Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 5 summary


Kim Shin remains quiet which makes Eun Tak uncomfortable, she offers to walk back and he agrees. He parks at the side of the road  and Eun Tak says bye. Omg what is happening? 

He goes back home and continues to space out, he thinks back to Eun Tak skipping happily across the crossing and the day he was killed. His injury starts to hurt, Kim Shin is gasping for air.

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Eun Tak is upset and confused about Kim Shin’s behaviour, while she is listening to the radio, one of the female ghost appears and asks Eun Tak a favour- fill up her fridge because her mum will go to her house and notice the empty fridge.

Eun Tak goes to her house and starts to fill it up with drinks and food. She closes it and turns around to look at the ghosts’ room, noticing the mess she helps to cleans the room. The ghosts’ mum goes into her room and looks around, she notices the cleanness and food in her fridge and cries.

The ghost is at Grim Reaper’s office and he compliments her for living a good life, he tells her to take care for her next life.

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Sunny is waiting at the bridge again and sees Grim Reaper, she runs up to him and demands to know why he has not called her. He apologises and says he will go home and call her right away, sunny is even more annoyed and asks if he wants coffee instead of calling her.

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They are at a café and Grim Reaper simply sips his drink and looks down. Sunny snaps at him and asks if he will do this for the whole day. She demands to make general conversation and he greets her awkwardly, she then asks about her ring and whether he has a mobile. She asks whether he remembers her name and he answers “sun hee”, this makes sunny burst out laughing. He smiles at her and she asks what he is laughing at, which he answers that he cannot help but be happy when she smiles. She asks for his name but he just stares at her because he does not have a name.

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Kim Shin is heating up the egg and Grim Reaper is freezing the beer. The swap over their food and starts drinking the beer, so useful. Grim Reaper tells Kim Shin his problem, Sunny asked for his name but he is not even alive. Kim Shin simply nods and seems lost in thoughts. Kim Shin thinks back to Eun Tak’s smile and says it was the brightest, it made him think back to the day his life was taken away. He says that he must leave the world before his yearning to live increases. Before he is even more happy, he must make this decision for Eun Tak

Grim Reaper turns towards him and declares that he can hear his thoughts, Kim Shin looks over, does not even care anymore if he can hear him thinking.

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Eun tak has lit up many candles in her room, she looks like she is ready to blow on it. Until she hears the door ring, she thinks it is the hotelier or Duk Hwa but turns out to be Kim Shin. He self-invites himself to her room, Eun Tak asks if he is here because Duk Hwa told him about her mass ordering of food. She asks if Kim Shin can pay for her and she will pay him back once she has her salary. He does not say anything and ignores her, she tells him that he should pay for the drinks because he was the one who ordered it. She threatens Kim Shin that she will blow out a candle everyday and make him come here. He extinguishes all the flames and says she does not need to make wishes anymore because he will stay by her side. Aww.

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He tells her to move into his house and Eun Tak asks if he loves her, but he simply replies that he will if she needs him to. His answers are so lifeless that it is heartbreaking, he tells her that he loves her but Eun Tak is speechless and does not seem happy. She looks outside and it starts to rain.

Eun Tak asks if he really hates her for him to be that upset from saying “I love you”. She tells him that it is raining outside but it is okay because she is not in a position to be upset. Eun Tak decides to live with him. She asks again if she needs to pull the sword out and he answers yes.

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They are in the car and she asks for his name but he does not answer, she says that she isn’t curious. She adds that she is fully aware that they are simply in a housemate relationship but she deserves to know at least his name. Kim Shin ignores her.

Eun Taks says:

“Are we… I guess I cannot say ‘we’ yet”

Kim Shin replies:

“You and I started long before. Before you were born. Sometimes, I am Yu Jung Shin and sometimes I am Yu Ji Shin. Currently I am Shin Jae. But my real name is Kim Shin”

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They are at the house and Grim Reaper sees them, he tells Eun Tak that today is garbage day and Eun Tak exclaims that she discovers something new about him everyday. Grim Reaper goes to Kim Shin and questions her niceness. Kim Shin informs him that she will be living with them from today onwards. Grim Reaper flashbacks to the Kim Shin declaring that Eun Tak will take his life, he instantly goes to Eun Tak and tells her that he will be rooting for her.

However, there is a problem they do not know how to enter the hose via the normal way since they use their powers to teleport inside. They uses their power to go inside and open the door from inside. Haha whatever way you want it to work.

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Kim Shin takes Eun Tak to an empty room and gives many weird opinions on how to decorate her room. Grim Reaper also enters and gives unwanted suggestions too. Eun Tak pacifies their argument and says she does not mind what the room looks like or where she sleeps because she is not in the position to complain. Kim Shin tells her that he can sleep in his room tonight.

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Kim Shin is at Grim Reaper’s and tells him to not worry about looking after him because he will be sleeping on his bed and Grim Reaper can sleep on the coach. Grim Reaper tries to kick him out by stating there is a sofa outside. Kim Shin insists he cannot sleep there because Eun Tak will be walking around, and Grim Reaper tells him to go to a hotel but he answers that he cannot leave Eun Tak alone.

Grim Reaper walks to the door but Kim Shin appears on the other side. Grim Reaper says he will make Eun Tak sleep on the flowerbed, however Kim Shin tries to compensate by saying he will sleep on his coach. Kim Shin requests him to be nice to her. That is their argument settled, Kim Shin sleeps on his sofa and Grim Reaper will have his bed back.

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Eun Tak is in Kim Shin’s room and notices the book that she gave him and sees another book next to it, she opens it and discovers the maple leaf that she gave him. She is happy that he kept it and looks at the book, however she does not understand the writing as it’s all in Chinese characters.

It flashbacks to Kim Shin writing it:

“The war does not stop even on this foreign land. Swords and arrow allow them to steal land and food, as well as live. The Almighty here and in Goryeo are all the same. The grandson of the little child I left Goryeo with, and his grandson’s grandson, and his grandson were all buried. On a chair in the corner of a small room, I spent days and nights. My will isn’t about my last words before death. Dear Deity, my will is a request for you to give me death. I considered my life as an award but in the end, it’s a punishment. I have never forgotten anyone’s passing. That’s why I long to end this life, however the Almighty turns deaf to my cries”

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Kim Shin is in Grim Reaper’s room and asks if he has seen the deity before and whether he is seeing him right now. Grim Reaper tells him to not talk to him and says that a mere Grim Reaper does not have the power to see the deity. Kim Shin says he has and Grim Reaper instantly asks what he looks like, Kim Shin states that he is a butterfly. Kim Shin states that he cannot even resent the deity because he does not know his face. Lastly, he sadly says that the god thought too highly of him because he cannot cope with every single obstacle that the god punishes him with.

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Before Eun Tak leaves for school, she reads out a statement of plea to them. She asks them to stop using teleportation to find her, to not make it rain so much and lastly if they need her, they should call her on her mobile. They are confused whether she is looking down on them.

Duk Hwa gives them 2 mobiles and Grim Reaper gets all excited. Duk Hwa tries to explain it but Kim Shin interrupts him and tells Duk Hwa to only explain it to Grim Reaper as he does not need to know. Kim Shin acts all cocky and thinks he knows how to use a smartphone. Duk Hwa tells them to go to play store, Kim Shin puts on his jacket getting ready for the play store, Grim Reaper gets up too. Duk Hwa can only sigh.

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Grim Reaper is trying to figure out his phone by staring at it. Kim Shin calls him and Grim Reaper flinches and answers the video call, but does not place it away from his ears. Kim Shin guides him and Grim Reaper listens, he places the phone away his ears but not in the way Kim Shin wanted. Awww bless.

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Eun Tak searches Kim Shin’s previous names but only discovers little information, such as, Kim Shin was previously a general and he also served the governement. Speaking of the devil, he calls her to meet up and she praises him for knowing how to use a smartphone. He rehearses the mobile’s information and report back to her, Eun Tak is confused as to why he even bothered to remember that.

They are shopping together and Eun Tak points at a goblin’s doll and says he looks like it. Kim Shin declares that it is not him because the doll has rosy cheeks, Eun Tak explains that the doll is a goblin and he covered himself with his favourite food to disguise, she chucks it into the trolley. She takes him to different parts of the store and he simply chucks it into the trolley, not caring what she purchases.

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Grim Reaper is doing his usual paper work and thinks back to the conversation he had with Sunny, she is annoyed at him for leaving the café simply because she asked for his name. He declares that the name is very personal to him and would prefer she didn’t bring it up. He then looks at the paper that contains her number and picks up his phone. He swipes it open and awkwardly inserts her number and adds her as a contact. He names her as ‘Sunny not Sun Hee’. 

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Kim Shin hands Eun Tak over the bags and tells her to check out her new room because he has renovated it and made it liveable. Eun Tak is very happy with the new layout and asks if he did it himself. He tells her that he renovated it because he is the person who requested it, Eun Tak simply nods. Before he leaves, he tells her to be quiet because his room is downstairs.

He listens to her movement from his room and able tell that she moved the plant to the south and detects her likeness for the bed. He even notices her leaving her room. However she leaves her room to write a notice saying to not disturb her. Kim Shin smiles to himself saying he can’t concentrate.

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Eun Tak is studying hard but continuously gets disturbed by knocking sounds, however once she opens it there is a plate of food and a note asking if she has time or is bored, she should remove the sword. Kim Shin continues to send plates of food to Eun Tak. She eats the food that is offered to her but ignores the note. Grim Reaper imitates Kim Shin’s behaviour and sends her a bowl of broccoli and says if she is lonely from studying, she should remove his sword.

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Eun Tak goes to wash the plate but discovers Kim Shin waiting for her. He asks her for her dream and she answers radio PD. He then asks her why she is not pulling the sword out especially she has been eating so much food. Eun Tak informs him that she will remove the sword after her exams because she is scared that he will kick her out after he becomes ‘pretty’.

Kim Shin gives her attitude as he is not happy with her suggestion and Eun Tak declares that his true personality is coming out, she tells him that he should have given her 5000 dollars instead of making this deal. Kim Shin questions why she needs 5000 dollars especially it is such a small amount, Eun Tak answers that she has decided on this amount because she has calculated the amount she will need to survive till she is an adult and has graduated from college.

Out of nowhere, Grim Reaper appears and tells him to give her the 5000 dollars. Kim Shin is startled and stares at him because he misheard him saying “give her your love”.

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As per usual, Sunny is cursing Grim Reaper for not messaging or calling her. Eun Tak approaches sunny for some advice, she asks for sunny’s thoughts on marrying early. Sunny questions whether she likes the man, whether he likes her, also if he is nice to her. However Eun Tak answers no for all three of them, she starts to realise that marrying Kim Shin is strange.

She walks back home and continues to think about her previous question to Kim Shin- whether he loves her, he halfheartedly says “I love you”. Eun Tak declares that she does not need that kind of pity love.

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Kim Shin is at a bookstore and notices Eun Tak walking by, or was he waiting for her. He quickly teleports and sits at the living room pretending to be reading. Eun Tak sees him but ignores him, she approaches Grim Reaper and helps him with folding the towels. She throws a lot of snide comments at Kim Shin, she makes sure it is loud enough for him to hear. They start to talk abut towels and Grim Reaper hands Eun Tak her red scarf.

He approaches them with an antique painting and gives an in-depth explanation of the painting, then asks where he should hang it, but no replies.

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Grim Reaper asks whether her red scarf was the one she had when she was 9 years old and Eun Tak confirms it, she adds that her mum gave her the scarf to cover the mark on her neck. However it did not work as she can still see ghosts. Grim Reaper pities her and turns around to demand Kim Shin to give her the money. Kim Shin tells Eun Tak off for always bringing a sad story up whenever he asks something.

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Both ignores Kim Shin’s comment and continues talking, Kim Shin tells her to study or she will fail and cannot become a radio PD. Grim Reaper says compliments her for having a cool ambition and Eun Tak answers him but ignores Kim Shin. Kim Shin gets annoyed and asks why she replied Grim Reaper but not him, especially he is the one who brought up her dreams.

Eun Tak finally snaps at him and states that he has a sword for a reason and it is to punish him. He becomes offended and asks if she is a psychopath. She says that he isn’t exactly nice and kind, he defends himself and says he did it for her sake. Eun Tak angrily claims he is a bad guardian because he will not fulfil her wish- to have a boyfriend. He tells her that her boyfriend is in front of her, he instantly regrets it and stays quiet. Both are feeling awkward, they run back to their own room.

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Grim Reaper sits at the dining table for the whole day to think whether he should call Sunny or not. Duk hwa and Kim Shin comes in and sees the piece of paper, they teases him about it and Kim Shin calls the number. Sunny picks up and Kim Shin quickly hands the mobile to Grim Reaper, he hits Kim Shin’s arm and the phone flies away. Grim Reaper stops the time and rehearses what to say, by using different tones. Kim Shin pretends to be under his magic until he hears the last rehearsal and declares that he likes the last one. He even gives him a thumbs up for approval.

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As Kim Shin messes around with time too, the time is flowing as normal again. Sunny gives attitude to Grim Reaper, she says that she thought he broke his fingers or something. He answers formally that his fingers are fine. Sunny says that she was waiting for his call and he replies “I see”. Sunny is shocked at his repossess and asks if he will say “morning, afternoon, evening, when are you free?”. He repeats what she says and Sunny tells her when she is free and the times she prefers to meet.

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Both Eun Tak and Kim Shin are awkward to see each other, after a brief conversation Eun Tak excuses herself. He accidentally calls out her name and has to speak to her. They both declare they feel awkward and laughs it off, she asks whether she should say she is hungry and he asks whether he should suggest to go eat beef. Eun Tak agrees and says he should get ready and she will get her jacket, out of nowhere he is ready and with his jacket on too.

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They are at Canada again, where the have previously dined before. They are greeted by a waiter, Kim Shin can see a glimpse of the future. He sees future Eun Tak at the restaurant and she is speaking to her friend (I am presuming it is Sunny), her friend asks why she has to go to Canada when she turns 30. She answers that she is with a man. Eun Tak is smiling happily and Kim Shin watches her smile.

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Kim Shin says:

“At the age of 29 you’re still shining. But I’m not by your side. My life of eternity has finally come to an end. Time after my death, you are still here. You’re forgotten me and your life is perfectly complete with me gone. I have to disappear. To make you smile. This is the decision I have to make. To end my life”

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I was slightly confused with the end, so he got a glimpse of the future thanks to the waiter, just a reminder he cannot see Eun Tak’s future as he mentioned it in episode 1. It is really sad that he can foresee the future, but knows that in the future he has passed away already. It is kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy then isn’t it? He knows that he will die within the next 10 years so he will even encourage Eun Tak to pull the sword out even more.

What breaks my heart is the fact that he is partly dying for Eun Tak. He wants to end his eternal life but of course he is scared to die, who wouldn’t be. But he knows that he must end his life soon before he becomes more attached to his life and more attached to Eun Tak. He is scared that she will like him more and becomes upset, but after seeing the future, he knows that she will be fine without him. That is what made him decide. The fact that he is content knowing that Eun Tak is happy is more than enough reason for his to forfeit his eternal life.

Also, I am not sure whether he knows he likes Eun Tak or not, in the last episode before he declares that she was his first love but when he says “I love you” in this episode, it started to rain. Maybe he does love her, but loving her is the last thing he wants to happen because he knows he will leave her behind. He does not want their relationship to develop because it is a cursed relationship from the start, it will never have a happy ending. Kim Shin knows that loving her means an unhappy ending, an ending with yearnings.