Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 4 summary



Bok-joo carefully counts her money by blowing on each notes to make sure none are stuck together. The receptionist takes her money quickly before she changes her mind, she is then sent to see Jae-yi, who will then examine her.

Jae-yi says she is very healthy because majority of her weight is made up of muscle. Jae-yi suggests to Bok-joo that it is important to lose weight in a healthy manner, and sticks out his hand to initiate a handshake; wishing her good luck for her future weight loss. However, Bok-joo looks down on her hand and sees many calluses and feels embarrassed, and quickly slaps his hand to initiate a high-five instead.

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Bok-joo leaves the clinic and passes by a small jewellery store and decides to try on a red hair clip, but struggles to use it. The stall keeper gives her a red ribbon instead, suggesting it is easier to use. Bok-joo checks herself in the mirror but is unsure, the owner says she looks more feminine and pretty, which helped made her to purchase it right away.

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Gymnastics coach angrily asks Si-ho whether she is dating someone because she cannot maintain her weight. The coach continues lecturing her; she needs get herself together because Si-ho’s weight is not dropping also she refuses to go to Russia for training as well. Alright, there are bigger issues.

3 randoms gymnasts talks about Si-ho in the toiler, saying how she is strange recently; going into the boys’ dormitory and her gymnasts skills are dropping. Si-ho warns them to mind their own business and not to talk about her personal issues again. Soo bin feels faint from Si-ho’s warning, like what. Alright. 

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Bok-joo is wandering back to her dormitory and stops by the wishing well, Joon-hung pops out of nowhere to scare her but fails. He sees the bag that she is carrying and Bok-joo quickly brushes it off because it contains the gift for Jae-yi. Joon-hung insists on finding out what is inside but Bok-joo snaps at him. He then quickly assumes that the bag has some feminine care and apologises as he forgets that she is a woman too.

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He tails behind her and follows her while doing annoying skips. She suddenly turns around to ask him a question regarding her “friend” but without him knowing, she is that “friend“. She asks whether it is okay to give Jae-yi a handmade gift however Joon-hung says that a handmade gift is too much and a thank you message is better to keep it simple, not realising the scenario that Bok-joo described was her and Jae-yi. Bok-joo follows his advice and writes Jae-yi a handwritten note instead.

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The trio talks about Si-ho entering the mens’ dormitory and how she previously dated Joon-hung. Bok-joo claims that Si-ho is way too good for Joon-hung, saying he is immature. The weightlifting seniors witnesses the trio chatting away and tells them off for slacking and not cleaning. Bang Woon-ki (Oh Eui-sik) interrupts them and says they should let them off which made Sang chul (Moon Ji-yoon) not happy with Woon-ki due to his sudden leader-like behaviour.


Bok-joo eats quickly at the cafeteria as she knows that her appointment at J Weight clinic is approaching, so she scoffs down everything and runs back to her room to get change. However once she opens her wardrobe, she realises she has nothing to wear, well nothing girly anyways. On her way to the clinic, she puts on her red ribbon that she bought and dashes into the clinic.

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Bok-joo hands over the gift bag that contains the umbrella to Jae-yi, but he insists that she shouldn’t have went through the trouble as the umbrella belongs to his brother. They then discuss about her steady weight and how it is not dropping, nevertheless Jae-yi encourages that it is normal as she is just starting. He suddenly asks her about her major which Bok-joo blurts out cello, after seeing a nearby cello ornament.

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Jae-yi believes that Bok-joo is a cello student due to their first meeting involves Bok-joo carrying a heavy table; he believes her strength comes from constant transportation of her cello. Jae-yi is very interested in her major and continues to ask questions but is interrupted by a phone call. Bok-joo’s father calls to see where she is, as he is delivering food to her, Bok-joo says that she is not in the dormitory. The father says he will leave the food with her friend, but if the father meets her friend the truth will be revealed because she told her friend that she will be helping out at her family restaurant. She quickly sprints out the clinic and bumps into Joon-hung, begging him to give her a lift on the bike. Which he did, but after many playful comments at her weight and her new hairpin. Bok-joo manages to get back to the dormitory in time and is able to send her dad off without him discovering that she was in J weight clinic.

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Joon-hung meets up with his psychotherapist (Park won-sang) to discuss his starting fright, they discuss about his symptoms. The psychotherapist asks whether he gets these symptoms from other situations, however Joon-hung brushes it off saying he cannot remember. The psychotherapist says he his highly defensive and it will not help him in the therapy. To be honest, the psychotherapist himself is quite scary, he suits a villain character more. Not being mean.

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Jae-yi drives Joon-hung back to the dormitory and Joon-hung finds the umbrella that he gave Jae-yi in a gift bag. Jae-yi explains that he lent it to one his patient, but curious Joon-hung asks more information about his patient. Jae-yi returns the umbrella to Joon-hung, not realising that there is a note inside the gift bag. Joon-hung goes back to his room and nosy Tae-kwon looks into the bag and realises that there is a note inside. The even nosier Joon-hung opens it immediately and finds a note saying:

“Thank you, Doctor. What you gave me isn’t an umbrella but your kind heart.”

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The trio goes to the cafeteria for lunch and Bok-joo tries to restrain herself by scooping less food onto her plate. Joon-hung snatches the plate from her saying he will take hers but realises that she has small portions on her plate. He states that she even looks skinnier as well. So cute that he notice. However, Bok-joo is stubborn so she tries to snatch it back.

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Si-ho coincidentally walks in and sees Joon-hung playfully teasing Bok-joo. She walks right up to Bok-joo and asks what she is doing, pretending to be close friends by linking arms with her. Bok-joo glances at her sudden arm-linking and clearly feels awkward.

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Si-ho joins them for lunch which created a very awkward atmosphere, Si-ho says its nice to eat with everyone because she seldom gets the chance to, but everyone but Joon-jung awkwardly answer “ahhh“. Si-ho tries her luck with Joon-hung again by saying he looks skinnier and offer him some of her acorn jelly.

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However he is not taking any of it and leaves, she follows him and questions why it is so hard to eat lunch together. Joon-hung answers that he does not mind eating with her but will if it makes others uncomfortable. Before he walks off, she asks whether they can get back together. She apologises for suggesting a break up but explains that it was because she was going through hardship- struggling with Gymnastics and giving support to Joon-hung.

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Joon-hung agrees that she was having a hard time but on the day that he called her, he was the one that suffered the most, and she did not had any decency to just give him comfort for that day- he false start in the competition. She agrees that he is right and apologies for it and even admits its her fault, and from now on she will be good to him. Joon-hung states that it is not easily compensated and walks off angrily.

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Trio discusses whether Si-ho and Joon-hung are back together but Bok-joo seems more interested in her text message from J Weight clinic. They see Woon-ki running in late for their training and Sang-chul confronts him about it as he thinks Woon-ki is being stuck up due to his offers from professional teams. They gets into an argument and it slowly develops into a physical fight, but is quickly separated by other weightlifters. The commotion catches the 2 coaches attention. The coaches punishes the entire weightlifting team, and lectures them for not training hard enough that is why they have so much energy left to fight.

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After their punishment and lecture, the male coach surprises the weightlifting team with a BBQ. Male coach gives them a prep talk saying that he would rather the students to enjoy weightlifting than be unhappy and winning competitions. Although,Bok-joo is touched by the surprise BBQ, she is more interested in leaving as she is late for her appointment.

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Bok-joo rushes back to change her clothes and runs in the rain to the clinic. Despite being in a rush she still manages to put her red hairpin before entering. He praises her for losing 200g of body fat and goes around the table to show her, but instead of looking at her body weight, she turns her attention to Jae-yi’s face.

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She spaces out while staring at his face and is not paying attention to what he is saying as she is in her own world. He sulks because she thinks he is not paying attention to him, well she is.. at his face and not his words. Bok-joo lies and says she was too immersed in the classical music that was playing in the background. Jae-yi asks Bok-joo about classical music and she manages to answer him by making up some lies on the spot but naive Jae-yi believes right away.

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Seon-ok and Nan-hee discusses about how busy Bok-joo is- weightlifting and her family restaurant, they decides to go and help her. They head straight to the restaurant but realises that Bok-joo is not here, Bok-joo’s dad says that she is in the dormitory. Nan-hee quickly realise the situation- Bok-joo is lying to father, and to them as well. Loyal Nan-hee makes up a lie that she had forgotten Bok-joo is on the campus and apologises for making a mistake. Bok-joo walks back to the dormitory but is ambushed by her 2 best friends.

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They interrogates her but Bok-joo continues to lie saying she was at Bok chicken helping her dad, Nan-hee quickly says that they have been there and she was not present. Before Bok-joo fesses up, she sighs and says she feels embarrassed thats why she could not tell them. Nan-hee feels frustrated because they are best friends and Bok-joo should not feel embarrassed to tell them anything. Before Bok-joo fesses up, Nan-hee asks whether Bok-joo have haemorrhoids again. Bok-joo sees her escape route and plays along saying she did not wanted to make a fuss about it therefore did not tell them about it.

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Bok-joo searches online about the song that she previously discussed with Jae-yi, but is interrupted by Si-ho. Si-ho brings up Joon-hung saying he is charming; playful but caring. However Bok-joo says she has not realised these part about him. Si-ho says they seem close and wants her help in getting back together with Joon-hung. She is kinda cunning, but I am glad Bok-joo is a bit slow cause she managed to brush her off. Thank god she did not agree to matchmake those two.

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The weightlifting coaches discusses about their teams performance because majority of them will graduate soon and many have not received any offers from professional team. The drama then skips to Woon-ki with an unknown woman (assuming she is his partner/wife) and he apologises that he cannot even afford postnatal care for her. Male coach calls him to discuss about changing weight class as it will benefit both him and his team members.

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The coaches also proposes that Bok-joo raise her weight class from 58kg to 63kg because she will have a higher chance of winning a medal, and it will also help the weightlifters in her class to win a medal. However Bok-joo’s father is worried because raising the weight is harder than lowering it.

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Jae-yi compliments Bok-joo for her weight loss and asks whether she would like any reward, he tells her to think about what she wants and then let him know. She heads to the changing room to prepare for the treatment, however she bumps into Joon-hung. Finally. 

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He is suprised to see Bok-joo at J weight clinic, however Bok-joo is even more shocked that he is here. But twice the shock because she finally realises that Joon-hung is Jae-yi’s brother (well cousin but she does not know that yet, ya know the hung stuff is confusing).

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An entertaining episode, it really shows how much chemistry that Joon-hung and Bok-joo has, they can playfully interact with each other. To other peoples’ eyes *cough Si-ho* it would seem like flirting, but at this point I don’t think Joon-hung or Bok-joo likes each other in that way. Not yet anyways.

Also from this episode you can sense that Bok-joo will face a challenge- gaining weight. She will be forced to gain weight as it will benefit her in the weightlifting world but not so much in her love world. I am not saying that Jae-yi likes skinny girls, but he is the doctor that is responsible for Bok-joo’s weight loss so if she gives up on weight loss she will never see him again. Well unless they get closer of course.

Finally, Bok-joo’s double sided life will slowly be exposed; first of all Joon-hung was the first person to see her in the clinic, and also her friends are catching on but she covered it up. don’t think Joon-hung will tell on Bok-joo to the weightlifting coach but will he tell it to Jae-yi is another question.