Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 7 summary


Si-ho is unfocused during training and unable to concentrate, she dashes out the training room and heads to the weightlifting department, the weightlifitng coach is holding Bok-joo’s weight loss diary. Dun dun dun.

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Bok-joo is left with no where to hide, her dad confronts her angrily about her weight loss diary. The uncle steps in and say they should let Bok-joo explain before shouting at her. Bok-joo does not answer and simply pleads, the dad gets angrier and grabs nearby mop. He tries to swing it at Bok-joo, but is stopped by the uncle and 2 weightlifting teachers. Coach Choi tells Bok-joo to escape, and then follows after her.

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Bok-joo is being punished by lifting weights, they also interrogates her motive behind attending a weight clinic. Coach Jang lectures Bok-joo, claiming they all had high expectations of her.

Bok-joo’s 2 best friends witnesses her punishment and Seon-ok does not understand why Bok-joo joined the weight clinic in the first place. Although Nan-hee knows the real reason, she does not tell Seon-ok. Nan-hee even defends Bok-joo, claiming she Bok-joo might have been curious or have other reasons.

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Joon-hung is on the phone with his mum, they are rearranging the birthday meal. After the call, he texts Bok-joo instantly to let her know that today is his brother’s birthday. But poor Bok-joo is being punished, so she is unable to check her phone, especially because there is a watchful eye next to her.

Coach Jang tries to ask Bok-joo the real reason why she went to the clinic but Bok-joo refuses to answer which made Coach Jang upset. She warns Bok-joo that the heavyweight plan will continue and from tomorrow she will watch Bok-joo closely, violence may be taken if necessary. What?! Like violence will ever solve anything. 

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Bok-joo is in pain and her friends massages her legs, Si-ho walks in and sees Bok-joo suffering. Without a word, she exits the room and asks herself “how far will you go Song Si-ho”. She feels extremely guilty and is in a daze, she blocks the traffic and coincidentally Dr Go sees her walking aimlessly.

Dr Go takes her to a cafe shop and asks whats the matter with her, Si-ho tells her what she has done to Bok-joo without saying the names of course. Dr Go finishes her short counselling session with a cheers for them being jealous. Alright don’t encourage now. 

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Bok-joo does not turn up for her appointment at J weight clinic and Jae-yi is starting to wonder because it is rare for her to not turn up. He later goes for a family dinner to celebrate his birthday, during the dinner Dr Go calls. The mum is fully focused on their phone conversation and the parents asks him to bring his friend to join. Both parents seems really pleased to meet Ah young, like it’s their daughter-in-law. Before they dig in, Jae-yi asks Joon-hung whether he knows about Bok-joo absence, and is wondering if something happened to her.

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Jae-yi gives Dr Go a lift back home and explains his mum’s habit; she likes to question about female acquaintances and hope she does not mind about his mum’s behaviour. Dr Go gets all defensive because she does not like him explaining it, its like he extinguishes the idea that they could potentially be together. Dr Go sulks and leaves the car and addresses Jae-yi as “friend”. She hands him over his birthday present and leaves quickly, he opens it up and discover lots of classical CDs.

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Joon-hung calls Bok-joo again after hearing her absence at the clinic, he heads over to Bok-joo chicken and looks around from outside and decided she’s not home. Hahaha what, how can you tell from outside. The uncle returns from delivery and Joon-hung asks where Bok-joo is, the uncle tells Joon-hung that Bok-joo is being punished for going to weight clinic. He further explains that she is being watched everywhere and does not have the freedom to do anything.

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He messages Bok-joo while waiting outside her dormitory. Although Bok-joo is in pain, she gets up to check her phone. She sees a message from Joon-hung and automatically gets teary-eyed; one of the message says “are you alright?” and the other says “today is my brother’s birthday”. However, she does not reply and goes back to her bed crying.

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Bok-joo is being watched by Coach Choi even during lunch, she is forced to eat another plate of food. Joon-hung enters the cafeteria and sees the tense situation around Bok-joo’s lunch table.

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Coach Jang enters the training room and sees only few people present and is angry, complaining he must be too lenient on them. Bok-joo heads over to do squats and is approached by 3 other weightlifters, Sang chul asks what trouble did Bok-joo get into, and blames Bok-joo for making Coach Jang moody.

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Joon-hung is worried about Bok-joo and is wandering in circles waiting for her. He wails aloud asking whether she is okay or not despite Bok-joo is not even present. He continues to ponder whether she is okay, he sees Bok-joo heading out and immediately moves but stops after seeing Coach Jang. He is upset that Bok-joo didn’t see him despite waiting outside for her, he asks to himself:

“What was that about? Am I invisible?”

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Bok-joo returns to discover his uncle complaining about her dad not planning to get treatment at the hospital. She also notices a bruise on one of his eyes, she asks about it but the uncle explains its from her dad; a consequence from trying to persuade him to get treatment. Bok-joo goes to see her father and tries to persuade him, however he refuses angrily, declaring he rather dies because he cannot afford the medical treatment anyways, and also she can use the condolence money for the weight clinic when he dies.

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Her dad states that it is not Bok-joo’s fault and the one to blame is the doctor that is responsible for the weight clinic. He rushes to go but Bok-joo continues to beg him and claiming that she is the one to blame. However, it only angered him more, the emotional strain causes him to faint.

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Si-ho is unable to perfect the Pivot position and her coach discourages her by saying she has no chance for the competition tomorrow. Si-ho tries again but fails. The coach leaves angrily and gives up on her.

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Coach Choi treats Bok-joo a drink before heading back to the dormitory, she suddenly receives a phone call from the administration department and has to head back to sort out a finance problem. She instructs Bok-joo to head back after her drink, and she will see her at the training room.

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However, Bok-joo did not return immediately and went to the clinic instead, although she bought Jae-yi a present, she is unable to give it to him or wish him happy birthday directly. She continues to look on from outside and voices over:

 “I don’t think I’ll be able to see you anymore. If I had been honest with you from the beginning, would I have been able to wish you a happy birthday in person?”

In her voiceover she introduces herself, instead of being cellist, she is a weightlifter. Instead of liking classical songs, she likes Big Bang. She loves sausages and loves doing exercises. She likes the smell of the ground on rainy days. Lastly, she likes Jae-yi.

She tells herself that she will remain sad, but only for today. She will be able to forget him. Before she leaves, she puts the gift on top off his car.

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Bok-joo is walking slowly back to the campus, and her phone rings, she answers it lifelessly. Joon-hung exclaims that she finally answered and states its so difficult to get her on the phone. He asks whether she is okay, but before she could fully explain the situation, she is cut off as she notice Coach Choi is waiting outside for her. Joon-hung sighs, not knowing what is going to happen.

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Bok-joo is beng interrogated by Coach Choi, however she does not answer and simply states she had errands to run. Coach Choi does not believe the reason and has no choice but use violence. She punishes Bok-joo by hitting her with the mop. Bok-joo simply accepts the punishment with no refusal. Nan-hee could not bear witnessing it anymore and offers to tell the real reason to Coach choi, Bok-joo tells her not to but Coach choi chooses to listen.

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Nan-hee explains that Bok-joo is not trying to lose weight, but simply because she liked the Doctor that worked at the weight clinic. Also, yesterday was the doctor’s birthday hence the reason why she came back late today- to deliver the birthday present. Seon-ok overhears the conversation and realises the full truth behind Bok-joo’s recent behaviour.

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Coach Choi tells a personal story to Bok-joo, its about her 19 year old self. How she once ran away from home with this man, but he told her they must return home or his parents will be angry. She even gave up weightlifting to be with him, but what annoyed her more than the betrayal, was the fact thats he was unable to get over him. Coach Choi reassures Bok-joo the pain in her heart will pass, and sooner she will meet a guy who will accept who she is.

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Coach Choi gives Bok-joo an authorised leave and told her dormitory head she will not return for the night. Bok-joo should go home and rest, so she has energy for training in the morning. Bok-joo sees a sausage rolling on the floor and to pick it up, it is a trap that is set by the one and only Joon-hung, he does gestures to reel her in. So funny and the fact that it worked is priceless. 

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Joon-hung treats Bok-joo to a Korean barbecue, he even grills it and tries to feed her. Bok-joo declares she has no appetite and only gives him an annoyed look, she finally accepts his food since he refuses to put away his chopsticks. He mentions that she should look after herself better, consider it a celebration for Jae-yi’s birthday, and also she does not need to diet anymore. He instantly regrets saying it after her cold response.

He changes the topic few times but still not response, he said that Jae-yi was worried because she did not attend the appointments. Bok-joo finally responds and asks if this was true. She hurriedly eats something but ends up grabbing some raw meat, Joon-hung tells her to spit it out and also looks after her by cleaning the sauce on her sleeves. He’s so sweet. 

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However the Joon-hung’s therapy does not end, he takes her to a club and they start drinking. Joon-hung starts dancing and asks Bok-joo to join him, but she is reluctant, so he forces her by grabbing her arms and moving it. Bok-joo is soon in her own world and struts her own moves. Their dancing is extremely funny and unique, they gather others’ attention. 

On the other hand, Bok-joo’s father is drinking by himself and is in deep thoughts. The uncle quickly drinks some of it and leaves the father with a little left. The uncle explains that it is normal that Bok-joo would like to date, lose weight and wear pretty clothes. Although she is a weightlifter, she is still a girl. Once the uncle leaves, the dad says he feels bad too. He says thats the reason why she must not give up, and at least win a gold medal. She cannot regret like himself. Deep. 

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It is in the morning, Bok-joo and Joon-hung returns back from the club. Bok-joo is unable to stop dancing and still seems hyped up from the buzz of the nightclub. Joon-hung quickly exclaims the loser of rock-paper-scissors will pay the next clubbing outing, Bok-joo quickly responds and throw out a scissor. She loses so she has to pay for the next outing. Aww she seems like she is back to her old self.

joon hung tries bok joo up.png

Joon-hung asks Bok-joo how did she got found out anyways, Bok-joo says that the coach found her weight diary in the training room, but she is confused because she never placed it there. But what is done is done, she claims it does not matter anymore and is happy with the entire experience. She discovered that a man is able to make her heart flutter as much as weightlifting does, it also made her realise that she is a woman. Joon-hung suddenly says that she also realised that she can move around too; imitating her dance moves.

nam joo hyuk lee sung kyung.png

Bok-joo asks whether he will be alright because stayed out. He asks whether she is worried and she says she is. He seems pleased with the comment and pats her on her head, saying she’s really sweet. She snaps and says that he is not allowed to touch her. He claims that he is happy that she returned to her old self, because being quiet does not suit her. Being happy is her charm. He says that she should call him whenever she needs a mood booster.

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Bok-joo says her goodbye to Joon-hung at the main entrance of the dormitory because she is authorised, but Joon-hung is non-authorised therefore has to sneak back. Bok-joo awkwardly thanks Joon-hung for making her day fun, she says its thanks to him. She rushes in after making that embarrassing comment, and Joon-hung is left happy, smiling to himself and also says he had fun today, thanks to Bok-joo, however Bok-joo is already inside. Aww. 

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He thinks backs to what Bok-joo said and deducts something, he realises that Si-ho is responsible for the exposing Bok-joo’s secret. Bok-joo is energised after the outing with Joon-hung, and analyses Joon-hung’s, claiming he was only cool because he is blood related to Jae-yi. Seems like Joon-hung is slowly winning Bok-joo over. 

She returns back to her room and sees Si-ho doing some stretches in preparation of her competition today. Si-ho nervously asks whether Bok-joo is feeling alright, Bok-joo says she is fine and will be rooting for Si-ho in the competition. Si-ho gets up to grab her stuff but knocks over the mirror; signalling bad luck.

mirror breaks siho.png

Seon-ok is giving Bok-joo and Nan-hee the silent treatment because she is angry at them for keeping Bok-joo’s appointment at the weight clinic a secret. Seon-ok is even more annoyed because Nan-hee knows it before her, which contradicts the idea that they are best friends.

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Bok-joo returns home because she received a call from her father. She asks whether her dad is alright and he says that she shouldn’t act like she cares about him because she lied to him. Bok-joo stays silent and is upset that her father is still angry at her. He hands her over a bag which contains a lipstick, and tells her to use it when she goes out. Bok-joo is ecstatic that her father got her a lipstick, and uses it right away. He tells her to eat something before she leaves and says he has ribs in the fridge, she asks whether he has broth as well. Although his reply is harsh, he asks whether she wants spicy ribs too. The dad is a non-expressive father, but deep down, he wants the best for his daughter. 

bok joo lipstick lee sung kyung.png

Soo-bin makes many mistakes during her performance and Si-ho is getting more and more nervous because her performance is approaching. Although she was nervous, she made no mistakes and even masters the pivot position. Her performance ends well and she seems extremely pleased. The first time she smiled in the episode may I add. 

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The gymnasts returns from their competition and Si-ho is happy with her performance. Soo-bin congratulates Si-ho, and Si-ho acts all mighty and taps on her shoulder to encouraged her. Si-ho thinks luck is on her side because Joon-hung calls her to meet up. But the real reason is to not congratulate her performance but to discuss something else.

Joon-hung asks whether it was her who left the weight loss diary in the weightlifting room. She told him that there is point asking when he already figured it out, Joon-hung snaps at her because he caused Bok-joo so many problems. Si-ho says he has no right to interfere, because Bok-joo is not his girlfriend therefore he shouldn’t be upset. She adds that she hates it when she sees them laughing together.

siho declaration.png

Si-ho continues her defence and says that Bok-joo is ridiculous from the start, how she was too friendly with him, but going to the weight clinic is far too much. She states that she has no reason to lose weight, and for whom. Joon-hung says that she is mistaken because she isn’t losing weight for him, he further explains she likes someone else. Si-ho does not care who Bok-joo likes but asks Joon-hung if he likes Bok-joo. He does not reply but is taken aback, he denies it by saying he does not know how to explain to her.

Si-ho declaration of jealousy and warning for Joon-hung:

“I hate that you’re with someone, and I hate it that you smile at someone other than me. So, don’t push me, or I’ll go crazier”

si ho joon hung.png

Bok-joo decides whether she should message Jae-yi about her absences for her previous appointments, and also what excuse can she give. She calls Joon-hung for advice and Si-ho returns right at that moment. Before Bok-joo even gets a chance to finish her sentence, Si-ho grabs the phone and hangs up, she throws the phone on the bed. She angrily demands answers from Bok-joo; why is she pestering Joon-hung despite liking someone else and why is she calling him. Finally, she confess that it was her that left the weight diary in the weightlifting training room. Things gets serious now. 

si ho bok joo .png


This episode is really upsetting, Bok-joo is your innocent girl experiencing her first love, and out of love she gives up her passion. People around her disagrees with her act and punishes her for it; Bok-joo has no where to turn to. The way people treat her is not ideal, but, it is out of love. They blame her for it and does not let her explain herself, but at the end of the day, those people that gets angry and voice their concern is because they want the best for her. What they think is best for her, might not actually be what she wants. 

But, everything ended on a nice note. Bok-joo’s dad reconciled with Bok-joo by giving her. a lipstick. He is your macho man with few words but he went out and purchase a lipstick, how embarrassing would it be for him. But he does not mind embarrassing himself to make Bok-joo happy. He simply wanted the best for her hence his anger. Yes, his actions were overboard and the violence wasn’t needed but I think it is just your typical asian upbringing? (I hope I am allowed to say this, because I am asian too LOL). Bok-joo’s father raised her all by himself, he knows nothing about girls and is left to raise a daughter. His apology is awkward but very heartwarming.

Moreover, its not like others were the most supportive figure that Bok-joo needed, even the coaches made her feel guilty about her actions. They used extreme measures to force her to talk. As if beating someone with a mop will make them confess, I mean she already knew she would get a beating and still did it, don’t think violence will work.

Si-ho is one cray cray girl but despite everything, I think her acts are understandable. She is in desperation, she does not know what to do, even herself does not even understand her own emotion. It’s not like she enjoyed Bok-joos suffering, she felt bad and guilty, even attempted to get the weight diary back. All she ever wanted was to have Joon-hung back by her side, but consequently thrashing her anger at someone else.

Si-ho’s actions towards Bok-joo only caused Bok-joo to have a better bond with Joon-hung, Bok-joo calls him to ask about advice, yes the advice is for Jae-yi but she called him, which is a change; Joon-hung normally calls her first. She is starting to rely on him more than before, and even thinks he is slightly cool, but reasons it out by the fact that that he is related to Jae-yi.

Overall, lets look past all the negativity that happened in this drama and focus on Joon-hung. He is seriously the best, the way he cheers up Bok-joo is seriously goals right there. He doesn’t push or force any ideas to Bok-joo, he simply wants her to be happy; her usual self. He doesn’t even care getting into trouble if it means to cheer Bok-joo up, it reminds me of the first episode when Tae-kwon begged him to go out but he refused, but if it’s for Bok-joo he’s the one that drags her out. Also, when he told her that she can call him whenever she needs a mood booster is basically saying that he is on standby for her.