Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 8 summary


Eun Tak fainted from the shock, Kim Shin lays her on her bed and puts the duvet over her. He sits by her side and seems concern. Eun Tak regains consciousness and asks immediately whether he is okay, Kim Shin says he is the one who should ask her.

Eun Tak gets up and seems energetic again, he apologises for hurting her. Eun Tak reassures him it is fine because he never knew it would do that much impact. Eun Tak makes a joke out of the situation and says she never knew he can actually fly.

kim shin eun tak bed.png

Eun Tak brags she is able to move the sword so she is definitely the goblin’s bride. Kim Shin can only stare at her while looking hurt. He mutters “thats good”. Eun Tak says their bond is destiny, she smiles at him.

kim shin eun tak hurt.png

Duk Hwa is clutching the scroll as he need to ensure he hands it over to his uncle or he will not get allowance from his grandad. He scrolls through his phone and something caught his attention. Coincidentally, Kim Shin walks down the stairs, he shows the news to Kim Shin- Kim Shin causing damage to cars. Kim Shin calmly asks why Duk Hwa isn’t doing anything about it and walks away.

Poor Duk Hwa has to finally use his brain, he contacts his grandpa but he does not believe him. He calls a worker at the cooperation but the employee does not listen to him as well.

duk hwa goblin yook sungjae.png

Duk Hwa goes to Grim Reaper’s room and asks him to help him as his uncle lacks social skills and ruined the society. Grim Reaper lifts his duvet like he is rising from the dead and with a husky voice asks where they are going.

Secretary Kim is giving the employees orders on deleting the accident from the news, social media etc.

secretary kim goblin.png

Duk Hwa does the manual work, he goes to the scene and lines up people that were involved with the accident. People who have their car damaged will line up on his side and people who witnessed the scene will go to Grim Reaper.

He hypnotises one after another, telling them the car was tumbled over due to strong wind and they did not see anything today . Duk Hwa on the other hand gives out large amount of cash to the victims.

duk hwa grim reaper .png

Duk Hwa lectures Kim Shin, he tells him off for having a couple argument that is able to damage 30 cars from it. Kim Shin half-heartedly says thanks. Grim Reaper says he is too depressed to even fight with him right now. Grim Reaper insists he is more depressed than him. They start arguing about who’s more depressed, both storms back to their room. Leaving Duk Hwa by himself, he picks up the medication and takes a tablet too.

trio bromance.png

Eun Tak thinks back to her flying across the street and Kim Shin saving her. She goes and hug the goblin doll that is sleeping next to her. She tells him they do not have to leave anymore because she is definitely the goblin’s bride.

Eun Tak tries to apply pain patch medication onto her back and hears something drops on the floor. She goes out and discovers Kim Shin on the floor. Grim Reaper is next to him sweeping the broken glass like nothing happened, he tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin is on his medication and should let him sleep on the floor.

Eun Tak croutches down and asks if he is in pain, Kim Shin does not reply. She lights many candles next to Kim Shin to keep him warm throughout the night, she looks at the match and is about to blow but remembers it will wake Kim Shin up and decides to shake her hand to extinguish the fire.

eun tak kim shin candles.png

Eun Tak covers him with a blanket and gives him a pillow too, she checks whether he has a fever but his temperature seems fine. She lays next to him and watches him sleep. She whispers that he is an adult, he shouldn’t sleep everywhere. Kim Shin is actually awake, he says that he is sick. Eun Tak asks if he is awake and he says that he smelled her medication and woke up. Eun Tak strokes his head and tells him to get well soon.

eun tak goblin kim shin candles .png

Kim Shin opens his eyes and says she does not know where it actually hurts. Eun Tak asks him where does it hurt and he says that his first love hurt him really badly. Eun Tak is jealous and her face changes, she states his first love must be really pretty because he mentioned her in his diary. Kim Shin says she is pretty, she is pretty everyday. Eun Tak hits him to sleep and tells him to get better soon.

Kim Shin asks if Eun Tak can stay, Eun Tak bitterly declares she doesn’t want to stay for someone who is still obsessed with his first love. Kim Shin says she is only pretty if you look closely.

kim shin first love goblin.png

Eun Tak is forced to buy a sandwich for Duk Hwa as he will help her translate Kim Shin’s diary entry. She hands over the diary and asks if he can really understand it, Duk Hwa brags that every heir should know at least 1000 characters when they’re 3 years old.

Duk Hwa reads the entry intensely and his facial expression changes. He tells Eun Tak it’s a love letter, a sad confession letter. He starts translating it and reads it to Eun Tak. Eun Tak angrily snatches it off and says she does not want to hear it.

duk hwa love letter chinese character.png

Duk Hwa tells Kim Shin about Grim Raper crying when he saw the scroll. Kim Shin is confused and asks whether Duk Hwa knows. Kim Shin confronts Grim Reaper why he cried and Grim Reaper answers he does not know why cried either. He says he was so touched that he started crying. Grim Reaper asks who the woman is, Kim Shin answers it’s none of his business. Grim Reaper says she looks familiar.

Kim Shin tells him the portrait is his sister and asks if he has seen his sister before. Grim Reaper answers she might have been one of his deceased souls but unsure because there has been so many. Kim Shin asks if she has been reincarnated but Grim Reaper insists that he does not know, and only felt like his heart was breaking.

scroll potrait queen sunny goblin grim reaper.png

Kim Shin goes to knock on a man’s door, he opens it up and Kim Shin burns the rope that is dangling from the ceiling. Kim Shin gives a sandwich to the man and says he will need it. At the same time his daughter returns, she exclaims happily to see her father. She tells her dad she is hungry and he gives her the sandwich. Eun Tak witnesses the whole scene and praises Kim Shin for being cool.

Kim Shin explains to Eun Tak that sometimes a person’s guardian angel is their own family.

kim shin guardian angel .png

Eun Tak asks whether he knows why she is able to touch the sword this time. Kim Shin thinks back to what Grim Reaper said before- something powerful to lift the curse, like pure love.

He expectedly turns to Eun Tak and asks if she has something to say to him, Eun Tak bluntly says she does not. Kim Shin insists she must have something to say and waits. Eun Tak says she does after thinking for a while, he happily exclaims that he knew she had something to say with a told-you-so attitude. He tells her to say it because he will not judge.

kim shin goblin eun tak declaring love.png

Eun Tak hesitates to say despite Kim Shin leaning forward to hear, his expectation is completely ruined. She states she is aware he is rich but asks if he has to stay at home. Kim Shin asks if that is the thing she wanted to tell him. He has only worked once in his whole life and that was when he was served the king. Kim Shin defends himself and says he has other jobs too, although none of them were successful as he is a bad salesman.

kim shin jobs goblin.png

Eun Tak disses him and says he is lacking hence unable to continue the job, she adds that he is lacking in brain cells. She does the final jab and bets that his first love never told him that. Kim Shin jabs back at her and asks if she is jealous. Her exaggerated expression and constant blabbing gives off that she is completely jealous. Kim Shin simply watches her reaction and smirks. She bitterly informs Kim Shin to give up on his first love as they never work. Eun Tak walks away and Kim Shin watches her leave.

Kim Shin:

“Who says first love don’t work out? I don’t like that”

kim shin goblin first love.png

Eun Tak goes to the library and her friend calls her over, she notices Eun Tak’s birth mark has faded over the year and seems concern. She walks past the mirror and notices her friend’s reflection, her body is covered with blood. Eun Tak does not say anything.

Eun Tak tells her other ghosts goes to her and asks her for help but she does not ask her. Her friend asks if Eun Tak can visit her, she is in paju, Eun Tak should bring her some flowers. Eun Tak asks how did she die, her friend tells her that she got into a car accident on the day of her graduation.

eun tak gobli friend ghost.png

Eun Tak is spacing out and thinks about her friend’s reflection, she wonder what happened to her friend. She hears a customer coming in and sees Grim Reaper. She asks why did he have to come into this chicken restaurant, Grim Reaper is equally surprised and says she could have worked at other fast food places. Eun Tak defends herself and says that Kim Shin placed her to work at this restaurant.

Eun Tak asks his real reason for coming here, Grim Reaper states the obvious that he is here to buy chicken. Eun Tak insists that he should not lie because he is a vegetarian.

eun tak chicken grim reaper.png

Eun Tak notices Tae hee and his team members across the road, she goes and look at them from the window. Grim Reaper also looks with her and asks if they were supposed to meet but he has interrupted this chance. He evilly smiles at her, she places his hat on top his head to turn him invisible. She tells him to sit quietly at the corner and she will give him an extra drumstick.

Eun Tak is all smiles and quickly changes her tone after seeing Tae Hee.

grim reaper eun tak tae hee chicken.png

Grim Reaper returns home and brings a bag of chicken for Kim Shin for the next few days. He uses a different starting speech too. He even lays it out for Kim Shin. Eun Tak comes into the dining table and says she wants to speak to Grim Reaper for a second.

She confronts his real reason for going to their store, she declares that he would not come into the store so often for herself and asks if he is there to see Sunny. He admits it and says as long as she stays quiet, nothing bad will happen. Eun Tak threatens him as well; he should be the one who stay quiet and not tell Kim Shin about Tae Hee going to the restaurant. She tells him that Tae Hee came in and was smiling at her, he also bought 2 more chickens on his way out.

grim reaper eun tak .png

Kim Shin barges in and interrupts their conversation, he asks whether the things she said is true. Grim Reaper is also confused and asks why he needs to keep Tae Hee buying chickens a secret, Grim Reaper asks if she gave him coupons. Kim Shin interrupt again and demands to know how many times Tae Hee visited her. Grim Reaper ignore Kim Shin and uses 5 visits as an example to know what coupons he will get.

Kim Shin says Tae hee’s talent is all thanks to him. Eun Tak corrects Kim Shin, she tells him that he is successful because he was her first love. She sums it up for Kim Shin that the human will is strong, for example she is able to touch his sword. She walks away while declaring she will not make him pretty.

jealous kim shin tae hee visiting eun tak.png

Kim Shin is annoyed and asks Grim Reaper for the process of unnatural death. He says that he just wants to know the basic and will help him to get a chicken coupon. Grim Reaper asks why he should help him, especially he knows a quicker way to get a chicken coupon. He also leaves, Kim Shin is by himself and is fuming.

Tae Hee walks out out to his living room and discovers a piano. The piano that Kim Shin previously made to disappear is back. Tae Hee is confused why is had appeared again.

tae hee piano .png

Eun Tak is heading towards her interview and Kim Shin is waiting for her by the bus stop. He asks if she has forgotten something, she realises that she does not have her scarf with her. He wraps the scarf around her neck and tells her to not be nervous. He offers to go to the interview with her and she tells him not to.

He asks if she is still angry at him, she tells him that she intended to but cannot after the scarf. He states that she was jealous, Eun Tak admits it and angrily asks if he was happy that she was jealous. Kim Shin says he was happy for the whole day.

eun tak red scarf goblin .png

The bus is here, Eun Tak gets on the bus and waves to him. Suddenly the thief that Kim Shin once met before cycles past him. Kim Shin sees his future- he will accidentally falls from his bike as he tries to avoid a stall and gets hit by a car, causing more and more collisions. The bus that Eun Tak is on will also be hit, the whole bus collapses and every passenger is in grave danger.

Kim Shin looks back at Eun Tak’s bus and notices the passenger that he has foreseen are the same as the one in front of him. Eun Tak happily waves bye to him and Kim Shin is confused, he questions why did he not see Eun Tak in the scene he just foreseen.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 16.41.37.png

The Grim Reapers are on standby at the bus stop. There are even more people than normal because they are expecting a serious car accident. Kim Shin starts running and heads through doors to door to the place that causes the accident. He goes to the stall owner and tells him to close his stall as he will buy all his socks. He sees the thief and kicks his bike to make him fall.

The thief recognises Kim Shin and become hostile. Kim Shin levitates the bike and snatches back the purse. He approaches the thief and bluntly announce the purses contains little money but his act caused the death of many people.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 16.48.27.png

Kim Shin continues to tell the thief what he has forecast and says he does not like to help people like him but has no choice. He will take it as a side effect from meddling with human’s life. He uses his power to twists the thief’s hand.

The bus Eun Tak is on goes pass them. Grim Reaper tells his colleague to be on standby because the accident will occur soon. Eun Tak waves to Grim Reaper, he waves back happily. The other grim reapers are shocked to witness Eun Tak’s ability to see them.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 16.56.08.png

Something hits Grim Reaper, he asks his colleagues who is responsible for Eun Tak. They notice she is an extra and isn’t supposed to be on the list. Grim Reaper declares there will be no accident today, the bus starts going again. Grim Reaper looks across the road and sees Kim Shin, Kim Shin stares back at him.

All the Grim Reapers are panicking and says they haven’t seen such a thing happened in their 300 years of being a Grim Reaper. They declare that miracles do happen.

Kim Shin appears behind them and says he needs to talk to Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook). 

bromance kim shin eun tak.png

Kim Shin angrily confronts Grim Reaper why he never told him that Eun Tak is on the list (she isn’t though). Grim Reaper does not explain himself that he only just found out she is on the bus too, he warns Kim Shin to not meddle with humans’ lives because it was his work place.

Kim Shin says the accident today was strange because he foreseen it before, but Eun Tak was not in it. He says he also saw a scene of her in the future. Grim Reaper says the scene he saw was not her destiny but she was the variable to the accident today because Kim Shin saved her.

future goblin kim shin dong wook.png

Grim Reaper is annoyed and says thanks to missing soul (Eun Tak) having a goblin as her boyfriend, he has to work overtime. Kim Shin asks if he wants chicken. Hahaha. 

Grim Reaper asks if he has ever considered turning back ashes. Kim Shin stares at him and does not say anything. Grim Reaper quickly takes it back and says he is joking. Kim Shin asks if Grim Reaper knows what it means to return back to ashes, will he become dust, wind or rain.

Grim Reaper says he shouldn’t have to think because Eun Tak cannot even touch the sword, Kim Shin tells him Eun Tak touched the tilt and he nearly killed her by accident. Kim Shin admits he’s in so much pain, Grim Reaper asks if he is ever going tell her the truth. Kim Shin says he wants to keep it a secret for more 80 years.

Grim Reaper catches on and states that this is the humans’ lifespan. Kim Shin says he wants to keep it a secret from her but how could he.

kim shin goblin sad.png

Kim shin comes to pick Eun Tak up after her interview. She is really happy to see him and asks if he is here for her. Kim Shin lies and says he felt stuffy and wanted to leave the house. She places her bag at the back and notices a black bag of socks. Kim Shin says the bag symbolises the people he saved today. Eun Tak asks if he going to start selling socks to support her. He asks if she wants to help him, Eun Tak says she will because she is so free after her interviews.

Eun Tak declares she will take better care of him from now on, what she means by that is to build arm muscle so she can pull the sword in one go. She thinks her lack of arm muscle is the problem. Kim Shin tells her to not overdo it. He notices a butterfly and asks Eun Tak to leave for a while because he needs to speak to someone.

He starts shouting at the butterfly and Eun Tak stares at him, wondering if he is crazy.

kim shin goblin butterfly.png

He sees Eun Tak and walks up to her, suddenly saying:

“I really don’t like this. Having to like you… I couldn’t be more foolish”

Eun Tak is confused and asks him to clarify what he means, he tells her to ignore it if she missed it. She tells him that she heard everything. He says “good” then leaves.

kim shin confession.png

Sunny is still at work and counts how many people have walked past. Grim Reaper approaches the window and signals his phone, she quickly runs to check her phone and notices 10 missed call. Sunny shouts at him, declaring it is not her fault because he never calls her.

Grim Reapers walks her home, she says he must have something important to say as he never calls her that many times. Grim Reaper says he does not have a religion. She thinks back to their past conversation- she asked whether he has an religion. She is curious if he called her just to say that. He says yes because he previously told her he would call her if he found the answer to her question.

grim reaper sunny yo in ha lee dong wook.png

She asks if any other woman has called him cute, he says he does not have other any women around him. Sunny stops him there and says he shouldn’t go looking for a woman just incase he takes her word too seriously. She tells him that he is perfect as he is now.

Sunny says that she will tell him something and he must tell her the truth as well. Sunny says her real name is “Kim Sun” and her family is very poor but they still paid someone to give her a good name. She says that she suits Sunny more because it is more cheerful. “Kim Sun” sounds like a sad story that happened in the past.

grim reaper kim sun.png

The drama skips to the olden days, where the king presented Kim Shin a sword. He tells him to go as far as he wants and tells him to not return. Kim Shin says he did as he ordered but his family is in Goryeo. The king says to notify him when he is dead, Kim Shin is shocked and hurt from the king’s words.

As Kim Shin is writing something down on a piece of paper, Grim Reaper’s heart is hurting, he clutches it and struggles to breathe. Sunny tries to touch him but Grim Reaper snatches his hands back. He tells Sunny to look into his eyes, hypnotise her to forget seeing him today and go home.

king sword kim shin goblin.png

Duk Hwa’s grandpa gives order to Duk Hwa, he must serve Kim Shin from today onwards. Duk Hwa s curious who Kim Shin writes the lantern for. Duk Hwa’s grandpa says he writes it for the people whom he owns a debt to.

Duk Hwa asks whether his grandpa knows about a sword stuck in Kim Shin’s chest. The grandpa tells him to not mention it to Kim Shin, he must pretend he does not know.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 17.49.36.png

Kim Shin releases the paper lantern and watches it fly away. He voices over:

“You are my life. You are my death. And I like you. Thus, I keep this secret and ask above for permission. May you not know for one more day. May you not know for 100 years more”

He sees Eun Tak walking outside the bookstore and after she is out of sight, he tries to walk out but the book shelves starts closing on him. Samshin appears behind the bookshelf.

She asks if he knows her because she has to speak to him. Kim Shin tells her to get straight to the point because he does not feel like talking to a deity right now.

sam shin book shelf.png

Eun Tak asks Grim Reaper about Kim Shin’s strange behaviour, she asks what happens exactly when she removes the sword. Eun Tak explains that he keeps saying has to go somewhere once she has removed it. She asks where is he going. Grim Reaper does not speak.

The drama skips back to Kim Shin and Samshin, she tells him to remove the sword quickly. She explains that he has lived long enough but Eun Tak hasn’t. Samshin urges him to make a decision because she wants him to be happy too. She informs him to choose the option that will makes him happy- Eun Tak to survive. Samshin states if he does not return to ashes, Eun Tak will die.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 18.00.54.png

The drama skips back to Eun Tak and Grim Reaper. She hesitates but confirms what Grim Reaper told her, she asks if he will die if she removes his sword. Grim Reaper can only look at her. Eun Tak starts crying and double checks the statement. She asks again and again. If he will die, if he will disappear from the world.

sword eun tak goblin sad.png

Samshin says Eun Tak was born to remove that sword, she corrects herself. She said that Kim Shin decided her fate the day he saved her. Samshin insists if she does not remove the sword there is no reason for her existence. If she fails to remove the sword, she will continue to face death.

Eun Tak has faced death many times already but now it will be even more frequent and severe. She uses it as an example, Kim Shin nearly killed Eun Tak too. Kim Shin is lost for words.

Kim Shin voices over:

“One day after 100 years. When the weather is good enough. I hope I’ll be able to tell her she was my first love. I ask above for permission”

goblin kim shin cry.png


*sobs* why do they have to end the episode like that, it is so sad. I cannot even deal with this anymore. Their fate is so torn, omen is looming upon them wherever they go. I do not think I can continue this drama anymore.

Samshin has left Kim Shin with no choice, she has pretty much said if he does not die, Eun Tak will die. But if Eun Tak does not die, he will die. OH MY LIFE. Does someone has to die or something. To make it worst, Eun Tak knows the truth behind the sword, if she removes it, Kim Shin will die. Will she remove it then?

Let’s end this on a happier note, Kim Shin saving Eun Tak was pretty epic though, like how he predicted it and stuff. Was so cool. They seriously wrote the story so well and everyone’s acting is so natural. Although, this episode is hella sad but I think it is my favourite episode so far.

P.s. I am so ill right now, I hope you guys don’t have the flu too.