Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 5 summary



Episode starts with Bok-joo’s double sided life being discovered by Joon-hung, of all people it has to be Joon-hung. Not only that, but he is related to Jae-yi as well.

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Joon-hung asks why she is here and Jae-yi is surprised that he knows Bok-joo, before Joon-hung expose Bok-joo’s background, she says that they are elementary friends, well college friends as well  if you’ll like to add. Jae-yi introduces Bok-joo to Joon-hung as the cellist. Joon-hung is in shock and pretends to play along, by saying she is also a good singer. Jae-yi states they must have been close because he still remembers her talent in singing. Joon-hung agrees saying they were best friends and hugs her forcefully. A bit forced but at least he plays along.

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Jae-yi says adds that Bok-joo is really strong and Joon-hung playfully agrees saying she is as strong as a weightlifter. Joon-hung continues shaking Bok-joo’s hand and not releasing his grip, he seems to be enjoying the situation the most. Bok-joo leaves the clinic quickly but Joon-hung won’t end his teasing there, he shouts:

“Cellist Kim Bok-joo” 

Oh the horror. Joon-hung quickly follows her, of course he will not let this slip, this is probably the most entertaining thing that is going on for him.

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The two of them walks back to the dormitory, and Joon-hung compliments her for choosing cello as the instrument that she plays as it suits her the most. However, Bok-joo does not see the humour in the situation and confirm whether they are really brothers. Joon-hung quickly confirms her doubt and goes all detective-like; guessing the real reason for going to J weight clinic. He catches on that Bok-joo likes his brother and asks her directly, LOL he can’t be more subtle.

She denies it but Joon-hung is not taking any of it and says that she has matured over the years. Joon-hung says he will keep it a secret, BUT it depends on how she will behave towards him from now on.

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The trio goes to the cafeteria and Bok-joo flops down on the her seat and her 2 best friends are very worried about her because of her “illness”. Joon-hung invites himself to Bok-joo’s table, joining them for lunch.

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Joon-hung pretends he is struggling to cut his fish cutlet, claiming his hands are weak. He passes his tray to Bok-joo and asks her to cut it for him. She swallows her pride, and cuts his fish cutlet but showing her anger by violently stabbing the fish instead of cutting it.

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Joon-hung takes advantage of the situation, he asks whether Bok-joo can get him water. Tae-kwon is surprised by Joon-hung’s sudden request and offers to get it for Joon-hung. Bok-joo steps in and insists she will get the water as she is thirsty as well. Joon-hung smiles approvingly at her cooperation and does a hand gesture to boost her productivity. Their friends witnesses the rare scene and are in shock because the normal Bok-joo would never do that.

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Joon-hung finishes his training but does not want to return to his room because Ki-seok (Choi Woong) will find out then he will get into trouble. He sees Bok-joo running towards the clinic and follows her, knowing he will get entertainment if he follows her.

Joon-hung enters the clinic pretending he is visiting his brother but in reality he is looking for Bok-joo. He glances around the clinic and reminds Jae-yi that he owes him a meal. I see what you are doing there Joon-hung.

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He pretends to be surprise when he sees Bok-joo, but she can only meekly says “hello” before wanting to dash off. Joon-hung invites Bok-joo to their dinner, like he never planned it beforehand. She rejects him saying she has plans, however Joon-hung wouldn’t let his “entertainment” to escape so easily. He teases her by saying he has many things to discuss with Jae-yi, indirectly hinting her secret. After hearing this, she instantly agrees join them, her gives her a sneer while she walks pass.

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Jae-yi sympathises with Bok-joo that it is hard to lose weight especially she needs to carry her cello around. Joon-hung quickly comments that some people are born with great strength, and compliments her arm saying it will be ideal for an athlete.

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Bok-joo denies she even likes sports to brush off Joon-hung, however Jae-yi is surprised because she said that she likes Messi before. Joon-hung remembers the moment when Nan-hee asks him whether he likes Messi and is shocked that Bok-joo used this chat-up line on his brother. Jae-yi leaves the table to answer a call. Joon-hung quickly asks whether Bok-joo and her friends go around asking people whether they like Messi. He actually looks offended.

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They leaves the restaurant and Jae-yi offers to give them a lift back to their dormitory but Bok-joo does not let go of Joon-hung’s hand, insisting they have a lot to talk about. Joon-hung panics and begs Jae-yi to take him as he knows what punishment he will get from Bok-joo. He prays quickly before following Bok-joo. LOLOL.

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Bok-joo makes a deal with Joon-hung because she is always on the edge not knowing when he will expose her secret. She tells him to punch her and call it equal, she sticks out her face but giving him a fright instead. She asks whether he is after money, but he rejects both ideas. He notifies her that he will think carefully on what he wants and will let her know.

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Joon-hung returns to the dormitory happily, laughing at Bok-joo’s suggestions and calling her lunatic. However his mood quickly changes when he discovers his newly assigned role for the track meet- carrying bags of rice. However, Joon-hung does not accept this and says he will run away on that day. He ask what Tae-kwon’s role is, and discovers he is responsible for cheerleading. Well at least they can suffer together. 

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Si-ho waits for Joon-hung and suggest they can get pizza together because he likes wood-fired pizza. Tae-kwon senses the awkwardness and runs away. Joon-hung acknowledges Si-ho’s act but tells her that relationship isn’t a sport, no matter how hard she tries, sometime it won’t work. He delivers a final KO before leaving:

Learn to stand on your own two feet. Everyone lives his or her own life. You can’t expect anyone to solve your problem”

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Sang-chul overhears that Woon-ki is increasing his weight despite his competition is approaching, which holds many risks. He realises that Woon-ki is doing it for his team member because if he changes his weight then that means Sang-chul and other weightlifters have a chance to win medal too. Sang-chul tells Woon-ki to stop thinking of others first before leaving.

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 Joon-hung is affected by what Si-ho said and frantically exercises. He receives a message from Si-ho which ruined his mood even more, he aggressively continues exercising and injures his arm. At the infirmary, he receives another message from Si-ho but ignores it. Dr Go tells Joon-hung to stop playing hard to get because the girl might get away, however Joon-hung tells her to care about herself first because Jae-yi is getting popular. Ohh Dr Go likes Jae-yi so Bok-joo does have a rival.

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Bok-joo is exercising and Si-ho enters, she praises her for working hard and asks whether she has seen Joon-hung recently. Bok-joo says she rather not hear about Joon-hung as she is going through a difficult time due to him. Si-ho becomes immediately curious and asks Bok-joo why. However Bok-joo says its uncomfortable for her to say and hope she does not ask again, in a nice way of course. Brushing her off will just make her more crazy.

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Tae-kwon is all dressed up for the track meet, and gets many cheers from different sports departments. However his face changes completely when he sees Si-ho, as he knows she will ask something about Joon-hung. No one ever wants to be a middle person. Tae-kwon tells where Joon-hung is to Si-ho; he’s at a gaming cafe as he does not want to lift the bags of rice.

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Ki-seok realises that Joon-hung is not present at the track meet, he grabs Tae-kwon’s collar and threatens him. Si-ho leaves track meet to find Joon-hung at the Internet cafe. Tae-kwon starts to panic and frantically calls Joon-hung, however he does not answer his calls and continues to game.

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Bok-joo overhears Tae-kwon’s venting regarding Joon-hung and understands the situation that Joon-hung is in. She gestures Tae-kwon to pass over his phone so she can speak to Joon-hung. They must be fated because out of all the calls, he finally picks up. He recognises Bok-joo’s voice right away but is more surprised at her sudden deal as he does not fully understands it. He calls her back immediately but there was no reply, so he dashes off, leaving Si-ho behind at the gaming cafe without even a bye.

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Everyone is waiting for the swimming team’s representative to appear as the suspense increases, Bok-joo appears and everyone is shocked to see the swimming team’s replacement. The weightlifting team tell her to get off however she does not listen because she made deal with Joon-hung- replace him during the lifting rice bag contest and he will never expose her secret, or tease her about it.

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Joon-hung is distressed and looks sadly at Bok-joo, even though she won the contest. Si-ho witnesses Joon-hung’s distressed expression and realises that he does care a lot about Bok-joo; for him to run back after hearing her call and to appear at track meet. Bok-joo manages to win against other teams however neither are happy, Joon-hung is not happy that Bok-joo replaced him and Bok-joo knows she has betrayed the weightlifting team.

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The weightlifting team discusses the results of the track meet, and everyone is upset because their legacy has ended. Everyone on the team gives Bok-joo snide comments about her help during the lifting rice bag contest. The weightlifting senior snaps at Bok-joo and says she should ask food from the swimming team instead, seeing helped them, Woon-ki interferes and tells them to stop it, past is in the past, but tells her that she should clean the training room because thats the least she can do as compensation.

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Her loyal best friends doesn’t let Bok-joo accepts the punishment by herself and helps her with the cleaning. Nan-hee asks whether Bok-joo likes Joon-hung because thats the only plausible reason to explain her help. Bok-joo denies it and says there is another reason but none of them believes her.

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Joon-hung is angry at Tae-kwon for letting Bok-joo replace him at the contest, however it is not because he cannot tease Bok-joo anymore but worried she will be isolated by the weightlifting team. Aww. He voices nothing but concern for her, even though he will be punished by Ki-seok for skipping the contest.

We gotta quote hero Joon-hung:

“The weightlifting team lost because of her. She has become a traitor to them!”

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The trio leaves the weightlifting training room and sees Joon-hung and Tae-kwon, Joon-hung rushes over and grabs Bok-joo’s arm so he can talk to her. Bok-joo insists she does not want to talk to her because it will cause greater misunderstandings. Look at Nan-hee’s face LOL.

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Joon-hung angrily asks Bok-joo whether she is right in her mind, but Bok-joo does not understand why he is angry and says they are even now because she helped him, she no longer needs to worry about him exposing her secret. Joon-hung is angry that Bok-joo thought he will tell her weightlifitng team members the secret, because he will never do so. But that is not Bok-joo’s worry, she is more worried that he till tell to Jae-yi. Joon-hung’s face is like exploding with anger.

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“That’s not what I mean. Don’t tell Doctor Jeong. He’s your brother. What if you let it slip? I don’t want him to think that I’m a liar, so please don’t tell him, okay?”


“Do you like him that much?”

But our Bok-joo does not answer his questions and appears to be very teary-eyed. Joon-hung does not give her the time to think and snaps again, questioning what she likes about him. Bok-joo simply states that she likes him. Bok-joo apologises for liking his brother before walking off, Joon-hung is left standing there and just lost, with no comebacks.

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Si-ho asks why Bok-joo helped Joon-hung yesterday, but Bok-joo is unable to answer as it will expose her secret. She says that she has reasons and cannot tell her which made Si-ho slightly annoyed. Coincidentally, Joon-hung messages Bok-joo saying he gave a ticket to Jae-yi for a concert and will give her a ticket as well, it is a seat next to Jae-yi so she should act surprise when she sees him. Bok-joo smiles at her text, and Si-ho looks over with an annoyed expression.

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After careful consideration whether to attend the concert or not, Bok-joo decides to go. It wasn’t like she was going to say no anyways. She pretends to act shock by shouting Jae-yi’s name and acting like it is fate that they are both there. The exchange some conversations about the performance but Bok-joo is more focused on looking at Jae-yi’s face. He offers to give her a lift back, although she rejects it, she implies that it would be helpful as her bus stop is very far away.

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Jae-yi drives Bok-joo back to the dormitory and it starts to rain, Jae-yi says that somehow it rains every time he sees her. Bok-joo jokes nervously suggesting perhaps clouds follow her, Jae-yi insists that sunlight follow her instead. Aww that is so sweet. Bok-joo voices over that she is glad she carried that table on the rainy day and consequently bumping into Jae-yi. She is also glad that she didn’t carry her umbrella with her. She finishes her voice over with “I am glad I am a girl“.

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Joon-hung is seriously the sweetest guy. He would tease Bok-joo and trolls her like no tomorrow, but when she actually needs his help he would support her no matter what. It is subtle but I don’t think he approves Bok-joo liking Jae-yi, especially she will reach the extent to betray the weightlifting team. He evens questions what she likes about Jae-yi, it’s basically indirect jealousy. It’s like Joon-hung cares so much about Bok-joo that he knows what will cause her trouble and what won’t. Tae-kwon tried to call Joon-hung so many times and when he finally answered and heard Bok-joo’s voice, he ran straight back to Hanwool college. The deal could just be a bluff, could be anything, but the fact is that he did go back to school because of Bok-joo.

Also, Joon-hung knows Bok-joo’s secret, and it could have played to his advantage in many things, he can demand a lot of things from her, but any requests that he made in this episode are really basic stuff- cutting his food and getting him water; being nicer to him in general. It’s like Joon-hung will never use her weakness to get what he wants, yes he will tease her, but will never hurt her. 

Jae-yi is just your nice guy, says nice things, does nice things. Everything nice. But his character is really lacking, not a very relatable character, or maybe I am just a nasty person. He’s very thoughtful but at the same time, I think he is thoughtless. His insensitive sweet words to Bok-joo can hurt her, it can lead her on and just cause confusion. There is no harm in being nice, but his niceness is like borderline too much? Or maybe he is just slow to realise that Bok-joo likes him, I don’t know.

Lastly, Si-ho is clearly jealous of Bok-joo, she knows how important Bok-joo is to Joon-hung, maybe even before Joon-hung realises it himself. I do understand her character though, she is a selfish person, she always puts herself first and others second, and when things falls part she will cling onto her safety. She is doing badly in terms of her career therefore will cling onto other things- Joon-hung. Even though she abandoned him before, it does not stop her.