Goblin: The Lonely and Great God ep 1 Summary


The drama starts with a grandma giving an explanation to a young lady about the curse of a goblin’s life. If a person with powerful desire penetrates a mortal’s life it causes the mortal to have immortal life. The sword that is used for countless battles can only be removed by the goblin’s bride, and once it is removed the peace will return.
However the lady (Park Hee-Von) does not seem to believe it and claims that is it a romantic but sad story. The lady bids the grandma (Lee El) farewell and tells her that she better have an interesting story next time.

The grandma grabs her before she leaves, she tells her to make a wish with powerful desire before her death. If she is lucky, her wish may be granted.

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Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is strolling through the streets, which appears to be around the 90s. He warns a young child to not leave his family and tell the child to go back in and tell the truth to his mother; he has been abused by his father. The young boy does not seem to believe his words as he does not even know who he is. Kim Shin seems to have the ability to predict the future, or some sort of power. He is able to guess the boy’s adoptive father’s behaviour and trips him with a flower pot, which causes the adoptive dad to fall down the stairs. He also tells the boy the answers for his school test, he hands him a package and leaves.

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Kim Shin voices over that he is “the water, the fire, the wind, the light, and the dark. And he was once a human”.

The drama skips to a war battle, Kim Shin is exhausted and injured from the war. His comrades are slowly falling, however he gets up and grabs the nearby sword and fights off his enemies, showing no mercy for anyone.

He returns to his land and receives love from the citizens, everyone greets him happily and declares victorious from the battle.

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However, the guard tells him to take off his armour and to receive royal command. The guard announces that the has committed treason and shall receive royal punishment. Archers are ready to shoot Kim Shin, however he requests to meet the king (Kim Min-Jae). He draws his sword and warns the guard to move, if he refuses he will die. As he steps closer to the castle, his comrades are shot down. Kim Shin goes to meet the king by himself and tells his comrades to wait outside.

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The minister voices his concern to the king, Kim Shin is a threat to the royal family, he has to be eliminated. However before he can get any closer, the king instructs him to stand from from a distance. If he stays where he is, he will let him live, however, if he gets any closer he will kill anyone that he is keeping hostage.

Kim Shin hesitates but the queen (Kim So-Hyun) instructs him to go towards the king. The king instructs his soldiers to kill everyone in his family and an arrow hits the queen, however Kim Shin cannot look back and continues walking to the king.

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One of the guard caught Kim Shin off guard and slashes the back of his legs, he falls down and his knees hit the floor. Before he is slaughtered by one of the guard, Kim Shin requests one of his underlings to help him end his life.

His underling has no choice but follow his commander’s order, he pierces Kim Shin though his stomach. Kim Shin’s life is slowly fleeting away but he glances at the queen before he dies.

Kim Shin is slowly passing away, he lays on the grass and awaits his death. His body is not buried as it is against the king’s order, and any one that disobeys will be punished.

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It is in the 90s era and Mr. Grim Reaper is walking along the road. The car hits him, and instead of getting hurt, the car is badly damaged. The owner angrily walks to Grim Reaper and shouts at him angrily but slowly backs off after realising that he is not human. He walks to the car owner and hypnotises him. A passerby driver asks whether the car owner is okay, but the owner seems to have forgotten about the Grim Reaper and declares that he just hit a boar.

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However the passerby citizens could not help but notice his trunk is opened, and has a dead woman inside it. One citizen is even more shocked as she recognises the body, it is herself.

Grim Reaper approaches her and declares her name, time of death and the reason for death. He takes her to an unknown place and gives her a tea, he instructs her to drink it as it will erase her memories. She asks what will happen if she does not drink it, but Grim Reaper insists that she would regret it if she does not.

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Mr Grim Reaper places another new drinking mat for the next customer or shall I say the next deceased. He tries on his hat and notices Kim Shin walking past, Kim Shin also realises his presence; he looks into what appears to be a wall, and informs him that his hat is ugly.

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Kim Shin enters a building and is greeted enthusiasticcally by an old man, he introduces his grandson too. The old man- Duk-Hwa’s grandfather (Kim Sung-Kyum) appears to know Kim Shin’s secret, and is very respectful towards him too. The grandson- Yoo Duk-Hwa (Jung Ji-Hoon) is very rude towards Kim Shin and makes very cheeky remarks.

The drama skips to the olden time, an old man is apologising to a sword and declares that his grandson will serve him from now on. The sword suddenly moves and lightning started to form. Kim Shin rises again and has been granted with eternal life. A voice appears and voices over the drama:

“The souls of your people are saving you. However, the blood of thousands are on your sword. The blood of your enemies, who were also descendants of deities. You shall be immortal and watch your loved one die. You will not forget a single death. This is the award I give you and the punishment you shall receive. Only the goblin’s bride shall remove the sword. Once the sword is removed, you shall return to ash and be at peace”

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Kim Shin arrives to the castle and punishes the evil minister right away, however he is much stronger than before and is able to use telekinesis.

Kim Shin suffers his first punishment, the old man that visited him has now passed away during the time when Kim Shin was revenging.

The grandchild announces that he will serve under Kim Shin from now since it was his grandfather’s wish. They head out to the sea together and Kim Shin offers a rice ball to the grandchild as he is hungry, but he rejects his offer as he declares that Kim Shin should eat. However Kim Shin insists that he did not take the grandchild on his journey to make him suffer.

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The other passengers, well pirate like people throws the child into the sea despite Kim Shin giving them a warning to not harm the child. Kim Shin is enrage by their act and controls the weather and the boat without moving, he throws everyone into the sea by tilting the whole ship. He finally draws out the sword and slashes the ship into half.

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Back to the 90s again, Kim Shin is sitting at the top of a building and enjoying the view, he states that it is good to be back.

A woman is hit by a car, and the driver drives off. She begs for help and declares that if there is divinity in the world, please help her. Kim Shin can hear her pleas and goes to find her.

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She begs him to help her, however he says that it is not his principle to help a mortal’s life. She continues to beg and declares that she cannot die like this, as she needs to be alive to save her baby. She passes out and Kim Shin sighs, he says that he feel generous tonight and does not want to see any one dying. He approaches her and reverses time, the woman wakes up and is confused as to what happened.

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Mr Grim Reaper appears and finds a pool of blood with no body. He glances at his surrounding and notices flowers, snow and rain.

The woman that Kim Shin saved, gave birth to a baby girl. Voices are heard declaring that she is the Goblin’s bride, ghosts watches the birth of the goblin’s bride.

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-8 years later-

Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is at the harbour with her mother and her mother approaches her asking what she wants for her birthday. Eun Tak asks if they can have a birthday party as she wants to blow candles and make a wish because her wishes aren’t coming true. Eun Tak sees a puppy and strokes it, however her mother cannot see the puppy and seems concern.

Eun Tak returns home and discovers her mother waiting for her with a cake on the table. She goes over to light the candles but before she blows it out, she notices that her mum is not in her physical form but instead she is a soul.

She asks if her mum died and asks where she right now, she answers that her body is at the hospital intersection. Her mum tells her that she will receive a phone call soon and her auntie will come and get her.

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Eun Tak apologises to her mum for being able to see spirits, and her mum tells her to not look at spirits anymore. Eun Tak says that she is glad to have such power as she is able to see her mum.

They bid each other farewell, her mum disappears and Eun Tak is left by herself. She gets a phonecall from the hospital telling her to come. She looks at the birthday cake before leaving and declares that she will not make a wish, as there is nobody to grant her wishes.

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The grandma can see ghosts as well. Eun Tak’s mother says her farewell to the grandma that is cutting vegetables (the one that appeared at the start of the episode). She asks whether she can look after Eun Tak once she is gone, however the grandma does not agree but questions why she had to continue living, she should have died ages ago. Eun Tak’s mother says her farewell to the grandma and disappears.

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On the way to the hospital, Eun Tak meets the Grim Reaper. The grandma appears and tells the Grim Reaper to leave, he has no right to take her as she is not on his list. He tells her that if he wants to request a list, it will be very troublesome, he says that the grandma should know that and disappears.

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The grandma tells Eun Tak that she has to move house as the Grim Reaper will not find her. Also she will meet a man and 2 women soon and warns Eun Tak that she will suffer a little. Eun Tak asks why the grandma is telling her these stuff, the grandma answers that Eun Tak is lovely and the time she spent with her mother made her happy. She hands her over a Chinese cabbage before walking off, she says that the cabbage is her birthday present.

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-10 years later-

The grandma walks across the Bridge and so is a high school student, they exchange looks to each other and suddenly they both transforms- the grandma turns into a young lady and the teenager turns into a handsome young man (Yook Sung-Jae). 

He asks if she wants a drink and she agrees by saying she likes the idea. I am so confused, I knew she was strange but like this does not make sense. 

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Enters high-school version Eun Tak, her classmates are gossiping about her and declaring that she is scary as she does not have any friends and can see ghost. As Eun Tak is walking back to her house, a female ghost follows her, Eun Tak pretends she cannot see her and continues singing however screams once the ghost pops in front of her. The ghosts claims that she can see ghosts because she is the goblin’s bride.

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The female ghost frantically says goodbye after sensing Kim Shin’s presence, Eun Tak does not know why and continues walking, she even walks past Kim Shin, however he can’t help but look at her.

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The housekeeper hands Kim Shin his passport and tells him that once he has returned from this trip, he may no longer be here but his grandson- Duk Hwa will be able to serve him.

Duk Hwa comes in and is angry at Kim Shin for not going to the bar to save him. He sees Kim Shin’s passport and is angry that he is leaving. Duk Hwa finds the reason for his journey to be ridiculous and questions if he is still searching for his bride. Duk Hwa does not seem to understand the situation Kim Shin is in and insensitively asks if he wants a foreign bride.

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Eun Tak turns off her alarm and gets up to cook the family breakfast. She notifies them that breakfast is ready however does not eat with them at the dinner table. She made seaweed soup to celebrate her own birthday. The auntie cannot help but give snide comments about her sister’s death/ Eun Tak’s mother.

Eun Tak gets ready to leave the house but hesitates to step out the house as it is pouring outside. Her uncle threatens her that if she takes the umbrella, he will kill her. Her auntie asks Eun Tak for her bank book but Eun Tak says she does not have one. The auntie is annoyed at Eun Tak’s response and throws a rice bowl at her head. Eun Tak snaps back claiming she does not have anything and the auntie has taken everything away already.

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Eun Tak goes to the beach and is in a daze while watching the waves. She is holding a cake with candles on top.

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Kim Shin is resting on a bench at a peaceful grassland. He thinks about the conversation he had with the housekeeper. Kim Shin says that all the maiden he has met before is not the one he is looking for. The housekeeper declares that he is happy that he hasn’t found the one because he will disappear.

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Eun Tak made a promise when she was 9 that she will not blow out a candle, but declares that it is important because she wants to find a job, fix her auntie’s behaviour and wants a boyfriend.

Kim Shin hears her voice despite being so far away, Eun Tak says that she does not know who she is praying to because Deities does not exist. She blows out the candles in anger. Out of nowhere, Kim Shin appears behind her with flowers in his hand.

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Both are just as confused. He declares that she called him, but Eun Tak says that she did not call him. He tells her to think carefully on how she managed to do it, and Eun Tak answers that she prayed earnestly. However joking aside, she clarifies that she did not call him. She concludes that he is a ghost but he denies the idea and asks her back, what is her identity. He explains that he cannot see her future, what she is like when she is 20, 30 etc. Eun Tak comedically answers that she has no future.

She asks him why he has flowers in his hand. He does not answer and Eun Tak asks if she can have it because today is her birthday. He hesitates but hands it over to her.

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Eun Tak says that she always recieves greens for her birthday, when she was 9 she received a cabbage, and today she received buckwheat flower. She asks the meaning of the flower and Kim Shin answers “lover”.

He asks her the reason for her tears and what wish does she want to be granted. She is shocked at his ability and confirms whether he is like Genie. Eun Tak continues blabbing about him being her genie. She asks if he is able to give her money, or tell her the numbers for the lottery. Kim Shin advices her to leave her auntie’s home and work hard at a chicken restaurant, then disappears. Eun Tak is confused and demands to know how she will find her boyfriend.

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Grim Reaper is in Kim Shin’s home, Kim Shin is confused as to why he is here. Duk Hwa explains that the house will be empty when Kim Shin is not here and wants to rent it out so he can earn some money. Grim Reaper says that he has signed the lease, but Kim Shin burns the paper with his power. Grim Reaper states it is not the real copy and will move in tomorrow. Kim Shin warns Grim Reaper he does not want to upset him, but Grim Reaper insist that he does not want to upset him either because he will happily take Duk Hwa’s life instead of living at their house. Kim Shin has no choice but agree to let him move in.

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Eun Tak is studying and looks at the buckwheat flower while thinking about the meaning of it. Although she seems to be happy about the meaning, she tries to hide it.

She listens to Kim Shin’s advice and goes to chicken restaurants to find a job. After a while, she scoffs at the idea of him being her guardian and regrets not asking him for his number. A passerby chucks a lit cigarette into the bin, the waste inside the bin starts to burn, Eun Tak quickly uses the water bottle that she is holding and pours onto the flame. However it does not extinguish, so she starts blowing out it. Kim Shin appears again.

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He asks why she called him again, but she angrily states that she did not call him and questions whether he is really her guardian. She can’t find the work that he previously advised. He says that all he knows is that she commanded him to appear in front of him. She asks if he sees anything on her, he says uniform and adds “pretty… uniform”. Eun Tak asks if he can see wings on her or something, like “Tinkerbell”. Kim Shin disappears before she can even say she is joking.

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Eun Tak goes to a church, despite not being interested and is there purposely to blow out the candles. She finally realises how to call Kim Shin out. He appears and asks if she really has to call him here out of all places. She asks why he is not disappearing using his powers, however Kim Shin says that it’s not allowed in the church. Eun Tak asks if he will fulfil her wishes, but he brushes it off and disappears.

Eun Tak forgotten to ask for his number again and tries to summon him by using an app that lets you blow out a candle.

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Eun Tak is very happy to see him and says that she never knew that an app would work too. He is angry and tries to leave immediately but Eun Tak grabs onto his arm. He is surprised that she is able to touch him, however she lets go after a while because it is too hot. She asks if he can give her 5000 dollars and then disappear, instead of him being her guardian. He tells her that he is very busy and has somewhere to go. She refuses to let him go and states that she has something to tell him:

“This question might sound strange…so I hope you don’t misunderstand. At first, I thought you were the Grim Reaper. However, if you were so, you would have taken me already. After that, I thought you were a ghost. However, I noticed your shadow. That’s why I started thinking, what is that man?”

He is clearly not interested in what she she has to say and asks her what does she think he is. Eun Tak answers that he is a goblin.

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He is shocked at her comment and asks who she is, she declares that she is the goblin’s wife. She was born with a weird marking on her back. She tries her best to show the marking to him, he has a flashback about the day he saved her mother.

He demands her to prove she is the goblin’s bride. She starts to make obvious comment about his physical appearance, his patience has ended, he interrupts her that she is not the goblin’s bride because she would have given him the answer that he wanted to hear. He tells her that she has no value to a goblin and should be thankful for her life. She’s the result of not following the rules and meddling with human lives.

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She demands to know what he is, because he has no right to judge how valuable she is. He declares that she is not the goblin’s bride and walks off and goes through the door that is connected to another country (using his powers). He is shock at her ability to follow him through the door.

She is even more shock at the sudden scenery and asks where they are, he answers that they are in Canada. He is too shock for words and follows her, demanding to know who she is. Eun Tak is going haywire, she states that she has made up her mind, she will marry him because he is a goblin. She smiles sweetly at him while saying “I love you”.

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Wow. Oh wow. This drama has me hooked, all the raves are understandable now. It is different, very unique storyline and has a comedic twist. Although the drama is kind scary (not fond of anything relating to ghosts) but the humour in this drama really balances it out.

I honestly love Kim Go-Eun’s acting but I am more impressed with Gong Yoo. I have never watched anything that he has been in before so I didn’t know what to expect but he suits the character very well, and his acting is very natural.

The storyline is slightly confusing because of the time skips and the whole body changing thing, with the grandma turning into a beautiful young woman, and Duk hwa turning into a man. Do not get it, but ah well. Maybe it was showing the 10 year time skip, like 10 years ago they walked past each other and now they meet again. The woman definitely has powers though because she can interact with Grim Reaper and knows how his job works. Maybe she has eternal life? I don’t know.