Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 11 summary


Professor Yoon ensures Bok-joo’s dad that he made an excuse for Bok-joo not attending the meeting with the potential sponsor. Professor Yoon says that Bok-joo is upset about the whole situation regarding Coach Choi and her friends are looking for her, so he will contact him when they finds her.

bok joo dad truth.png

Bok-joo suddenly returns home and approaches her dad. He shouts at her but Bok-joo pleads to her dad, looking like she is about to breakdown:

“Dad. I don’t like weightlifting. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Her dad is beyond startled at her comment and does not know how to respond, he even asks her to repeat herself. Bok-joo explains that she took pride in weightlifting and loved it no matter what others say/think because it made her happy, but now it does not make her happy at all.


“Now I don’t like it. I hate weightlifting. It doesn’t make me happy at all. I don’t want to do weightlifting anymore. I don’t want to do anything. What should I do now, Dad?”

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Joon-hung is in his own world. He thinks back to hugging Bok-joo and wonders why he did it. Tae-kwon asks whether he is dating someone. Joon-hung thinks about all his interactions with Bok-joo that may suggests that he does likes her. He picks up his toad that Bok-joo made for him and something hits him, he thinks about what Jae-yi said to him before- Bok-joo being a special friend. He finally gives Tae-kwon an answer:


“I think I am. I think I’m in love with her” 

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Bok-joo’s father gives Bok-joo the silent treatment however it is a different type of silent treatment. He goes to Professor Yoon to tell him the situation about Bok-joo, Professor Joon says she is in a slump because she feels lifeless after the competition and too worsen it, Coach Choi is no longer here.

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Bok-joo is lazing around in her room and completely in her own world, her dad comes in and tells her to pack her stuff from the dormitory and take it back home. She informs her friend that she will be going on a break because she needs time to discover the real reason why she is doing weightlifting, and whether it is right for her.

Before Bok-joo leaves the campus, she calls Joon-hung to let him know. As expected he answers it right away, she informs him that she is planning to take a break and then hangs up. Joon-hung goes to find Bok-joo immediately, he even arrives before her. Eager. They go to a nearby park and he asks if she really needs to take a break from weightlifting. She says its to get her motivation back.

Bok-joo even suggests going up to the mountain to train, Joon-hung overreacts and say she must not leave the town and stay near him. He tells her to call him whenever she’s bored, even if she is not bored she should still call him. Call him when she wakes up, before she eat, after she eats and even in the toilet. He adds she should call him at 7pm too because he likes 7pm.

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Si-ho sees Joon-hung returning and asks whether he knows why Bok-joo is taking a break. Joon-hung gives her snide comment asking if thats what she wanted all along. He goes to his room and waits for Bok-joo’s phone call. After waiting for a while he places his mobile under his pillow so he can stop thinking about her. Bok-joo never called him in the end LOL.

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Bok-joo is instructed by her father to make a list of things she wants to do. The list consisted of things like learning the piano, studying in the library, going to the amusement park. Lastly she writes her last wish- she wants a boyfriend, they can share a drink together, put her hands in his pocket and receive roses from him.

bok joo wish list.png

Bok-joo tries to fulfil one of her wishes, she goes to the library to study and brings a beginner English book. She sits opposite a child with the same book as her, and after a while she falls asleep. She goes to meet a piano teacher and is told that she needs at least 3 lessons a week and will cost 150 dollars for a month.

bok joo piano wishlist.png

Bok-joo is contemplating whether she should go because the fees are too much for her, she decides to look for a part-time job to support her piano lessons. She sees Jae-yi helping the deliveryman to carry the stuff to his office, she instinctively hides behind a lamppost and compliments him for always being so kind.

She begs the manager for a part-time job, she says she is strong enough to have this job because she is a weightlifter. However the manager does not believe her and tells her sport and work are 2 different things. She takes 2 boxes away from the passerby Ji-soo and plops it on the truck and continues to move the boxes onto the truck, she manages to persuade the manager and landed herself a job.

bok joo lifting boxes.png

Joon-hung still received no call from Bok-joo so he calls her instead but she doesn’t pick up. Afterwards he receives a call and instantly thinks its Bok-joo however it is Jae-yi, which made him feel disappointed.

joon hung waiting for bok joo call.png

Joon-hung tells Jae-yi that he is always too nice and can win ladies’ heart easily. Jae-yi asks Joon-hung about Bok-joo and Joon-hung gets all defensive, asking why he wants to know and says he shouldn’t show any interest to her. Jae-yi asks whether Joon-hung likes Bok-joo, even though he is 100% sure already. Joon-hung smiles shyly at his comment and says he does not know. Jae-yi asks when he is planning to confess to her and Joon-hung says he has to wait because she isn’t in the best condition and has to wait till she is better.

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Joon-hung goes to Bok chicken to look for Bok-joo but she is not in because she got called to work, he discovers that she has a part-time job. It skips to Bok-joo lifting boxes and Ji-soo compliments her strength. He suggest they leave now because the manager has left, they must get along well because she even addresses him as “oppa“. Let’s just call him Ji-soo because in the drama they don’t give him a name, and his real name is Ji-soo.  Ji-soo tells Bok-joo that he can treat her because its her first day of work.

Before they leave, Joon-hung appears and shouts loudly “Kim Bok-joo“. Bok-joo is surprised to see him here and asks him many questions, which he answers it all without blinking because he is too busy glaring at Ji-soo. Joon-hung becomes jealous instantly and cannot stop giving death glares to poor Ji-soo.

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Ji-soo is confused and Bok-joo tells him that she cannot join him for udon because her friend is here. Ji-soo says her friend (Joon-hung) can join them as well but Joon-hung rejects his idea and claims he has allergy towards udon. Ji-soo does not sense his jealousy at all and informs Joon-hung that the restaurant have other dishes. Joon-hung completely rejects the idea and says he does not eat with people he is not familiar with, he says he becomes violent, get panic attacks and curses too.

Bok-joo feels really awkward and does not want to put Ji-soo in an awkward position so she informs Ji-soo that Joon-hung is a little sick; implying he is mentally ill. Joon-hung sympathises Joon-hung and before he leaves, he hugs Joon-hung and wishes him to stay strong. This scene is really really funny.

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Joon-hung asks Bok-joo who was the “arrogant-looking guy“. Bok-joo addresses him as “oppa” again which made Joon-hung to explode and say they are not even close, she shouldn’t call him something so affectionate. He tells Bok-joo to stay away from all guys apart from her uncle and dad. Bok-joo says she needs to stay away from him as well because he is also a guy, Joon-hung replies that he should be the only exception.

Bok-joo tells Joon-hung that she really likes her job and she enjoys the fact you get sweaty  and you feels so refreshed after a cup of coffee. She goes on to says she actually took the part-time job so she can pay for her piano lesson. Joon-hung compliments her suitability for piano especially she has long fingers. Bok-joo offers to play “wedding march“on his wedding day but he says no and offers her to stand next to him instead. AWW MA GAWD. SO CUTE. HE. IS. However Bok-joo does not get the hint and says that position is for his wife.

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Coach Choi goes to meet up with the uncle and they both go for a drink. Coach Choi is drunk and starts talking gibberish. She asks whether he likes her and he says he does. She suggests they start dating each other, however the uncle knows she is not completely conscious, he doubts her words. She proves she is not lying by grabbing his collar and kisses him.

coach choi kisses bok joo uncle.png

Joon-hung goes to find Bok-joo at her workplace again. He even offers to help her but Bok-joo tells him to leave because people might misunderstand their relationship. Joon-hung says they did not misunderstood and pushes the trolley that separates them. He confesses that she is a special friend and asks if she understands what he is trying to say. Bok-joo stays silent and Joon-hung out of the blue kisses her. TOO MANY KISS SCENES IN THIS EP.

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Bok-joo pushes him away and asks whether he is crazy. He says he is crazy, he would be crazy if he just did that. He continues to explain his action and tries to convey his feelings to Bok-joo.


“You fool. I like you. Not as a friend, but as a girl. Id I don’t see you, I get curious. If you’re depressed, I get upset. If you smile, it makes me happy. if you’re sick, I get worried. It’s driving me crazy. This means I like you, does’t it?”

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Tae-kwon returns to his room however he is locked out because Joon-hung is out. He goes to the laundry home and coincidentally Seon-ok is there, she is taking to her mum. He tells her that he came here because her voice sounded familiar and the window is locked so he has no where to go. They are about to leave until they hear someone is looking for Seon-ok, they both hide which causes them to be in an awkward position.

seon ok tae kwon.png

Things are awkward between Joon-hung and Bok-joo. Bok-joo is giving him silent treatment. Joon-hung pleads her to not ignore him, and Bok-joo still does not comprehend the situation, she questions why Joon-hung likes her. It does not make sense to her and is unable to get it in her head. He says he just likes her and doesn’t have any particular reason.

He continues and say he realised that he liked her for a very long time, he says that she was his first love. Bok-joo replies with a “ha“. Joon-hung asks what does “ha” mean, he goes on to ask whether it mean she hates him. Bok-joo says she does like him, she relies on him a lot now and does admit he is goodlooking, but he is a friend to her. Joon-hung sees a slight chance and suggests a trial month- try dating him for a month and see if she is able to like him more than a friend. He explains he should atleast get this chance because they have experienced so many things together. Bok-joo is speechless and does not answer, he says he will take it as a yes.

give me a chance bok joo joon hung.png

After Joon-hung’s confession, Bok-joo walks awkwardly beside him and gets a call from Nan-hee; she wants Bok-joo to come back because she saw a ghost and is really scared right now. After Bok-joo leaves, Joon-hung finds Bok-joo’s purse on the floor. He takes her purse back to his room and examines it properly as he did not had the chance earlier. He looks at her ID card and makes a lot of comments, he says none of her features are outstanding but together it looks nice and cute.

cute id card bok joo.png

His mood is completely ruined after he discovers a photo of Jae-yi, well a cut out of Jae-yi from some unknown source found inside her purse. He angrily throws it away and hits the sleeping Tae-kwon. He then finds the list that Bok-joo made and notices that some of her wishes can be fulfilled by himself. He  praises the list because it had appeared in the most crucial moment.

annoyed joon hung jae yi photo.png

Nan-hee tells the story to Bok-joo but Bok-joo does not seem to be paying attention, she thinks back to her kiss with Joon-hung and turns all red. Her friends asks if she’s okay and she brushes it off by saying it was cold outside. Bok-joo is unable to sleep after such an eventful night, she leaves the room to get some water. However she hears a strange noise and heads towards it, she slowly steps towards the mysterious sound. She sees a girl dressed in a white robe and with long hair munching on a piece of bread/ cake. She asks who it is and the girls turns around. Mystery solved: the ghost that everyone is claiming to see, is the one and only Song Si-ho.

si ho binge eat.png


When you think that this drama cannot get any cuter, it proves you wrong. This episode is so sweet that it gives you diabetes, I seriously just smiled through the whole episode, it was borderline cheesy but the comedic aspect of it made it less slimy. Don’t get me wrong, mush is good but when it is too much, the drama becomes a bit of a burden. Or maybe only I think that.

Joon-hung finally achieved it, he has done it. Let’s applaud for our main man Joon-hung, he is finally dating Bok-joo. Well they are but not at the same time, but to be honest he is 80% there, is that the correct estimation? He just needs to wow Bok-joo in his trial month and boom they’re together. I am hoping to see more interactions between them next episode.

This drama finally lightens up with this episode, that I feel like I should embrace the brightness and lightheartedness until they throw us on an emotional rollercoaster. What really completed this episode is the guest appearance of Ji-soo! *fangirls so badly* Really really really like him, I am a fan ever since watching him on scarlet heart ryeo, for those who have not watched it, give it a try and you won’t regret. P.s. Ji-soo and Nam Joo-hyuk (Joon-hung) are really good friends in real life so it’s extra special that Ji-soo has a guest  appearance in this drama. I inserted a link here for those who wants to watch them interact (so cute can I just add)Kim Ji-soo and Nam Joo-hyuk brotherhood

Also, I think Bok-joo’s list is adorable. The things she wants to do is very mundane, it is just your daily activities. However it is very special to Bok-joo, she spent probably most of her life lifting weights and suddenly she is given the chance to do anything she wants, she just wants to live her life like a normal person. Plus she has lived her whole life what her father wanted, she liked weightlifting don’t get me wrong, but whether it’s what SHE wanted is another question. Sometimes you do an activity so much that you fool yourself that you actually enjoy it, it becomes a habit. At the end of the day, despite Bok-joo being strong on the outside, she is still a girl and wants to things that other girls would.