Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 4 summary



Eun Tak points at Kim Shin’s sword and says she could see it since the first day she met him and questions whether she is the goblin’s bride. He says he think she is and Eun Tak is very pleased, she asks if he will still leave. Kim Shin says that he might have to go further now and asks why she had to deny not seeing it from the start. Eun Tak answers that she was scared that he will force her to marry him right away and wanted to make sure he was financially stable first (LOL).

Eun Tak asks him about her responsibilities as the Goblin’s wife, he hesitates to tell her and excuses himself for a while.

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Kim Shin runs to Grim Reaper’s room and panics, he tells him that she can see the sword and she is the bride. Grim Reaper tells him that he is happy for him and tells him to leave his room. Kim Shin continues to panic and tells him hat he is not joking. Grim Reaper says that he should be happy but Kim Shin exclaims he is happy but scared at the same time. Grim Reaper tries to comfort him by saying that he can take Eun Tak’s life since she was destined 10 years ago. Kim Shin goes up to hug him as he thinks that is a good  idea.

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However before they can make any plans on how to get rid of Eun Tak, she rings the bells and Kim Shin starts to panic again, declaring that death is calling for him. Grim Reaper tells him to stop panicking and asks him whether he has said anything nasty to Eun Tak, he flashbacks to all the scenes he said something nasty to her. He admits his death and goes to answer the door.

However, he does not try to be nicer, he shouts at her for being impatient. Eun Tak says that she cannot wait any longer ever since she discovered her real identity. She tells him that she is homeless and has no where to go and wants to stay in his house. Grim Reaper agrees with her living in the house and adds many side comments. She tries to persuade Kim Shin by giving an interview-like speech and asks him to save her. Kim Shin snaps back at her and says she needs to know who will survive (as she can easily remove the sword and he will die). 

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Kim Shin tells Eun Tak to wait for him in the living room and tells Grim Reaper that they need to talk. He tells Grim Reaper off for exposing too many secrets to Eun Tak. Eun Tak is in awe of the house and goes exploring.

Kim Shin goes for the typical drama scene- the rich offers the poor money to disappear. He gives her 5000 dollars and Eun Tak simply looks at him. She tells him to keep the money because she fell in love with the house. She says the house is perfect for raising children, she then asks what kind of wife he likes.

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Kim Shin becomes scared and declares that she previously said he wasn’t her type. She sends him a telepathic message. She stares intensely at him while declaring that she finds him so cool and she does not look at stars anymore because he shines the brightest. However Kim Shin is confused and does not understand why she is staring at him, she tells him that she was thinking about him. Kim Shin corrects her that he was lying about the telepathic messages.

Eun Tak snaps at him for lying:

“You conned me. I was worried you might hear me, so I was really discreet when I thought of you. I even sang  in between my thoughts. While looking at the maple leaf, I made excuses to myself trying to not think of you. I had to be cautious even when I wasn’t thinking about you”

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Eun Tak is exchanging greetings with Duk Hwa’s grandpa and coincidentally he walks in. Duk Hwa’s grandpa introduces his grandchild and tells Eun Tak that he will serve her. Duk Hwa refuses and but his grandad threatens him that he will withdraw his card.

He hands Eun Tak his business card and tells her to call him if anything happens. She walks around the hotel and exclaims happily about her new environment. However once she thinks about it, she states that it is lonely.

Before the grandpa leaves he tells Duk Hwa that he better treat Eun Tak nicely as something important depends on her. Duk Hwa is curious and asks what it is, but he simply answers that his bankcard depends on her.

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Eun Tak leaves the hotel and tries to find her way to the bus stop, she notices the gloomy sky and wonders if Kim Shin is upset. It starts to rain and Eun Tak is offended because she thinks he is sad because of her.

Duk Hwa goes to the hotel to collect Eun Tak and she insists it is okay however he does not accept it and says that he is being followed by his grandpa’s assistant hence he must be nice to Eun Tak. He takes her to her school which gathers many of her classmates’ attention. She hides under her hood and tells him to drop her off somewhere else but he refuses as he needs to flaunt his richness. One of her classmates call out her name, Duk Hwa finally realises she was the girl that Kim Shin asked him to investigate on. He asks if Eun Tak knows what happened to her auntie however she is confused at his question.

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The drama skips to the scene where Eun Tak’s family was captured by the police. They took the 2 gold bars to a dealer and claims that they inherited it. The worker senses something strange and calls the police. They are at the police station, the officer asks why she claimed the gold bars were inherited but right now she is saying it belongs to her niece. The police officer asks for her niece’s name but none of them knows. The officer begins to find them even more suspicious.

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Eun Tak returns to her hotel room and cannot get used to the emptiness. She tries to concentrate on her maths homework however cannot stop thinking about Kim Shin. She is upset because he has not visited her and it seems like he is avoiding her too.

She goes to his house and bangs on the door, she is holding a long candle and states that if he does not come out, she will blow on it and make him appear in an embarrassing place. She tearily asks how long does she have to wait.

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Kim Shin asked a favour to Grim Reaper, the boy that he helped in Episode 1 is now an old man and has just passed away. Kim Shin is at the usual place where Grim Reaper takes the deceased. He ask why the boy answered the wrong answer despite knowing it is wrong. The boy says that no matter how much he solved it, he got the same. Kim Shin states that he became a lawyer and the boy answers that he wanted to pay him back for his sandwich. Kim Shin says that he gave the sandwich to many people but people just lived in the miracle and does not try to progress. Kim Shin says that he feels like he owes people ‘miracle’.

Kim Shin tells him that the door that he walked through earlier will take him to the afterlife, the boy looks at Kim Shin once more before leaving.

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Kim Shin goes to find Eun Tak at the hotel, he waits at the bottom of the escalator but she does not come down. He notices smoke coming from his hand, Eun Tak has summoned him. She shouts at him for avoiding her and using ‘busy’ as an excuse. She threatens him that if he tries to leave, she will blow out all the candles.

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Eun Tak requests to live in his house however he asks how does she know that there are empty rooms. She explains that Duk Hwa told her and Kim Shin promised her that she only has to wait, she asks how long ‘wait’ is. She states that it even rained in the past few days and questions whether she made him sad. He denies it and says he needs to prepare himself for her but does not explain.

Kim Shin helps himself to the hotel’s drink and asks if she had dinner yet. She states that ever since she told him about seeing the sword it is even harder to see him. Eun Tak walks towards him and he flinches. He suggests they get something to eat by ordering room service.

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They’re at the convenience store and Kim Shin is drunk from 2 cans of beer. Eun Tak grabs the drink from his hand and watches his drunk behaviour. They leave the store and walks along the park. Eun Tak asks again if she really is the goblin’s bride and if this means that she is not allowed to meet other men. Kim Shin answers her question and tells her that she will never have a boyfriend because he won’t let it happen. Eun Tak asks if he likes her but he simply states no.

Of course, Eun Tak walks away, the drunk Kim Shin follows her. She asks what he has been doing with his life until she appeared and he answers “waiting for you”. 

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Eun Tak states that when he is sad, it rains and asks what happens when he is happy. He does not answer and says she should ask another question. She asks if he can fly which he declares that he easily can. She asks how many brides he had in his lifetime and he answers that she is the first and the last. Eun Tak asks how does he know that she will be his last bride.

Kim Shin answers:

“I can’t remove this sword because you’re the only one who can. I have to remove this sword to…to… get pretty”

Eun Tak believes his words and compares his reason to other fairytales. He laughs at her comparison and says for now he will laugh at her suggestion. Eun Tak says that they can remove his sword on the first snow because they will need a broom by then (she thinks he will turn back into a broom).

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The weather has changed, the flowers are blooming despite it being autumn. Duk Hwa confronts Kim Shin about it, weather change is one thing but he even made flowers bloom. He questions what Kim Shin was doing last night but he does not answer.

They head outside to get breakfast and discovers Grim Reaper at the restaurant too, he is intensely catching up on dramas. Kim Shin overhears the drama and thinks back to what happened last night. After their meal, Duk Hwa approaches him and sips on his yoghurt drink, he has a flashback of Eun Tak sipping the drink and screams.

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Sunny is upset that Grim Reaper hasn’t contacted her yet and goes for a makeover at her friend’s makeup stall because she wants to be pretty when he suggests to meet up. Grim Reaper is walking along the street and everywhere he looks, he sees Sunny.

She continues waiting even at her restaurant, she stares outside and Eun Tak asks why does she always look outside which she answers that she is waiting for her king on a white horse.

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Eun Tak stares at the business card that Duk Hwa’s grandpa gave her. She thinks back to the gravestones that she saw in Canada and recognises the surname. One of the classmates snatches it from her and asks if she even knows what a business card is. Suddenly a hand inserts a cigarette into the bully’s hand. The other classmates stares at her and the bully notices the cigarette that she is holding. The teacher comes over and tells her to follow her, the bully tries to blame it on Eun Tak but another student steps in and defends Eun Tak. It is all weird but Eun Tak notices the 4 female ghosts and smiles at them.

The 4 ghosts follows Eun Tak and declare that they did well, Eun Tak thanks them but suddenly the 4 ghosts flinches back because they can sense Kim Shin’s presence.

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Kim Shin like the model he is, steps out the car and with sunglasses on too. He gives Eun Tak a lift from school, she brings up his drunk behaviour and he tells her that he regrets it already. She asks if he wants to eat and Kim Shin complains that they should eat before they meet, however Eun Tak insists that she wants to eat with him hence suggested it. Kim Shin quickly asks if she wants to eat beef and she agrees.

Kim Shin parks the car in the resting stop and opens the door for Eun Tak, once she steps out, it is Canada. He tells her that this is to thank her for giving him the maple leaf, she asks if this is their honeymoon however he does not take it nicely and asks if she wants to return to Korea.

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They are at a posh restaurant and Eun Tak picks up the knife and swings it around. Kim Shin tells her to not take this the wrong way but he asks if she can tell him the handle of the sword. She gets annoyed and says he is doubting her but Kim Shin insists that he just wants to get it clear. She tells him that there is a white tiger on the handle and he asks if she finds it majestic. However, she is not interested and simply says “sure”.

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Eun Tak admits that she did a background check on him and found no stories about the sword. He tells her that it was someone that he never thought would do such a thing to him. Eun Tak brushes it off before it gets too deep, she asks how old he is and he states “936”, things gets awkward again. She declares it being even more tragic however she says that his life is good because he lives long, has money and even has a wife now.

Kim Shin asks if she wants to live that long as well and Eun Tak says she does not mind because she will have him so does not mind living forever.

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They goes for a walk before returning and Eun Tak says that he is a positive goblin because he suffered so much yet can be happy. Kim Shin says he has no choice as he has lived so long, he might as well accept his fate. He adds that the deepest sorrow cannot last a thousand years and even the greatest love cannot.

Eun Tak steps in front of him and says she disagrees. He asks if she disagrees with the sorrow or love part. Eun Tak answers “sorrowful love”. 

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She asks if he wants to make a bet and he says that she knows the story, he demands to know what she knows. Eun Tak explains what she knows:

“You’ve been alone for a great deal of time. You’re lonely, fickle, ill-tempered, like dark and humid places. You bring good fortune and misfortune to people. And you don’t start families”

Eun Tak asks if thats the reason why he left her alone at the hotel and he says that he was taking appropriate measures because she should think about herself- whether she actually wants to be the goblin’s bride.

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She demands to know exactly what he thinking and whether he does not want her to be his bride. She demands to know if she is not good enough for him or if he likes someone else. Eun Tak tries to prove her worth and declares that she can see the sword and can pull it out. Kim Shin flinches and steps back. She rushes to him and says she will see if pulling the sword out will actually make him prettier.

Kim Shin runs away and Eun Tak demands him to make gold bar using a wand or she will pull his sword out. Kim Shin becomes flustered and declares he does not have a wand, Eun Tak snorts at him for not having a wand. Kim Shin grabs the water from the fountain and turns it into a sword. Eun Tak is surprised and compliments him for his ability. Kim Shin is happy about his compliment and even poses with the sword.

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Kim Shin turns the sword he is holding back into water and throws the water droplets on Eun Tak’s face. Eun Tak chases him around with water but Kim Shin keeps teleporting, Eun Tak gets angry and asks why does she not have any ability. He asks if she wants powers and she says she wants to make bars of gold. He refuses to give her that power and Eun Tak gets huffy, she tells him that she has a business to attend and does not know how long it will take her. She gives him a book and warns him that if he leaves, she will be sad. He says that he won’t leave her and she turns around asking if its because she is the goblin’s bride.

Eun Tak is at the hotel and writes a letter, she posts it at the hotel’s mailbox while saying “please give this to him”.

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Kim Shin is sitting at the park and reading the book that Eun Tak gave him. Eun Tak returns and he looks over at her while voicing over:

“Mass is not proportional to volume. A girl as small as violet. A girl who moves like a flower petal is pulling me towards her with more force than her mass. Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled towards her until I fell on her with a thump. With a thump”

While she is running over, he turns the zebra crossing red instead of yellow, once Eun Tak reaches him she asks happily if he used his powers to make it red. He stares at Eun Tak, still seem to be lost in thoughts.

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Kim Shin voices over:

“My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love”

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The ending of this episode was so sweet, especially Kim Shin remembered that she wanted to have powers and he made the crossing turn red. Also from this episode we know that Kim Shin likes Eun Tak, it feels early but I guess we are 4 episodes in.

I really like this episode, maybe because things are finally starting to change? But I feel like the characters are sinking in, like we know more about them and they feel more real. I was so scared they would forget the side characters but they have not. I am glad Duk Hwa still appears regularly and provides the humour.

Also, I know that removing the sword is like basically murdering Kim Shin, I like how Eun Tak is not aware of it and can make jokes about it. The fact that Kim Shin yearned for death  for so long and finally found his ‘bride’ should make him happy but has mixed feelings instead makes it more realistic, it gives you the perspective that even if you have years of preparation for death, it can still take you by surprise.