Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 12 summary


Bok-joo screams, asking what Si-ho is doing. The dazed Si-ho suddenly snaps awake and drops her bun on the floor. She runs off quickly and goes back to their room, but Bok-joo chases after her and asks whether she is okay, and if she recognises her. Si-ho ignores her and covers herself with the duvet.

Bok-joo nervously heads back to her own room after sleeping over at Nan-hee’s and Seon-ok’s room. Si-ho acts like nothing happened and asks when did Bok-joo return. Bok-joo asks if Si-ho remembered seeing her last night, and Si-ho lies saying she has a habit of binging when she is half-asleep.

After talking to Bok-joo, she goes to the toilet and tries to recall what happened last night. Her memory is fuzzy but she remembers some of it. She searches online the side effect of sleeping pills and discovers that it can cause drowsiness at the start but if it continues it can lead to delusions and even sleep walking.

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Tae-kwon is overly happy to see Bok-joo’s return and holds her hand to welcome her back, however Joon-hung disapproves his OTT reaction and pushes his hand away from hers. Bok-joo is about to say something to Joon-hung but Tae-kwon stands there and stare. Joon-hung tells Tae-kwon to leave but Tae-kwon refuses because it’s not like they are dating (they are but you just don’t know about it) but in the end, he leaves and tells them to not fight as he thinks they are in another argument.

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Bok-joo brings up Si-ho’s siutation but remembers Si-ho’s words: complaining she is too nosy. Bok-joo stops telling Si-ho’s situation to Joon-hung. Joon-hung asks if she has lost anything recently, Bok-joo answers that she has only lost her mind. Joon-hung smirks and diverts her attention to somewhere else, and quickly shoves her purse back into her bag.

He asks if she is free and whether she wants to do something together. Bok-joo tries to back out on the deal they made, but Joon-hung refuses to let it slip; he tells her that he is free after mornings and so she should decide what to do for their dates. He clasps her face and says he will call her then walks off. It was like a gentle threat/ reminder.

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Without Bok-joo even realising that her once-lost purse was returned by Joon-hung, she counts it and realises she has enough money for piano lessons and there are even remaining,  she plans to use the rest on her dad. She receives a text message from Joon-hung, he will be at Bok chicken in 30 minutes. Although Bok-joo complains that he keeps insisting on having the trial dates, Bok-joo goes and check herself out to make sure she looks decent.

Her father comes in to ask whether Bok-joo has seen her uncle, he wonders if he went back to the acting company. Bok-joo notices her father is sweat profusely and asks if he is sick, her father tells her to not worry and he knows his body better than anyone else.

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Joon-hung waits for Bok-joo outside her house. She complains the location of meet-up and Joon-hung says he does not see the issue because she is his girlfriend. Joon-hung teases her whether she is worried her uncle or dad might see them together. Bok-joo snorts at his comment and says there is nothing to worry about because they all know they’re just friends.

Bok-joo’s dad comes out and she arm-locks Joon-hung and pulls him down so her dad does not see them. She drags him away while arm-locking him.

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Joon-hung suggests theme park to Bok-joo because he remembers it being on her list. Before they set off, Bok-joo remembers that she has to meet her friends later on. Joon-hung has no choice but let Bok-joo invite her 2 friends as well. However Nan-hee also invited someoe to join them- the one and only Tae-kwon. The presence of the 3 wheelers made Joon-hung in a foul mood.

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Tae-kwon grabs a hairband that is in frog shape (Leonard from LINE, for those who are curious) and asks Joon-hung’s thought, Joon-hung disses it being childish and Tae-kwon insists its normal because they’re at an amusement park. He puts a devil hairband on Joon-hung, which Joon-hung takes it off instantly and throws it back at him. Bok-joo exclaims the hairband is a couple set with the angel hairband that she is wearing. Joon-hung snatches the hairband from Tae-kwon and loudly exclaiming its his.

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Joon-hung seems like his body is about to collapse into 1000 pieces from just being on the pirate ship. Bok-joo says she wants to go on the mad swing, however her friends wants to go on the merry-go-round. Joon-hung says he will join Bok-joo but Tae-kwon says Joon-hung is scared of height, but Joon-hung denies it and claims he loves it . He tells the others to go play and meet again in 30 minutes, and after his command he drags Bok-joo away.

Bok-joo asks if Joon-hung is riding the mad swing for her, however he lies and says he wanted to ride it too. During the mad swing, he constantly screams out Bok-joo’s name and when the ride comes to and end, Joon-hung looks like he is about to pass out.

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Even coming back from the dead does not stop Joon-hung being the considerate boyfriend he is. He goes and get food for both him and Bok-joo. He tries to decide what to get and remembers one of the thing on Bok-joo’s list- “sharing a drink with my boyfriend”. He orders 2 churros and a cup of soda with 2 straws and nods at his smartness.

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Bok-joo is ecstatic seeing the churros and asks him why the drink only has one straw. Joon-hung says he only wants a sip and Bok-joo does not give his answer another thought. Bok-joo goes down to sip the soft drink and Joon-hung also leans down to drink it. Bok-joo freezes at the suddenness of Joon-hung’s behaviour. He teases her and asks whether her heart is fluttering. Bok-joo snaps at his behaviour and says she was startled and it’s not because he made her shy.

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Bok-joo is in awe of the fireworks and praises the beauty. Joon-hung holds her hand and puts it inside his jacket, Bok-joo is surprised at his action but does not pull her hand away and blinks in surprise. Joon-hung teases her about her heart is fluttering, and claims she will have a cardiac arrest soon due to her heart thumping. Bok-joo snaps at him at him for being too much today and walks away from him.

They meet up with their friends and watches the fireworks together, they all got out their phone to take photos. However, instead of taking photos of the firework, Joon-hung slyly takes photo of Bok-joo instead.

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Joon-hung slips his hand into Bok-joo’s pocket whilst her hand is still inside. Bok-joo voices over:

“My crazy heart. What is wrong with you today? Please come to your senses, okay?”

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Nan-hee calls Bok-joo because Seon-ok hasn’t returned to the dormitory. Bok-joo heads back home to let her father now, he is clearly unwell but tries to hide it, he tells Bok-joo to go visit Nan-hee, and gives her some money for her travel.

Bok-joo goes to see Seon-ok and silently watches her serve the customers at the motel. She goes into her room and cannot help but notice Seon-ok’s love for weightlifting. Seon-ok tells Bok-joo that her parents wants her to leave Hanwool College because she has no potential and is wasting their money. Bok-joo tries to comfort Seon-ok that she is good at weightlifting because she once won a prize. Seon-ok tells her the truth, its from her own effort, she only wanted to do weightlifting to escape the motel. Somewhere along the lines, she started to like weightlifting.

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Bok-joo’s dad is receiving his treatment and is in more pain than usual, after his treatment, he stumbles while walking and suddenly collapses.

The scene skips to Joon-hung fulfilling the last wish on Bok-joo’s bucket list. He buys her a bonquet filled of roses and calls her to see where she is. Bok-joo informs him that she is coming back from Seon-ok’s hometown.

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Bok-joo’s uncle hooks Coach Choi’s arm while walking out, however she grabs her arm back and attempts to tell him something but is interrupted by a phone call from Professor Yoon.

Professor Yoon updates Coach Choi about the things that has been happening and reassure her that he has not given up in persuading the authority to give her job back. Professor Yoon is curious when did Coach Choi and Bok-joo’s uncle gotten so close, Coach Choi insists they are only friends which leaves Bok-joo’s uncle in a silent shock. He sadly watches Coach Choi wiping off a stain that was on Professor Yoon’s sleeve.

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Bok-joo is in deep thoughts after what Seon-ok said to Bok-joo- Seon-ok says that she is envious of Bok-joo because she has a supportive circle around her. She also thinks back to Seon-ok’s statement about weightlifting being an honest sport, Bok-joo cannot help herself but recall the first time weightlifting made her happy. It skips to the 1 year ago Bok-joo, she struggled to lift weights but managed it in the end. She voices over that was the time she really liked weightlifting.

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Joon-hung is eagerly waiting for Bok-joo while holding the bouquet of roses in his hand; he plans to surprise Bok-joo at the bus station. Bok-joo arrives and is panicking and starts crying, she tells Joon-hung that her dad is unconscious and she needs to get to the hospital ASAP. She does not even realise he is holding roses and simply wants to see her father instantly.

They head to the hospital and Bok-joo is beyond flustered, but thanks to Joon-hung she manages to see her dad quickly. Poor Joon-hung waits outside with his large bouquet of roses.

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Both Bok-joo and the uncle are in tears, they plead the dad to survive. The doctor walks in and informs them that he is not in a critical state, however he needs to  receive monitoring and is not allowed to leave the hospital yet. It is also recommended that he gets a transplant ASAP.

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Jae-yi and Ah-young goes to a friend get together, their friends compliment them for always being close and tells them to get married. Ah-young plays along and asks Jae-yi whether he wants to, but he shoots her down by saying that friends don’t marry each other; they even cheers each other, I guess they are good enough friends to joke around with such a touchy topic.

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Sang Gu and Hwan hee enters, which made Jae-yi’s face to turn black instantly. Hwan hee (Seo Ju-hyun or better known as Seohyun from Girls Generation) greets them but her smile disappears instantly after seeing Jae-yi. He exits the toilet and sees Hwan Hee outside, they share a very awkward conversation and is shortly joined by Sang Gu. Hwan-hee notices Sang Gu presence and walks away from Jae-yi immediately.

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Sang-gu initiates Jae-yi for a drink but Jae-yi refuses as he has work tomorrow. Sang gu nudges Hwan hee and asks whether she still likes the “proper type” like Jae-yi. He puts his arm around her and says she gives him a hard time because she hasn’t forgotten about Jae-yi. Jae-yi informs them that he has to leave but Sang Gu refuses to let him go, he grabs onto his hand and demands him to sit down.

Sang gu does not shut-up and broadcasts Hwan hee’s real reason for her return to Seoul. She tells him to stop it and insists he is drunk, however Sang gu gets all physical and shakes Hwan hee and forces her to admit it. Jae-yi has enough and one-punched him to the floor. After owning the battle, he walks out.

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Ah-young nurses Jae-yi’s injured hand at a nearby park. She lectures him, claiming his actions were not necessary and he should have known better. She confronts him and asks whether he still has feelings for Hwan hee. He doesn’t answer and Ah-young asks him one more thing before he leaves:

“When will you ever consider me? You didn’t know. For the sake of our 10-year old friendship, do you think I stayed by your side like a shadow?”

She sighs in disbelief after seeing his reaction, she finally realised that he has never once considered their relationship could be more than friendship. She informs him one last thing- she is tired of liking him and will stop it, she will put an end to it.

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Bok-joo is told to go home by her father, he tells her that she is annoying him but Bok-joo refuses to leave. She tells him that she will go and buy him essentials, when leaving the hospital she discovers a bag outside the room. The bag is filled with essentials already, Bok-joo looks around but Joon-hung is nowhere to be found.

bok joo discovers food from joon hung.png

Bok-joo goes home to pack few more stuff for her dad. She goes through his drawer to pick out his clothes and discover a folder. Out of curiosity, she looks through the documents and realises that her father has secretly been saving up money for Bok-joo. Bok-joo with teary eyes complains about her dad; he should have bought a new scooter if he had that much money. She picks up his clothes and realises there are holes on his clothes, she wails and realises the great love her dad has for her.

bok joo disocvers the money.png

Bok-joo calms down and calls her dad. She gets all teary-eyed and apologises. He is confused and asks what she is sorry about.


“Just everything. I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry for making you worry. I’m sorry for making deliveries when you told me not to. I’m also sorry that I was rude to you. When I was a child, I used to complain that your gimbal is ugly and didn’t eat it. I’m sorry.”

Her dad also apologises for making her do weightlifting, he also apologises for having a fried chicken restaurant. Finally he says that he is most sorry about Bok-joo not having a mother when she was growing up.

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BOK-JOO IS BACK. She returns to the weightlifting room and even cleans the training room. She is more spirited than ever and greets Professor Yoon energetically. Rest of her cohorts greet her happily, especially Nan-hee who bursts out crying and runs to embrace Bok-joo.

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Jae-yi thinks back to what Ah-young said to him and sighs. His thoughts are interrupted by a call from Hwan hee, she calls to apologise on the behalf of Sang gu, she also apologises for “that time”No idea what time she is talking about. However their call ends on a nice note; Jae-yi thanks her for her call and wishes her happiness.

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Si-ho is unable to sleep, she rolls around but still struggles. She picks up the jar of pills next other and swallows a handful. I am assuming it’s sleeping pills. She thinks back to what her coach said and swallows another handful. What is she, a seagull? How can she swallow so many pills at once. 

pills si ho.png

Bok-joo calls Joon-hung and asks whether they can meet up because she has something to tell him. Bok-joo puts special effort into her appearance, she clips the red ribbon on her hair. Bok-joo is playing around in the snow while waiting for Joon-hung, he arrives but is not properly dressed because he was rushing to see her, just in case she was waiting in the cold for him. Joon-hung asks whether Bok-joo’s father is okay, Bok-joo says her dad is in a stable condition now and thanks Joon-hung for being there for her. She informs him that she has returned to school and Joon-hung congratulates her. However Bok-joo has more things to say.


“When I was coming to school this morning, you strangely came to my mind. Even after the training, I thought I should let you know that I’m back. Joon-hung. I decided not to return you. I’ll keep you.”

Bok-joo says that she think she likes him, but corrects herself that she DOES like him. She says she’s not sure whether she likes him as a friend or a guy but wants him to always be by her side. They are now officially dating. 

bok joo joon hung first kiss.png


Happy ever after! Well done to Joon-hung, he never gave up on Bok-joo and finally won her over. His love for her is so pure, like he would express his love for her openly but he would never force her to like him. For example when he found her purse he could have gotten some brownie points from, but he didn’t tell her that. Instead he sneaked her purse back into her bag and pretended it was never lost. He just wants her to be happy and does not want her to feel like she HAS to like him, but prefers her getting around to like him. Also, he went on those rides for Bok-joo, he was so scared yet he did it for Bok-joo. She asked whether he rode the rides for her but he denied it; Joon-hung never psychologically pressured Bok-joo to like him. Although I did find it slightly creepy when he continuously held her hand… just saying. 

Also, can someone please tell me what happened to Miss Si-ho’s family? Like they are never mentioned again. It has been few episodes already, the sister ran away, so is she like alive? or like missing? we don’t know.

Lastly, I thought Bok-joo’s break from weightlifting was a significant part to her character development. She needed the time to rediscover herself and rediscover her passion for weightlifting. She finally realises what makes her happy and her own self-worth. This time she went back to weightlifting for herself and not for anyone else. She took a break from weightlifting and fell in love with it all over again, despite having other options available. Before Bok-joo was a fragile girl, she had many insecurities about herself but now, she is beaming with confidence; sometimes you just need to learn about yourself to build yourself.