Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 14 summary


Picking up from where we left off, Bok-joo’s dad sees Joon-hung hugging Bok-joo and even stops driving his motorbike too. However he did not stop because he recognises Bok-joo but instead he is judging the unknown students for their PDA. He even asks himself that he wonders who their parents are. LOL. 

bok joo dad bok joo.png

Joon-hung visits his psychotherapists to catch up. Psychotherapists asks why he has been so busy recently and hasn’t been visiting him. Joon-hung informs him that the ringing in his ear has stopped, the psychotherapist can definitely notice he is more happy and optimistic. He asks whether Joon-hung is dating someone and says that dating is an effective way of healing emotions.

Joon-hung is touched by his deduction and shakes his hand to applaud him being a good doctor. Psychotherapist asks whether his girlfriend is pretty but Joon-hung says that he is too handsome for her.


The trio are at the cafeteria, Joon-hung acts all coincidental that they’re having lunch the same time. However him and Bok-joo already decided they will meet at the cafeteria beforehand.

Joon-hung holds Bok-joo’s hand under the table and Nan-hee drops her utensil on the floor, she leans down to pick it up. Bok-joo is shocked at Nan-hee’s movement and pulls her hand away, Joon-hung loses his balance and falls onto the floor.

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Jae-yi turns up at the infirmary and asks whether she wants to go see a concert with him, the violinist that plays in the CD that she liked is in Korea. Ah-young tells him the truth, and says she actually does not like classical music and pretended she liked it because of him.

Jae-yi does not give up and suggests dinner because he knows she will have to eat anyways. As usual, he cuts her steak for her and realises that she might pretended to like steak as well. Ah-young confirms that she does like steak and Jae-yi seems glad about it.

He asks whether she wants to do something this weekend, however Ah-young shoots him down and says she wants to rest this weekend. Jae-yi offers to go to her house and cook for  her. Ah-young simply tells him to stop trying so hard:

“Trying hard won’t make you fall in love with me after 10 years”

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The trio spends their night having a girly night, Bok-joo is curious about the face masks that Nan-hee is using, she offers to do it for Bok-joo. However next morning Bok-joo has a large spot on her nose because she forgot to take the mask off. Bok-joo complains that she cannot go out with a spot on her nose and Seon-ok comments that it is okay, it is not like she has a boyfriend. Can I just say the spot is tiny, like it is nothing.

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Bok-joo avoids Joon-hung because of her spot on her nose. She avoids him during their run around the field and wears a mask to cover her mouth and nose. They later talk on the phone and she tells him that she is sick therefore they cannot meet.

Joon-hung asks his mother for lots of medicine, his mum comments on him being very considerate to his friend because he purposely came back from college to get his friend some medicine.

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Bok-joo opens her window because her room is really stuffy, she stares at her spot and is stressing that she will bump into Joon-hung. He calls her and Bok-joo pretends to be sick, Joon-hung tells her to go to the lobby because he wants to give her medicine. Bok-joo continues to act sick and claims she is too weak to move.

Joon-hung is worried about Bok-joo but is not allowed to take the normal entrance as males are prohibited. Joon-hung climbs up to her room from outside, he nearly lets go of the railing after seeing her awake and eating something too.

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Joon-hung tells Bok-joo that her spot isn’t a big issue and she shouldn’t have lied about being sick because he was worried about her. Joon-hung says that he is thankful though because he finally gets to see her room, he picks up a nearby mirror and compliments it being girly. Bok-joo corrects him and says the mirror belongs to his ex. Joon-hung quickly says that he knew it and says the mirror is not his style.

He wants to see Bok-joo’s closet but Bok-joo stops him because of how unorganised it is, however he insists he is fine seeing it unorganised, they end up wrestling and both fell on the bed. They share a moment between them and Joon-hung leans down to kiss Bok-joo, however they hear Nan-hee’s voice.

Seon-ok and Nan-hee barges in with a pizza to share with Bok-joo. Joon-hung quickly hides at the side of the bed and uses some blanket to cover his body. Nan-hee grabs the blanket and wraps herself with it, Joon-hung struggles to squeeze himself under the bed but after many attempts he manages to fit.

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Joon-hung tries to slowly switch his location, he snakes through the floor without getting anyone’s attention apart from Bok-joo. His new hiding spot is the wardrobe. Coincidentally, Si-ho returns and opens the closet however is unable to because Joon-hung is grabbing from the inside.  She yanks at it and sees Joon-hung sitting inside. She gets a fright but realises the situation and keeps her mouth shut. Si-ho even helps to shoo Nan-hee and Seon-ok away by telling them she feels tired and wants to rest. Aww Si-ho is so nice.

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Joon-hung is due to meet Bok-joo after his training but gets dragged away by Tae-kwon to a blind date. Joon-hung lifelessly sits there and frets for his own life. Bok-joo receives no call from Joon-hung despite him telling her that he will phone her after his training. She continues to train and her cohort joins her, her cohort informs her that her good-looking friend (referring to Joon-hung) is on a blind date. Bok-joo is shocked at the news and lets go of the weight that she is holding. You’re in danger now Joon-hung.

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Bok-joo watches without blinking and her hand shaped into a fist. Her friends aren’t doing much help in extinguishing her anger, they comment on the girls motives- she is after Joon-hung. Bok-joo warns Joon-hung with a simple text saying “You will die! I will kill you!” and another message to inform him that he has 5 minutes to leave. Think that text is enough to scare anyone. 

Joon-hung gasps when he sees the message and realises that Bok-joo is watching his from somewhere. He looks around and notices Bok-joo, she gestures she will “cut his head off”.

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Joon-hung urges Tae-kwon to leave and makes up a lie, however Tae-kwon does not believe his words. Joon-hung panics and makes up another lie to urge Tae-kwon. One of the girl touches Joon-hung’s shoulder and rubs it, complimenting him for his broad shoulders. Bok-joo finally had enough, she walks over and warns the girl to remove her filthy hands. The girl asks Bok-joo who she is and Bok-joo loudly exclaims she is the girlfriend of the guy she just touched. Everyone is shocked at the news.

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Their friends interrogates them and asks when did they started dating and other information too. Bok-joo tells them that she had no choice but hide the fact because she didn’t want them to think she is betraying them.

Their friends offers a deal with Joon-hung, Joon-hung should treat them to a meal if he is going to take Bok-joo away from them. Joon-hung is happy at their offer but Bok-joo seems to be worried about his wallet.

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Coach Choi is stressed and seems to be lost in thoughts. She suggest she goes and get a drink with Professor Yoon because she has few things to say to him. However once they walk out, they see Bok-joo’s uncle waiting for Coach Choi. Professor Yoon senses the awkwardness and runs away before getting dragged in.

However he injures himself shortly after running away. Coach Choi and Bok-joo’s uncle takes him back home and lays him on the sofa. Coach Choi offers to look after Professor Yoon because he is unable to move, however Bok-joo’s uncle insists as he does not want them to be alone.

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Joon-hung and Bok-joo watches Seon-ok and Nan-hee eats, they are unstoppable and even orders more meat to grill. Even Tae-kwon is not on Joon-hung’s side, he joins in with Seon-ok and Nan-hee, he also wolf down the food. Poor Joon-hung thinks it is over but is completely wrong. The 3 robbers (Nan-hee, Seon-ok and Tae-kwon) demands for karaoke.

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Ah-young messages Jae-yi that she will be going back to her hometown and will work at her father’s hospital. She does not want to tell him face to face because she still has feelings for him. Jae-yi runs to her apartment but no answer, he tries calling her but it goes straight to voicemail.

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Si-ho has her competition today and she tells Bok-joo that she is feeling nervous. Bok-joo takes her to the Toad’s house and tells her to make a wish before she goes. Bok-joo asks whether she made a wish to win the national, however Si-ho says she made a wish to have a competition without regret.

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At least Bok-joo’s uncle keeps his promise, he tries to look after Professor Yoon, although the meal he cooked isn’t that great but he tried. Professor Yoon does not have any ketchup left and Bok-joo’s uncle offers to buy some, once he has left, Coach Choi comes in and helps look after Professor Yoon.

He returns and notices that Coach Choi is here, he stands in the hallway, unsure whether to go in or not, whilst he is outside he hears Coach Choi confessing to Professor Yoon. Professor Yoon is taken aback at what Coach Choi said and doesn’t believe her words. Coach Choi gathers the courage to asks him for his thoughts regarding her. However he does not reply, and Coach Choi takes that as a rejection, but before she leaves he holds onto her hand. One second later he screams in pain. It is debatable whether he accepted her confession or not. 

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Poor Bok-joo’s uncle stands outside and overhears everything, before he leaves, he hangs the ketchup on the door’s knob. Poor soul, Poor soul.

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Joon-hung and Bok-joo goes to cheer on Si-ho for her competition. Si-ho is extremely nervous and receives not much of a prep talk from her coach, she exclaims that her result will mark a new beginner for herself.

During the competition Si-ho makes a big mistake and is super worried for the results. Her coach holds onto her hand and tells her to not worry about it. Si-ho senses something is off and is even more curious after realising her mistakes has been nulled.

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Si-ho goes into the waiting room and overhears the other gymnasts talking about her; they say that their mistakes were taken into account but for Si-ho it was nullified. They complain that their Coach is not as influential as Si-ho’s coach.

Si-ho has one more competition to take part in- the ribbon dance. During her performance she thinks back to her struggles and the first time she won a medal. Si-ho completely owns the stage until she throws her ribbon in the air but purposely not catching it when it falls. The audience is stunned at her actions and her Coach screams at her for being crazy.

si ho performance.png

Joon-hung’s mother is back. She is back. She walks into the pharmacy and greets Jae-yi’s parents. They go to a nearby café and asks why she hasn’t contacted them all this time. She explains that she has been in Canada all this time and has only returned to Seoul recently. She hesitates but tells them that she has something to say. I wanna know what it is! Why do they have to cut it off like that. 

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Bok-joo is walking around by herself because her friends have left her to eat tonkastsu. She is approached by Joon-hung’s birth mother, she asks whether Bok-joo can show her where the swimming pool is. Bok-joo suggests she takes her to the building.

Bok-joo sees Joon-hung walking out and greets him happily, Joon-hung is also happy to see Bok-joo but quickly notices the lady next to her. He stares at her, shock, and unable to comprehend the situation despite 99% knowing she is his birth mum. She confirms his thoughts with a tearful declaration that she is his mother.

joon hung mum reunite.png


Thank heavens for finally making Si-ho have a personality. Thank you, we finally see some substance in her. Although I did find it strange how she suddenly gave up everything and want to start afresh, but like it was so unexplained. She let goes of her ribbon and everyone is shocked but what happens? That’s what I wanna know, but instead they put Bok-joo and Joon-hung talking rubbish afterwards. Well I guess she must have gotten disqualified or something, but don’t we at least deserve a voice-over to tell us her inner feelings, or to sum it up for us.

Also what is wrong with the gymnasts coach, is she bi-polar, suddenly she is like a cruel witch and the other times she is like Gandhi. What does she even want, make up your mind woman. This is what makes the drama confusing- unnecessary characters that makes the drama more confusing and solely existing for one scene but does not even make sense. She could have used her powers to help another gymnasts but she chose Si-ho, and if we based this on all the previous episodes, Si-ho isn’t her favourite. Which makes it more confusing.

Another thing is the psychotherapist, he is so useless, his whole nonsense about dating can heal people’s emotions. Ya what. Yes, having good relationships can benefit a person’s emotional stability, but not specifically dating. Also what did he actually contribute to aiding Joon-hung’s start fright? nothing. We better see him in some action next episode, because Joon-hung’s stability will be sending SOS everywhere.

One good thing about this episode is the fact that they have not forgotten about Joon-hung’s mother. YES. Was so scared they will forget about her since this drama already has so many unanswered questions. I am hoping for some really sad scenes and a really good explanation as to why she did not reply. I want some answers as to why she abandoned Joon-hung, why she never contacted him and why is she back.