Goblin: The Lonely and Great god ep 3 summary


Woo Grim Reaper and Kim Shin are here to save Eun Tak. With their power they easily burst the lights without even moving. Kim Shin slices the car in half, separating Eun Tak and the 2 loan sharks. Eun Tak freaks out and Kim Shin goes to find her and picks up her scarf too. She finally calms down and looks up, Grim Reaper does a half-hearted wave. Kim Shin opens the door and reaches his hand out to help her.

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Kim Shin asks if she is hurt, however she points at the car and questions how he can still ask if she is safe when he has cut the car in half. Kim Shin does not answer and wraps her scarf around her. He tells her to wait here but Eun Tak follows him and asks if he is planning to kill them. Kim Shin reassures that he will not kill them but make them suffer instead. Once they are discovered, the police will punish them. He declares that mercy is often found in victims and says they should thank Eun Tak.

Grim Reaper approaches the gangsters and changes their memory, telling them to forget whatever happened and they fell from the cliff due to a fight. The three of them are walking back together, despite just being saved, Eun Tak asks if they didn’t bring a car and if she is in the afterlife right now.

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Kim Shin reassures that they are in the countryside and they are not in the afterlife. Eun Tak continues to question their intention of saving her. Grim Reaper sends a telepathic message to Kim Shin, asking when will Eun Tak thank them for saving her. Kim Shin sends a telepathic message back claiming that she is a 19 year old that is currently angry therefore should leave her alone.

Eun Tak asks again whether Kim Shin is right in the head for bringing Grim Reaper along. Grim Reaper sends another telepathic message to Kim Shin, Kim Shin shouts “quiet already!”. Eun Tak is shocked at his sudden anger and Kim Shin looks guilty and regrets screaming at Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper clearly enjoys the situation and points at Kim Shin while shrugging, he’s trying to side with Eun Tak to make Kim Shin look like the bad person. 

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Eun Tak and Kim Shin goes for a meal, although Eun Tak is curious why Kim Shin is in South Korea she pretends she isn’t. She continues to ask how did he know she was in danger, he answers that he heard her saying “save me”. 

Eun Tak sarcastically apologises for wasting his time and agrees with what he said before- she should be grateful that she is even alive. In the end she thanks him because of him she managed to spend 9 years with her mother.

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Eun Tak continues to bid him farewell, she claims she will not bother him again and wishes him to have fun wherever he is going and meet someone that is pretty and able to see ‘something’ in him. She gets up to leave but he stops her as he didn’t eat anything so he doesn’t want to pay. Eun Tak admits that she does not have any money on her, he agrees to pay but she must sit down. She refuses but he declares that she hates him if she leaves, Eun Tak has no choice but to eat.

Duk Hwa is being a detective, he updates Kim Shin about the people that bullied Eun Tak and made her cry. He even places photos of Eun Tak’s relatives and informs him how they have bullied Eun Tak. Kim Shin stares at Duk Hwa and is surprised at his usefulness. Kim Shin notices another photo in his hand and asks to look but to only discover a selfie of Duk Hwa, he crumbles it up and throws it away. Duk Hwa is curious as to why Kim Shin is interested, he explains that he is going to punish them. 2 bars of gold appear and Duk Hwa asks if the gold is to reward him but Kim Shin tells Duk Hwa good job and leaves.

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Eun Tak’s auntie goes to Eun Tak’s room to search for the bankbook but discovers 2 gold bars in her drawers. She exclaims happily that Eun Tak must have converted the money to gold. The evil trio fights over the gold and all 3 of them refuses to sleep to prevent one of them stealing the gold. After a long, long night, only the female cousin managed to stay awake, she took off and later her brother and mother discovers.

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Kim Shin watches the frantic faces on Eun Tak’s relatives. After watching Euk Tak’s family getting on the taxi, Duk Hwa receives a phone call from his grandad asking if Kim Shin is eating properly. Duk Hwa is clearly uninterested about Kim Shin’s wellbeing but still reports back, however once he asks about his credit card, Duk Hwa’s grandpa ends the call.

Kim Shin watches the TV, he tells Duk Hwa that he once served the king. However Duk Hwa does not understand his pain and simply pities him. They go back home to continue watching the idols preform and Kim Shin asks if Grim Reaper can tell who the reincarnation of the king is. But Grim Reaper insists he can only tell if he touches them. I.O.I comes onto the screen and is preforming ‘Pick me’. Kim shin declares that he is ready to forgive the king if he is one of them. Kim Shin is clearly enjoying the performance and even joins in with the dance.

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Although Eun Tak says she does not care about Kim Shin anymore, she goes to the bookstore to search for the book that she left behind. Whilst she is searching for it, Duk Hwa goes back to the return the book because he found a bookmark inside. Eun Tak tells her that she wants to buy it from him but he asks if the bookmark is hers, she declares it is. He asks her for proof but she declares she does not as they are here memories and he will never understand.

Duk Hwa goes and sit with her and tells her that she is too old for that book. She answers him that she is doing research. He asks her for her money and she hesitates to give the full amount, declaring that it is second hand therefore should be cheaper.

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Duk Hwa returns home but is shocked at his grandad’s return. The grandad is angry that there is a guest, Duk Hwa chickens out and says he does not know Grim Reaper. Kim Shin comes out his room and Grim Reaper lifelessly declares that he is friends with Kim Shin. Duk Hwa asks if Grim Reaper is here to have a leaving party for Kim Shin, Grim Reaper says he is but simply gives Kim Shin a lifeless wave and wishes him to not return. Kim Shin waves back and tells him to leave.

Duk Hwa tells Kim Shin off because he is being mean but Kim Shin also tells Duk Hwa to leave the house. They are both outside and Grim Reaper warns Duk Hwa to persuade his grandpa or he will take Duk Hwa to the afterlife. Kim Shin tells them to come in but declares victory to Grim Reaper and asks Duk Hwa to come in so he can get scolded.

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Sunny confronts Eun Tak about her stay at the restaurant, she takes out her toothbrush and the post-it notes which Eun Tak has written on. Eun Tak apologises and Sunny asks if she is staying at the restaurant because of her auntie. Eun Tak explains that many things have been happening to her, and Sunny does not asks anymore. Sunny hands Eun Tak her weekly pay and tells her to get a bath or something at a shower house. Eun Tak is very grateful for Sunny’s generosity and thanks her. Sunny tells her to roast  a squid for her before she goes to the bath house.

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Eun Tak is roasting the squid and seems to be lost in thoughts. She thinks back to hugging Kim Shin and suddenly hears burning noice, she quickly removes the squid and blows on it. Instantly, she regrets blowing it, Kim Shin notices the smoke on his hand and smiles to himself while nodding. Eun Tak looks back and sees Kim Shin, she asks if he was reading. He acts nonchalant while walking over and says he always caries a book around with him and is very interested in art and music too.

She apologises for bothering him and he restates her apology asking why does she always bother him. They start bickering as per usual. Eun Tak blames it on him because he never told her what is the ‘something’ that she should be looking for. He becomes interested and asks if she can see it. Eun Tak plays along and gives wishy-washy answers and then says goodbye.

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Before she leaves, he asks if she is hungry and Eun Tak tells her that she wants meat. Of course Kim Shin will be grilling the meat and serving Eun Tak. Eun Tak has the upper hand and forces him to be nice to her. He offers to buy her fresh juice and typically she chooses an expensive one despite claiming she is full.

Coincidentally Grim Reaper appears and says he also wants juice but Kim Shin refuses to pay for him. He even sits down with Kim Shin and Eun Tak despite having no drink. Eun Tak sadly asks if he is here to take her life. Grim Reaper reassures that he is not here to take her life and he is on her side. He tries to send a telepathic message to Eun Tak, telling her to remove the sword. However telepathic messages does not work on Eun Tak.

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Once Grim Reaper leaves, Eun Tak compliments Grim Reaper for being goodlooking and asks if they choose goodlooking grim reapers so the deceased will follow them and accept their fate. Kim Shin scoffs at her theory and asks if thats what she brands as goodlooking, he asks her what is her thoughts on himself. Eun Tak becomes less enthusiastic and says he is just ‘looking’ but not ‘goodlooking’.

Kin Shin snatches her drink away and Eun Tak tells him there is another goodlooking man and points at a random direction. Kim Shin looks at the direction she is pointing and notices a man, he watches him for a while and sees another woman walking in, he uses his power to make the woman’s earphone attach onto the man’s bag. The woman quickly unties it and Kim Shin makes the woman fall onto the man’s chest. He finally makes a passerby to push the woman and she falls into his arms.

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Eun Tak compliments Kim Shin for being a cupid. Kim Shin says that he knows the man from his previous life and he must have the woman in this life. He says that the man in his previous life was greedy and wants to punish him in this lifetime. Both the male and female were liars and they can be each other’s worst nightmare. Kim Shin adds that he wanted to help their partners and it wasn’t for them.

Eun Tak becomes curious about reincarnation and asks if she committed something bad hence she is the goblin’s bride. Kim Shin answers that he never knew her in his long long long life and she is not the goblin’s wife.

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Before they say bye to each other, he asks if she can see the ‘something’ however Eun Tak does not answer and uses a quote that her mum said ‘We should watch where we place our feet before we take a step…’. She asks if Kim Shin understands what she is implying and she sums it up for him, declaring this is where they say bye She walks away and looks back, she sees Kim Shin still standing there and hasn’t disappeared. Aww this is the first time he watched her leave and not leaving before her. 

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Kim Shin is at his usual spot in the house and thinks back to Eun Tak’s compliment, he smiles unconsciously and Duk Hwa returns and says the exact compliment as Eun Tak. He snaps from his imagination and looks over at Duk Hwa. Duk Hwa says he looks cool because he looks like he is in a painting.

Duk Hwa asks if Kim Shin approves him being a Grim Reaper once he has died. However Kim Shin insists that he won’t qualify as he does not have enough sins. Out of nowhere, Grim Reaper appears and hears them talking about his appearance. He asks Duk Hwa why he know about his real identity and Duk Hwa answers that everyone would know from the way he acts, Grim Reaper accepts his explanation and nods. Kim Shin adds to his wounds and says that Grim reaper could be a murderer in his past life, Grim Reaper becomes offended and shocked, he runs out the house. He cannot even defend himself because he has no memory of his past life…

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Grim Reaper goes into his room and writes down all the sins that he could have committed in his past life, Kim Shin walks in and apologises in an indirect way. Grim Reaper is still annoyed and asks what sin he has committed and Kim Shin answers “disobedience”. He tells him to get out but Kim Shin said he wanted to make him laugh. Grim Reaper become more agitated and Kim Shin tries to cheer him up by saying:

“Your past life does not matter. I don’t care what you did or who you were in your previous life. No matter what you did, I’ll hate you just the same”

Grim Reaper bursts out laughing and quickly regains his posture and tells himself to not laugh.

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Grim Reaper tries to sneak out without Kim Shin realising but is caught. He asks where he is going and Grim Reaper insists that he is going grocery shopping and takes out his eco bag to prove.

They’re at the grocery store and Kim Shin does not waste this chance to re-fill his steak collection. Grim Reaper asks if he does not trust him, Kim Shin says he does not and he only came to the grocery store because he followed him. Kim Shin asks him to make a promise that he won’t harm Eun Tak if he leaves. If he does anything to her, he will return right away.

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The moment he makes the promise with Grim Reaper, he teleports himself to Eun Tak’s house and waits for her return. Eun Tak walks through the gate and freaks out because she is scared her auntie will see him. He remains calm and just stares at her, she asks if he came to see her and he answers “maybe”. He uses the same excuse as her, he says that he must have been thinking about her a lot hence he was teleported. Eun Tak is clearly happy about his comment. He tells her to go in because her auntie isn’t in, Eun Tak is happy about the absence of her auntie and asks how does he know. He answers back with a question, why did she go back to her auntie’s house if she was still inside. She tells him that she had something to get.

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Grim Reaper is walking along the bridge and is approached by the Samshin, she tells him to buy a hairpin. He looks annoyed at her and she uses a mirror to shine on him, the light reflects on his face, he closes it but the next moment the green ring is shining. He goes to pick it up but Sunny grabs it from him. He looks at sunny and tears starts to flow from his eyes.

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She is startled that he is crying and offers it to him, he nods instantly and stares at her. Sunny says that it is not free and asks him for his number He tells her that he does not have a mobile and Sunny is taken aback because she thinks he does not want to contact her. She starts to put on the ring and he quickly tells her to write down her number and leave the ring too.

Sunny introduces herself and asks him for his name, he does not answer and asks if its “Sun hee”. Samshin interrupts and asks if they are paying with cash or card. Look in the mirror guys, it is so creepy. Her face becomes an old granny again, she says that it does not matter who pays because both of them will pay a heavenly price.

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Eun Tak goes back home and discovers her auntie selling their home, someone is moving in tomorrow. Eun Tak is confused what to do as she has no where to live, she is holding the flowers that Kim Shin gave her, it has withered and dried up but she refuses to throw it away. She sits at the park with her belongings then goes to a storage locker.

She goes to school and the teacher tells her to empty her bag and her pockets. The teacher finds a box of matches and asks if she smokes. Eun Tak insists she does not smoke however the teacher says she is hiding her cigarette. The teacher sniffs her hand and discovers no trace of cigarette smell, the teacher continues that kids like Eun Tak scares her because they are so smart and cunning.

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Grim Reaper and Kim Shin are really down, they drinks together, Grim Reaper tells him to have a safe trip and Kim Shin insists he will call him. Grim Reaper replies that he does not have a phone which Kim Shin explains why he insisted on calling him, because he knows that he does not have a phone.

Kim Shin goes in and out the door, Grim Reaper asks him whether he has a problem. He answers that he does not know where Eun Tak is, he has great powers but when it involves finding Eun Tak, he has no ability whatsoever. He takes out his umbrella and leaves. Grim Reaper scoffs at his action and says “there you go”.

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Eun Tak is at the harbour and she tells her mum all her worries, she explains that she is not well but no body ever asks her about it. It starts raining and Eun Tak feels even more upset, she states that her life is rainy. However Kim Shin appears and uses an umbrella to shield her from the rain.

He says it rains when he is sad. Eun Tak notices the rain to slowly stop and he says that he feels better. She states that she did not summon him and he agrees that she did not.

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He asks her what she is doing out in the harbour. She tells him that she is having a series of misfortune but she will pull through. He tells her to continue her story and she warns him that he might cry.

Eun Tak says:

“Humans have 4 stages in life. A life of planting seed. A life of watering the seeds. A life of harvesting. A life of cherishing the harvests”

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He asks why she knows about this story and she says that she has been the goblin’s bride for 19 years therefore heard it once from a ghost. She adds that life is unfair because her life seems to be not progressing. He tells her that he feels sorry for her but Eun Tak says that instead of saying sorry, he can pat on her shoulder, brush her hair etc.

Eun Tak goes into her bag and gives him the maple leaf bookmark, he compliments it being pretty. He pats her on her head and Eun Tak holds back her tears. He tells her that he is leaving tomorrow and came to say bye to her. Eun Tak does not know how to respond.

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Kim Shin and Grim Reaper are lifeless again, they hear a bell ring and Grim Reaper tells him that he has a guest. Kim Shin tells him that the bell hasn’t rung in the last 60 years and they both look at each other the same time. Both starts to become scared especially Kim Shin.

It is Eun Tak, Kim Shin asks her what she is doing here and she tells him that she is here to say something to him before he leaves.

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She asks him what will he do if she sees the ‘something’. She asks if they will get married right away or will he give her 5000 dollars, or lastly will he stay if she manages to see it. She asks if he can stay in Korea and questions whether he has to leave. He asks her again if she can see it and she tells him to answer her first. He keeps declaring she cannot see it and Eun Tak points at the sword.

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Oh my words. This drama seriously does not disappoint, the idea is so refreshing and unique. I really like the banter between Kim Shin and Grim Reaper, it makes everything funnier.

Although I do find Eun Tak’s personality quite annoying sometimes but I understand why people call her childish and stuff however I think it is a nice charm. I mean she can see ghosts and still remain sane, despite being bullied by her cousins and auntie, she can still be positive. I think being childishness might be her defence mechanism. Plus it nicely balances Kim Shin’s serious personality.

I love how Kim Shin pretends he doesn’t care about Eun Tak but secretly does stuff to protect her like following Grim Reaper to make sure he does not go and find her. He does so many stuff for her without her even realising. The sweetest part was probably when he was summoned by Eun Tak and was very happy about it but pretended he wasn’t. Most importantly, he knows she isn’t the goblin’s bride and is nice to her regardless.