Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 3 summary



Bok-joo happily enters the clinic to see Jae-yi again; he states they have a special bond, however, she does not flow the topic but changes it to Messi; asking him whether he likes Messi. Jae-yi is taken aback but still manages to flow the conversation…awkwardly. She leaves the clinic and thinks back to their conversation, but with her own added special effects.

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Bok-joo gasps at the price for joining the weight loss plan, and looks at her empty account, she is missing 200 dollars to sign up. Figuring that she might be able to get money from her dad, she runs urgently and passes Joon-hung, not realising he was there. But hawk-eye Joon-hung notices her right away. Aww.

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Bok-joo arrives at home and witnesses her dad sticking green tape on an 18 year old scooter. She feels bad as her dad is working so hard to earn money, and is not even wiling to spend money on essential items- scooter, used for delivery.

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The gymnasts are working hard, however, Soo Bin (random gymnasts) gets praised by the teacher and Si-ho feels jealous. The teacher says that people who are “overweight” have to do some skipping before they are allowed to leave. What. The coach calls Si-ho over and states that Si-ho is not improving, unlike Soo Bin. She suggests that Si-ho should go to Russia for training but it will be expensive. I did not know that Russia is famous for gymnastic. 

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Nan-hee and Seon-ok competes with 2 other gymnasts to the lounging room so they can watch tv. Nan-hee and Seon-ok manages to win their space by throwing a slipper. Bok-Joo arrives to the scene and the 2 gymnasts flees. However Bok-joo is not here to stand up for her 2 friends, but to ask whether they have any money. Nan-hee exclaims happily that she does, thinking that Bok-joo wants to eat.

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Si-ho returns to her neighbourhood and overhears her dad stating their financial crisis; not enough money to keep funding for Si-ho study. The parents argues; Si-ho’s mum does not back down and insist they keep pushing Si-ho towards Gymnasts, however Si-ho’s dad is worried they will live very tightly if they keep supporting Si-ho, especially for something that she does not want. How is she going to ask about funding for her Russia training camp. 

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Jae-yi dines with the Hanwool’s doctor- Go Ah-young (You Da-in). He spaces out and Ah-young asks if he is okay, and he answers that he is thinking about one of his patient. He explains that he normally asks questions to his patients so he is taken aback by Bok-joo sudden question about Messi. Ah-young asks if he finds her pretty and he says she is.

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Joon-hung receives a text message from Si-ho and sees her drinking a whole load of… juice. He grabs the one she is holding and tells her to stop drinking. Chill bruh, it is only juice. She says that in the future, she would like to be born into a rich family, so she does not have to worry about money. Joon-hung asks her if she knows the real reason behind why she is upset, he goes on explaining that there is a gap between reality and what she wants. He tells her to stop being greedy because it might help her. Joon-hung suggest they go home, and she slips causing him automatically grabbing her hand as a reflex, he lets go quickly but she grabs his hand again, claiming his “hands are always warm”. Joon-hung pulls his hand away and says its getting late and the roll call will start soon.

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Headmaster of Hanwool college organised an event for hiking, whoever gets to the top first will receive a 300 dollar prize. Bok-joo feels motivated because if she she wins, she finally has enough money to join the weight loss plan. She is so motivated that she hallucinates Jae-yi to be at the top of the mountain. Bok-joo is raring to go but the male teacher continues to motivate the student by giving them a prep talk, whereas other departments have already left and is heading up the mountain. Due to the late start, Bok-joo sprints up the mountain.

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Joon-hung pretends he can’t walk and his swimming captain approaches him, kicking the area that Joon-hung claims to be sore. However on the other hand, Kim Bok-joo is sprinting up like no tomorrow. Tae-kwon slows down as he is very tired but Joon-hung leaves him behind as he sees the swimming captain approaching. So loyal.. Joon-hung singular journey ends shortly as he spots Bok-joo, he runs up to her and is completely energised, even doing a cheerful skip towards her. He was just panting one second ago…

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He amuses himself by giving lots of comments about her struggling and finally offering to help. However she does not want his help and he accidentally pushes her over. She snaps at him for injuring her. She continue to walk up the mountain while limping, Joon-hung feels bad and offers to give her a piggyback. She rejects his offer and continues to limp on. Aww Joon-hung, he even pretends he’s hurt so she will look back.

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Bok-joo determination lasted till the end, she reaches to the top however many people have already arrived. Joon-hung gives insensitive comments, not realising how important the prize money is to Bok-joo. She tells him to “get lost” and claims they’re not even friends, and he’s being overly nosy that it ruined everything. Hey hey, that is a bit cruel Bok-joo. 

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Bok-joo is upset and spaces out, Nan-hee and Seon-ok discusses about places to eat but Bok-jo claims she has no appetite. However Nan-hee manages to persuade Bok-joo, they arrive at the restaurant and after few drinks, Nan-hee becomes drunk and start being a nuisance to a table near them. She flicks her hair around and it keeps hitting the man behind her, and accidentally pouring alcohol on him. The man finally snaps and the trio apologises instantly.

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However the man does not step down and continues to be aggressive towards them, such as saying if they were his sisters, he would lock them up and shave their hair. Bok-joo becomes defensive and tries her best to ignore their comments however she is triggered by the word- “loser”. She kicks the chair and it ends up hitting the man. Joon-hung coincidentally arrives to the scene. He’s everywhere.  He witnesses the argument between Bok-joo and the man, however does his best to not intervene.

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Bok-joo avoids getting into more conflict and tries to control her anger however is triggered by the comment saying “you don’t even look like a woman”. She finally snaps, and grabs the man’s collar, but is held back by Seon-ok. They leave the restaurant angrily and sits outside. Seon-ok tells Nan-hee to sober up and Bok-joo to calm down before heading back to the dormitory.


Joon-hung watches the group of men talking about the trio and holds back his anger. One of the members says that he hates aggressive woman especially ugly ones like them, however one of his friends questions whether he really found them ugly. He answers that one of them is decent and sometimes strong girls are more attractive because they become submissive later, before getting into details, he is interrupted by a flying punch by Hero Joon-hung. GO JOON-HUNG! THE DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!

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Although the battle scene was really cool, Joon-hung and Tae-kwon runs away from the gang and sees the trio sitting outside the restaurant, they quickly grab them so they can get away too. The gang chases them down the road, Joon-hung and Bok-joo hides inside a shop.

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Luckily the gang could not find them. Joon-hung watches them leave and gets up, forgetting that there is a table above him, Bok-joo quickly rubs his head and there is a moment between them. Joon-hung awkwardly says “lets go”, Bok-joo follows and accidentally hits her own head too.

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Before heading back to the dormitory, the two of them went for some night viewing. Bok-joo asks why did they actually ran; indirectly asking why was he even there. She asks whether he saw the whole scene, he answers “what?”. She then continues asking him if he started fighting because of her. Joon-hung denies it and says he is not that loyal to interfere with others’ lives. NO! Own up to it, you are a hero! Bok-joo thanks Joon-hung, while saying “thanks, friend”. He looks extremely pleased and keeps glancing at her.

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Si-ho shops around and smiles at a trainer that is displayed by the window, remembering the days when she dated Joon-hung. Both of them entered the shop and Si-ho begs him to get matching shoes however Joon-hung does not want it as it makes him cringe. In the present time she states that the white shoe would look good on him.

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Bok-joo and her father goes for a drive on the new scooter. They arrive at the dormitory and the dad gives her money, saying she looks upset and wants her to use the money to de-stress. Bok-joo says that she does not need the money and hands it back to him, but the dad refuses and says he has no need for the money because the uncle already got the scooter.

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Tae-kwon collects his package and discovers a package for Joon-hung, however he is surprised as he is not expecting anything. He looks at the trainers and know right away that it was Si-ho that sent him it. He phones her and she runs to see him right away. He hands it back to her and says he don’t think he can keep it. She accepts his rejection but feels upset.

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Bok-joo is conflicted as she has enough money to join the weight-loss clinic but she feels bad towards her father. She makes a vow in front of her friends, claiming she will work harder towards her goal. She returns to her normal life and laughs happily with her friends. Joon-hung sees her laughing happily and smiles, glad that she has returned to her usual self.

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Si-ho discuss with her coach that she won’t be going to Russia as her family cannot afford. The coach basically named and shames her as she did not ask the other gymnast to leave first before Si-ho speaks, Soo bin gives a sarcastic comment saying its disappointing that Si-ho cannot join the camp. Si-ho receives a phone call from her mother, her mother shouts at her for rejecting the offer. Si-ho sits on her bed and cries and looks at the trainers that she got Joon-hung and rushes to the men dormitory, shoving the trainers into Joon-hung’s arm. What a way to give a present.. it is almost like a threat. You reject me, you die.

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Bok-joo receives a text message from Jae-yi saying he likes Ronaldo better than Messi. Oh no, she was coming into terms that she won’t be seeing Jae-yi again and this happens. She rushes out the training room and towards the clinic, she meets Jae-yi on the street while crossing. He recognises her right away but she is too surprised and touches him to see if he is real. She stares at him intensely and says that he can even talk now.

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As per usual, a very sweet episode but you can sense that it is getting serious because Si-ho ain’t taking a rejection from Joon-hung, and neither is Bok-joo going to give up liking Jae-yi. They are both very determined ladies, just their interest are different. But if they both like Joon-hung, then world war is gonna start.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Si-ho, I understand her feeling and pain regarding her financial situation. It is hard to afford education, and in Si-ho’s case, her parents aren’t exactly the most supportive parents too, if anything goes wrong they blame Si-ho. However Bok-joo’s dad work very hard for Bok-joo, he does not force her to do weightlifting and even gives her money to go eat nice food. I also don’t get why Si-ho bought trainers for Joon-hung, like girl you are poor right now, worry about yourself first.

Also, can we all clap for Hero Joon-hung, he claims he is not a loyal friend, but best friend award must go to him. His care for Bok-joo is really crazy, he can still defend her like that after their quarrel on the mountain. Also, he does not brag about helping, and stay modest, like he protects her without her even knowing.