Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 6 summary



Bok-joo has hiccups because of her nervousness, they go to a nearby park to find a convenience store. Jae-yi being the gentlemen he is, offers his jacket which causes Bok-joo to hiccup again.

gentlemen jae yi.png

Joon-hung tells his psychotherapist that he first started swimming at 11 year old because he felt safe in the water. The feeling of being in the water is like being in his mother’s arm. The important handkerchief was given by Joon-hung’s real mother, which would explain why he was so uptight in finding it.

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Joon-hung explains that he was sad when his mum left him, but he did not feel abandoned because he would receive a postcard from his mum every Christmas. Everything was okay until he found a stack of unwritten Canadian postcards inside his house, his auntie was pretending to be his real mum all along. On that day, he discovered the truth, which suggests the shock caused his mistake during the match.

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Joon-hung spaces out while sitting outside a convenience store, and coincidentally Bok-joo steps out of Jae-yi’s car. Joon-hung is shocked at the sudden appearance and spits out his water, but is more shocked at Bok-joo’s fashion choice. Such a fashion police. I actually think her clothes are cute, or she just pulls it off. 

Joon-hung the commentator, makes a comment on Bok-joo’s every move. He sees her going into the subway after saying bye to Jae-yi but secretly knows she is going to change her outfit, therefore he counts down until she appears again.

bok joo change outfit.png

Joon-hung being Joon-hung will not miss the chance to annoy Bok-joo. He follows her. Joon-hung interrupts her and asks whether she is “weightlifting Kim Bok-joo”.

Although he already knows what is inside her bag, he asks her, Bok-joo says it none of his business. He blurts out that she looks like she came back from a concert, pretending to be sophisticated by wearing a dress and heels. Bok-joo calls him crazy because she will never wear something like that, Joon-hung tries to keep his poker face and says she made the right choice, because his brother doesn’t like feminine girls. Bok-joo is shocked at this new information as this is the concept she went for.

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Joon-hung casually asks about Bok-joo’s day, although he pretty much knows everything. Bok-joo smiles happily talking about her day but is quickly ruined by Joon-hung; he uses Bok-joo as a shield to defend himself from the splash. That is prince charming Joon-hung for you.

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Si-ho wakes up and find herself in Dr Go’s clinic, she had collapsed due to stomach cramps which Dr Go explained the cause- excessive acid in the stomach due to stress. Dr Go asks whether she is stressed recently and Si-ho meekly smiles, Dr Go continues questioning and stating that it is wrong for a man to make a beautiful woman sad. Alright alright.

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Joon-hung nervously glances at Bok-joo and gives his opinion; she shouldn’t dry her hair like that because it will take forever to dry. Joon-hung tries to compensate for his act and helps her to dry, he frantically rubs her head with her towel.

bok joo joon hung.png

Joon-hung ends up messing her hair and fixes it right away before Bok-joo snaps at him. While fixing her hair, Joon-hung looks closely at Bok-joo’s face and starts to feel a bit awkward and throws the towel back at Bok-joo. Actually wait a second, that is her jumper right? not a towel right?

Joon-hung calms himself down and suddenly asks whether Bok-joo thinks that Jae-yi has caught onto the fact that she likes him, but she denies the possibility.

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She adds that she does not want him to find out because men don’t like women who does weightlifting. She shows Joon-hung her hand that is covered with calluses.


“Who would like hands full of calluses?”

Joon-hung disagrees with Bok-joo’s comment, he says that there is nothing wrong with it, and is caused by weightlifting. Joon-hung wants to reassure Bok-joo it’s not her fault that she has calluses, and adds more positive words.


“What’s wrong with that? It’s because you do weightlifting. You can feel safe walking at night. I’d be happy if I were him”

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Bok-joo thinks Joon-hung is just saying it and says she is happy even if nothing happens between her and Jae-yi. Bok-joo says she felt like Cinderella today, Joon-hung smashes her dreams and says that at least Cinderella married the prince. Bok-joo sighs and says that she likes happy ending. Joon-hung stares at Bok-joo and asks whether she knows about the legend: a toad living by the fountain and granting wishes.

He contines with his made-up story and says those who wished, had their wishes granted. Joon-hung says that she should try wishing, perhaps a wish for her and Jae-yi to be together. Bok-joo is unwilling as the story isn’t exactly believable.

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Bok-joo interrupts his story by sneezing, Joon-hung automatically moves further away from her. Excusing himself by saying he has important plans coming up and cannot afford to be sick. Bok-joo grabs his head, not letting him go. Before she even sneezed, he closed his eyes. LOL he probably thought she was going to kiss him. Joon-hung is annoyed and says he will return it back to her no matter what, even if it means kissing her.

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The 2 coaches notify Bok-joo she needs to increase her weight class, although Bok-joo is unable to say no, she does show that she is reluctant to participate. They inform Bok-joo that she will have a higher chance of winning if she increase her body weight to 63kg, because the competition for 58kg is too competitive. It is a win-win situation, but not for Bok-joo’s love life. Bok-joo says she has to discuss it with her father, but Mr Kim has already gave the OK.

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Joon-hung asks the swimming coach whether he can attend the upcoming competition, although it is a small one, he still insists on participation. It might help his anxiety in starting. Joon-hung starts coughing and curses Bok-joo for passing the cold to him.

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Yet again, he spots her and runs straight to her. He complains about her passing the cold and asks how she will take responsibility, especially he has a match coming up soon. Didn’t he say he would kiss her to pass it back. 

However, Bok-joo tells him to be quiet because she is stressed enough. Joon-hung drops his protest about his cold and asks her quickly whether something is happening. She tells him that she has to change the weight class, however Joon-hung does not see the issue and ask whats the problem.

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Bok-joo goes into her training room and accidentally bumps into the female coach, the female coach asks whether she has an answer for the suggested weight gain plan. Bok-joo does not want to agree, but isn’t left with much choice especially the coach keeps sighing, and indirectly pressuring her. She can’t back out now, especially seeing both coaches so thrilled.

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Joon-hung still hasn’t recovered as he is constantly training and unable to take medication. Si-ho joins Joon-hung and his friends for lunch which made all his friend to escape and leave the awkwardness. Si-ho states she is getting desperate because he is the only one she can hold onto. LOL what, people aren’t some kind of insurance.

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Whilst Bok-joo is struggling to eat the chicken, her friend Nan-hee suggests that soft drinks will increase her appetite. Seon-ok goes to the vending machine to buy some for them. Bok-joo receives a text message and tries to open it but struggles. Nan-hee does it for her and reads out the text, its a reminder text message from the clinic. Bok-joo panics and quickly lead her to the toilet.

Nan-hee is confused and questions why she joined J weight clinic. Bok-joo is left with no option but confess the true reason, she takes Nan-hee outside the clinic and explains that she likes Jae-yi, its not like she wants to lose weight but Jae-yi just happens to be the doctor that is responsible for weight loss. Nan-hee being the supportive friend she is agrees to keep it as a secret and even supports Bok-joo’s lie.

nan hee lee sung kyung.png

Joon-hung heads out for his match and sees Bok-joo. Joon-hung notices her hairstyle and asks whether she is going to the clinic. He says its his competition today, so she should send him some positive energy. Bok-joo is unaware of his “starting fright”, and says she hopes he makes a mistake; thinking he will do well no matter what.

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Jae-yi informs Bok-joo that her weight increased again, Bok-joo avoids eye contact as she feels guilty. However, Jae-yi understand that losing weight is difficult especially you have to socialise, and socialising means eating. Before they proceed to the treatment, Jae-yi brings up Joon-hung saying he has a competition today, he wished him good luck but has no reply.

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Bok-joo walks slowly back to the dormitory and regrets what she said to him before, she never knew he made a false start in his previous competition. She regrets saying those words to him. Bok-joo makes a wish at her usual fountain, however this wish is especially for Joon-hung.


“If Joon-hung doesn’t do well, he’ll only blame me. I hope he’ll do well”

The wish may seem half assed, but at least for once, she is wishing the best for Joon-hung.

bok joo wishing well.png

Joon-hung is seen sitting nervously at the waiting room. He thinks back to the advice that the psychotherapist made to him- to not focus on his symptoms, and he should try to think of something else. For example try counting down the numbers. Easier said than done.  

nervous joon hung.png

Si-ho is present at the audience, wishing the best for Joon-hung. She looks just as nervous as he is. However Joon-hung does not notice her presence in the audience. Ah she could have gotten brownie points as well. 

si ho weightlifting.png

Joon-hung experiences the sharp noise again and makes a late start, his counting did not help him with the match. However, he is skilled enough to catch up, making him 4th place, but unable to land in the top 3. Si-ho waits for him outside the stadium and Joon-hung leaves through the other door, unable to see each other.

si ho waits for joon hung.png

Bok-joo searches online for the swimming result and realises that he is not in the top three. She tries to message Joon-hung but none of the messages seems appropriate. She suddenly grabs her origami paper and starts folding something.

bok joo texts joon hung.png

Joon-hung’s adoptive father and mother (auntie and uncle) hands him some medicine and tries to cheer him up. Joon-hung receives a message from Bok-joo which made him smile immediately, but is surprised at her sudden message. She asks where he is, and he asks her whether something is wrong because she never texts him.

happy texts joon hung.png

They meet up at the usual fountain and Bok-joo hands him over an origami toad. He smiles at the present and seems pleased about it. He makes fun of it saying and says she’s not talented because there are so many creases on it. Bok-joo grabs it back but he insist on keeping it because it might really bring him luck. Aww its like the toad story that he made up; magic toad granting peoples’ wishes.

toad weightlifting fairy kim bok joo.png

Bok-joo apologises to him for being too harsh but changes the topic that he should have tried harder anyways. Bok-joo says she will treat him to something good and tells him to follow her. Si-ho sees those two together while heading back to the dormitory, she calls Joon-hung immediately while watching his reaction, however no answer. Si-ho is hurt and throws away the flask that she carried for the whole day, assuming it is for Joon-hung. 

si ho annoyed.png

Bok-joo’s dad and uncle corners Joon-hung as he is an unwelcome guest to their restaurant; they were only expecting Bok-joo and nobody else. They recognise him and calls him the “the one with the tab“. Bok-joo is curious as to why her father knows Joon-hung, but before she is able to get an answer, Joon-hung covers it up with a lie- he’s been here before with friends.

They question Bok-joo’s relationship with him, she answers that they are just friends and know each other since elementary school. Also, she owes him something so wants to do something for him. She suggest the abalone, but the dad seems VERY unwilling.

bok joo dad.png

Joon-hung seems extremely pleased that there are abalone, but he is unable to tuck in without the dad adding few comments; hinting his unworthiness for the abalone. He eats uncomfortably until Bok-joo’s father leaves. The father watches them from the kitchen instead.

bok joo uncle weightlifting.png

They go for sightseeing before heading back to the dormitory, and Bok-joo compliments the view for being pretty. Instead of looking at the view, Joon-hung looks at Bok-joo and says:


“It’s pretty”

sweet joon hung weightlifting fairy.png

Bok-joo brings up his trauma and ask the cause of it, however Joon-hung is surprised that she knows about it. Bok-joo decides to learn more about Joon-hung by asking him how he started swimming, and learns new information abut him. Bok-joo states that the fate of an athlete is hard, they have to work hard and try not to care about their wins but that is impossible. She sees Joon-hung spacing out and tries to cheer him up:

“I’m a good judge of character and I know that you’ll achieve your goal. I see something very intense in your eyes. 

Joon-hung asks whether she is falling for his eyes and she jokes (maybe, hey) that she totally is. They stare into each other eyes for a while before laughing.

sweet lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk.png

Si-ho overhears the topic between Seon-ok and Nan-hee, they discuss about how hard it is for Bok-joo, because she is trying to gain weight. Si-ho sense something suspicious and searched around Bok-joo’s desk and found her diet diary.

diet diary weightlifting fairy .png

Tae-kwon cleans their room and is extra nice to Joon-hung  because he thinks Joon-hung will be upset from the competition. Joon-hung says he is fine and takes out his toad immediately and compliments Bok-joo for being surprisingly cute. Seems like bok-joo has cheered Joon-hung up.

nam joo hyuk toad.png

Joon-hung goes for a morning jog and see Si-ho rushing to the weightlifitng training centre, he is curious why she is there, but heads the other way instead as it’s not his business.

si ho exposing bok joo secret.png

Bok-joo receives a phone call from her dad, she gets called back home, the 2 weightlifting coach is also present. The dad throws the diet diary on the table and asks Bok-joo about it, but of course he already knew what it is. Poor Bok-joo is stunned and not expecting this.

bok joo secret.png



This episode has changed all, everything is going crazy; Bok-joo’s double life has finally been exposed, Joon-hung is falling for her, Si-ho is going crazy-jealous. But I love the gradual seriousness because it aint a drama without the drama.

Joon-hung is slowly falling for our Bok-joo, but what is there to not like. I honestly really like her character, she is really real. People may say its too childish, like the way she acts with the guy she likes. But guys please remember, she is portraying a character that is undergoing her first crush. like everything that Jae-yi says, do or breathe will be significant to her. Its her first love.

Joon-hung is starting to notice the importance of Bok-joo. Not in a fairytale way too, Bok-joo earned his respect and affection. ‘kay she may have had the head start because she was his beloved childhood friend and saved him, but you go save someone okay, and I am sure the person would put you on a higher level than others too. Bok-joo never ever tried to win Joon-hung over, she was always herself with him, she shows him her worst sides (for example, she is embarrassed about her hands but does not mind showing it to Joon-hung). Plus, Joon-hung slowly realises new traits about Bok-joo, its not like he goes BOOM and he starts loving her like no tomorrow. He still teases her, but to put extra effort into impressing her, nah.