Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 2 summary


In the previous episode, Eun Tak indirectly proposed to Kim Shin after discovering his cool abilities and power.

However his response isn’t what she expected, he is surprise at her sudden confession but does not reject the idea. Eun Tak acts like a tourist and goes sightseeing, Kim Shin simply follows her around, from one place to another. She acts like a child in a playground and exclaims happily at everything.

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She sees a sign with an elf-like display photo on it, she asks Kim Shin if he knows what it means. He half-heartedly says that fairies come to the park, hence the sign. Eun Tak plays along and says that she is happy for him because he met one too aka herself- Tinkerbell. However Kim Shin walks off again, clearly not interested to communicate with her.

She tries to catch a maple tree leaf while explaining her theory but fails, Kim Shin easily grabs one. She sees it and tells him to throw it away because there is a myth- if you catch a maple leaf, you will fall in love with the person you’re walking with. He laughs at her theory and asks why did she try and catch one. Eun Tak stutters and says that she was walking with the cute guy over there, while pointing at another direction. Kim Shin looks over and Eun Tak quickly grabs the leaf.

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He takes her to a hotel and tells her to stay there because he has something to do. Eun Tak begs to go along as well because she is scared to be alone. Kim Shin does not believe her reason as she was running around by herself earlier. Eun Tak asks if he is meeting a woman because that is the only reason why he is not letting her come along, it also explains why he does not accept her as the goblin’s wife.

With no choice, Eun Tak has to play the sympathy card, declaring she has no money, passport and when she is alone she has panic attacks. She concludes it with a question, asking if Kim Shin understood what she is trying to imply. Bluntly he declares that he does not. Eun Tak asks if he can lend her 10 dollars so if anything happens to her, she can call the Korean Embassy. Kim Shin does not believe her reason and says if anything happens she can summon him. With that said, he leaves quickly.

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Mr Grim Reaper is having coffee with another Grim Reaper, the new Grim Reaper hands him over a document that contains details of the missing souls. Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-Wook) explains that the reason for missing souls are when the divinity get finicky, and human calls it a “miracle” however for Grim Reapers, the are just missing souls. He continues to explains that Eun-Tak is not on the “List of Life and Death” or on the “List of Names”.

A male and female ghosts starts arguing, the other Grim Reaper smiles and tells him to have fun. He puts on his hat and approaches the couple, and announces their names, time of death and cause.

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As per usual, he takes both of them to his office and offers the woman tea. The woman asks if she must forget everything, including the anger she has for the man. Grim Reaper recommends her to drink it and the man asks why he is not given any.

Grim Reaper answers:

“It’s not the first time you ran over someone. At first you’ll regret not being able to drink this tea. Then, you’ll wonder why you weren’t given any. Then you’ll realise that you can’t turn back time and that you’re already in the pits of doom. Your body will feel like it’s being torn to pieces. For each second of pain, you’ll regret what you did but the pain will not stop. Forever”

The woman quickly drinks the tea and the man gets down on his knees and apologises. Grim Reaper says that he cannot do anything as his boss will not allow him, he explains that he knows someone that is also suffering from his past memories, but unable to start afresh.

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Grim Reaper was referring to Kim Shin, he is standing in front of grave stones. He’s visiting the graves of the people that he once travelled and shared his life with. He says that he once thought his eternal life was the greatest blessing however slowly regrets. The boy that followed him aged and aged but Kim Shin remain the same.

A scene of him trying to pull the sword out is shown, he is clearly in pain however the sword will not budge by his own tug.

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Eun Tak’s sightseeing journey does not end, she explores the hotel and set off to walk around the area. She walks on top of a hill and notices Kim Shin standing there, however she does not disturb him. Instead she sits at the top of the hill and blows on a dandelion, the seeds of the dandelion slowly reaches Kim Shin.

The day slowly passes by, it is approaching nighttime and Kim Shin realises the time and gets up. He looks back to discover Eun Tak standing behind him.

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Eun Tak asks if this was the place that he claimed he had to go. He does not answer and tells her they are leaving now. Eun Tak further questions why his headstone does not have a name, and how many times he lived his life, he answers that he doesn’t count it. Before they leave, she bows to the grave stone and declares that she will be his bride in about 200 years (the grave stone says 1800 so basically she is referring to now, she will marry him now). 

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Because of the time difference, Eun Tak is late for school, they travel back using teleportation. Eun Tak says to Kim Shin that she had a nice time in Canada, and thanks him for it.

Eun Tak is lectured by a teacher, the teacher talks down to Eun Tak- claiming she does not care about school anymore because she is a senior. Eun Tak insists she will go to college but the teacher tells her to leave and does not listen to her.

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Eun Tak looks at the brochure that she got from Canada and finds the maple leaf inside. She listens to the radio while thinking back to her memories in Canada with Kim Shin. The radio voices over:

“On this rainy day, what is your umbrella? The voice that responds your call. Memories of seeing the same thing at the same time. The first time you matched each other’s pace. Did someone come to mind? Yes, that’s the person”

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Kim Shin bothers Grim Reaper while he is watching drama, he tells him to follow him because he is checking his fate. He goes through the door and Grim Reaper follows, but it links back to the entrance of his house.

He goes back to the house and declares it being strange, as the Grim Reaper is unable to walk through the portal that he created but Eun Tak can. Duk Hwa sees Grim Reaper outside and asks what he is doing in the cold. Duk Hwa tries to befriend Grim Reaper and asks if everything is okay and whether he finds something strange in the house, like suddenly turning humid. Duk Hwa finally says the truth why he wants to speak to him, his grandpa is coming back and Grim Reaper should tell the grandpa that he’s friends with Duk Hwa hence living in the house because the grandpa will be furious if he discovers the truth.

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Eun Tak prays that once she open the toilet door, it will be Canada. However once it has been opened, she finds a woman washing her hand. It’s the old lady that transformed into the young lady (Samshin), she asks if Eun Tak is in her final year of high school which causes Eun Tak to be very surprise at her deduction. Samshin simply states that she has blood shot eyes and thats why she knew. She asks if Eun Tak lives nearby and gives her a bag of spinach to eat with her family.

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Although she is surprised at the sudden gift, she still uses it to cook as there is nothing in the fridge. Therefore she make Kimbap and places the spinach inside. Her cousin searches through Eun Tak’s room and found a Canada brochure, her auntie is angry and shouts at Eun Tak. The female cousin goes into the kitchen and starts cutting the seaweed roll and her finger starts bleeding, the male cousin comes and takes a piece but without even swallowing it, he starts choking. The auntie stops hitting Eun Tak to check out her children. Using this as an escape route, Eun Tak grabs the brochure and leaves the house.

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Kim Shin is laying on his bed and figuring out Eun Tak’s real identity, he can’t help but think about her confession and her declaration to be his bride. He suddenly decides to get up and directly asks Eun Tak.

Eun Tak is walking around as she cannot return home until her auntie is asleep. She sees Kim Shin waiting for her, he claims that he was busy and doing something therefore she should have not summon him. Eun Tak is confuse because she did not summon him. Kim Shin asks if she was thinking about him, she hesitates and he quickly lies that if she thinks about him, he will be summoned. He blames it on her and Eun Tak is curious whether he really gets summon if she thinks about him.

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He questions what was she thinking about, Eun Tak answers that she was thinking about how pretty Canada and her thoughts slowly trailed towards him. Kim Shin offers to walk around and wait till 12am with her, he insists that he is only with her because he needs to digest his meal and she should not misunderstand his actions.

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One of Eun Tak’s classmate notifies the other classmates about Eun Tak having a sugar daddy and tries to take a photo but Kim Shin uses his power to open the car door which causes the girl to fall on the floor. She looks inside the car however there is no one inside, the door closes by itself as well, she starts to freak out and runs away.

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Eun Tak sees a job vacancy advertised on the window of a chicken restaurant. Enters Sunny (Yoo In Na), she asks if Eun Tak is after a takeaway but Eun Tak says she is here because she saw the job vacancy. Sunny invites her over to sit down, Eun Tak describes her situation to Sunny. Although Sunny seems uninterested and asks insensitive question but offers the job to Eun Tak anyways. Eun Tak exclaims happily that she will work very hard and says that the chicken restaurant is the one Kim Shin told her about.

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Eun Tak looks at her staff badge and tries to send telepathic messages to Kim Shin, but looks around and sees no appearance of him. She resorts to the traditional way of calling him- using a match. She turns around immediately and finds Kim Shin eating a steak.

He asks if she wants to use a more civil format, and advise her to think about him before summoning. Eun Tak claims that she did think about him before summoning, however he did not appear. She says that she does not mind seeing him in any state, as long as they secure their future together, and says “I love you” to Kim Shin. He angrily eats the steak and walks away.

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Kim Shin angrily walks into his house while holding a fork. Grim Reaper looks at him and copies his holding fork gesture and concluded that he is crazy.

Grim Reaper prepares himself for bed but Kim Shin comes rushing in and asks whether the book suits his outfit. Grim Reaper tries to lie by saying it suits him so he will leave him alone, however Kim Shin does not believe his words and continue to come in with different objects in his arm. LOL.

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Kim Shin is laying on the bed and seems to be upset, he tries to tell something to Duk Hwa but Duk Hwa asks if its about him being a goblin. Kim Shin gasps and asks when did he realised. Duh Hwa says that he knew since he was 6 because Kim Shin would create bars of gold but never gave him any. That was when he realised he was not his real uncle.

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Sunny goes to a fortune teller and gives the fortune teller some snide comments. The fortune teller says that she has no luck with getting a husband or having children. The fortune teller says that she was born with a lonely fate, she has no family relatives too. The fortune teller describes her situation like being on a boat in the sea, with no one. Sunny says that she wants to be a boat with a handsome man, the fortune teller adds to her prediction- there is a man in her life, he carries a black hat however she should be aware.

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After giving snide comments to Grim Reaper about his hat, Kim Shin is waiting eagerly to be summoned by Eun Tak. He pretends to be sophisticated by holding books and different kinds of CDs while waiting for Eun Tak to summon him. However after waiting for a while, he walks away.

Eun tak is carefully laminating the maple leaf while her friend watches her. She asks if Eun Tak has a boyfriend but Eun Tak denies it because it won’t happen as he denied her existence, also this present is to thank him for helping her find a job.

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Eun Tak lights a match and blows it out, she fixes her hair before turning around. Grim Reaper is standing behind her, Eun Tak recognises him and makes an excuse; same lie as she did 10 years ago. Grim Reaper declares that he knows she can see him and there is no one to save her this time. Eun Tak states that she is only 19 years old but Grim Reaper answers that it does not matter how old she is, people die at every age, that is what death means.

However he notices Kim Shin, he asks why Eun Tak has Kim Shin here. She turns around and sees him, she runs up to him and covers his eyes so he does not look at the Grim Reaper’s eyes. Eun Tak still believes Kim Shin is a ghost and she is scared that he will be caught therefore tries to protect him, even though she is at risk too. Aww.

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Kim Shin tries to take her hand away from his eyes but she refuses to remove. He reassures her that everything will be fine and he has met Grim Reaper before.

Kim Shin tells him that he is merely messing around with mortal’s life and death. Grim Reaper informs Kim Shin that she was due to die 19 years ago, Kim Shin warns him with a thunder and sends him a telepathic message to not meddle with him.

Eun Tak tries to drag Kim Shin away but he refuses to budge, Eun Tak panics and says that he has been looking for her in the last 10 years. Kim Shin finally exposes the truth and declares that no Grim Reaper can take a girl who wants to marry a goblin. Grim Reaper takes his leave and warns Eun Tak to look forward seeing him again.

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Eun Tak is clearly hurt by Kim Shin’s lies. She demands to know why he lied about his identity. He says that he thought he will never see her again so there was no point in exposing. Eun Tak is upset by his words and asks her for her purpose in life. Once she was born, she can see ghosts and they claim that she is the goblin’s bride. Kim Shin coldheartedly answers that is her own problem.

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Eun Tak questions why he denied to be goblin again, asking whether he finds her ugly hence denying her existence so she cannot be his bride. He compliments her being pretty but he does not care about appearance as he is looking for someone that is able to see something on him. He further continues that if she saw the ‘something’, she would start hating him. He warns her to not summon him again as he will be leaving.

Eun Tak is curious to where he is going and asks but instantly regrets it and takes it back, she lies about not being curious and promises to never summon him again. She tells him to live his life and she will never need him again. She walks off but after few steps she looks back and Kim Shin is no where to be seen.

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Kim Shin returns home, Grim Reaper asks if he will disappear because rumour says that once he has a bride he will disappear. Kim Shin hides his emotions too, claiming that she can’t see the sword therefore she is not the goblin’s bride. Grim Reaper makes a lighthearted joke out of the situation and says that if he strips naked, she might see it.

Kim Shin goes back to his rom and lifelessly flops on his bed, his head is filled with thoughts. Eun Tak is the same, she is at the library and resting on the table.

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Eun Tak is at a bookstore and looking at books that is relating to Goblin. A young girl says the book is too childish for Eun Tak but Eun Tak insists that she is doing a background check on her boyfriend, and compares it like Facebook. The young girl gives her a book that is also about goblins.

Before she starts reading it, she thinks back to the conversation she had with Kim Shin. She angrily places the maple tree leaf inside the book and shoves it back on the shelves. However after she has placed the book on the shelf, a hand grabs the book that she had just placed.

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Kim Shin is sitting on a chair, lifelessly looking around and sees smoke. He smiles and happily glances at his hands, thinking that he is getting summoned. He fixes himself but realising that the smoke is from somewhere else, he heads over to the smoke and notices Duk Hwa smoking. He lectures him and looks down at his hands again and seems upset.

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Kim Shin is upset and lifeless, he sits at the living room and Grim Reaper approaches him but after seeing the thunderbolt that came from his clouds, he changes him tune and asks if they are clouds. Grim Reaper asks if he broke up with his girlfriend. He denies the idea that they had an argument and claims she is not his girlfriend.

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Kim Shin sees Grim Reaper leaving the house, he asks where he is going and Grim Reaper answers that he is going to the dry cleaners. However instead of going to the dry cleaners, he goes to Eun Tak’s house and Kim Shin secretely followed him. Grim Reaper is disappointed that she is no longer living there, Kim Shin appears in front of him and confronts him for lying, as he said he was going to the dry cleaners. Grim Reaper asks whether Kim Shin knows where she lives however Kim Shin refuses to say.

Eun Tak is sleeping at the chicken restaurant and decides to look for the female ghost that always follows her. Eun Tak asks why ghosts call her the goblin’s wife but the ghosts answers that she only heard the rumours thats why she called Eun Tak the goblin’s wife. An elder woman hears their conversation and says she can tell Eun Tak. She explains that Kim Shin saved her mother hence also saving Eun Tak too. When the Grim Reaper appeared, her mother was already gone. Eun Tak finally realises that she has no right to hate him because if he didn’t save her mother, she wouldn’t be able to spend 9 years with her.

Kim Shin is actually watching their conversation, but none of them realises his presence as he is standing at the top of the stairs.

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The auntie has discovered that Eun Tak is working at the chicken restaurant, she holds Eun Tak’s staff badge and storms inside. She is also dazzled by Sunny’s beauty and says she is here to meet the owner. Sunny tells her that she is the owner and if wants to say anything to her, say it now. The auntie is getting all aggressive and hostile but Sunny stands her ground and senses something strange with the auntie. She goes to phone someone and puts up with an accent, she pretends to be talking to a gangster to scare the auntie away.

The auntie returns home and sees 2 loan sharks, they threaten her if she does not pay back, they will harm her. Auntie uses Eun Tak as a distraction and claims that she has the bank book with lots of money inside. Eun Tak’s mother has been buying a life insurance for the past years until her death, it was like she knew she would die. Loan shark becomes very interested after knowing how much Eun Tak possesses, auntie tells them the school Eun Tak is in.

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Eun Tak is leaving the school and is abducted by 2 loan shark. However neither Kim Shin or Grim Reaper are aware the danger Eun Tak is in, they are both enjoying dinner while bickering. The bicker quickly turns into a fight.

The 2 loan sharks searches through her bag. Eun Tak has no where to escape but notices the man in front is lighting his cigarette and tries to blow on the lighter. Failing as the other man grabs her back and the lighter falls to the floor.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 19.55.08.png

Eun Tak insists to the Loan Shark that she really does not know where the bank book is, he tries to hit her and she flinches. The marking that she was born with starts to glow. Kim Shin senses that Eun Tak is in danger.

The driver loanshark makes an abrupt brake and they see the street lights going off, one by one. The area is in complete darkness. Two body forms are heading their way, Eun Tak sees Kim Shin and cries in relief.

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I am hooked on this drama, I can’t help but go on youtube to find spoilers and see clips of funny scenes. I kind of ruined it for myself but seriously it is a very good drama. I don’t recommend reading spoilers haha. I really love the expression that Kim Shin makes and how he hides his happiness, he secretly likes being summoned.

The best thing about this drama is probably the bromance in this drama, although they are not friends yet but you can tell that it is leading up to. They both respect each other’s barrier and wouldn’t try to push it.

Enough said, normally I have a lot of comments but I really don’t for this one, it is a very deep storyline so I haven’t even digested the plot yet.