Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 2 summary



Episode 2 starts with a flashback of their childhood, it features them in their sports festival, and the child version of Joon-hung is shown to be very nervous; even more so due to the pressure from his friends. He takes part in the relay batons and his nervousness got the better of him, he drops the baton and started running the opposite direction. After his mistake in the race his fellow classmates bullies him, causing him to accidentally slip and fall out the window. Coincidentally Bok-joo is walking outside and catches the falling Joon-hung.

saving bok joo.png

It jumps back to present time, despite the touching (kinda) flashback, he questions her “when will you get off?”. She jumps off right away and panics, thinking her feet does not touch the pool’s floor. Before she could escape from the embarrassment, Joon-hung shouts “Kim Bok-joo” and does a cheeky smile. He calls her “chubs” right away and states the reason why she looked familiar, she hesitates but has to admit that he is her childhood classmate aka “skinny Mr Reversed”. Joon-hung is very happy to see her again and accepts her half-heartedly apology regarding her accusation of him being a pervert.

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The trio discusses the discovery of the popular handsome swimmer Joon-hung to be the skinny kid that existed in Bok-joo’s childhood. Joon-hung pops out of nowhere and calls out “chubs”. He chases after the trio and Bok-joo looks down and speed walks away, she bumps into Joon-hung’s chest, and is forced to speak to him; him flowing 99% of the conversation and 1% is Bok-joo smiling, a forced smile. She encounters Joon-hung again in the cafeteria, and he asks why she is eating so little, and gives not only his own yoghurt drink but his friend’s too. They encounter each other in the track field again and Joon-hung insists on a high five or he won’t leave.

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Bok-joo visits her usual fountain and makes a wish but encounters Joon-hung again. He salutes her right away and addresses her as “chubs” yet again. She warns him to not call her “chubs”, but he does not take her seriously by playfully nodding away. She gestures him to get closer and he did, thinking she had something to tell him. Until he got close enough, she headbutt him and states that she beats up men too. Joon-hung’s friend- Jo Tae kwon (Ji il joo) bows to Bok-joo while she walks away. Joon-hung does not get angry but claims she hasn’t changed at all.

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However Bok-joo feels the opposite and claim that he annoys her. However her close friend Nan-hee disagrees and is jealous of her. Bok-joo denies that she is not interested in dating and is too busy with weightlifting. However, weightlifting is not the only thing that Bok-joo is busy with. She is a filial daughter and helps out at her family restaurant despite being busy with her training. During her help at the restaurant, she meets Lee Jong Suk, he is student at Hanwool College (guest character) and is in the shooting team (LOL am I the only one sensing W reference).

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Bok-joo’s father asks the uncle to deliver the food, however the uncle declines as he thinks he is a big-shot celebrity after the compliment from Lee Jong Suk. Bok-joo says she will do the delivery instead. Little did she know that she will encounter her worst enemy- Joon-hung. Seeing how busy she is and how tired she looks, he tells her to sit down first as he needs to taste it first before he pays; indirectly telling her to rest and giving her a reason to rest as well.

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However she did not understood his goodwill and says its her treat because she thinks its a prank, and drove away on her motorbike. Joon-hung chases after her but could not catch up. He tracks the location of the chicken restaurant and struggles to find it, while cursing himself that he should have given her the money in the first place so he does not have to go through the trouble. After climbing many stairs, he found it and witnesses Bok-joo and her father interacting, realising that she is helping her father’s restaurant hence her hectic lifestyle. Not only does he witness that she works part-time at her father’s restaurant but she also gave the money for his order.

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The weightlifting team seems demotivated because the bus is small compared to their usual bus. The female teacher insists that they should go in without complaining however they struggle to fit in a small bus . The male teacher gives in, seeing how badly they struggle to fit. He came back with a larger bus for the weightlifting team and inform the other teacher that the authority (assuming the college) has cut down the teams’s expenses by 30%.

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Joon-hung and his friends goes to the chicken restaurant however it seems like Joon-hung dragged them there as his friends complain about having to eat chicken for lunch. Joon-hung notices the shelf which is filled with Bok-joo’s medal and unconsciously smiles. He goes to pay for their order and also pays for the previous meal that Bok-joo paid for, leaving Bok-joo’s dad confused.

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The weightlifting team returns from their training and the teachers tries to brush off their promise- a BBQ feast. However a student questions whether the BBQ meal is still happening, female teacher steps in and says she will feed them, however offers a burger to each person hoping that will be sufficient. The male teacher watches the sad students eat their burger and feels bad therefore he suggests that they should have BBQ instead.

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Joon-hung is walking towards his dormitory and sees his ex-girlfriend Si-ho waiting outside for him. His friend runs up to him happily, not noticing the atmosphere. Si-ho seems happy to see him again however Joon-hung does not reciprocate and appears to be very cold towards her words. After their meeting, Si-ho practices and makes many mistakes during her practice, and becomes frustrated. She takes out her frustration on a biscuit and gobbles it down.

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Joon-hung visits his family at the pharmacy, and afterwards goes to his room and opens his drawer and look at his handkerchief sadly, and then a bundle of postcards that was hiding behind a bunch of towels. He looks at the bottom of the postcard and reads “from mum”.

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Bok-joo makes a wish at the fountain and Joon-hung passes by and smiles (so cute). He asks her what her wish is; she states that it is none of his business, however instead of being his usual playful self, he agrees that she is right and wishes her luck with training and hopes she does not get injured. She sense something strange about him as he did not pry into her business as per usual.

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Jae-yi asks the Doctor (responsible for students in Hanwool College) for advice regarding the situation that Joon-hung is in, they seems to be in close terms as he even helps her put on a plaster. Joon-hung comes into the infirmary and interrupts their sweet moment. Jae-yi and Joon-hung leaves and Jae-yi suggest that Joon-hung should receive psychological treatment for his panic attack before his upcoming matches, Joon-hung hesitantly agrees. The both leave the building however it is raining, and Joon-hung offers the umbrella to Jae-yi and refuses to share because it is weird for him if he shared an umbrella with a male.

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Bok-jo runs in the rain and seems to notice a poster saying that their vanity table has been stolen, sensing her vanity table is the one that the person is looking for, she goes home straightaway to confirm whether her new vanity table was the advertised stolen one. Bok-joo dad struggles to pick the table up therefore Bok-joo carries the vanity table instead to return it. While she is waiting for the traffic lights to change, Jae-yi approaches her and covers her from the rain using the umbrella that Joon-hung gave him.

He shields her from the rain while she crosses the road, he asks her where she is going as he can assist her if they are going towards the same direction. She rejects his offer but he insists, explaining if other people sees him letting a lady carry a heavy table by herself, they will badmouth him. She froze in surprise at his comment “lady”. While she is picking up the vanity table, a car drives pass and splashes water at them however Jae-yi shields her from it. He helps her carry the vanity table to the location and even gives her the umbrella.

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While Bok-joo repeats the word “lady” to herself, she receives a phone call from Seon-ok, and rushes to the hospital. Majority of the weightlifting team is suffering from food poisoning as the female coach tried to save money and bought expired ingredients for making the seaweed rolls. Bok-joo understands that the weightlifting team is undergoing a financial crisis and informs her cohorts. They made a plan together on how to cut down food costs and propose it to the weightlifting coach. The teachers seems touched and everything ends on a nice note.


Bok-joo returns back to her room and gently places the umbrella on her table and flops on her bed while thinking back to the moment when Jae-yi shielded her from the water. She opens the umbrella and plays around with it and smiles to herself (she reminds me of Totoro when he smiled hearing the raindrops on his leaf umbrella). Si-ho stirs in her sleep and she quickly place her umbrella on her desk.

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Bok-joo receives an emergency phonecall regarding her dad and runs back home instantly, however she is tricked as her father only wanted her to come back to see the new vanity table that he got for her. While on her way back to the dormitory, she sees Jae-yi jogging and follows and ends up at his work, realising he’s a doctor. Bok-joo reasons out in her mind that he was kind to her because he’s a doctor and sadly returns to the dormitory. As she is reaching the dormitory, her 2 best friends greets her happily and telling her to hurry up. Bok-joo changes her mind in the last second and walks off and arrives at the clinic that Jae-yi works at- J Weight Clinic.

She walks into his office and Jae-yi recognises her instantly and states they have a special bond. She remains silent and suddenly asks him whether he likes Messi. She uses the chat up line that Nan-hee advised on. Oh god.

do you like messi.png



Biggest LOL on the ending for this episode, it is cute that she actually listened to her friend’s advice, but not sure whether that would help her. However Jae-yi and Bok-joo are actually cute together, I mean how he was shielding her from the rain and he didn’t even know her. Yes, he is a Doctor, but that does not mean he has to be a saint. I understand why Bok-joo has fallen for Jae-yi, as he is the first man to treat her as a lady than a strong weightlifter.
However, lets not forget about where the umbrella came from. Joon-hung gave it Jae-yi, Jae-yi gave it to Bok-joo, so Joon-hung did indirectly helped Bok-joo or even acted as a cupid for Bok-joo and Jae-yi. What have you done Joon-hung, this umbrella changed everything.

Another thing that stood out for me in this episode, is the soft spot that Joon-hung has for Bok-joo, regardless whether he likes teasing her or not, you have to admit he has a soft spot for Bok-joo. I mean she washed away the important smell on the handkerchief, one of the remaining traces of his mum. He was raging before however discovering she was his childhood friend he completely changed and became happy instantly.