Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 6 summary



Grim Reaper says he will walk to Incheon because he wants to act like a human. Duk Hwa tells him that he will drive him there because no human will walk from Seoul to Incheon.

Sunny’s friend asks whether she really has to go with Sunny to meet this ‘mysterious man‘, Sunny insists she must because it is important to see how a man behaves when he is with his friend.

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Eun Tak is back in her room and yet again, she is lost in thoughts. Kim Shin is the same, he is sitting on his bed and spaces out. Someone is knocking on his door but he continues to space out. After several seconds of sitting down, he gathers himself together and exits his room.

He does not say anything and walks up to Eun Tak, he tells her to pull the sword out right away. Eun Tak is confused as it is so sudden.

Kim Shin:

“I want to stop thinking that I can choose”

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Eun Tak asks what choice did he make and Kim Shin tells her to just answer his request and not ask question back. Eun Tak apologises and says that she has not done enough research on him to agree. Kim Shin questions what research does she need. Eun Tak tells him that she looked him up online and found that he has no noticeable achievements, and implies that someone had erased them.

Eun Tak continues to explain that previously Kim Shin warned her if she ever saw the sword on him, she will dislike him however she has seen it and does not hate him. She asks whether there is more to the story.

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Eun Tak finally says what she wanted to say, she brings up his words from before. Kim Shin previously stated that he was stabbed by someone unexpectedly. She asks if he was punished hence has a sword through his stomach.

Eun Tak:

“Were you a traitor or something like that?”

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Kim Shin answers her answer:

“Yes, I was. I was busy staying alive. My life was not recored in the history. I tried my best but even my death was not honoured. Nothing would have been improved by approaching the king. But I approached and with every step I took, innocent people lost their lives. My sin was not forgiven and I am now being punished. This sword is that punishment. However, even if its a punishment, isn’t 900 years enough”

Eun Tak replies that it cannot be a punishment because deities would not have given him abilities if it was a punishment. If he was a truly bad person, he would have just created a goblin, but instead the deity also created the goblin’s bride.

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Eun Tak:

“I don’t know what kind of person you were. But you are truly being love. Really. What I meant about doing something bad. I meant like loving the king’s woman and being imprisoned for it something. I am sorry for calling you a traitor” 

Kim Shin asks if he can make him prettier now, Eun Tak says she cannot because although she is sad and knows how much he yearns to be pretty. She declares that he is not trying hard enough to become pretty. Kim Shin is beyond shocked as Eun Tak says that he needs to offer something for her to remove the sword.

Eun Tak turns around to leave because she has to get ready for work, she tells him to think about what she wants and to tell her later. Kim Shin offers money, jewels and a house.

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Eun Tak asks if that’s all he is offering, and Kim Shin asks if it’s the thing he said he would do for her if she wants. Eun Tak asks if he means loving her, Kim Shin nods. Eun Tak tells him that she wants a house filled with money, jewels and love.

Kim Shin is annoyed at her suggestion and tells her to leave for her work. He plops himself down on his chair and questions how she can strike up a deal after hearing his sad story. He thinks back to the scene where he got a glimpse of her future, and asks angrily how she is able to meet someone after dies and becomes even more annoyed.

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Sunny introduces her friend to Grim Reaper and Duk Hwa. She asks what occupation Duk Hwa has and Duk Hwa takes out his business card and flaunts his title. Sunny turns to Grim Reaper and asks what job he has, however he cannot reply. He looks down and thinks. She asks if he does not have a job and he says that he cannot go into details of his job because it is private. He tells Sunny to understand and she asks for his name, he answers happily that it is “Kim Woo Bin”.

Sunny asks him for his business card and Grim Reaper says that she needs to let him know in advanced so he has time to prepare it.

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Sunny’s friend searches Duk Hwa online and found his claims are true. They both praise him and their attitude towards Duk Hwa completely changed.  Sunny compliments that it is her first time seeing a handsome, young and rich man. She introduces herself again and compliments his name for being cool.

Grim Reaper uses his power and tells Duk Hwa and her friend to leave, he then tells Sunny to forget everything that has just happened. She asks where did they go and Grim Reaper lies that both of them said they had something to do.

Grim Reaper gives the ring to Sunny, she happily accepts it back.  She asks Grim Reaper for Duk Hwa’s number and asks if he really is the heir because if he is then it means he is her landlord.

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Grim Reaper gets out his phone and Sunny looks at him with anticipation, she reaches out her hand to help him as he is struggling to unlock the phone, he flinches and drops the phone on the table. Sunny is annoyed at his response but helps him to unlock his phone.

She goes to his contact and finds a list of names, she laughs her own contact name. She asks if he knows the goblin couple and he says yes. She asks which goblin business does he know and he says the goblin that has a lot of karma. Sunny laughs at his joke, however Grim Reaper is not lying.

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Kim Shin is upset and decided to take medicine instead of alcohol. Grim Reaper joins him and says he decided on alcohol instead of medicine. Kim Shin asks whether the meeting with Sunny went well, and Grim Reaper replies that he is lacking in many things such as a business card.

Grim Reaper asks if he is manic or depressed which Kim Shin replies that he is just sick. He thinks back to all the nasty words he said to Eun Tak, he says that all the bad things are coming back to him. After living for so long, he would think he would be wiser but says he hasn’t changed. He questions whether he deserves to die. Grim Reaper quickly comments there is no life that deserves to die, Kim Shin is surprised at his comment and asks if he really means it. Grim Reaper claims there are exceptions to the rule, Kim Shin’s face quickly changed and Grim Reaper excuses himself “I thought you would laugh”.

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Kim Shin tells Grim Reaper about the story, how Eun Tak cried with him but once she has to pull the sword out, she refuses. All Grim Reaper can gather from the story is that Kim Shin cried in front of her, Kim Shin says he did because it was hard to not cry. Grim Reaper warns him that girls likes men who are blunt, ignorant and indifferent.

Kim Shin jabs back at him and asks if that’s why he cried the first time he met Sunny. Grim Reaper warns Kim Shin to decide on making Eun Tak like or hate him.  He asks if Kim Shin is sick and Kim Shin answers that he is feeling the pain from  the sword. Grim Reaper offers him a hug however Kim Shin declines it strongly, he draws out his sword.

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Sunny looks fondly at her ring and tells Eun Tak that she saw the man that she previously told her about. Sunny says that he is still as weird but when she sees his face, she forgets how weird he is.

The 3 remaining ghosts goes to find Eun Tak and asks for help, as she helped the other one before. However Eun Tak ignores them.

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Eun Tak is acting weird and praises Kim Shin, she asks if he knows the lottery number for the upcoming lottery and he asks why does she need it, she says that if she knows the number, she can draw the sword. Kim Shin quickly informs her the number. Eun Tak goes and tell the grandma ghost, she looks back and discovers Kim Shin standing behind her.

He asks Eun Tak why does the grandma ghost need to know the lottery number. Eun Tak says that she can appear in her grandchild’s dream and tell them the number. Eun Tak excuses herself and says she needs to go and study.

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Eun Tak goes to the convenience store and tries to buy a lottery ticket but the owner refuses as she is underage. The owner continues to refuse her purchase, to try and persuade him, Eun Tak informs the owner that she has the wining ticket and will split half with him. She gets kicked out and Kim Shin watches her but interrupts asking if the convenience store is the library.

Eun Tak finally admits that she wanted to buy a lottery ticket but unable to, she asks if he is happy. She asks Kim Shin whether he knows the grandma’s grandson was able to buy the lottery ticket. Kim Shin replies that he wasn’t as he does not sleep due to his work life hence unable to know the lottery number.

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Eun Tak blames Kim Shin for not making the grandson sleep, Kim Shin explains there will be no winners in this week’s lottery and the money will be carried onto next week. Kim Shin says that the grandson is kind and honest so the guardians will treat him sooner or later.

Eun Tak asks if he will help the grandson next week but he does not answer, Eun Tak  compliments him for being cool. Kim Shin asks why she is happy because she is not allowed to buy the lottery ticket, she tells him that she will turn 20 soon and will always have the chance to buy it in the future.

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Eun Tak is spacing out and Grim Reaper joins her, she asks if she is allowed to meet the deity when she dies. He asks her why, which Eun Tak replies that she wants to shout at the deity for making the goblin a lonely guardian. Eun Tak says that he is a guardian that helps people but people are unaware of that, she tells Grim Reaper that she will remove his sword because it will make him pretty and people will remember him.

Grim Reaper tells her that she is in no position to worry about others because once she pulls the sword out, she loses her value and will be kicked out. Is he worried about Eun Tak or is he worried about Kim Shin hmmm…

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Eun Tak does not deserve these extravagance from the start and the happiness is only momentarily. She exclaims that she has been happy ever since she moved in here and wants to pay them back. Eun Tak does not understand what Kim Shin mean means by turning pretty but is willing to help him.

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Grim Reaper is at work again, he’s at the crossing watching a blind man cross the road. Samshin walks pasts him and goes to the hospital, a little girl greets her, Samshin tells her to be quiet.

She is standing over a boy andd places her hand on his forehead. She says he has suffered enough and his mum is waiting for him, his heart beat starts to slow down.

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Oh my feels. Grim Reaper is serving the blind man and tells him to go through the door that he came in, afterlife is on the other side. Once the blind man opens the door, a Labrador barks, he recognises his dog’s barks and asks if it’s Happy. Grim Reaper says that his dog has been waiting for him all along. Together they head for afterlife. So sweet. 

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Grim Reaper is at the bridge and picks up a business card, he notices that one of his colleagues have a business card too. He notices the footstep and knows it is Sunny, he quickly puts on his hat to make him invisible. She curses at him and dials his number, his ringtone starts ringing. Sunny is a bit scared as she can hear his ringtone but unable to see anyone near her.

To scare Sunny away, he makes her fall down on him, she frantically looks around but no one there. She gets up and runs away at the speed of light.

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Kim Shin continues to think what Eun Tak wants, he finally has a clue as to what it is- for him to be happy while she is living in his house. He waits for her after school, he voices over:

“Life is walking up to me. Death is walking up to me. From life to death. You walk up to me tirelessly. Then I say something life this. Im not in sorrow, this is good enough. It has to be”

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Eun Tak finally notices him, she asks what he was doing and he replies that he was watching her. Eun Tak says she is touched and asks if it made any difference in how he sees her. She asks whether he can see her future when she is 20 and 30 years old. Kim Shin says he cannot see her future, he states that normally he can see whether someone’s future is bad or good, but unable for Eun Tak.

Eun Tak says it might be due to the fact that she is a missing soul and adds, she will determine her own future. She tells him to not worry and she will embrace her own fate, as a goblin’s bride.

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They walk back together, Eun Tak asks him whether there is a criteria to be someone’s guardian. Kim Shin answers there is no criteria and it depends on how he feels during that day. He says if he had to choose between an adult or a child, he would choose a child because the first person to save him from darkness was a child.

Eun Tak asks why did he helped her mum, he says that he was feeling generous because he was drunk. Moreover, she wasn’t asking him to save her own life but to save her own child (Eun Tak).

Eun Tak stops walking and says he was the person who answered her help, it feels like such a miracle and it makes her happy. She starts to cry out of gratitude.

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Kim Shin pats her head to comfort her. Eun Tak corrects him; she demonstrated how he is supposed to do it. She reaches for his head and says that he is supposed to gently strokes it. Kim Shin pauses and stares at Eun Tak.

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Eun Tak returns and sees the Christmas tree, she exclaims happily and asks if he decorated it himself with his weak fingers. He says he did and his hands needs to rest, he excuses himself.

Eun Tak stops his track and apologises for being self-centred recently, she says that it was fun to see him begging to remove the sword. She also says she was worried that he will find someone else once he has gotten prettier. She approaches him and says that she will make him pretty, she asks where does he want to become pretty. She suggest next to the Christmas tree. Kim Shin is startled and asks if she is going to do it instantly. She says yes. Kim Shin panics and excuses himself claiming he has a call.

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Kim Shin rushes to Grim Reaper’s office, and Grim Reaper asks if he is dead. Kim Shin answers that he is rehearsing.

Grim Reaper approaches him and asks if he is okay, Kim Shin states that Eun Tak said she will remove his sword. Grim Reaper asks if Eun Tak knows the truth behind removing the sword. Kim Shin says he couldn’t do it because Eun Tak seems too into him and he is worried about her. LOLOL.

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Grim Reaper cannot take his words seriously and asks whether he said it to make him laugh or angry. Kim Shin declares that he does not know the full story and gives more examples- Eun Tak says she loves him and will marry him. Kim Shin says he is so troubled because there is no reason to not like her. LOLOL what is wrong with him. 

Grim Reaper says there is, they have an age difference. Grim Reaper says when she goes to college, many handsome young men will line up for her. Kim Shin defends himself stating that he is only 900 years old. Grim Reaper corrects him, he is 939 years old. Kim Shin defends himself that he is 938 because he was born in the earlier year. They both burst out laughing and Grim Reaper corrects himself saying that he should not be laughing.

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Kim Shin:

“Should I tell her the truth? She is the only one who can end my life. she keeps making me want to live. It’s funny isn’t it?”

Grim Reaper:

“Don’t kid yourself. You were living just fine she wasn’t around”

Kim Shin:

“Was it? Why can’t I remember those day?”

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Kim Shin thinks back to all the conversations he had with Eun Tak. From the first time he met her to the recent conversations, he sadly says “don’t call me Eun Tak. Let me go”. 

The next second, Eun Tak knocks on his door however he does not answer. Eun Tak wonders if he is sick. Kim Shin rests himself against the door but does not open it.

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Eun Tak returns from school and Kim Shin completely blanks her, he does not look at her or says anything. Grim Reaper happily claims that he taught Kim Shin that method because it attracts females more.

Eun Tak helps Grim Reaper with peeling the garlic and she brings up Kim Shin. She asks if he is having a bad time  because she cannot remove his sword. Grim Reaper makes up a lie, Kim Shin is having a bad time because he does not remember his past life.

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Grim Reaper tells Eun Tak that Kim Shin is actually one year younger than what he said. Aww he actually thinks that will help Eun Tak and Kim Shin. Eun Tak can only laugh at his random statement.

Eun Tak says that she first met him when she was 9 and she met him again when she was 19. She asks how did he managed to find her at 19. Grim Reaper answers that people become the worst before turning perfect. Eun Tak is confused.

Although he does not say it aloud, he telepathically sends her a message, knowing she won’t be able to to hear it.

“You will meet a grim reaper when you are 29. Even if it’s not me. That’s the fate of a missing soul. This world requires order and 9 is closest to 10, a perfect number that symbolises the almighty. I wish you luck then as well”

Grim Reaper lies that he wanted to tell her he had a dream where he was promoted.

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Kim Shin is strolling at his usual area. Eun Tak goes to find him and confronts him, she asks if he is mad at her however he says he is not. She continues to insists he is mad.

Kim Shin:

“Who do you think you are? Who are you to keep calling me? You’re so noisy. Why do you get me flustered? Why do you get me confused? Who do you think you are? You should have removed the sword when I asked you to since that’s your worth”

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 23.18.56.png

Eun Tak is startled by his sudden harsh words and says that she wanted to remove it but he  refused to talk to her. She also thought he was waiting for the first snowfall since that was the original promise. She tells him to forget it, he has many years to live but she does not, Eun Tak suggests that she will remove it today. Kim Shin refuses and says they will do it tomorrow because the weather is nice today and he wants to take a walk with her.

Tomorrow he refuses, claiming the weather is bad and he wants to collect her from school. The day after tomorrow, he refuses again and reschedules to tomorrow.

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Kim Shin is giving his farewell to Duk Hwa’s grandpa, he thinks back to his olden times, when his loyal subordinate and his sister passed away. Kim Shin declares sadly that in his long life he has not found the people whom he’s indebted to.

He hands over the scroll to Duk Hwa’s grandpa, and asks him to look after Eun Tak after he passes away, he tells him that’s his final order. Duk Hwa’s grandpa can only sob and obey Kim Shin’s order.

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Kim Shin gives Duk Hwa his credit card before he leaves. Duk Hwa exclaims happily and is nearly in tears seeing the credit card. Kim Shin tells him Duk Hwa to live freely and to not be obsessed with money, he also tells him that the card is his award.  Duk Hwa is confused and says that he did not do anything to deserve an award. LOLOL glad you know. 

Kim Shin video calls Grim Reaper, he informs him that he left the house’s deed in his room and tells him that the house belongs to him now. He requests him to erase Eun Tak’s memory after he has passed away so she does not blame herself. However Grim Reaper being the old man he is, he holds the video call away from his face (he finally learned how to), and declares he cannot hear what Kim Shin is saying.

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Eun Tak is in deep thoughts, she thinks back to Kim Shin’s comment in the past few days. Every time Kim Shin spends time with her, he comments that it is nice. Eun Tak is confused at his behaviour. Kim Shin appears in front of her and she asks what he is doing here. He says that it is nice to look at her, she questions his niceness recently and claims it is suspicious.

She requests to see his hand, she starts to write a character on his palm. She asks what does the character mean which he answers “to hear”. 

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Eun Tak thanks him and tells him goodnight, she runs up to her room and tries to figure out his diary entry. She has managed to copy his entry and discover the meaning of all the other characters, but needs to link it all up and see what it means.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 13.54.25.png

Kim Shin goes to Eun Tak’s room to give her gifts before saying bye her. She quickly hides her copy of the diary entry. Eun Tak is very happy with the gifts. Kim Shin says the 5000 dollars is what she requested and the other items are for when she gets a boyfriend. Although he says it, Kim Shin’s face cannot help but look sad.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 13.57.33.png

He suddenly says “today”. Kim Shin wants to remove the sword today, Eun Tak agrees, still not knowing what will happen if she removes the sword. Before he exits the room to get ready, she asks whether “love” is in any of the gifts. Kim Shin bluntly responds no, Eun Tak says she was only curious and will be out with him soon.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 13.58.36.png

They are at the buckwheat field where Kim Shin seldom rests. She declares this must be a special spot for him because he wants her to remove his sword here. Kim Shin replies that this place will mark his beginning and his end.

Before Eun Tak pulls out his sword, she wrote down few things for him to agree on. She hands him over a lists of statement that he needs to agree such as “even if I become useless, you are not to say I am” and “on every first snowfall, you are to be summoned by me”. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 14.05.59.png

Kim Shin remembers the conversation he had with Grim Reaper, Kim Shin wants Eun Tak to pull the sword out before the first snowfall as he does not want to ruin her first snowfall.

Kim Shin signs it, agreeing to all her demands, he hands it back to her. Euk Tak smiles at his signature and it starts snowing.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 14.08.20.png

Kim Shin continues to stare at Eun Tak, she asks whether he made it snow which he answers that he wanted her to remember him from something. He continues to stare at her. Eun Tak reminds him that she has to remove his sword because she needs to make him pretty. She asks for his last words.

Kim Shin:

“Every moment I spent with you shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad, and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it. Also, no matter what happens, its not your fault”

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 14.12.45.png

Eun Tak asks if he is going to leave her and turn into a broom. He says that he won’t and laughs at her joke. Eun Tak gets ready to pull his sword out, although she can see it. She cannot touch the sword. Every time she tries to touch the sword, it disappears.

She tells him that she cannot touch it and tries again. Kim Shin is shocked and stares at her. Eun Tak reminds him what he previously said, whatever happens he will not blame her.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 14.14.45.png

Kim Shin is lost for words and questions whether she is the goblins bride. Eun Tak snaps at him saying she is shocked too and tells him to stand still. Kim Shin says that he wants the agreement back because he will burn it.

Eun Tak declares that she knows how to pull the sword out, she pulls Kim Shin towards her and kisses him.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.52.08.png


I nearly cried in this episode and they haven’t even properly said bye to each other. It is so sad, I don’t think I am prepared enough to deal with the later episodes. When Eun Tak discovers the truth behind the sword, I think she will refuse to take it out, cause indirectly she is causing his death.

I loved how generous Kim Shin is too, obviously he is not happy with the idea that Eun Tak will move on and have a boyfriend in the future. However he still encourages her by buying her perfume and a bag. It is like unconditional love, all his requests (except to Duk Hwa cause we all know how useful he is) before his death was to look after Eun Tak. It is so heartbreaking.

Plus he says he cannot remember the days where he was fine before meeting Eun Tak, it is like he lived aimlessly until Eun Tak changed his life. Which does make sense because his life seems endless until he found the purpose, well not purpose, but like he can see his own end. Once you know when your life will end, wouldn’t you start to treasure everything around you and to know the purpose of your life. Meeting Eun Tak truly marked his beginning of his life but also the end. THAT IS WHY IT IS SO HEARTBREAKING!

He also tries to delay his death, but he knows every second more he spends with Eun Tak will make the goodbye more difficult…