Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 1 summary



The drama starts with Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung) explaining why she started as a weightlifter whilst preparing herself for the competition. She wins the competition with ease and is very talented at what she does. After her victory, the drama skips straight to the other main character called Jung Joon-hyng (Nam Joo-hyuk). Can I just add, he won me over with his character role in Scarlet Heart Ryeo so definitely looking forward to his acting in this drama. But instead of a flowery boy concept, he is going for a manly swimmer.

It then skips straight to the weightlifting team, you get a glimpse of the other side character that is in the same team as Kim Bok-Joo. Bok-joo discusses their upcoming meal with her 2 close friends, presuming they are her closest friend with their inside-joke-kinda-speech. Swag.

swag trio weightlifting fairy.png

Handsome Joon-hung is taking part in another swimming competition looking very serious but turns out to be just gaming. The competition starts and he’s suffering some sort of anxiety with increased inhalation and a sharp screeching noise. UH NO. He makes a mistake by jumping into the water too early causing a false start. Already frustrated, he meets a coach and a famous swimmer which pisses him off even more.

Bok-Joo bumps into Joon-hung  while eating her sausage. AH! They finally meet, the meeting is kinda typical but has a comedic twist with both of them falling down, not on top of each other (thank god, too typical) but both on the floor. Joon-hung thought the fallen sausage was her finger but turns out to be just a sausage that ended up on the floor instead of her mouth. Joon-hung states that she looks familiar and approaches her while examining her face, but is interrupted by Kim Bok-Joo close friend- Jung Nan-hee (Cho Hye-Jung). She asks whether he likes Messi, the question is too random for Jung-hung as he replies with a shocked “sorry?”. The chat up line is unique for sure.

nam joo hyuk goblin .png

Bok-joo finds a handkerchief on the grass where Joon-hung landed, he later on discover that it was missing when it could not be found in his bag. It must be something important to him because he noticed the absence of the item instantly and he seems frantic.

The next scene takes place featuring the friendship trio eating friend chicken at Bok-joo father’s restaurant. Ah the fried chicken looks so bomb seriously, anything that you see in dramas make the food 10x better, especially they eat it so happily as well. The three trio discusses about the rivalry between gymnasts and the weightlifters, like the gymnasts are more popular with the guys.

Gymnasts are placing their clothes in the washing machine and after they have left, an unknown person removes their clothes, a suspected pervert? Bok-Joo voices that she is missing her lucky t-shirt and she is panicking because she won a gold medal in the last competition, believing it’s her lucky t-shirt. Nan-hee suggest that the gymnastic team may have done something to it due to their rivalry. Bok-joo rushes straight to the group of gymnasts and questions them, very adamant they did something to her lucky t-shirt she wrestle to get into their dorms but hurting a girl by mistake during their invasion.

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The trio sneaks to their secret hideout due to the stress that the gymnastic team caused, and while they were sneaking back they were chased by one of the teachers/ dormitory head. The 3 of them escaped into the laundry room and while they are hiding, Bok-Joo finds an unknown man hiding in the laundry room causing her to chase after him while shouting “pervert”.

While the “pervert”, lets just call him that, is being chased, Joon-hung (wearing similar clothes to the pervert) climbs down from his room as he is trying to escape the dormitory with his friend. The “pervert” bumps into Joon-hung and ran off. Bok-Joo arrives to the scene and does a head lock to Joon-hung believing she caught the pervert, pulling him back and drags him to the teachers’ office.

nam joo hyuk trouble .png

Male teacher dismisses the situation but giving Joon-hung penalty points in exchange. Bok-joo insists that they should not dismiss it, she tells the teachers that he carries a lacy handkerchief around; in directly admitting she has the item he is looking for.

Joon-hung gets punished by their swimming captain for sneaking out and has to do bunny hops up a steep stair. His friend that caused his punishment visits him and offers to get him a drink however hurting himself instead. Joon-hung decides to go instead as his friend is clumsy and unreliable. Having no money on him, he decides to pick up some money from the wishing fountain type/ mini waterfall. Bok-Joo watches his act and accuse him being a thief again.

wishing well weightlifting fairy.png

Joon-hung pesters Bok-Joo as she possess his important handkerchief by interrupting her training, and also waiting for her outside her dormitory; a bit creepy but it is forgiven because we know he is not the real pervert. He demands the handkerchief back but Bok-Joo believes that he stole her lucky t-shirt therefore will not return the handkerchief.

si ho joon hung.png

The next scene introduces Song Si-ho; a nervous girl holding her phone while waiting for her competition. She zooms up a photo of her and Joon-hung. Presuming she had/ has some sort of relationship with Joon-hung, or he holds great significance to her. She messes up the performance but improves near the end, however did not look happy with her own performance.

red pants pervert.png

The weightlifting team carries the chairs back to the storage, and the trio incidentally encounters the real pervert. Trio recognises the underwear that the pervert is wearing and their nervous looks gave the signal away, that they realise his identity. The pervert launches himself to them but is stopped by the chair that Bok-Joo was grabbing. The male weightlifters got their in the knick of time and captures the pervert. However Bok-Joo is not happy with the identity of the pervert as she always believed it was Joon-hung. She notices him from a distance but heads the other way.

Si-ho introduces herself to Bok-joo as her new roommate, not in the nicest manner but better than other gymnasts. There are changes to Bok-Joo room because of the Si-ho. Such as closing the window because of her sensitivity to cold; Bok-Joo is the opposite, she gets hot easily. Si-ho requests Bok-jo to make space in the wardrobe for her and the handkerchief falls out. Si-ho passes it back to Bok-Joo, she sighs remembering she owes a certain somebody an apology.

si ho bok joo.png

Bok-joo cleans the handkerchief before deciding to return it, very kind of her but the act is not appreciated by Joon-hung. He snatches the handkerchief right from her hand and smells the handkerchief right away, but the smell has gone as it was cleaned. Joon-hung shouts at her for cleaning it, Bok-joo feeling  wronged as she did it out of kindness snaps back at him and angrily apologises for cleaning whilst snatching the handkerchief from his hand, causing her to lose her balance and falling into the swimming pool. Bok-Joo cannot swim and Joon-hung dives in to save her. As he was saving her by lifting her up from the water, a flashback of a young boy falling from the window and a young girl catching him appears, which indicates that they recognise each other from their childhood, explaining why he thought she looked familiar.

childhood friends.png



A very good first episode because it already features the rivalry between the gymnasts and weightlifters; they are on opposite sides of the spectrum and this episode did a great job in  portraying it.

There are a lot of indirect and implied cute scenes in this drama, for example Joon-hung recognises a resemblance in Bok-joo to his childhood friend in the first meeting. It kinda do hint that she had a great significance to him, to the point he remembered her years after, when a lot of things could have changed. Also, the scene where Si-ho picks up the handkerchief and gave it to Bok-joo does show that she is not aware of the importance of the handkerchief it has to Joon-hung, because if she did, wouldn’t she recognise it right away? Like they could have talked about it before or whatever. She might not even know the existence of the handkerchief. I mean there is no way she brushed it off after finding the handkerchief because she really thinks it belongs to Bok-joo- no one carries handkerchief nowadays, so it does kinda hint that their relationship is not very deep, or shall we say emotionally connected. Plus, it is a unique handkerchief, well to me it is.