Goblin: The Lonely and Great god ep 9 summary


Grim Reaper tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin will return to ashes once she pulls the sword out, he will leave the work. Grim Reaper comfort her, he declares he has always been on her side but Kim Shin asked him to not tell her.

Eun Tak continues to cry whilst she pack, she tries to gather herself together but her sadness is too much. She sadly declares this was not her home either. She looks at Mr. Buckwheat and says they need to leave.

mr buckwheat eun tak goblin .png

Samshin exits the library and sees Duk Hwa walking along the streets, she turns around and asks if he wants to have a drink with her. Duk Hwa asks if she is buying because he does not have a credit card anymore.

Kim Shin is walking around the bookstore aimlessly, he thinks back to Eun Tak and his plead- after 100 years he wants to tell her she was his first love.

Eun Tak wanders across the street, she thinks back to the words Kim Shin said during the first attempt of pulling the sword out. Suddenly, rain falls from the sky. Eun Tak sobs under the pouring cold rain.

Grim Reaper voices over:

“That day, the missing soul walked in someone’s tears for a long time. She wanted death to be as far as it can be from the goblin”

eun tak goblin rain.png

Kim Shin returns home and frantically looks for Eun Tak, he panics declaring she isn’t picking up her phone. He says all her belonging is gone, including Mr Buckwheat. Grim Reaper tries to say something but Kim Shin state of panic disables his ability to hear.

He exits the house but return seconds after, he leaves again and returns, so on and so forth. He goes to all the location he went with Eun Tak, including Canada. Also all the location she has summoned him too.

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Kim Shin demands Grim Reaper to tell where Eun Tak’s workplace is at. Grim Reaper hands him over his coupon, Kim Shin asks if he carries it around with him. Grim Reaper replies he knew Kim Shin will ask him sooner or later so carries it around.

Grim Reaper finally confess, he is the one who told her the truth behind the sword. Kim Shin is annoyed and shouts at Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper says he is siding with Eun Tak because he does not want Kim Shin to die. Grim Reaper explains he will be bored if Kim Shin dies. Kim Shin can only look at him in shock and says he can’t even be angry with him now.

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Kim Shin is at the chicken restaurant and looks at the vacancy advertisement, he walks away and sees Sunny. He sees a glimpse of Sunny’s future- she tells Grim Reaper to not contact her anymore. They walk past each other and then pauses, they look back the same time.

Sunny asks why he was looking at her store, she wonders if he is looking for a part-time job. Kim Shin says he is looking for the part-timer that works there. Sunny glances up and down on his outfit, she bluntly says his whole outfit worths 25,000 dollars. She wonders what business he has with her part-timer that only earns 6.30 dollars an hour. She angrily asks if he was the one who made Eun Tak cry, Sunny does not stop and asks if he is the idiot who works for the country and gives Eun-Tak a hard time.

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Sunny is fuming with anger and asks if he was the one who made Eun Tak quit her job. Kim Shin does not answer any of her questions and stares at Sunny, he is too upset to be arguing. She asks if he is married. Kim Shin replies that he is yet to be wedded but he does have a bride (how does that work), he tells her to think of him as a wedded man. He says he is not the only one in a complicated relationship and leaves.

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Kim Shin is sitting on the sofa, distraught and unsure how to find Eun Tak. He tells Grim Reaper to submit the documents for missing souls and to put Eun Tak’s name so they know the day she will die. Grim Reaper is shocked and claims Kim Shin is praying for her to die. Kim Shin says they need to know how and when she will die, so one of them can save Eun Tak. Grim Reaper says he has no intention of making Eun Tak die so they do no need to submit the document for missing soul. Kim Shin says they are the Goblin and Grim Reaper, how can they struggle to save one girl.

Grim Reapers hesitates to submit the document but agrees in the end, he asks Kim Shin one more question before submitting. He says something bad might happen to Eun Tak while they submit the document. Kim Shin reassures him to proceed as he can feel Eun Tak’s presence if she is in danger. He sadly adds it will only work if she looks for him before her death.

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The class president goes to Eun Tak’s old house to deliver her exam results, however she is angrily greeted by the new resident. Kim Shin appears behind her and asks what business she has with Eun Tak. She explains she is here to deliver the results because Eun Tak has not been in school recently. Kim Shin snatches the paper and walks away but turns around and asks the meaning of the results. The class president says her results is very good and she can get into any college in Seoul.

Kim Shin says he is proud of her and walks away, he goes back home and continues to stare at the piece of paper.

grim reaper results eun tak.png

Grim Reaper being the housewife he is, sits in front of the TV and folds the towels. Suddenly a headline appears on the TV which captures his attention. There are thick fogs covering the bodies of the skyscrapers and only the top of skyscraper is clear. Another news appears- the moon is bright red.

Kim Shin stands at the top of a building and looks around the scenery. He thinks back to Samshin’s words and his reply:

“If I make that choice, you will have to prepare an excuse for yourself”

kim shin goblin searches for eun tak.png

Grim Reaper confronts Kim Shin for causing trouble at their workplace. Kim Shin ignited the lists of name which caused the man that was on it to survive. Grim Reaper says he shouldn’t meddle with human’s life just because his fate with Eun Tak is twisted. Kim Shin says that he wants deity to see his act or even better; he hopes Eun Tak can see it. Kim Shin continues to space out.

Duk Hwa confronts Kim Shin for his extravagant behaviour to find Eun Tak, he declares he is scared NASA will take Kim Shin away. Duk Hwa asks what Kim Shin will gift him if he manages to find Eun Tak. Kim Shin scoffs at his cockiness because if he struggles himself, there is no way Duk Hwa can.

duk ha goblin sungjae.png

The drama shows a snowy mountain, it is a skiing resort. A white butterfly is seen monitoring the mountain, it lands on top of a wooden house. Eun Tak is inside the house, she runs back and forth to serve the customers.

She takes a rest and looks at her phone, she sees the news about the fog and the red moon but does not contact Kim Shin. She places the phone back in her pocket.

eun tak missing goblin.png

Eun Tak is strolling across the snowy mountain and thinks back to the conversation she had with Kim Shin and how he lied he about become pretty if she removes the sword. Eun Tak heads back to the lodge but notices Kim Shin standing there. He slowly approaches, until he is close enough, he tells her to go home. Eun Tak says she does not have a home, people wanted her for different reasons- money or to kill himself. Eun Tak says she knows the real reason why he kept her, so he can die.

Kim Shin defends himself, he says he missed the chance to tell her and he is glad he did because he wants to continue not telling her. But he is selfish because the sword has blood of thousands. He begs her to remove the sword.

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Eun Tak harshly declines, she does not want to remove the sword and asks him to not look for her anymore. She suggests they pretend to never know each other from today onwards so he can live forever.

Eun Tak:

“Don’t ever show yourself up again. If I see you again, I will really kill you”

Eun Tak walks away from Kim Shin, she goes back to her work. Kim Shin watches her work and does not say anything, he also make sure he stands from a distance.

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Eun Tak is crossing the bridge and Kim Shin silently follows her from a distance, he does not say anything but just follows Eun Tak. They are in the forest and Eun Tak finally realises the footsteps behind her, she stops and looks back but no one. Eun Tak looks back in front of her and sees Kim Shin, he approaches her and gives her the results of her exam. He tells her well done.

Eun Tak angrily snatches it from him and asks if this is an excuse, Kim Shin says he is happy to have an excuse so he can see her. Eun Tak tries to keep her happiness from showing and asks many questions but her final statement breaks her heart more than anybody’s- she will really kill him if he showed up again.

snow mountain heartbreak eun tak kim shin.png

She angrily demands him to come over and she will remove the sword instantly, Kim Shin walks over to her and positions her arm to the hilt of his sword. Eun Tak pleads him to not do it and tries to pull her arm back, Kim Shin refuses to let go and asks her to pull the sword out. He finally lets go after seeing Eun Tak’s tears and her struggle to break free.

Eun Tak says it all began when he decided at the hotel, she finally understands what he means by “I love you” at the hotel. She tearfully asks if he does love her or ever did. This bit is really heartbreaking guys. Prepare a tissue. Warning. Warning. 

kim shin confession sad love story goblin.png

Kim Shin:

“I’m afraid. I am so afraid. That’s why I want you to keep saying you need me. I want you to ask me to do even that. I want some sort of an excuse that will double as your permission. With that excuse I wish I could go on living. With you”

eun tak kim shin snow.png

Eun Tak brings in a snowboard and says one of the customer wants their board to be waxed. Her colleague tells Eun Tak, the other colleague who knows how to do it will be back soon. Eun Tak sits on the seat and warms up her hand. Suddenly, a board falls from the shelf, causing other boards to fall, then the shelves, everything starts tumbling over and hits Eun Tak. She falls onto the floor unconscious.

eun tak faints snow goblin.png

Kim Shin is in his room, he sits on his chair and deep into thoughts. Grim Reaper storms into room and asks if he met Eun Tak. Kim Shin says he did but she refuses to come back with him. Grim Reaper tells Kim Shin he got a name card with Eun Tak’s name on it, and it has never arrived so quickly before. Grim reaper implies it’s almost like someone wants Eun Tak to die. Kim Shin says it is probably himself because if he dies, Eun Tak can survive. If she dies, he can survive. He says this is the real punishment, his eternal life is not.

Grim Reaper snaps at him, he tells Kim Shin to wake up. Even if it’s what the deity wants, it is not what he wants or what Kim Shin wants. Grim Reaper hurries Kim Shin, he tells him that Eun Tak has one hour left until she dies and the cause of death is hypothermia.

lee dong wook goblin .png

Kim Shin calls Eun Tak but no answer, he goes into he building to look for her, no idea where she is. He searches the whole ski village and thinks back to what Samshin said.

Although unconscious, Eun Tak thinks about Kim Shin and the interactions they had together. A single tear escape her eye while thinking she needs him and she loves him. Suddenly the light next to Kim Shin bursts, he senses something. He rushes to Eun Tak and covers her with his jacket and carries her bridal style.

eun tak kim shin goblin ski rescue.png

Eun Tak regains consciousness and sees many doctors surrounding her. The unconsciousness is due to the minor concussion and she nearly died from hypothermia but thanks to quick discovery she is now safe. She looks around and notices the hospital room, she asks for the hospital bill. The doctors reassure her to not worry about the hospital bill but they are curious what relationship she has with the chairman. Eun Tak is unsure how to answer.

The doctor tells her to take some more rest before leaving, Eun Tak interrupts him, she asks whether any of them have a match or a lighter.

eun tak awake hospital goblin.png

Eun Tak has left the hospital and is on a ski cable car, she takes out a match and blows on it. However she looks around and does not see Kim Shin anywhere, Eun Tak starts to panic wondering where he is. Until she sees a familiar figure at the end of the cable rail, Kim Shin is waiting for her at the stop.

Once the cable car has stopped, the door automatically opens. Kim Shin reaches out his hand but Eun Tak does not take his hand and hits his arm. She tearfully says she thought he will not appear again. Kim Shin defends himself and says he came here early so he can help her get out. Eun Tak angrily storms away telling him to forget it if he does not appear when she requests.

goblin eun tak kim shin cable car mountain.png

Eun Tak is standing outside and Kim Shin approaches her, he hugs her from behind. Both of them don’t say anything. Kim Shin suddenly says “me too”. Eun Tak is confused and asks what he means by that. Kim Shin says to forget it if she does not remember. He is referring to her confession when she was unconscious. 

Eun Tak says she has something to tell him, she turns around and says:

“Now, I can’t see anything on you. You’re just a tall man wearing expensive clothes with really pretty eyes. That’s all I can see. So I won’t be able to pull the sword out now. I won’t do it even if you smile. You’re already pretty to me” 

goblin kim shin eun tak pretty broom confession.png

Sunny is at the fortune teller again, she describes Grim Reaper to the fortune teller. The fortune teller starts predicting and asks if Sunny told him her name, the fortune teller declares the mysterious man is a Grim Reaper. The fortune teller shouts at her for not listening to her warning about men in black. Sunny does not believe her and lectures her back, claiming she should have at least made a better story.

Sunny gives her money nonetheless but before she leaves she describes Kim Shin:

“He’s really tall and looks older than me. His face kind of looks like a dinosaur. Listening to his voice makes me feel like I’m inside the world’s smallest cafe”

yo in ha sunny YG.png

The fortune teller answers “Gong Yoo”, Sunny scoffs at her and leaves. However the fortune teller stops her and asks if she was given something shiny, Sunny is shocked and asks how does she know. The fortune teller warns her to throw it away because she does not know what is inside the ring, for example it can be filled with the original owner’s hatred etc.

fortune teller goblin .png

Eun Tak refuses to go home because there is higher salary during the Christmas season, she tells Kim Shin she will return when it is February as the snow has melted by then. Kim Shin calls Chairman Yu immediately and tells him to use his connection to fire someone (Eun Tak), if he does not, he will melt all the snow on the mountain.

Eun Tak and Kim Shin ‘miraculously’ returns, Grim Reaper waits for them by the door. Eun Tak apologises for making him worry, Grim Reaper says he only worried a little compared to Kim Shin. Grim Reaper says he has something to say to Kim Shin, however Eun Tak senses something wrong, she steps in and asks where Grim Reaper is going to take her Kim Shin. Kim Shin automatically smiles and thinks to himself “she called me hers”. Grim Reaper shouts at him as he can hear his thoughts, Eun Tak is confused. Before Grim Reaper leaves, he tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin was happy she called him “hers”. This scene is really funny. 

cringey gobln cheesy kim shin.png

Grim Reaper forces Kim Shin to fill out the statement of reason, but Kim Shin is not being helpful at all, he says lots of unnecessary questions and statements. Kim Shin compliments Sunny’s prettiness, Grim Reaper stops writing and warns him to not say anything weird. He tricks Grim Reaper in believing he told Sunny his real identity as a Grim Reaper.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a human walks into their office asking for a restroom. They freak out and declares he is not dead. Kim Shin quickly points at the restroom and states that humans’ desperation can make anything happen. Grim Reaper panics as he does not know how to record this incident, Kim Shin tries to sneak away but is stopped by Grim Reaper.

kim shin grim reaper goblin bromance.png

Sunny interviews the candidates for her part-time job and none of them meet her requirements. She becomes annoyed, however Eun Tak enters her store. She introduces herself like the first time she met Sunny. Sunny says the same thing she asked Eun Tak in their first meeting. During their conversation, both of them tries to hold back their tears.

Eun Tak asks why did Sunny move restaurant, Sunny says thats how business works, you either shut it or expand it. Sunny is more intrigued at Eun Tak’s ability to find her. Eun Tak simply says she has her own way of finding out (asking the ghosts).

sunny and eun tak goblin.png

Eun Tak nervously waits for her university’s acceptance, she opens her laptop and discovers she has been offered a place on “Mass communication studies”. Eun Tak is over the moon and hugs Mr Buckwheat, she happily says she will print off the tuition fee form.

Kim Shin grabs Eun Tak’s perfume and sprays around himself. Eun Tak waits outside his room and thinks back to the phone call- Kim Shin already paid for her tuition fee.  She knocks and he pretends he is reading.

kim shin pretending to read.png

Eun Tak asks if he paid for her tuition fee, Kim Shin pretends to be shocked and says he asked the staff to not expose his name. Eun Tak says the admission team specifically stated he request to be named. Kim Shin tries to cover it up and says they kept asking for his name, Eun Tak corrects him and says they kept asking for the student’s name.

Out of embarrassment he quickly changes the topic, he picks up the bag and asks whether this is good enough as a congratulatory gift.  Eun Tak happily accepts it and opens the bag to only discover the 5000 dollars to be missing.

shocked eun tak 5000 dollars.png

Kim Shin tells her he is only lending her the money and she needs to pay it back. Eun Tak is shocked at the sudden loan contract, she asks how can a person’s heart change so quickly. Kim Shin corrects her, she is the only human in the house. Kim Shin says she needs to pay him 5 dollars and 20 cents each month for the next 80 years. He warns her to not miss a month. Eun Tak is confused at the duration of the contract and Kim Shin adds she is not allowed to pay him back any earlier.

Eun Tak finally understands what he is implying, Kim Shin asks if she is unhappy with the contract and Eun Tak plays along, she will agree if it’s what he wants. Eun Tak says she has made up her mind too, Kim Shin is confused. She winks and exclaims “date”. He winks back in agreement.

date kim shin eun tak goblin .png

Chairman Yu is deciding what to give Eun Tak, he asked secretary Kim to make a list of stuff that a young girl would like. He reads out “BTS” but is confused who they are, Secretary Kim starts dancing and singing. Chairman Yu reads out “EXO” and is confused, secretary Kim starts preforming “Growl”. Chairman Yu decides on gift number 3 which is a digital camera, secretary Kim hesitates to impersonate a camera.

Duk hwa plays with Eun Tak’s camera and takes many selfies with it. Eun Tak comes out and sees the camera, Duk Hwa informs her the camera is hers, his grandpa gave it to her. He is envious of Eun Tak because the only thing he received from his grandpa is a building (hahaha what). Those two starts fighting over the camera, Kim Shin and Grim Reaper watches them from a distance like grandpas and says kids do make the place more lively.

lee dong wook gong yoo.png

Kim Shin asks if there are any more list of registration for Eun Tak, Grim Reaper says there hasn’t been any since last time. Grim Reaper wonders what Kim Shin is going to do from now on. Kim Shin brings up the story of the random man coming into grim reaper’s workplace demanding for a restroom. Kim Shin says desperation can open many doors and hope theirs can open something and become a variable to deity’s plan.

Kim Shin:

“What door must I open to change deity’s plan? It might take 100 years, it might take 10 months, but for now I decided to stay by her side. And then, I might open a door”

Grim Reaper makes a joke out of statement, he hopes the door he opens will not link to his own room.

wallpaper kim shin dong wook gong yoo.png

Duk Hwa comes in and takes a photo of Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. Eun Tak jumps in and sits between Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. Naturally, a person would move if a couple takes a photo together but Grim Reaper refuses to budge as he sat there first. Kim Shin simply sits there happily and does not say anything.

Grim Reaper says he will only move if Eun Tak answers her questions, he wants to know how to treat Sunny properly.

grim reaper kim shin goblin eun tak collage wallpaper.png

He practises on Eun Tak’s advice but fails to even keep her away from the car and make her walk inside of the pavement. She tells him that he is acting really awkward and tells him to say something. Out of the blue, he declares he has no religion, Sunny is surprised at his declaration and thinks back to her question. Grim Reaper smiles expecting a praise however Sunny does not praise him. He asks if she finds him cute, Sunny bluntly says she does not and asks why did he not see her during Christmas.

lee dong wook sulking sunny goblin.png

Kim Shin walks Eun Tak to her work, she tells him to go back because she will be fine by herself. Kim Shin states she only said that because they have arrived now. Eun Tak notices Grim Reaper and says most of their sales are from Grim Reaper. She implies Kim Shin is cheap, Kim Shin scoffs and brags he can buy the whole store if he wanted.

Eun Tak laughs at him and says he is scared of chicken blood, Kim Shin defends himself, claiming he is not scared but prefers to stay away from it. A thought suddenly goes to Eun Tak’s mind, she asks if he told her to work at a chicken restaurant because he does not like going near chicken. Kim Shin stays quiet and says it was ages ago, Eun Tak is offended by the truth and tells him to stay away from her and she will live in the restaurant for the next 1000 years.

Eun Tak calls him a coward and Kim Shin is offended because no one ever called him a coward before. He declares everyone in the olden day would cheer when they see him, he does a funny imitation of their cheers. Eun Tak stares blankly at him and Kim Shin says he will go in and demonstrate how brave he is.

kim shin eun tak chicken restaurant.png

Kim Shin and Sunny gives each other nasty looks, showing their displeasure. Sunny ‘whispers’ to Eun Tak but actually shouting instead so Kim Shin can hear her badmouthing about him. Kim Shin does the same but instead of dissing Sunny, he ends up dissing Grim Reaper. He imitates Grim Reaper’s rehearsal speech before answering Sunny’s call.

kim siblings kim shin sunny kim sun.png

Sunny rudely states that she is shocked to see Grim Reaper being friends with Kim Shin, she tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin came looking for her in the old store. Eun Tak is worried and asks if Kim Shin said anything strange, which he answers he never said anything. Sunny agrees and says she hasn’t sussed him out yet, she quickly asks how old he is. Kim Shin tells her it is rude to ask. Both of them start arguing. Eun Tak asks Kim Shin and Grim Reaper to leave but both refuses to leave.

Grim Reaper is doing his work and orders more beer. He addresses Sunny as “Kim Sun”. She is shocked because in her memory she never told him her real name but Grim Reaper forgotten he has erased her memory. Kim Shin is shocked at Sunny’s real name.

goblin sunny kim shin .png

Sunny demands to see Grim Reaper and wants to have a chat with him outside. She asks why does he know her real name because she never told him his real name. He quickly lies and says she misheard him, he said “Kim Sunny”. He tries to get her jacket but she grabs onto his hand because she is not done talking.

Suddenly scenes of Sunny’s past life appears, she is Kim Shin’s sister. He sees the king giving the green ring to Kim Sun and moments before her death. Dun dun dun. 

green ring lee dong wook yo in ha goblin.png


I think I am addicted to Gong Yoo like I have never seen any of his dramas (don’t judge) but I love his acting so much, it is so natural and his smile is to die for. I really love his cute interactions with Eun Tak, they actually have a real couple aura.

Also, isn’t his confession like the most romantic but heartbreaking one ever, like he tells her that he likes her in such an indirect way, you have to analyse everything and link it to understand. Or, maybe I am just slow. He previously told Eun Tak that he loves her, I thought he said that to persuade her to pull the sword out but it was to give him a reason/ excuse to be with her. If she wanted him to love her, he will have to stay by her side and that is his reason for existence. But if Eun Tak says she does not need him to love her then it automatically means he is not needed and he can have the sword removed, despite he knows he wants to be with Eun Tak. Basically indirectly, he is seeking for other’s approval in his existence, well most importantly he seeks Eun Tak’s.

But now we are all good, she likes him back and she told him that she cannot see the sword and will love him regardless. They way she said it was adorable, she told him it was not necessary for him to become ‘prettier’. 

How he searched for her using his powers was just epic, it was like a sci-fi scene hahaha. I don’t really get how that would help him to find her other than to get her attention, but like she left for a reason, obviously knowing how much it will upset you. She did it, so these displays of emotion won’t work. But good try.