nice, Eun Tak says she is comforting him. He asks her why did she say he is her type and which part of him she likes, Eun Tak answers he is beautiful and strange, they happily smile at each other.

kim shin eun tak couple outfit.png

They are at the cemetery but Eun Tak notices a photo of her mum with the ghost she befriended. She is beyond shocked and asks him to link a door to the school. She runs to find the ghost and asks about the photo. She asks if she was friends with her mum, the ghosts says she stuck around Eun Tak because she was her friend’s daughter.

The ghost explains that once they made a promise they would give each other’s child clothes but she is unable to keep the promise but she managed to protect her money. She tells Eun Tak to open the locker and inside are the bankbooks that her auntie eagerly searched for.

Eun Tak asks if this was the reason she refused to leave the world, the ghost says she was wandering around but became interested in Eun Tak’s life. She tells Eun Tak she is leaving now so she can tell her mum how much of a good child Eun Tak is. Eun Tak tearfully says bye and wishes her to continue being friends with her mum in heaven.

female ghost goblin eun tak.png

Grim Reaper leaves to meet Sunny and says bye to Kim Shin. The eagle-eyed Kim Shin notices his outfit and thinks back to the scene he foresaw- where Sunny said to not contact her ever again.

Kim Shin asks if Grim Reaper can change his jacket, Grim Reaper asks if it looks weird but Kim Shin says he wonders if his advice can change his fate. Out of care, he tells Grim Reaper to wear comfortable shoes because it will be a long way home.

kim shin grim reaper bromance goblin.png

Sunny waves to Grim Reaper happily while watching him avoid people like a crab, she jokes that he made it to see her before she aged. Sunny suggest they go somewhere else but Grim Reaper asks if they can hold hands. Sunny is surprised and says she wants to hold his hand too but needs to know whose hand she is holding first. She says he hasn’t replied her question from before- who exactly is he.

He does not reply and Sunny asks if it was too much to ask, he apologises. Sunny suggest they break up and not see each other again as this it too difficult to maintain.

sunny grim reaper break up goblin.png

Kim Shin eagerly waits in his room with his jacket and scarf on. He goes to Eun Tak’s room and hesitates to knock, he walks away but goes back and forth. He hears footsteps and disappears immediately and back into his bed.

Eun Tak knocks on his door and he pretends to be sleeping. Eun Tak tells him to listen to the clock and when it hits midnight happily tells him that she is one year older now and officially an adult. Kim Shin brushes it off and asks why she is wearing her jacket, Eun Tak says she has plans because she is an adult now, also she is planning to go outside. Kim Shin angrily scoffs at her and asks what plan involves being so late. Eun Tak says her plan was with him, he jumps up immediately and explains he is ready to go.

eun tak goblin kim shin.png

Kim Shin approaches Eun Tak and happily asks what she wants to do, he is willing to do anything she wants, implying something more erm adult-like activity. Eun Tak happily requests to go drink alcohol and slaps his bum. Kim Shin is disappointed as it’s not what he was expecting.

They are at a nearby food stall and Eun Tak chugs down the soju claiming it’s sweet. The gangster that Kim Shin previously crippled approaches him with his gang and declares to kill Kim Shin today. Kim Shin says he asked them to come here so they can entertain Eun Tak.

kim shin goblin gang.png

Kim Shin requests them to fight outside and teleports, the gangsters starts to panic and says he is strange. Kim Shin is holding a mop like a boss and requests an old school fight, he warns them that it will hurt but they should endure it. The fight ends easily with Kim Shin’s victory. Eun Tak simply watches from inside and enjoys the show.

Eun Tak cheers Kim Shin so they can start their romantic night again. Eun Tak says it is romantic because they have food, alcohol, a cruel fight but something is missing- their first kiss. She tells him to not move while heading over to him with her seat.

kim shin panics eun tak kiss goblin.png

She plops down besides him and slowly approaches to kiss him but he stops time. He breathes out in relief but Eun Tak calls him a meanie. He is shocked because she can still move despite his powers. She tells him it won’t work because she is the goblin’s bride so he cannot avoid her kiss. Kim Shin says he wasn’t trying to avoid it, it was hard enough avoiding it the first time. He leans in to kiss Eun Tak.

eun tak kim shin kiss goblin.png

Eun Tak is cooking breakfast and is approached by Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. She says it is the New Years and she is grateful for them in many ways so she is going to make rice cake soup. Eun Tak says it’s almost like yesterday when they walked through the fog like models, she said they were so cool. She tells them to wait for a while because she will finish cooking soon, suddenly she turns around and says they don’t have green onions.

Grim Reaper and Kim Shin both goes out to buy green onion, and does a model walk… with bags of green onion. However their model walk is interrupted by a rude motorcyclist who curses them for blocking the way. They misunderstood the man’s curse and thinks he is blessing them a good year.

green onion leek walk kim shin goblin grim reaper.png

Eun Tak and Kim Shin happily wishes each other a happy new year but their mood is interrupted by Grim Reaper, he announces his break up with Sunny. Grim Reaper depressingly states Sunny asked him for his real identity, Eun Tak suggest him to answer he is an angel because Grim Reapers and angels are pretty similar. Kim Shin gently taps Grim Reapers arm and tries to cheer him up by stating it is growing pain, he is only 300 years old. LOL WHAT. Grim Reaper grabs his hand and holds it but cannot see Kim Shin’s past. Kim Shin screams in agony claiming he needs to cut his hand off because it has been contaminated. Eun Tak holds his hand and blows on it, Kim Shin becomes immediately quiet and says he feels better now.

kim shin grim reaper  hands.png

Kim Shin drags Grim Reaper out and claims he never had a sweet potato before. Grim Reaper depressingly corrects him, it’s more like the first time he pretended to have never tried a sweet potato. Kim Shin signals Eun Tak and approaches them. Sunny is shocked to see Grim Reaper, likewise he is shocked too.

Kim Shin and Eun Tak continues to play matchmakers, Eun Tak awkwardly laughs and signals Kim Shin to do something about them. He comments their outfit is like egg yolk and egg white, together they are a fried egg. Everyone stays quiet. Kim Shin says they are like a beansprout, one is the body and the other is the head. He winks at Grim Reaper and says he knows how much he likes beansprouts, thinking he has helped them a lot.

gong yoo wink goblin.png

Even after not paying for the sweet potato and ruining the meeting of Sunny and Grim Reaper, Kim Shin eats the sweet potato in his room and thinks about the future Eun Tak and their time together in Canada where she had approached a stall and complimented on one of the necklaces.

Kim Shin says she did buy it in the end to meet that mysterious man, he scoffs at the idea with his signature “ha!”. Kim Shin says he will be the one that buys the necklace for her and exits his room.

kim shin ha! goblin.png

Kim Shin returns after purchasing the necklace. Chairman Yu is here and requests a game of go with Kim Shin because he has been feeling lonely recently. Kim Shin says he taught him how to play but now he keeps losing to Chairman Yu. Chairman Yu says he wins because he bets his life on it. Suddenly Kim Shin drops the piece he is holding and senses something strange, realising that Chairman Yu will pass away soon.

Kim Shin sits by the stairs and tells Grim Reaper that he will receive a card with Chairman Yu’s name on it. Kim Shin expresses that sometimes knowing the future is not beneficial. Grim Reaper suggests Kim Shin telling Duk Hwa so he does not regret anything but Kim Shin says everything will becomes regrettable once death is here.

kim shin grim reaper chairman yu death.png

Kim Shin tells Grim Reaper that Chaiman Yu asked about him and how he is doing. Grim Reaper bitterly replies that he must know he broke up with Sunny. Kim Shin says he is happy he broke up with Sunny because every time he sees her, he will be annoyed as she does not deserve the same name as his sister.

Grim Reaper warns him to stop talking bad about Sunny because he saw her past and he thinks she is the reincarnation of his sister. Her face in the past has the same face as Kim Shin’s sister. Kim Shin does not believe it and Grim Reaper tries to prove it by describing Kim Sun’s life.

She wore a white robe and took an arrow to her heart, she collapsed and died. Kim Shin is shocked and denies the possibility as he told him those stories, nonetheless he still demands to hear more. Grim Reaper says she was escorted to the royal palace and smiled at someone asking if she was pretty. Grim Reaper continues his story but is interrupted by Kim Shin as he knows what the voice answered her sister, Kim Shin says:

“You look ugly”

kim sun goblin grim reaper .png


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Well, of course I did, cause I watched the spoilers haha. But seriously, if I didn’t the storyline is so good, it slowly lead to this and everything becomes clear. Grim Reaper is the King. Sunny is the Queen. Kim Shin is Kim Shin. Grim Reaper killed Kim Shin. Hmm… what is going to happen next, no more bromance? more superpower fights? I don’t know. There is only so much spoilers can tell me. 

I don’t think anyone is shocked at this though, cause we all knew Kim Shin would find his sister but imagine it was actually Grim Reaper, wouldn’t it make the story even more funny and Sunny is the King! They should have done it like that, it would be so so so funny. Cause I mean Kim Shin already dislikes Sunny, what difference does it make to discover she is the King, but noo… she is his sister, he will treat her like a delicate flower now. Boo. 

But honestly, there is something about Goblin that makes me go hmmm…. it’s the lack of interaction Kim Shin and Eun Tak have? They do have a bond and many cute scenes, don’t get me wrong but like they lack this connection? Like she knows nothing about him, he doesn’t tell her anything. She only discovered his past through eavesdropping like it’s kinda disappointing. Like he always tries to show the best side of him to her and she knows nothing about him. Also, Eun Tak wants to know why Kim Shin is so interested in Sunny’s life but he does not even tell her, he simply brushes off. JUST TALK GUYS! THIS IS WHY YOU GUYS ARGUE OVER LITTLE STUFF. Okay, your arguments are cute but so many of them can be prevented if you guys calmly just talk.