Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 13 summary


Bok-joo returns to her room and smiles to herself, she receives a text message from Joon-hung, he asks whether she is back, they exchanges very sweet text messages to each other. It goes back and forth, they both refuse to sleep and texts each other instead.

bok joo sweet text joon hung.png

Bok-joo and Joon-hung are on their honeymoon stage, everything is sweet. They hug instead of jogging around the field. Bok-joo doesn’t stop smiling even when she is brushing her teeth, Nan-hee asks whether something nice happened, but Bok-joo denies it.

Joon-hung messages Bok-joo to meet at the “Toad’s house”. Nan-hee tries to peek at the text message but Bok-joo claims it’s a spam message. Bok-joo puts a lot of effort into her appearance, she moisturises her face, puts on lipstick and fixes her hair. She glances at Si-ho before she leaves, and is confused because she is still sleeping.

bok joo lipstick .png

Bok-joo sees Joon-hung throwing coins into the small well and then approaches him, she questions what he is doing. He tells her that he managed to throw it in and Bok-joo should make a wish. While Bok-joo is making a wish, he kisses her on the cheek. She tells him off for kissing her but he defends himself by saying she forcefully kissed him. Bok-joo becomes flustered and punishes his loose mouth by punching him, Joon-hung concludes it never happened and he was the one who did it instead.

bok joo joon hung kiss sweet.png

He notices the red ribbon on her hair and demands her to take it off. He becomes jealous and insists that Bok-joo likes wearing it because Jae-yi complimented it. Bok-joo says this is the only ribbon she has and refuses to take it off because she thinks it’s pretty. Joon-hung forcefully grabs the ribbon from her hair and accidentally pulls some hair alongside the ribbon.

He grabs Bok-joo’s hand to lead her to somewhere else, Bok-joo is reluctant because her hand is coarse and says she hasn’t put on hand cream. Joon-hung insists its okay, he will treat it like an acupuncture treatment.

bok joo ribbon cute.png

 Si-ho finally wakes up and is covered with sweat, she tried to get her phone but accidentally knocks it down instead. She reaches for it but is unable to get a hold due to the distance.

si ho reaching mobile.png

Joon-hung takes Bok-joo to a shop, the counter is filled with hair accessories. He tells her to choose something and he will pay for it, he also adds that she is not allowed to wear anything else but the hair accessory he buys her. Bok-joo warns Joon-hung that she does not like jealous-type guys and tells him to stop. Joon-hung mimics her and does not seem to be listening, he asks whether she is going to choose something and she instantly replies yes, and asks for his opinion too. They decided on a strawberry hairpin, after going through many options.

choosing hairpin together weightlifting.png

Bok-joo returns back to their room and finds Si-ho collapsed on the floor, she shouts for help and Si-ho is taken away to the hospital.

Tae-kwon runs to find Joon-hung, he informs him that Si-ho has collapsed and is in the hospital right now. He goes straight to the hospital to find her and is approached by a doctor. He asks whether Joon-hung is Si-ho’s guardian and he confirms so. The doctor reports that she is vey weak and have few problems, and will require further examination.

joon hung si ho hospital.png

Si-ho’s family comes rushing into the hospital and her mum pleads her to open her eyes. Next to her mum is Si-eon, who also begs Si-ho to wake up.  When did she come back?! Si-ho slowly regains her consciousness and recognises her mum, Joon-hung leaves quietly after seeing her regaining her consciousness.

z hera si ho mum.png

Joon-hung visits Si-ho and heads outside to talk as they were disturbing the other girl in the patient room. They sit at a nearby bench and Joon-hung apologises for missing her call. He excuses himself that he never knew she was sick, Si-ho reassures him that it is fine and she have known better to take care of herself.

Si-ho tells Joon-hung that everything happened before her accident seems so far away. Si-ho says they mature through sports, once they don’t stay competitive, everything will be ruined. She explains that is the reason she kept on clinging onto everything, she apologise to Joon-hung for clinging onto him and forcing him to date her again. Joon-hung calls it even because he ignored her call too, Si-ho initiates a handshake and asks whether they can be friends again. Joon-hung accepts her handshake.

si ho joon hung friends again.png

Professor Yoon complains to Mr Kim (assuming he is in charge of admission) because he didn’t kept his promise- hiring Coach Choi again. Instead he is hiring another person to replace the missing spot. Mr Kim insists the decision cannot be changed because it has been decided. Professor Yoon informs him that he will also leave the weightlifting department and walks away.

professor yoon.png

After talking to Joon-hung on the phone, Bok-joo goes to the hospital to join Joon-hung on his visit at the hospital, Bok-joo walks in and seems nervous. Si-ho tells her to sit down and Bok-joo gives her flowers. Joon-hung comments on it, he says that she is allergic to flowers and wonder if Si-ho will be okay accepting it. Bok-joo is flustered at her mistake and apologises for getting her flowers.

Si-ho says she feels dizzy and wants to lie down, Bok-joo offers to adjust her bed but Joon-hung takes the remote from her and adjusts it instead. He even fixes Si-ho’s duvet which made Bok-joo feel very uncomfortable.

sweet nam joo hyuk si ho.png

They walk back in silence, Joon-hung does not sense her jealousy and asks why she is unusually quiet. Joon-hung asks whether Bok-joo wants to listen to one of his joke and puts his arm on her shoulder, she nudges it off and warns him to not talk to her.

Joon-hung suggests to eat something as he thinks she is cranky because of hunger. He takes her to a nearby food stall and passes her a fishcake. Before they dig in to eat, Si-ho calls Joon to ask him about the psychotherapist that he mentioned earlier. Bok-joo munches to her heart’s content while glaring at him angrily.

joon hung made bok joo jealous.png

Bok-joo uses all her anger in eating and munches continuously. Joon-hung still does not sense her jealousy and comments on the amount she eats, she can be in the Guinness Book of records for eating. Bok-joo walks off angrily at his insensitive comment and leaves Joon-hung to pay for the fish cakes that she consumed.

He back-hugs her and apologises for calling her “chubs” and “piggy”, Bok-joo pushes him away and continues to storm off because his nicknames aren’t the reason she is angry. He holds her hand and she snatches it back, accidentally scratching him. Joon-hung tries to use the sympathy card and tells her that he is bleeding from her scratch, Bok-joo’s anger is still not extinguished though.

He demands to know why she is angry but Bok-joo denies that she is angry and says that he is weird for insisting she is angry, she walks away and leaves him confused.

annoyed bok joo pay fish cake.png

The weightlifting team discusses the recent news that Professor Yoon is also leaving. They feel discouraged and says there is no point in doing weightlifting. Woon-ki stops them from leaving and tells them the truth behind Coach Choi using the operational fees. Woon-ki apologises that he kept it a secret all this time. Bok-joo tells them that they should inform the school the real reason and manages to persuade everyone to protest with her.

Their protest isn’t getting much attention and soon they get discouraged. Mr Kim notices them and says they will give up soon, he walks into his office and does not give their action a second thought.

weightlifting team protest.png

Joon-hung goes to visit his brother at the clinic, he asks why Jae-yi has not been at the infirmary recently, and guesses he had an argument with Ah-young. Jae-yi confirms his hypothesis and Joon-hung further claims that a guy and girl can never be friends. Jae-yi then asks if things are going okay with him and Bok-joo.

Joon-hung shyly says they are doing fine, Jae-yi congratulates them for dating and Joon-hung tells Jae-yi about the argument he had with Bok-joo. He asks why girls like being angry but never telling the reason behind so. Jae-yi comforts him, he tells him that he will discover the reason soon, he just needs to keep going. Jae-yi isn’t exactly the best person for advice.

jae yi advice.png

Joon-hung returns back on campus and sees Bok-joo protesting, the whole weightlifting team is also in the cold. He approaches her and asks what she is doing, however she gives him the silent treatment. He takes her away from her cohorts so they can talk privately, he warns her to not do it because the temperature will drop later. Bok-joo tells him to mind his own business and even if she freezes to death it does not concern him. Joon-hung snaps at Bok-joo:

“Stop talking to me like that. I’m just worried about you”

joon hung annoyed argument.png

Bok-joo is startled at his shouting but tries to act cool, she puts on her hood and walks away from him, returning to her original position. Joon-hung tells her to do whatever she wants and walks away angrily.

stubborn bok joo.png

Jae-yi waits for Ah-young outside her home and says that she didn’t answer her phone. Ah-young apologises that she got too emotional the other day and apologises for him. Jae-yi says that he has been thinking about what she has said and reflected on his past 10 years, concluding he did took her for granted, he suggest they try dating for real.

Ah-young is slightly offended by what he said and says that dating isn’t some kind of charity work, and even if he tried, love does not work like that. Ah-young steps away from Jae-yi and heads towards her apartment, she tells Jae-yi to leave because it is getting cold. Jae-yi stands outside and hesitates to leave but decides to leave after seeing Ah-young is nowhere to be seen anymore. Ah-young watches him from inside her apartment’s hallway.

ah young jae yi goodbye.png

Joon-hung is flustered and confused for many reasons, he does not understand why she is outside in the cold and why she is ignoring him. Tae-kwon walks into their room and notifies Joon-hung that it is snowing outside. Joon-hung sucks up his pride and goes out to find Bok-joo.

Woon-ki suggests they take a break, Bok-joo sits on the stairs and rests her legs, she massages her sore foot. Joon-hung appears in front of her and put a heat pack under the soles of her feet.

sweet nam joo hyuk lee sung kyung .png

He does not say a single thing and just looks straight at her. He puts her hood up and even gives her the jacket that he is wearing, and offers his scarf too. He looks gently at Bok-joo and pleads her to not strain herself. Their sweet moment is interrupted by the return of the weightlifting team. She tells them that he is just a friend that is nosy and worried about her, however she cannot help but look at the leaving Joon-hung.

joon hung sweet.png

Everyone is slowly leaving the protest, only Nan-hee, Bok-joo and Woon-ki are left standing. Bok-joo overexerts herself because her nose is bleeding, they are about to give up but Seon-ok returns. Nan-hee bursts out crying when she sees Seon-ok; the trio is reunited once again… and Woon-ki is just standing there awkwardly.

seon ok returns.png

The other weightlifters run back to inform Woon-ki that the new weightlifting coach is hired due to his connections with Mr Kim- the new coach does not know anything about weightlifting. The weightlifting team is re-charged after hearing the news, they go full-on protest this time.

continue protesting.png

Mr Kim calls Professor Yoon to inform him that his team is going on a rampage across the campus. Professor Yoon heads straight to the campus and shouts at them for causing a ruckus. Professor Yoon tries to push them back to their training room however they refuses. He has no choice but lay on the floor to stop them them from walking, but then suddenly he receives another phone call. Mr Kim informs Professor Yoon that they will hire Coach Choi back under the condition of cutting her pay for 3 months.

They celebrate the good news and Joon-hung passes by right at the moment. He sees Bok-joo’s smiling face and sighs in relief while looking down at his bag full of heat pads.

heat pack joon hung sweet.png

Their celebration proceeds to Bok chicken, Coach Choi joins them too. Professor Yoon compliments them for their hardwork and cheers to their reunion. Coach Choi gives them a speech too- she keeps it short, saying she is grateful and happy to be back. She holds back her tears, and the students tells Professor Yoon and Coach Choi to do a love shot. Bok-joo’s uncle comes in and stops their love shot, he tells everyone that he is dating Coach Choi. Everyone is shocked at the news.

uncle coach choi.png

Coach Choi lectures him for telling everyone that they are dating. She explains to him that she was drunk and he should not take her words seriously. Bok-joo’s uncle insists they are dating as they even kissed. Coach Choi has not choice but tell him to slap her so they can call it equal. He refuses and asks whether she likes Professor Yoon. Coach Choi lies and say she doesn’t, the uncle applauds her response and says he will pretend nothing happened today. He will continue liking her and then walks away from Coach Choi.

uncle leaves coach choi.png

Bok-joo is unable too answer Joon-hung’s phone because she is with her friends. Once they return to the dormitory, Bok-joo lies to Seon-ok and Nan-hee claiming she is slightly tired and unable to hang out with them. She calls Joon-hung and pretends she never saw his calls, and asks whether he wants to meet up, and gives an excuse for meeting up; she needs to return his jacket that he gave her.

bok joo jealous gives jacket back to joon hung.png

She hands him over the jacket and still plays hard to get. Joon-hung asks her why she was mad, and insists she must tell him. Bok-joo hesitates but decides to tell him in the end.


“I don’t want to look childish, so I wasn’t going to say anything…but you’re so sweet to your ex-girlfriend. Fine, I get it. She’s sick. I understand that part. But how can you go on about her pollen allergy in front of me? Did you have to be that obvious? You didn’t even notice me pigging out because you talked to her on the phone for so long Did you two have that much to talk about?”

joon hung bok joo sweet moment.png

However, Joon-hung is pleased about her jealousy. He then explains the whole reason why he was extra nice to Si-ho. He embraces Bok-joo and tells her that they should tell each other everything from now on; whether they are stressed, feeling sad or embarrassed.

reconcile bok joo nam joo hyuk.png

Everything returns back to normal, they’re all lovey-dovey again. They walk around the campus displaying their affection but stops after seeing Si-ho. Joon-hung instinctively goes and help Si-ho with her bag but stops after realising he might be making a grave mistake. Si-ho senses something between Joon-hung and Bok-joo, and ask whether they are close, Bok-joo denies it and Si-ho lets her off, despite knowing she is lying.

si ho happy again.png

Their love-doveyness continues and Joon-hung suggests a game of rock-paper-scissors. Bok-joo keeps losing and Joon-hung punishes her by flicking her head. This time he pretends to lose so Bok-joo can win, Bok-joo does not know he did it on purpose and flicks his head using her full strength. Joon-hung pretends to be angry and suggests they breaking up but after few seconds they are laughing again.

cute moments bok joo nam joo hyuk.png

Their PDA continues and coincidentally, Bok-joo’s dad goes pass them and witnesses Joon-hung hugging  Bok-joo. He pauses and stares at them. Oh no, what will happen now?

cute weightlifting fairy.png


This is the thing about romance drama, once the guy and the girl are together, the drama just feels so empty. Like there is nothing more to say or talk about, their interactions aren’t even that cute anymore? It is cute, but like, not as cute as the subtle ones before; when Joon-hung has not realised his feelings for Bok-joo. Now, it’s just borderline cheesy.

The episode for me did drag, I feel like their argument lasted too long. Although it did portray a couples’ argument in the most realistic way, it lacked the wow factor. You knew they would reconcile at the end of the episode. Like it was nothing major. However, Joon-hung’s action towards Bok-joo was very sweet; he cared for her despite they were in the middle of an argument. He gave up his pride for her wellbeing, and that is something to applaud for.

One thing I dislike is Si-ho’s character development. She is one of the main lead and she doesn’t get the storyline that she deserves. She hasn’t contributed to the story at all, it is questionable whether we need her in the story. I mean they could have used a random girl to make Bok-joo jealous and another random girl to hand in Bok-joo’s weight diary, it does not have to be Si-ho. Another thing bothered me is the fact that she just realised her mistakes after going into the hospital, emm your stomach was cleaned out, not your mind. Worst thing is that her illness was not even serious so it shouldn’t have affected her mentality too much. Overall the producers made a bad storyline or a bad reason for her sudden willingness to let things go. Like she fainted, and she suddenly have a sudden change of perspective in life. Em okay, if you say so. P.s. What even happened to her family in the end, like is she okay with her sister and mum now, and why did her sister suddenly return. Also is she still dating the swimming captain. So many unanswered questions, it better be answered in the end, or I’ll make up something to fill in the missing explanations haha.