Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 16 (Last Episode)



Bok-joo is trying her best to maintain her long-distance relationship with Joon-hung. They catches up what happened during their day, Bok-joo requests Joon-hung to visit her dad. Whilst on the phone, Joon-hung falls asleep and Bok-joo is sulking that she likes Joon-hung more than he likes her now. She gets caught by the dormitory head and is punished for staying outside her room.

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Tae-kwon tries to force Joon-hung out with him but Joon-hung brushes him off and claims he is busy. Tae-kwon is approached by Nan-hee and Seon-ok, he awkwardly greets Seon-ok.

Joon-hung arrives at Bok-joo chicken and notices a sign- the restaurant is closed for personal reason. He calls Bok-joo’s uncle and asks about the closure of the restaurant. The uncle tells him that the restaurant is closed because Bok-joo’s dad needs to treat his stomach ulcer in preparation for his upcoming surgery. Joon-hung arrives at the hospital to check whether Bok-joo’s dad is okay.

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Bok-joo’s dad isn’t exactly welcoming to Joon-hung because he is wary of his friendliness towards him, he thought he was just friends with Bok-joo but his actions tells otherwise.

Joon-hung asks when his surgery is; the date of the surgery is the same day as Bok-joo’s competition. He warns Joon-hung to not tell Bok-joo about the surgery because it will affect her performance, and she needs to concentrate before her competition. Joon-hung agrees to his demands and make a promise that he will not tell Bok-joo. He gets a call from Bok-joo but lies to her that he is training.

Bok-joo is slightly annoyed because Joon-hung is always busy. Her new friends senses her annoyance and asks to see a photo of Bok-joo’s boyfriend. She shows them his photos and they compliment him for being good-looking, however one of her new friend warns Bok-joo that they will break-up soon because most couples can’t last long-distance especially if one of them is in Taereung. Also to make it worst, Joon-hung is good-looking so he has many girls around him.

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Tae-kwon is the new member of the trio, and Nan-hee even confirms it with him. Bok-joo calls Nan-hee to catch up with them and Nan-hee teases Bok-joo whether she talks a lot with Joon-hung. However Bok-joo tells her that Joon-hung is training and is too busy to chat.

Seon-ok and Nan-hee gangs up on Tae-kwon because they senses something suspicious. Poor Tae-kwon is unsure because Joon-hung ran away from him too. They interrogate him whether Joon-hung is cheating on Bok-joo, Tae-kwon dismisses the idea because Joon-hung isn’t the type to betray. It will take more to persuade Seon-ok and Nan-hee, they insists on catching Joon-hung and wants to find evidence too, they asks Tae-kwon for cooperation. It’s not like he has a choice.

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Bok-joo’s uncle is greeting Joon-hung as his “niece’s future husband”, which makes Joon-hung very happy. He asks whether Joon-hung can come to the hospital for 2 hours tomorrow, Joon-hung is delighted that he can be a help and agrees right away.

The uncles goes and pick up a call from his girlfriend (assuming it is the delivery girl) from before, she shouts at him asking where he is.

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Joon-hung leaves the hospital and calls Bok-joo right away however the call goes straight to voice-mail. He bumps into Si-ho and they walk back to the dormitory together. Si-ho is slowly recovering from her psychological issues and even has interviews to be an assistant coach.

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Joon-hung quickly heads to the hospital after his training, but Tae-kwon is taking his newly found role in the trio too seriously; he updates Seon-ok immediately.  Bok-joo’s 2 dependable best friends trails Joon-hung, oh and Tae-kwon too.

They follow him to the hospital and suggest that the woman he is meeting is a nurse, they look at the sign outside the door and notices the patient’s name is the same as Bok-joo’s father. They deny the possibility and opens the door and realises that it is.

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The new trio are guilty of their actions and Joon-hung is most disappointed at Tae-kwon because he is supposed to be his friends. They apologise for overreacting and Joon-hung says it is okay as long as they do not tell Bok-joo because he needs to keep it as a secret.

Joon-hung calls Bok-joo and she answers, she is slightly upset that they barely have the chance to talk nowadays. Joon-hung says he has many things to do and Bok-joo asks him what it is. He takes back his words and Bok-joo states he is so wishy-washy and asks if he doesn’t like her anymore. Bok-joo gets call over and has to end her call with Joon-hung.

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Bok-joo’s chronic back-pain is acting up again, she drops the barbell when she tries to lift it. Her coach rushes over and tells Bok-joo to get treatment and some rest for today, then come back tomorrow when she is in better shape.

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Seon-ok gets a call from Tae-kwon, he asks whether she wants to go watch a movie with him. Seon-ok says yes and is going to ask if Nan-hee is free too. Tae-kwon tells Seon-ok to not tell her and they should go without her.

They meet up, and Tae-kwon asks if she is surprised he asks her out to watch a movie together. Seon-ok says she is more surprised that he is more casual with her. Tae-kwon holds Seon-ok’s hand and Nan-hee pops out from nowhere. Seon-ok pushes Tae-kwon away. Nan-hee asks what they are doing together and Seon-ok lies saying they are waiting for her so they can go see a movie together.

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After getting the treatment, Bok-joo feels much more comfortable and calls her dad because she is planning to go home. Her uncle picks up the phone and Bok-joo asks to speak to her dad. He lies saying her dad is in the toilet, Bok-joo tells her uncle that she is going home and will be back in 20 minutes time.

They frantically panic and tries to think of a solution to distract Bok-joo. They suggest to call Bok-joo’s friends to stop her from going home, as she will see the sign outside the restaurant. However they do not answer the phone because they are at the cinema. They have no choice but to contact Joon-hung, he tells her to distract her so she does not notice the sign.

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Joon-hung rushes back at the speed of light and manages to stop her from seeing the sign. His lie is somewhat awkward and claims they must be telepathic because he wanted chicken and ends up seeing her instead. Bok-joo says they should go in and Joon-hung hugs her immediately from moving. Bok-joo does not appreciate his strange behaviour and is suspecting he has done something wrong.

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Joon-hung has no choice but use force to drag Bok-joo away, he takes her to another restaurant and ends up ordering fried chicken. Bok-joo asks Joon-hung whether he is hiding something from her, for example partying with other girls, but Joon-hung denies it. He gets a call and excuses himself to the toilet.

Bok-joo’s family are on their way back to the restaurant and thanks Joon-hung for stalling her. Bok-joo appears from nowhere and grips onto Joon-hung’s shoulder.

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Bok-joo demands to know who he was talking to, however Joon-hung insists that she does not know this person. Joon-hung says that she should stop being suspicious of him, but Bok-joo ignores his requests and demands to know the name of the person he spoke to. She tries to grab his phone from him but struggles because Joon-hung puts on the highest level of defence with his ninja-like movement.

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Bok-joo knows this will not work and says they should not fight and calmly sits down, Joon-hung also sit down and places his phone on the table. She quickly grabs it and tries to see his call details but Joon-hung manages to snatch it back. He says that they are dating but still should respect each other’s privacy. Bok-joo is very pissed of at his sudden comment and walks off while telling him to have fun with his new girlfriend.

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They end arguing on the street, Bok-joo is angry at his suspiciousness and believes he does not like her as much now. She angrily walks back to her restaurant and sees her dad and uncle. She asks why her father is wearing a mask and the dad says he is scared he might give his flu to the customers and is just preventing it from happening. She looks at her uncle and sees him sweating profusely and asks what he is doing. He is hiding the fire extinguisher and says he is cleaning it to prevent fire.

Seon-ok and Nan-hee runs in and greets Bok-joo. Bok-joo is surprised at their appearance  and how they knew she was back. They claim they have telepathic connections, but Bok-joo brushes it off and is just happy to see her friends.

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Ah-young is spacing out and sees the door opening, she jumps up and thinks that Jae-yi is coming to see her. However it turns out to be a nurse that works in the hospital. He comes in late and apologises for being late, she says that she was not waiting for him. He asks if she has had dinner which she claims she has, but will have dinner with him since he came all the way here.

Jae-yi sees Ah-young eating a lot and gives her more food. She tells him that she did have dinner but didn’t get a chance to finish it because she had a patient coming. Jae-yi tells Ah-young that he searched up nice restaurants to eat with her because he wants her to eat nice food. She becomes silent and claims she has to leave as she has a lot of work waiting for her.

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Jae-yi chases Ah-young and asks if he has done something wrong, she says that she moved here to avoid him, so she can get over him. However she finds herself liking him all over again and warns him to not visit her anymore.

Jae-yi hugs Ah-young and says he does not like Seoul if she isn’t in there, it is too lonely. She asks for the meaning behind his words and Jae-yi answers it with a question:

“Do you like Messi?”

Ah-young beams at his question and realises what he meant, he hugs her one more time, but this time she hugs him back too.

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Bok-joo is hanging out with her friends and Joon-hung calls her but she does not pick up because she is angry at him, she thinks he is cheating on her. Joon-hung goes to Bok chicken to reconcile with Bok-joo but ends up seeing Bok-joo’s dad instead. He invites him in and they have a personal chat.

The dad tries his best to get to know Joon-hung, he asks if he is a swimmer and asks how good he is at it. Joon-hung said he got 2nd recently at a national competition, although the dad is impressed he tells Joon-hung that he should have gotten first. He asks if he has both his parents, Joon-hung confirms so, he hesitates but tells him that they are actually his uncle and auntie. Joon-hung shares some secret to Bok-joo’s dad- his dad died when he was young, his mother got re-married and he was adopted by his auntie and uncle.

Bok-joo’s dad finally asks why Joon-hung likes Bok-joo, he thinks for a while and answers that he feels warm around her. He elaborates that whenever she is with her friends, family or even when she is weightlifting, she feels warm.

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Bok-joo says bye to her family but forgets to bring battery, she walks back home to get it but discovers the sign. She is approached by a neighbour and she congratulates Bok-joo for getting into the national team. She then asks Bok-joo the date of her father’s surgery.

Bok-joo calls her uncle and asks him where he is, he lies and says he’s at the restaurant. She walks into the hospital room and shocks both her dad and uncle.

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The father explains that he wanted to tell her but didn’t because he was scared she will be worried and it might affect her performance during the competition, especially it is her first international competition too. Bok-joo makes a promise with her father that she will win the gold medal and put it around his neck so he better be safe and well from the surgery. He promises her. Uncle butts in the conversation and tells her that she should treat Joon-hung to a meal because he helped looking after her dad and also keeping it a secret too until she discovered it.

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Bok-joo waits for Joon-hung outside his training centre, she puts both her hands up and declares that she is not understanding, self-centred and don’t deserve him as her boyfriend. Joon-hung simply laughs at her action says he is not angry, and offers to take her to Taereung.

They arrive at Taereung and he reassures Bok-joo that he will never cheat on her, maybe in a million years but not now. He also reassures her that her dad will have a safe surgery and he will look after her dad for her.

Before she leaves he tells her to just focus on her training and even if she does badly he will just hug her. There will always be a second chance. Bok-joo is reluctant to say bye to him but it has to be done.

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Bok-joo is training harder than ever because she no longer has silly thoughts and knows she has the best support ever.

Joon-hung texts Bok-joo on his phone and with a tower of sausages next to him. The text says:

“Bok-joo, sausages at the convenience store reminded me of you. Work hard today. You don’t have to respond.”  

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The day of Bok-joo’s competition is here, her coach is massaging her shoulders to relax her muscles. Bok-joo does the final preparation and voices over:

“Kim Bok-joo. You’re not alone right now. Many who love you are with you and cheering for you. Don’t be nervous. Continue what you’ve been doing. No matter what anyone says, you’ll be a world champion. Bok-joo. You can do it. It’ll come true. let’s do it” 

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Joon-hung and the uncle are waiting outside the operation room. The surgery went well and he just needs need to recover now. Both of them sighs with relief. However, they have no time to be relax because Bok-joo’s competition is starting now.

The whole weightlifting team is watching Bok-joo competition and applauds when she appears on the TV.

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Joon-hung and her uncle are watching Bok-joo’s performance live and are so nervous that they are tightly holding their hands. The weightlifting team is just as nervous.

Bok-joo succeeds and everyone screams in delight. Even Joon-hung and her uncle who are in the hospital cannot contain their happiness . The dad is weak but gains consciousness, he voices over:

 “Good job, Bok-joo. Thank you”. 

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Bok-joo returns back to Seoul and sees Joon-hung waiting for her. She runs up to him and hugs him which attracted a lot of paparazzi’s attention.

Joon-hung says he is very proud of her and Bok-joo thanks him for everything. She emphasises again that she really is grateful for him. The hug each other without a care about the people surrounding them.

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-2 years later-

Joon-hung is still the same but he is seen wearing the clothes that people wear at taereung. He made it! His friend tells him that his back aches and Joon-hung comforts him that it is all worth it for a gold medal. His friend teases him that he talks like a know-it-all when he just just got out from being a backup. His friend reminds him of his graduation, and Joon-hung panics, exclaiming Bok-joo will be mad at him. He quickly runs off and says bye to his friend.

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Bok-joo is graduating today and as per usual, Professor Yoon is giving a speech but instead of being interrupted by Coach Choi, he asks her to complete his sentence. He high-fives Coach Choi for completing his sentence and the students notices their couple ring. He completes his speech by stating some got into the national team (Bok-joo) and some got into semi-professional teams (Seon-ok and Nan-hee) but their journey only starts now. He tells them to not forger their times shared together and gets all emotional, he tells them that they are always there for them. The student applauds and thanks Professor Yoon and Coach Choi for everything.

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Both sides of the family are present for their graduation. Joon-hung introduces Bok-joo’s dad and uncle to his family, and likewise, Bok-joo introduces Joon-hung’s family to her uncle and dad. She introduces Ah-young as Jae-yi’s fiancée so they must have gotten engaged in the 2 years gap.

Bok-joo’s dad is very happy to meet Joon-hung’s parents and thank them for all the vitamins they send him. They also thank him for the delicious chicken that he sends them.

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The new trio comes and greet both family. Tae-kwon offers to take photos for them. How sweet. I am guessing he has quit swimming or just taking a break and serving the military. 

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Joon-hung and Bok-joo visits the Toad’s house. Joon-hung says that she needs to thank the wishing well because all her wishes came true- got into the national team and has a handsome boyfriend.

They walk along the track field to see it one more time, Bok-states that she has ran this field so many times, and asks if he needs to return to Taereung tomorrow and whether he has a match too. Joon-hung says that he will most likely be chosen to compete because one of his team members have a shoulder injury.

They teases each other and makes bets to see who will win the most medal at the Tokyo olympics. Joon-hung exclaims that after the olympic he will be more famous than her, and even offers her an autograph. Joon-hung pauses and asks a big question.

proposal weightlifting fairy.png


“Bok-joo if I win a gold medal this time, would you marry me? I’ll get pension, you know. I’ll take care of you”

Bok-joo smiles at his proposal but claims she will think about it. She tells him that he has to train if he wants the gold medal and suggests to run around the track with him, he says he does not want to run around the field on their graduation day. Bok-joo threatens him that if he does not run, she will not marry him, and dashes off. Joon-hung has no choice but joins Bok-joo.

Bok-joo voices over:

“Everyone spends their youthful years. It’s a time more beautiful because we’re immature, and a time that sparkles brightly. We’re not afraid because we have nothing to lose, and our hearts flutter because we can have anything. A 24-year-old youth. I’m not complete yet, but I’m more than perfect already”

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The end. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo is over. Done. I need to get my head around it. It was great to be able to summarise such a funny and cute drama, this drama made me smile so many times and I can’t help but loving Bok-joo and Joon-hung more and more. Will definitely miss the unique humour in this drama and the heartwarming scenes. Highly recommend this drama if someone is after a sweet, school setting drama and has great characters. Not to mention, the amazing and heart-wrenching  scenes between Bok-joo and her father. If romance is not your jam then this drama also has a strong “family” genre and “comedy” too. Give it a try, this drama is hard to hate and slightly addicting, there is slightly to much cheese in the drama but I can’t fault it, the world is too depressing recently and we do need the extra happiness from other stuff, i.e. from dramas.

The drama beautifully touches on topics like first love, romance, break-ups, depression, friendship, rivalry and family conflicts. It portrayed the struggles of a weightlifter well, and how the gender stereotypes cannot stop a person’s ambitions. It shows that life is not simple and achieving a dream is not a walk in the park, there will be ups and down, but in the end you can pull through. Bok-joo came to love herself and know that she is not perfect. She realises the importance of support. In her competition before her slump, she motivated herself by telling her to focus on weightlifting and nothing else, but in the final competition, she knows she has nothing to lose because her everything is the support she has. If she fails, she can start again.

One thing I slightly dislike is the idea of the guy being perfect and the girl being imperfect, they fall in love and face challenges together. That is the downside because of the typicality, but the idea was refreshing because we don’t have a Korean drama based on weightlifters, or not many based on sports, so this was an interesting concept to pick on. Especially we see athletes as glorious individuals but do not think of their years of gruelling training, once their limelight is over so is their career. It is a risky career that requires many sacrifices.

Although the storyline seems so perfect in the end- everyone is happy, but I can’t stop thinking about some unanswered questions in the drama. I guess it is open to interpretation but these are the few plots that I am confused about:

  1. What happen to Si-ho, we know that she is training to be an assistant coach and stuff but did she succeed, I just want to know what happened to her in 2 years time. She deserves to be happy too and I want to see her with a happy ending. I also wonder whether she came around to liking the swimming captain. It would have been nice if they included this in the end, everything did seem rushed.
  2. Did Joon-hung’s half sister managed to recover, and does he contact his birth mother. It would be nice if they have some sort of correspondence. I mean he has forgiven her, so it doesn’t hurt to interact with her.
  3. Tae-kwon and Seon-ok. Like why hint the potential pairing but not continue it, don’t bring this up on the last episode. I actually really ship this pairing and find them cute. I guess it is open to interpretation and from the ending, I really can’t conclude anything. Tae-kwon seems ever so close with Seon-ok and Nan-hee. He has his arms around Seon-ok and Nan-hee, so we can say they just settled as friends and did not pursue it any further. However, some thing could have happened between them, but the new trio can still be very good friends. Either way, I rather they not bring this pairing up if they are not going to bother telling us the ending between them. I do have a feeling that Seon-ok has some sort of feelings for him too, cause when he held her hand during their meet-up and at the cinema, she didn’t pulled her hand away. If Tae-kwon continues pursuing  Seon-ok, I don’t see why they did not started dating.
  4. No idea how Jae-yi started to like Ah-young, I guess her leaving him is like the reality slap that he needed but it still didn’t make sense to me. Although the drama did emphasis him trying to win her over in the end, but it didn’t explicitly says that he unconsciously always liked her. Or maybe it did, but it was too subtle for me to notice.


Overall, it is an easy drama to digest and doesn’t affect you too much. I mean there are some dramas that will kick you into an emotional loop; you can’t stop thinking about it. This drama is easy to the heart, let’s just put it that way. Fans of Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk will love this drama, I was a fan before this drama but this drama made me like them more. If you haven’t fallen for them yet, watch this drama and you will.

Disclaimer: I do not own this drama and is simply summarising. I would like to thank you for reading my summary and please give lots of love to “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo”. 

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