Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 8 summary


Bok-joo is consulting Joon-hung for advice but it interrupted by Si-ho, who grabs the phone from Bok-joo and tells her to stay away from Joon-hung. She declares she is the one that left the weight diary in the training room. Si-ho continues to warn her to stay away, but Bok-joo denies she has any motives in making Joon-hung her boyfriend. Bok-joo answers that it is all a misunderstanding but is very angry that Si-ho exposed her secret, she demands an apology. However, Si-ho will not step-down and denies her for being responsible, claiming if anyone is responsible for the situation, it would be Bok-joo. Bok-joo is angered by her words and gives her a KO comment before walking off:

“You’re so aggressive. Now I know why Joon Hyung dislikes you and doesn’t want you back”

She calls her two-faced and grabs Bok-joo’s arm to prevent her from leaving, Si-ho is even angrier than before and demands Bok-joo to take back her words because she knows nothing about her relationship with Joon-hung. Bok-joo isn’t taking any of it and stands her ground, she warns her to let go, but finally snaps. Bok-joo snatches her arm back which causes Si-ho to fall down. You go girl. 

bok joo si ho .png

Seon-ok is still angry and ignores Nan-hee despite her pleads. Bok-joo comes into their room angry and rants a little, but does not explain the whole situation. Seon-ok gives the cold shoulder to Bok-joo, but seem to still care because she glances over and seems concerned.

seon ok annoyed at bok joo.png

Joon-hung is sitting on his bed and thinking deeply, he grabs his phone and scrolls down his contact. He clicks on Bok-joo’s name- “chubs“, but hesitates to call or message her. He says it all his fault, implying he caused Bok-joo’s secret to be exposed.

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Bok-joo finally explains the whole story and her 2 best friends realise that the whole problem is caused by Si-ho. Nan-hee reacts angrily, Seon-ok is obviously concerned with her constant glances to Bok-joo. Her rant is interrupted by a phone call from Joon-hung, she answers angrily with a “what?”.

bok joo phone joong hung.png

Joon-hung is preparing his apologises, he tries out various types of apologies; first acting out the sincere version and then the nonchalant version. But is indecisive as to which apology to choose from, he isn’t left with much time to think as Bok-joo appears. He crawls quietly to the corner of the bed, appearing very guilty. What happened to his apologies LOL. 

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Bok-joo is annoyed already, but seeing him makes her even more mad. She asks whether he can leave her alone because she does not want to cause any more misunderstandings. He nervously asks whether Si-ho confessed her actions to Bok-joo, Bok-joo simply sighs and says she is too scared to interact with Joon-hung because Si-ho is too scary. He becomes quiet and sincerely apologises for what happened. I don’t know whether he is teary-eyed or just the lighting. 

sad joon hung.png

Bok-joo continues to rant because Si-ho made her so stressed and she doesn’t understand why Si-ho even likes Joon-hung. He can only mutter a “sorry“. Bok-joo tells him to forget it and brushes it off. Joon-hung jokes it off saying he is charming, that is why Si-ho likes him. He is clearly still upset but tries to lighten the mood. The dormitory warden walks in, Joon-hung quickly grabs Bok-joo before they get caught.

The dormitory warden leaves and Bok-joo says that if they are caught in this position they will get into trouble, also people will misunderstand. She says that if he gets caught, his girlfriend will beat him up. He asks whether she is scared of her, which she snorted at the question because she is “weightlifter Kim Bok-joo“, why would she be scared.

Joon-hung suddenly turns happy and smiles at her comment, he tells her to stay longer and look at the stars. However, Bok-joo complains it being cold and wants to leave, but Joon-hung refuses to let her go. Bok-joo suddenly compliments his high nose bridge and says hers is low so she struggles wearing glasses. He says that she is good looking after taking a good look. However she does not believe the compliment and asks if he is teasing her.

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Coach Choi sings in sorrow, she seems to be in a very poetic mood. She is drinking and rolling around on the weightlifting mat. Professor Yoon walks in and discovers the messy state that Coach Choi is in. Professor Yoon is not startled by Coach Choi’s state and continues telling her about his dinner with other professors, but Coach Choi puts on her shoes at the speed of light. She excuses herself quickly and runs away in embarrassment.

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The gymnastic teacher gives a bottle of water to Si-ho and says she has sent the video of her competition to her email. She cheers her on and is unusually nice to her. Si-ho acts all happy but the next second she walks over to the bin and throws away the water bottle that the coach gave her.

si ho fake.png

After her training she discovers her little sister waiting for her- Si-eon (Z.Hera). Si Eon starts crying and hugs Si-on and tells her that their parents are planning to divorce. Si-oh is shocked and upset but she tries to comfort her sister first before talking to her mum.

z hera.png

The mum does not deny it and says she told Si-eon to not tell anyone about it. Si-ho asks angrily when she will decide to tell then. Si-ho says that she has realised that her mum sold their house and their dad has become a credit delinquent. Her mum tells her to focus on her training and to not worry about it. Si-ho says she will quit gymnastics and start working. Her mum says her life isn’t just hers, its part of her own life too. Si-ho argues back that her mum should have lived her life better instead of controlling others’ lives. She slaps Si-ho and their conversation is done, Si-ho walks off.

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Joon-hung tells his psychotherapist that he failed because he cannot control his mind through breathing. He asks for refund, however the psychotherapist says he will treat him to a meal if he doesn’t tell anyone else about the failure. He brings up his mother again and asks whether he knows the original reason why he never looked for his real mum. He said that he was curious but never asked because he felt bad for his auntie and uncle. He suggests Joon-hung to face the matters seperately and put his gratitude aside, and focus on discovering the truth behind why he never wanted to look for his mum.

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Seon-ok returns to her room and finds Bok-joo sitting on her bed, she tells her move. Bok-joo asks whether Seon-ok can stop ignoring them because they did not exclude her on purpose. They bursts into an argument and their neighbours complains, they both quiet down.

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They head to their headout to talk it out. Seon-ok says that they have hurt her feelings and she thought they were sisters too. Nan-hee says that she only found out because she saw the text message on Bok-joo’s phone. Seon-ok claims its not an excuse because she could have told her when Coach Choi found out, but instead she acted like she never knew. Bok-joo says she wanted to tell her too but she was too embarrassed. Seon-ok says that thats what friends are for, and hugs Bok-joo. Aww.

They all confess their secrets, Seon-ok says her parents actually does not run a store but a motel instead. Nan-hee confess that she hasn’t actually kissed a guy. The three embraces each other and reconciles.

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Coach Choi is clearly happy about her plans with Professor Yoon because she puts on lipstick before meeting him. Professor Yoon receives a phone call from his wife, she is in an accident. He excuses himself and apologises for leaving, offering to treat Coach Choi next time.

coach choi professor yoon.png

Coach choi goes to Bok Chicken and seems to be slightly tipsy. Uncle says she looks sightly different than usual, he approaches closer and guess whether her date stood her up. He sits opposite her, she continues drinking and claims she drinks till she drops. The uncles challenges her and they have a drink showdown.

uncle professor yoon coach choi.png

The next morning Coach Choi wakes up and finds herself in Bok-joo’s house. She is startled and wants to leave quickly, she apologises to Bok-joo’s dad for bothering him. He insists she stays for breakfast because he especially made her hangover soup. The uncle lies and says she did not made any mistakes, but thinks back to her drunk-self and smirks.

coach choi uncle.png

Bok-joo is visited by her dad and uncle. They are here to deliver food to the weightlifting team. Bok-joo receives a phone call from Jae-yi and excuses herself, she calls him back. She tells him that she is sorry for not attending the appointments and she has to go abroad, therefore cannot go to the clinic anymore. Jae-yi says he feels like he should congratulate her but is sad because it’s like saying bye to a close friend. They end their call and Bok-joo starts crying, she tries to shake it off but only more tears appear.

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Bok-joo calls Joon-hung to chat but Joon-hung senses that she is upset and asks whether she is crying. Bok-joo asks if he’s out which he lies to, claiming he is in his room, although he was already heading out and had plans. They go to the fountain and Joon-hung keeps handing coins for Bok-joo to throw.

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Joon-hung asks whats her wish nowadays, Bok-joo opens up to him and says she wishes the person she likes will like her back. Joon-hung laughs at Bok-joo’s excuse for not attending the clinic anymore. Bok-joo says what upset her the most is that she lied to Jae-yi till the end, she self-pities herself and say she will do weightlifting till she dies.

He tries to lighten up the mood by saying he will treat her to a cinema date, and asks whether she in interested. Bok-joo accepts and seems interested, only cause he offered food as well.

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Si-ho is spacing out and seem lifeless while watching the tv, she goes to the pharmacist and tells them she has an upset stomach. They give her medicine and she leaves, but after taking few steps she faints outside the pharmacy.

si ho faints.png

Joon-hung receives a present from his mum, claiming it is from his real mum. He opens it up and discover new trainers. Joon-hung tries it on and says it fits perfectly, the dad enthusiastically agrees saying “of course it does“, but his smile disappear after his wife gives him an angry looks. The mum brushes it off and compliments the bond that Joon-hung has with his mum; she knows his shoe size.

shoe gift joon hung.png

Bok-joo is waiting for Joon-hung, and is starting to become annoyed. She curses him and complains him being late. On the other hand, Joon-hung went to see Si-ho, he collects her from the hospital and Si-ho tells Joon-hung the situation that she is in. She blames herself for liking gymnastics and how she cannot quit now because her parents made too many sacrifices.

Joon-hung walks back with Si-ho to make sure she gets back safely, but checks his phone and gasps. He realises the time and tells her to go back first and to take her medicine. She hugs him to not go but he rushes off.

siho joon hung.png

Bok-joo is taking her anger out in the arcade, she plays a shooting games and goes berserk mode. She screams and shoots angrily, which captures nearby peoples’ attention and also Joon-hung’s. Although she did not pick up his call, he found her by her voice. He slowly approaches her and prays beforehand. Wise choice. 

bok joo nam joo hyuk.png

Bok-joo is extremely annoyed and storms off, she is angry at him for not telling her the real reason why he stood her up. Joon-hung says that he will make up to her by buying her food, Bok-joo says she wants beef barbecue. Before she gets onto the main course, she does a detour and forces him to buy her fishcakes at a nearby stall, she gets sauce on her chin and Joon-hung helps her rub it off.

cheer bok joo up .png

The owner compliments Bok-joo for having such a sweet boyfriend, but she denies their suggested relationship. Then the owner says he must be her husband. They both deny it but with different expressions; Bok-joo with a lot of disgust in her face and Joon-hung clearly enjoys the situation.

bok joo joon hung weightlifting .png

Si-ho walks out of her room and sees Bok-joo and Joon-hung playing around, realising that Joon-hung left her earlier for Bok-joo. She storms into her room to mass delete all her photos with Joon-hung. She instantly regrets it and goes back to her photo album to only discover nothing.

korean delete photo.png

Jae-yi’s mother visits him at the clinic and offers food to his colleagues, and also relays Jae-yi to give his friend (Ah Young) some too. He says that she shouldn’t have because it is too much, his mum makes up an excuse that it’s his birthday and he is supposed to give others’ food for longevity. Jae-yi believes her reason and agrees to bring it to Ah Young. She takes one more step and asks whether they are more than friends, but he says he wants to keep being friends with Ah Young and does not want to lose her as a friend.

jae yi ah young food.png

Bok-joo injures her back while training and is instructed to rest at the infirmary. Whilst heading to the clinic, Joon-hung spots her from the crowd and rushes over. He seems concern about her injury and tells her to be more careful. Bok-joo asks where he is heading off to, he lies claiming he’s just going out, but actuallly going to see his brother.

bok joo joon hung.png

Jae-yi is on his way to Hanwool’s clinic so that he can deliver some food to Ah Young. Coincidentally, Bok-joo is receiving treatment. Joon-hung realise that they will meet if Bok-joo does not leave the infirmary in time therefore he calls her frantically. Bok-joo does not answer as her phone is on silent.

back ache bok joo.png

He instructs his trusted friend to find Bok-joo and get her out of the college’s infirmary. Tae-kwon sees Seon-ok and Nan-hee, and he tells them to stall Jae-yi because he is heading to the infirmary right now; he informs them the car that Jae-yi drives. Seon-ok and Nan-hee realises the severity and dashes off to stop a nearby car that looks like the car that Jae-yi owns. Nan-hee notices that the driver is not Jae-yi because she has seen Jae-yi before and wonders where Jae-yi is.

nan hee seon ok.png

Tae-kwon rushes Bok-joo to leave the infirmary because Joon-hung’s brother is on his way. Before they get the chance to leave, Joon-hung enters the infirmary and rushes both Dr Go and Jae-yi to get patibingsu with him; giving them the reason to exit the scene so Bok-joo can escape. They left the infirmary and the coast is clear for now.

tae kwon bok joo.png

Joon-hung walks tiredly and receives a call from Dr Go, she tells him that Jae-yi left his mobile in the infirmary. Joon-hung rushes back because it means that Jae-yi might accidentally see Bok-joo. However Joon-hung is few seconds too late, Jae-yi discovers Bok-joo walking around and calls out her name. Oh my lord.

jae yi bok joo.png


What a thriller of an ep, they left it at such a cliffhanger. Anything could happen, Jae-yi might be angry at Bok-joo for lying or he could accept her for who she is. But it still does not change the fact that Bok-joo is ashamed to be exposed as a liar to the person she likes. This is the worst circumstance for her- to be discovered by Jae-yi. Although it happened for the better because this is the first time that Jae-yi is seeing the real Bok-joo, other than the first time he met her.

Another significant event in this episode is the declaration of rivalry between Si-ho and Bok-joo, Si-ho is going crazy and nothing can stop her. The things she does is horrible but I think she has reasons. Plus, her life is going haywire, and all she wants is a support- Joon-hung. She does not even have her parents support anymore. Si-ho is being pushed away by everyone, I actually feel bad for her. Yes, she can start again and work harder, but it is hard when she knows she cannot even afford to chase after her dreams.

Apart from Joon-hung being his usual sweet self, the trio’s friendship is the best, it really brings a smile to my face. Their bond is insane and I really think its the best part of the drama. Of course Joon-hung preparation for his apology was good, and his praying gestures too, but the this time, Bok-Joo’s friendship wins.