Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 7 summary

Kim Shin is beyond shocked, Eun Tak refuses to open her eyes and tells him to understand. She is too ashamed to face him. Kim Shin angrily asks if she is crazy, Eun Tak snaps back at him because it was her first kiss and she wasted it on him.

She offers to kiss him again but he tells her to stay away from him. Eun Tak suggests the kiss might not have worked because there was no true love. She suggests they loving each other for real than her losing the bag.

Kim shin and eun taks kiss.png

Grim Reaper informs Duk Hwa that his uncle will not be coming back, Duk Hwa bursts out crying and throws his card on the table, he declares that he does not need the card if his uncle is not here. Aww.

However out of nowhere, the door opens. Kim Shin and Eun Tak comes returns. Kim Shin and Duk Hwa’s hugs each other, Kim Shin asks if he can have his card back. Duk Hwa’s tears instantly dries up and insists Kim Shin to not look back and continue his journey. Grim Reaper agrees on Duk Hwa’s suggestion whilst clutching the house’s deed.

Kim shin and duk hwas hug.png

Eun Tak tries to sneak away but Grim Reaper shouts at her. Kim Shin tells her to return the bag, money and perfume. Eun Tak tries to sweet talk Kim Shin, she pleads him with a single statement- “I love you”.

However Kim Shin is not buying it. Grim Reaper learns quickly, he pushes Duk Hwa aside and says the exact same thing as Eun Tak, he also declares his love for Kim Shin. Kim Shin is disgusted at his comment and tells him to shut up.

i love you kim shin grim reaper.pngKim Shin is as usual spot again, he thinks back to seeing Eun Tak in the future and how she is unable to pull the sword out. He questions whether the oracle has changed. Despite that, he is happy to return.

Grim Reaper gestures Eun Tak to tell him the full story and why she was unable to pull the sword out. As requested, Eun Tak tells him the whole story. Grim Reaper thinks about whether he should tell Eun Tak the truth behind the sword so Kim Shin can die from anger. Eun Tak asks why does he look so serious, he brushes off his thoughts and tells her that he was figuring out why she was unable to touch the sword.

Eun tak grim reaper.png

Kim Shin throws many side comments during breakfast to force Eun Tak to wash the dishes. Even during her washing up, he makes comments about needing laundry washed. He follows her to hang up the laundry and makes comments about the house being dirty. However Eun Tak is not going to let him off, whilst she is thrusting the water out from the towel she aims it at Kim Shin.

He asks if she is unhappy about something while fully knowing why. Eun Tak confronts him that he should not jump to the conclusion that she is not the goblin’s bride because he will regret it.

She brings up what he said before- every moment with her shined. Kim Shin simply says it shines even now. Eun Tak is confused and asks why he is giving her a hard time. Kim Shin answers they are 2 completely different matters.

kim shin eun tak laundry.png

She suggests they don’t have to be in a husband/wife relationship but can be boyfriend and girlfriend instead. Kim Shin quickly rejects her idea. She asks if they can be acquaintances, he says no. Then she offers a lodger/landlord relationship, he finally agrees and tells her to pay him monthly.

eun tak goblin.png

Eun Tak complains to Grim Reaper, she questions why she cannot see the sword. Grim Reaper suggest they could be lacking ‘true love’. Eun Tak sighs and says she has tried that too.

Out of nowhere, Kim Shin overhears her conversation and drops the bottle of water he is holding.  He asks if she openly tells people whom she kissed. Eun Tak defends herself and says she was not the one who said it but he did. They start arguing about the ownership of the kiss and them storms off. Grim Reaper is shocked they kissed and he cannot even obtain a business card.

eun tak kim shin kiss.png

Grim Reaper bursts into Kim Shin’s room and declares he is glad that Kim Shin is back but asks whether he should kick Eun Tak out the house. Grim Reaper is acting like those jealous girlfriend, he says they should kick Eun Tak out and live happily like did before she appeared. Kim Shin questions whom was he living with as he never remembered it being happy. Kim Shin insists he cannot kick Eun Tak out because she knows their real identity. Grim Reaper suggest they give her 5000 dollars to shut her up, Kim Shin says he has been watching too much drama and giving money won’t work because they will continue coming back asking for more.

Grim Reaper senses Kim Shin’s happiness and States Kim Shin secretly wants Eun Tak to stay. Kim Shin tries to persuade him he wants Eun Tak to be gone more than anyone. Grim Reaper suggests to end Eun Tak’s life since he is good friends with Kim Shin. Kim Shin shouts at him and says he cannot kill Eun Tak because he signed a contract with Eun Tak. Grim Reaper angrily storms away and asks whether he didn’t meant it when he gave him the deed for the house.

kim shin grim reaper.png

Kim Shin is sitting at his usual spot and stares at the contract that Eun Tak gave him. He smiles at her statements, especially the one that he will be summoned by her every first snowfall. I had to google what it means, and apparently if you watch the first snowfall with someone, you will fall in love with each other. Correct me if I am wrong.

goblin snow.png

Eun Tak is studying at the dining table instead of her own room, Kim Shin asks if she is protesting. Eun Tak tells him off, he should not wrong her because she is very grumpy from studying. Suddenly, she changes her tone, she asks if he knows the answer for her upcoming exam. Kim Shin says he does and tells her to do her practice question. Eun Tak happily agrees thinking it’s a tip.

Kim Shin brings up snowfall and Eun Tak interrupts his speech, she tells him to forget about the kiss. He continues to talk about snowfall and she interrupts him again to tell him to forget about being her first kiss. Kim Shin wanted to ask if she would like to watch the first snowfall with him. She tells him to not bring it up again after her embarrassing act.

kim shin first snowfall.png

On the day of Eun Tak’s exam, he prepares a meal for her instead of giving her the answers. He teases her he will tell her the answers now. Eun Tak becomes more grumpy and stomps, declaring she does not need his answers and will pass without it. Kim Shin is impressed with her attitude and strokes her head. They both awkwardly looks at each other, the bus even passes them but both are unaware.

eun tak kim shin head pat.png

Kim Shin asks if it will be less awkward if he pats her shoulder and she asks if it’s okay to look at his watch to make it less awkward. She notices the time and panics, she is 30 minutes late. Kim Shin tells her to not worry because her boyfriend is a goblin, she shouts at him because he said he isn’t her boyfriend. Kim Shin says he was lying and asks her to follow him.

Kim Shin grabs Eun Tak’s arm and runs to the nearest door, where he uses his power and link it to the school’s door. Even when she has gone through the door, he waves and wishes her good luck.

kim shin eun tak exam.pngAfter Eun Tak finishes her exam, she notices other students have their family waiting for them and cheering them on. She clutches onto her scarf and thinks about her mum.

Eun Tak returns home and sees a cake, Grim Reaper says it was his idea, Kim Shin bought it and Duk Hwa got it. Aww. Eun Tak is touched and starts to cry, they are confused with her tears. Eun Tak explains she is happy hence her tears.

eun tak cake.png

She makes a wish- to watch a movie with Kim Shin and have popcorns alongside it. Kim Shin smiles to himself at her wish. She blows out the candles and Kim Shin appears behind her. Grim Reaper and Duk Hwa are confused, Kim Shin explains that it’s something that happens and brushes it off. He tells Eun Tak they should go now, he will grant her wish. She will meet him in 10 seconds after she drops off her bag. Duk Hwa looks expectedly, Kim Shin ignores him and tells him to also go, but only to his room.

kim shin wish promise cake.png

Grim Reaper drags Duk Hwa to his room to ask him about business cards. Duk Hwa is startled by his sudden question and answers he has a business card because he is the corporates heir. Grim Reaper asks whether Duk Hwa has a company under his name.

Grim Reaper watches Sunny leave work, he follows her from behind without her noticing. A drunk man approaches Sunny, Sunny lies that her boyfriend is waiting for her and she tries to step away. However the drunk man refuses to let her go. Grim Reaper uses his power to send the drunk man flying into a bush. She runs up to him and asks if he just flied. Sunny is beyond startled and runs away.

sunny grim reaper.png

Eun Tak and Grim Reaper are at the arcade before going to the cinema. He plays the claw machine and asks what Eun Tak wants, she says she wants a lighter which gathers passerbys’ attention. After several attempts, Kim Shin is unable to get the lighter. Eun Tak leaves and disses his ability; there is no point making gold if he can’t even get a lighter.

kim shin eun tak ahjussi claw machine.png

Kim Shin tells Eun Tak if she gets scared, she should tell him. Eun Tak reassures him she has lived 19 years of horror. Once the movie starts, Kim Shin frantically moves causing the popcorn he is holding to fall onto the floor. Eun Tak tries to restrain him throughout the movie. Kim Shin looks down at the floor and notices the popcorn resemblance to snow, he comments that it’s the first snowfall in the cinema. For those that are interested, they are watching “Train to Busan” starring Gong Yoo.

kim shin eun tak cinema trip to busan.png

They are at Subway and Eun Tak says he should order only for himself because he must be hungry from all the screaming he did during the movie. Kim Shin really does only order one portion. Eun Tak stares at him as he eats and tries to talk normally but gets distracted by the subway. Kim Shin rubs it in her face that the sandwich is nice.

Eun Tak asks why did he gave those gifts before he gets his sword pulled out, she implies they were always like farewell gifts.

Eun tak secret.png

Kim Shin says he told her before that once his bride appears, he needs to leave. Eun Tak questions whether he is going to Europe or Canada. However Kim Shin can only say he does not want to go but once the bride appears he has no choice.

Eun Tak misunderstood his statement, she asks whether he will leave with his real bride. Kim Shin asks if he will let him go, Eun Tak says she won’t so it is better if he just leaves without telling her.

Eun Tak:

“You can go when I’m not around so I don’t find out”

eun tak kim shin real bride.png

Duk Hwa drops Eun Tak to school, during their drive to school he asks if his uncle treated her to eat. Eun Tak bitterly says no and Duk Hwa is surprised because he says his uncle gets soft from just looking at girls group. Duk Hwa adds that his attitude changed after he met Eun Tak, he is always angry and concludes that she is not his type. Eun Tak is even more annoyed and says once she gets into college, she will become prettier.

Kim Shin waits for Eun Tak after her exam and is holding a bouquet too. Eun Tak is watching people play baseball and a ball is heading towards her direction. A mysterious man catches the ball before it hits her head, she looks up and recognises the face. She meets her childhood friend- Tae Hee again.

eun tak tae hee.png

They both exclaim happily to see each other again, he compliments her for getting prettier and taller now. He rubs her hair and Eun Tak looks down shyly. However, a certain someone is feeling the opposite. Kim Shin throws the bouquet on the floor and laughs in anger. He looks at their direction again and thinks to the future; Eun Tak greeted a mysterious man happily. As he is deducting whether Tae Hee is the guy in the future, the weather quickly changes. The clouds become grey and a bolt of lightning appears.

kim shin jealousy.png
He lays on his bed and refuses to eat. Duk Hwa tells him to eat but he just answers Tae Hee was touching her hair and he almost snapped his wrist. He describes Eun Tak was twisting her body. He continues to sigh and says incoherent things. He hears Eun Tak’s voice and jumps up instantly.

goblin jealous.png

Eun Tak goes to wash her hair and thinks back to meeting Tae Hee, she smiles whilst drying her hair.

The drama skips to a scene where young Eun Tak is watching the young Tae Hee playing baseball. She is holding a flower petal in her hand while watching Tae Hee but is startled by the random man dropping his bat against the fence. She angrily looks at the man, who seems to be enjoying baseball too much.

goblin ahjussi baseball tae hee.png

Eun Tak goes to the freezer to eat the ice cream, she places the ice cream onto the table. However Kim Shin uses his power to grab the ice cream cake away and the speaker on the table as well (basically everything that is on the table).

She sits next to Kim Shin and asks if he is going to eat ice cream, he bitterly informs her he is not sharing anything because he paid for it. She picks up the ice lolly on the cake but he tells her to put it down. He tells her it was raining hence he’s craving ice cream. Eun Tak tries to hold in her anger and tricks him to use the speaker to take photos, he snatches it away from her. He believes her and says he will use the speaker to take a photo of himself eating ice cream.

kim shin ice ceam goblin.png

Eun Tak asks why did it rain, she continues to asks why he was sad. He asks her why does she even have to ask why he was upset because she should know (implying her and Tae Hee). Eun Tak does not know what he means and says it is not her fault that she cannot pull the sword out. She tells him she even tried to kiss him but it did not work, Kim Shin tells her off that she did not mean it that is why it did not work. Eun Tak defends herself and says that he is not much better because he said “I love you” with clear intention- to remove the sword.

Kim Shin says she is the weird one and Eun Tak defends herself by claiming she is still young, Kim Shin is slightly offended and says he will stay young and beautiful forever. Eun Tak says he is old and he isn’t that great in her eyes anymore because she met her first love again. She brags about Tae Hee’s good looks and praises his skills in baseball. Kim Shin raises his voice and brags about his own talent in baseball.

Before Eun Tak leaves, she tells him to ‘have fun’ taking photos using the speaker. Out of spite, her grabs the speaker and tries to take a photo but finally realise he has been fooled.

kim shin ice cream speaker .pngKim Shin confidently storms inside Tae hee’s team changing room. He demands to see Tae Hee, as Tae Hee walks out, even Kim Shin is amazed his goodlooks. Kim Shin bitterly asks why does he have to be the most good-looking here. Tae Hee asks if they have met before when he was a child.

tae hee kim shin.pngThe drama skips to the scene where Kim Shin is swinging the bat like a crazy man, the young Tae Hee challenges Kim Shin to a match. Tae Hee easily wins therefore Kim Shin has to make the piano disappear from his house as Tae hee’s mother forces him to learn piano instead of baseball.

Kim Shin pretends the person that he saw years ago wasn’t him. Tae Hee is slightly suspicious especially because Kim Shin has not aged at all.

jealous kim shin goblin.png

Eun Tak fails to steal back the agreement with Kim Shin as he catches her, she takes back the book that she lent him. She looks inside and discovers his writing “first love”. Angrily, she declares that the ‘broom’ a.k.a Kim Shin has done everything in his life.

Tae Hee calls her and she goes to meet him at a nearby ice cream shop. Kim Shin watches them from the top of the building and tries to calm himself down.

eun tak tae hee goblin kim shin jelaous.pngKim Shin returns and finds Grim Reaper panicking, he shoves his phone to Kim Shin’s face and asks Kim Shin to answer because if he does not answer, Sunny will kill Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper insists he does not have anything to say because he does not have a business card yet, Kim Shin comforts/ teases him, he says that he does have something to say, he imitates Grim Reaper’s rehearsal –“Don’t you know my voice? My voice isn’t easy to forget?”.

Grim Reaper tells him to forget it and asks where Eun Tak is, Kim Shin says she is too busy giggling in front of the ice cream shop while imitating her too.

grim reaper sunny kim shin.png

Tae Hee brings over a tray of ice cream to Eun Tak. She says it’s really cool to see him again and asks how he has been, he says that he was thinking about her now and again. Their sweet moment is interrupted by Grim Reaper, he shoves a phone to Eun Tak and asks her to pick up the call.

Tae hee gets up instantly and greets Grim Reaper as he thinks he is her father. Grim Reaper looks at him and asks him for his name. Eun Tak instantly jumps up and defends Tae Hee because she thinks that Grim Reaper can kill someone after saying their name 3 times.

grim reaper tae hee eun tak ice cream sunny call.png

Without an option, she grabs his phone and goes outside to answer it. Grim Reaper helps himself to the ice cream and even gestures Tae hee to eat ice cream despite Tae Hee was the one who bought it.

Eun Tak tells Sunny that Director Grim Reaper is busy right now and will contact her later. Sunny says she does not care what his job is but she tells her to pass on the message to meet her tomorrow at 1pm the usual spot.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 22.58.32.png


Before he leaves he asks Eun Tak for tips on what Sunny will ask tomorrow. Although Eun Tak gives him ideas on what Sunny will ask, she tells him to prepare everything just in case.

The moment he enters the café and sits down, he recites all the answers that he remembered. He adds that he misses her in the end, although Sunny angrily replies his declaration she also says she misses him. She asks why did he not reply her calls, Grim Reaper says that she wouldn’t like someone that does not have a business card therefore did not reply.

sunny grim reaper.png

Sunny asks for his hobby and interest and he replies “Sunny”. Although she is happy to hear those words she asks for other things he likes, he continues to say “Sunny”. He explains that her unpredictable acts and behaviour makes him curious. Although his behaviour is strange and weird, she tells him to stay, she will pretend she is looking at a magazine.

yo in ha lee dong wook.png

Grim Reaper goes to a staff meeting after going on a date with Sunny, she angrily lets him leave as he adamant to attend the meeting because if he does not attend he will be fined. However once he reaches the meeting, he realises that he has been pickpocket. His colleagues leaves him by turning invisible and taking away his hat too therefore Grim Reaper cannot escape.

Grim Reaper is taken to the police station where he has no choice but to be collected by Kim Shin. Kim Shin insists he does not know Grim Reaper but only agreed to bail him out after Grim Reaper promises to erase Tae hee’s memory. Kim Shin hands over his business card to prove who he is, Grim Reaper is even more shocked and annoyed because even Kim Shin has a business card.

grim reaper kim shin business card.png

Kim Shin returns home but discovers that Eun Tak is not in her room, he is annoyed and phones her right away. Grim Reaper walks past him and annoys him more by stating that Eun Tak might be out with Tae Hee. His call finally goes through, he instantly tells her that it is dangerous at night and tells her to return immediately. Eun Tak states that it is only 7pm and hangs up on him.

He approaches the ghosts and threateningly asks them the location of Eun Tak.

kim shin goblin ghosts.png

Duk Hwa goes to deliver the scroll but Kim Shin is not home. Grim Reaper states Kim Shin gave the house to him, his credit card to Duk Hwa. He suggests the scroll might be something valuable. Duk Hwa says he does not know what is inside because he never looked, they unravel the scroll together.

Grim Reaper starts to cry after seeing the drawing of the late queen.

sunnny queen king grim greaper painting.png

Eun Tak is singing at somebody’s wedding, she notices Kim Shin but continues to sing. He stares at her in admiration and wait till she finishes so he can walk her back.

He compliments her for singing well, she asks how did he know she was here, he replies that she can run but cannot hide. He asks if she quitted working at the chicken place but Eun Tak says she is taking more jobs because she wants to earn money.

Eun Tak tells Kim Shin she has a lot of thoughts during wedding, like how her mum will not be here, she won’t get congratulatory money etc. She says that she was obsessed being his bride because she thought they could become a family, it was something she thought she never could have.

eun tak goblin family.png

Kim Shin is startled by her tears and asks if she wants to make him feel bad. Eun Tak says she is the one who should feel bad, she apologises for not being able to draw the sword and says she has been meaning to apologise but they argue every time.

She tells him that she is saving up money to leave the house by taking more jobs, she asks him to be nicer to her until she leaves and also to give her 50% discount every time he is nasty to her.

Kim Shin does not say anything and goes to hug Eun Tak.

kim shin eun tak hug.png

He hugs her while saying he can’t do the 50% discount. Implying he cannot be nasty to her to make the 50% discount possible or is he joking? Eun Tak pushes him away and tries to haggle, he laughs at her joke.

Suddenly he feels the pain from the sword, he rests on the lampposts. Eun Tak runs up to him and is able to touch the sword. She starts to pull it and tells him to bear with it because she will pull it instantly.

sword eun tak kim shin.png

He pushes her away whilst she is pulling the sword, Eun Tak goes flying. Kim Shin manages to get himself together and teleports behind Eun Tak to shield her from the hit. He uses his power which ends up flipping the van over and causing a domino effect, cars after cars falls over.

Kim Shin voices over:

“So the oracle was real. The future I foreseen was real. With this girl’s help, I’ll be able to end this curse of eternity and return to ashes. A mortal’s soul can live up to 100 years. Is what I’m looking for my life as an immortal soul or your face? I think it’s your face”

eun tak kim shin save fire car sword.png



Eek Kim Shin nearly caused Eun Tak to die, tut tut. I guess it was a natural reflex though because if he allowed her to pull the sword out he will disappear and will not see Eun Tak again. It is seen slightly selfish but then again, he does not want his eternal life but simply wants to spend time with Eun Tak hence refused to have his sword pull out.

I like how Kim Shin separates the rent from his love for Eun Tak. I like how he does not over-spoil her and takes the stuff back. It is like he knows money can consume people and does not want to ruin Eun Tak. But what I like more is Grim Reaper’s behaviour hahaha, he seriously imitates whatever he sees, his confession for Kim Shin was priceless.

Kim Shin’s jealousy towards Tae Hee was the best, like how he was so jealous and childish over the ice cream cake was adorable. He wasn’t even going eat until Eun Tak returned, but only did it to annoy her, also to show his attitude.