Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 10 summary


In the last episode, Bok-joo’s worst nightmare happened- Jae-yi is in the audience and was cheering her on. Bok-joo walks off the stage and Joon-hung goes looking for her, knowing she will be upset. He goes around looking for Bok-joo, and ends up in some sort of training room, he is about to leave util he hears a gentle sobbing.

sad bok joo weightlifting.png

Joon-hung tries to hold in his tears too, he does not comfort Bok-joo but simply stands from afar and tries to share her pain with himself. He notices Jae-yi looking from outside and is holding a banquet of flowers too. Jae-yi tries to enter but Joon-hung grabs him abruptly and lead him outside.

angry joon hung at jae yi.png

Joon-hung shouts at Jae-yi for being here and out of anger he exposes the identity of the guy that Bok-joo likes. He continues to blame Jae-yi and says that Bok-joo suffered a lot already when she was discovered by Jae-yi.


“She’s a girl too. Do you think she’d want to show the guy she likes contorted face while lifting weight?”

joon hung walks away from jae yi.png

Everyone in the weightlifting team is overjoyed with their team’s victory; they achieved 1 gold medal, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. However Bok-joo is sitting in silence and staring outside, she does not feel the joy that everyone else is feeling. They go and celebrate at Bok chicken but Bok-joo sits quietly in her room, with teary eyes and thinking back to the scene when Jae-yi was in the audience watching her.

Jae-yi is in his office and in a daze too, he thinks back to all the interaction he had with Bok-joo that might have caused confusions. He finally realise the mysterious gift is from Bok-joo.

realisation joon hung jae yi.png

Coach Choi informs the weightlifting team that they are sponsored now and don’t have to worry about the food costs, and also Bok-joo might be recruited by the sponsor. However, Bok-joo does not seem happy about it and can only give a meek smile.

The trio heads to the cafeteria and Bok-joo is lifeless, she barely eats and leaves, claiming she has no appetite.bok joo walks away from joon hung lunch.png

Bok-joo spaces out and nearly gets hit by a car, Joon-hung grabs her and shouts at her for being careless. Bok-joo apologises but Joon-hung feels bad because he knows that she is not in a conscious state to even know what she is currently doing. He tells her that her body is precious especially she won the national competition, and tells her to eat as she did not even finish her lunch. Joon-hung takes her to a nearby picnic table and pours out a whole bag of food and tells her to eat whatever she likes.

joon hung tries to cheer bok joo up.png

Joon-hung praises Bok-joo for her results and how she set a new high score, he goes on to say he told everyone that he knows her. However not much reply from Bok-joo, he then tells her to eat. He tries to make as many conversations as possible to cheer her up, he tells her to be happy; she set a new high score and achieved first too.

He grabs 2 sausages and acts like a walrus to make Bok-joo laugh, Bok-joo sneers at his act which encouraged Joon-hung to do more silly stuff. He imitates Bok-joo to make her laugh or at least have some sort of expression other than looking dead.

joon hung walrus.png

Bok-joo goes back to her room, excusing herself to Joon-hung; claiming she is tired and wants to nap. She returns to her room and Si-ho congratulates her. Seems like everything is normal again for those 2, I don’t know when and how but whatever. Guess time do change everything. She tries to sleep but receives a phonecall from Jae-yi. He asks if she is free and whether they can meet up.

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Bok-joo enters the café and asks Jae-yi what did he wanted to talk about, Jae-yi says he wanted to congratulate her. She sighs in relief. Jae-yi then says Joon-hung lectured him at his appearance yesterday and wants to apologise for it. He hopes he didn’t hurt her feelings and did any acts that might have caused misunderstandings; indirectly saying he is sorry for leading her on.

Bok-joo tries her best to brush it off and insists he did nothing wrong but simply be nice, it was her fault, she is the one who fell for him and lied to him as well.

She tries to make Jae-yi feel less guilty, she says that it is nice to have more nice people on earth and also she falls in love easily. She tries to laugh it off and gives many excuses for Jae-yi to not feel bad.

awkward bok joo.png

Bok-joo calls Joon-hung out while he was training, he is startled and slightly scared as she never looks for him. She demands to know why he told Jae-yi about her liking him. She explained that she feels worst after Jae-yi apologising to her.

Joon-hung explains that he lost his temper yesterday because he saw Jae-yi cluelessly going to visit Bok-joo, despite already hurting her feelings by being in the audience already.


“Why would you lose your temper? Are you the one who has a crush on him?”

bok joo comforting jae yi.png

She tells him that he shouldn’t have done anything because Jae-yi feels awkward around Bok-joo now and asks whether he finds the situation funny. Joon-hung is offended by her comment and snaps back:

“Do you think I’m a joke? Do you think I covered up your lies, tried to make you feel better, and told Jae-yi because I’m bored and out of my mind?”

Bok-joo does not answer and says she doesn’t know because she is not a mind reader. Joon-hung goes on asking why she is walking around lifelessly even though she won the competition. He asks if she really is embarrassed that Jae-yi saw her during the competition. He shouts at her for feeling embarrassed about weightlifting, and says weightlifting is nothing to be ashamed about.

Joon-hung’s KO message:

“Who will love you when you’re that ashamed of yourself” 

angry joon hung at bok joo.png

Joon-hung must be in a rage because he goes to Jae-yi and asks why Jae-yi went to Bok-joo. He questions why he had to see her, and says that his apology to Bok-joo was to make himself feel better. Jae-yi asks if he made a mistake again and Joon-hung confirmed he did. He says that his consideration for others can hurt their feelings and used himself as an example, he said since he moved to their house, his excessive kindness made him feel sad instead. It made him feel like a stranger instead and not a family member. Joon-hung exposes his deep inner feelings to Jae-yi, he wishes that Jae-yi actually treated him like a real bother, like getting angry at him or hitting him.

confrontation joon hung jae yi.png

Si-ho is having dinner with the swimming captain and they seem to be on good terms too. He cuts beef for her and asks whether she is okay eating it because of her intense diet. After biting like nothing, she rushes to the toilet to vomit it out. She asks why he isn’t annoyed with her; before she rejected him and now she is just using him. He simply says that he likes her and have liked her since ages ago.

si ho swimming captain.png

Professor Yoon is informed by the administration/ financial department that Coach Choi requested the advance payment for the operation expenses for the weightlifting team. Coach Choi admits she did it and is dragged out by Professor Yoon because he wants to knows the real reason why she needed the money.

awkward coach choi professor yoon.png

Professor Yoon and Coach Choi are both late for the training, after 10 minutes of stretching Professor Yoon appears and tells Woon-ki to lead the training for today and walks off. Everyone is confused where Coach Choi is.

Woon-ki is able to calm his underclassmen and goes to discuss with Professor Yoon. He overhears Professor Yoon persuading someone on the phone that Coach Choi would not suddenly use so much money. Woon-ki realises the situation- Coach Choi used the operation fund for weightlifting on the settlement fee.

professor yoon worried.png

Joon-hung returns home after getting a call from his mum, he awkwardly glances at Jae-yi. The parents leave and he helps Jae-yi with the moving of the shelves. Their conversations are awkward but Jae-yi manages to suggest a game of “catch-ball” with Joon-hung.

Joon-hung throws the ball at Jae-yi and accidentally uses too much force. He runs to Jae-yi and Jae-yi snaps at him, he grabs his arm away from Joon-hung and shouts at him for being careless and also hurting him. Joon-hung is shocked at the new Jae-yi because Jae-yi has the patience of a saint. Joon-hung is shocked and doesn’t know what to do until Jae-yi burst out laughing and asks whether he was a good brother this time. Awww such good brotherhood. 

joon hung jaeyi friends again.png

They are back to their old selves and both apologises to each other. Jae-yi says that Joon-hung was very scary when he was angry and thought he would punch him and Joon-hung agrees. Jae-yi denies that Joon-hung is not tough but Bok-joo is special to him. Joon-hung denies the suggested reason and says he pities Bok-joo hence he was angry. Jae-yi just gives him a knowing look. Yeah you can tell yourself that but we all know you like Bok-joo. He cycles back to the dormitory and tells himself to not care about Bok-joo anymore, especially its what she asked for. We will see how long that will last. Note: he was shouting out like a crazy person.

joon hung swears.png

Si-ho has injured her foot and it is bruised pretty badly. Dr Go says she looks happier than before and asks if there are any progress in her love life. Si-ho says that she stopped being so obsessive and rather just have someone that likes her.

Si-ho has a date with the swimming captain, they are at the ice rink and both of them struggles to skate. Si-ho suggests to take a break and wants to take off her skates, she struggles so the swimming captain helps her take it off. They stare intensely at each other and he tries to kiss her but Si-ho moves away.

Si-ho apologises and the swimming captain says that he knows he is not the one and does not mind Si-ho using him, but hope she does not torture herself.

swimming captain si ho.png

Jae-yi and Ah-young goes for a meal because Jae-yi waited outside for Ah-young, he seems to have a lot going on his mind because he asks Ah-young if there is anything wrong with his personality. Ah-young says that he is friendly but he gives off this vibe that makes her think whether they are actually close or not. Jae-yi says he wants more feedback and Ah-young is about to continue until interrupted by a phone call.

It seems like their old friends are in Korea and Ah-young brings up a person called “Hwan Hee” which causes Jae-yi to look sad. She asks whether he wants to hangout with them but he does not answer.

ah young jae yi confrontation.png

Bok-joo overhears her cohorts discussing about the rumour that Coach Choi got fired for misusing the operation funds. Professor Yoon and Coach Choi enters the training room and Professor Yoon lifelessly gives instructions to Woon-ki, and then walks to his office. Before Coach Choi follows Professor Yoon to the office, Bok-joo confirms with Coach Choi in the rumour- she is getting fired. Coach Choi mutters a “sorry” and walks away.

bok joo and coach choi.png

Professor Yoon goes to Bok chicken because he wanted some advice from Bok-joo’s dad. He tells him the situation about Coach Choi; she has misused the operation fund because she wanted to help Woon-ki. He can expose the truth but that means Woon-ki will received disciplinary action. The uncle overhears everything.

worried uncle .png

Coach Choi says goodbye to her students and hugs them, majority started crying and looks upset. She tells them to not worry about her and they don’t have to send her off. Bok-joo runs after her to tell Coach Choi that she believes she did not do it. Coach Choi can only say “sorry“. Bok-joo questions Coach choi who will train her, and who will she lean on from now on. She bursts out crying and wails her to stay, Coach Choi  holds back her tears and walks away.

coach choi leaves.png

Everyone leaves the weightlifting room, no-one is in the mood for training after the bad news. Bok-joo sits and cry while holding a Coach Choi’s water bottle.  Professor Yoon walks in and doesn’t want to disturb Bok-joo but still has to let her know she has a meeting with her sponsor later on the day.

Bok-joo stares around the room and all she can see are weightlifting equipments, she stares at them angrily and leaves.

bok joo sad that coach choi leaves.png

Nan-hee and Seon-ok are panicking because Bok-joo is missing and has a meeting with her sponsor soon. They run off to find her and Joon-hung looks very concerned. He walks slowly despite having plans, he ditches his plan and goes looking for Bok-joo. He tries to call her many times but as expected, no answer. Out of desperation, he even goes to Jae-yi to see whether he knows where Bok-joo could be.

Bok-joo is asleep on the bench and is found by the security warden who wakes her up and tells her to go home. Joon-hung finds her and shouts at her for going missing. He continues to shout at her for many reasons, he is like a machine gun that is unstoppable.


“Why do you keep making me worry about if you’re okay?”

Bok-joo tells Joon-hung that she feels sick, she feels really weird; she does not want to do anything, she feels lifeless, and doesn’t even want to lift weights. All she wants to do is sleep. She goes on to say that she feels like she is broken because something keeps pressing on her heart and does not know what to do.

Joon-hung looks at her sadly and embraces her.

bok joo jae yi hugs.png


Such a heartbreak of an ep, the drama hints depression in such a beautiful way. It can happen to anyone, and everyone can suffer from it, even our bright and cheerful Bok-joo. There is only so much that a person can take before they collapse and Bok-joo has reached her breaking point.

First she suffered from the constant strain of hiding the truth from Jae-yi, being exposed and punished by her coaches and her dad, she also suffered from friendship problems, also self-esteem about her body image during her barbells lifting, stress from training for the match and lastly Coach Choi leaving. None of them can break her but if it all adds up, even the most optimistic person can break down.

Bok-joo hasn’t even recovered from her heartbreak and her mother figure- Coach Choi has left her. Bok-joo does not have a mother since young and Coach Choi is the first person she regards as a mother figure, you can see how much she loves and respect her. When she was caught for attending the weight clinic, she opened up to Coach Choi and told her the truth and even cried in front of her and listened to her advice.

Another significant aspect of this episode is how mature Joon-hung is. He reminds Bok-joo to have self-worth, he may have been harsh for snapping at her despite her being miserable already but sometimes the greatest love is the harshest. He wants her to realise that she needs to see value in herself before others can see it in her. If you don’t even know what you deserve, how do you know if others are even treating you right. The first time Joon-hung snapped at Bok-joo is for her own good. Yes, she can be nasty to him and hurt herself by liking the wrong person, but Joon-hung will never let Bok-joo to belittle herself. He wants her to see her own perfection than flaws, just like the way he sees her.

Can I just add that Joon-hung kind of overreacted with Jae-yi, I feel so bad for him. Yes being too considerate can be negative but like, there is a time and place to tell him about it. Jae-yi didn’t even know Bok-joo liked him and was shouted at by Joon-hung. Let’s forgive Joon-hung though, let’s just say he got a bit stressed from running around and dealing with Jae-yi’s and Bok-joo’s problem.