Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ep 9 summary


Bok-joo’s secret is finally exposed; she stands in horror to see Jae-yi standing before her eyes. Joon-hung did not made it in time but still attempts to cover it up, he says that Bok-joo is here to sightsee around his school, but notices her jumper.

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Bok-joo confess to her lies and says everything she said before is a lie, she does not study cello and is actually a weightlifter. She walks away, ashamed of her own lies.

Jae-yi asks why Joon-hung had to cover up, Joon-hung says he had no choice because she wanted to lose weight as she started to like somebody. Joon-hung continues to side with Bok-joo to reason out her lies, saying she had a hard time recently because her coach discovered her going to the weight clinic and also her dad too.

Jae-yi asks who’s the guy that Bok-joo likes, Joon-hung blurts out “Jae-yi“, but quickly says “I’m hungry”.

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Bok-joo panics and fees ashamed of herself, she starts crying and overthinks everything; Jae-yi might hate her because of her lies. She voices over and describes the situation as a lie creating another lie, and so on and forth. Poor Bok-joo.

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Bok-joo runs around the track field with a tire attached to her. She runs around frantically to drain all the excess energy hoping to forget everything, she is in so much pain that she thinks exercising will tire her out instead of feeling pain. Her friend is only able to watch her from afar because no one can stop her.

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Si-ho struggles to do turns (I don’t know what they are called, excuse me for that) but Soo-bin masters it easily and rubs it against Si-ho’s face. Si-ho is limping down the stairs after her training and meets up with her younger sister afterwards.

Si-ho becomes more upset when she sees her sister, she gets informed about the acts that her dad has done; he has moved away and people keep coming to the house to view for potential purchase.

Si-eon demands to know what Si-ho has done for the family; Si-ho didn’t managed to persuade their mum or bring any income to their family, she blames Si-ho for causing the entire mess. After she has said what she wants to say, she leaves and warns Si-ho to not look for her.


Joon-hung is forced to attend the 3-3 date that Tae-kwon suggested and seems very uninterested, he stares at his drink and barely comments. However the other 3 girls are very interested in Joon-hung, they try to make conversation, asking him if he is usually this quiet. He says he is and picks up the call from Bok-joo right away. Yeah right, quiet. 

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Joon-hung becomes chatty immediately and thanks her for calling back after he has left 3 missed calls for her. He is clearly sulking. Bok-joo asks Joon-hung whether Jae-yi is shocked about what happened yesterday. Joon-hung answers that he knew she would be curious and suggests to meet up, he says bye to his friend and head to find Bok-joo.

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He sees Bok-joo picking on a poster whilst waiting for him, he sneaks up and scares her. However she does not appreciate his energy and shouts at him. I am sure the other 3 girls would have died to make him talk.

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Bok-joo complains to Joon-hung about all her issues and his words aren’t doing much help so he offers to go somewhere else to de-stress. They head to the arcade and Joon-hung brags about his high score on the punching machine, Bok-joo attempts to challenge him and achieves the high score instantly. She becomes overly competitive in other games and accidentally breaks the machine. The staff approaches them but Joon-hung notices, he grabs Bok-joo and runs away from the arcade.

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Si-ho injures her foot during her practice and gets a phone call from her mum, her mum is worried about Si-eon because she has not returned since yesterday and packed some clothes with her too. Si-ho goes to this dodgy looking place to find her sister. She drags her away and pushes her in the taxi but before she gets on it as well, Si-eon closes the door and tells the driver to drive away without Si-oh.

z.hera si ho.png

Bok-joo drinks and drinks, she tries to wash away her sorrow with alcohol. Joon-hung just stares at her in disbelief and slight disgust, he says she is drunk and should stop, but Bok-joo continues to talk gibberish.

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Joon-hung rest on a bench for now before embarking on his long journey with a drunk Bok-joo. She complains its cold and he offers a newspaper that is found on the floor. Bok-joo squirms around even when she’s asleep and falls onto Joon-hung’s lap. Joon-hung slowly dozes off as well and once he opens his eyes, he sees a close-up Bok-joo. It looks like he’s about to kiss her but he got the fright of his life.

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Joon-hugn tries to wake her up but to no avail, he sees a nearby trolley and chucks her in. He compliments his own smartness and manages to take her back home in one piece. She mumbles in her sleep saying that Joon-hung should take responsibility, her dad and uncle misunderstands and gangs up on Joon-hung.

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Joon-hung denies anything happened between him and Bok-joo, and they are just friends. Joon-hung excessively denies it which anger Bok-joo’s dad. He is angry because he thinks Joon-hung is dissing his daughter. The uncle advises his brother to keep to one side because he looks like a psycho, the dad finishes his lecture with a speech about Joon-hung shouldn’t over drink because he is an athlete.

Joon-hung is more than glad the interrogation is over, the uncle hands him some money so he can take the taxi home. Before Joon-hung leaves, the uncle says he’s a shipper of JoonhungxBokjooSame, me too. 

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Woon-ki is in the police station because he punched the taxi driver, Coach Choi comes and discovers that he has a wife and a child too. He apologises to Coach Choi and says he punched the taxi driver because he swore at his wife. They discusses the situation and Coach Co suggests settling it with money, however she will do it because Woon-ki cannot afford it. She calls someone right after she left the police station, she asks the person on the phone to return their borrowed money; seems like Coach choi does not have enough without asking money back from other people.

woon ki police station.png

Jae-yi goes shopping with Ah-young because she is unsure what stereo to buy and wants Jae-yi’s opinion. After choosing the stereo, he brings up Bok-joo and is wondering if Ah-young knows her. Jae-yi tells Ah-young that Bok-joo is the cellist patient and also the one who asks whether he likes Messi. He goes on to explain the real reason Bok-joo attended the weight clinic. Ah-young suggests that it might be Joon-hung as he’s popular with girls.

Ah-young says she will treat him to a meal because she took up a lot of his time. Coincidentally, Bok-joo is walking along the streets.

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They invite her to join them for lunch and invites Joon-hung as well. Bok-joo sits there awkwardly watching Ah-young and Jae-yi interact. Ah-young is seriously insensitive, but she brings up Bok-joo being the girl that asks whether Jae-yi likes Messi as a dinner topic. What are you, a broadcaster?

She asks who Bok-joo has a crush on, Bok-joo hesitates to answer and Jae-yi says that its her privacy because he can sense her being uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be uncomfortable?! 

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Ah-young is playing matchmaker because she thinks Bok-joo likes Joon-hung, she turns to Jae-yi for back up; to help with claiming they look good together. Jae-yi agrees, because he is neutral to the topic. Poor Bok-joo is staring in jealousy of their interactions- Jae-yi keeps giving Ah young food and knows what food she likes, Joon-hung quickly cuts his steak and offer to Bok-joo but she refuses.

Well to be honest, Jae-yi is just being his usual-self, but Bok-joo is more sensitive to these acts, especially now. Joon-hung is annoyed because Jae-yi is so unconsciously inconsiderate and sighs angrily. His expression is funny. 

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They say their byes to each other and Bok-joo’s torture is finally over. After they leave Joon-hung asks Bok-joo whats her thoughts on Ah-young’s assumption regarding them. However Bok-joo says it does not mater and walks away. She is clearly upset and still hasn’t got over Jae-yi.

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Bok-joo tells Joon-hung that Dr Go and Jae-yi looks good together, she is pretty and they are both on the same level. Joon-hung compliments Bok-joo too, telling her she’s healthy. Hahaha. Joon-hung the mood booster tries to comfort her by suggesting to eat, or go watch a movie, or go clubbing. He finally suggests a drive to the sea, she seems interested but says its too far. Joon-hung offers to drive and approaches her like those guys that picks up girls with their car, but he uses a different chat up line:

“Hey you look very aggressive, get in”

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Joon-hung asks Bok-joo if she regrets lying to Jae-yi, she says she doesn’t and even if she goes back in time she will say the same lie. Joon-hung insist there’s nothing wrong with being a female weightlifter. Bok-joo says she is proud to be a weightlifter but it isn’t a sport that makes you look beautiful. It is embarrassing to show your weightlifting face to the guy she likes. Joon-hung says she just needs to find the right person that loves every part about her, even the face she makes when she lifts up the barbells. Bok-joo says such a guy does not exist and Joon-hung uses him as an example, but before he gets to finish his sentence Bok-joo shouts in excitement because she spotted seagulls.

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Bok-joo is energised by the sea breeze and is ecstatic about being here. Joon-hung tells her to stop being lame, but she continues to be happy and says she is glad to be here, Joon-hung smiles in delight because he is able to make Bok-joo happy. Bok-joo says she wishes she is here with her boyfriend so they can play silly games together. Joon-hung says she is childish but he pushes Bok-joo onto the sand to initiate a game. They play around the sand which involves a lot of pushing each other to the sea.

playing in the sea bok joo joon hung.png

Bok-joo uses Joon-hung’s arm as a head rest, she complains that she has shown everything to him but knows nothing about him. Joon-hung tells her the  story of his younger self; he hides candies in Bok-joo’s textbook so she can find it.

Bok-joo asks whether she was his ex-crush and he says its because she saved him and wanted to thank her in some sort of ways. He continues to compliment Bok-joo saying she was his role model because she got along with other kids so well.

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Bok-joo says his story is nothing special and demands more. He opens up a huge secret, he says that Jae-yi is actually his cousin and not his brother. His parents now are actually his auntie and uncle. Bok-joo asks if thats the reason why he moved school so suddenly. Bok-joo looks at him sadly, and Joon-hung says she does not have to pity him because he had a nice childhood. He gives an inspirational speech about time; it can heal anything and she should tackle the first obstacle and then focus on others. He tells her to work hard for her match that is in 2 weeks time and afterwards, leave time to do the rest.

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All the scenes leading up to this is Bok-joo preparing for her competition, nothing major happened so let’s say it skipped to competition day. Bok-joo makes a wish at the fountain before she heads off to the competition. She is worried because she spilled on her lucky t-shirt earlier and is scared its a sign of failure. Joon-hung covers her face and tells her that she is the ace, she worked hard and will win for sure. The amount of trust the Joon-hung has for Bok-joo is crazy, he never doubts her talent or have a hint of hesitation. 

nam joo hyuk cute.png

Woon-ki aces the competition and Bok-joo is next. she nervously drinks water and her 2 coaches prep talks her. she calms down her nerves and start walking towards the stage. Bok-joo voices over:

“You’re strong. You can do this. Don’t doubt yourself. Just focus on the barbell now”

But but but! Jae-yi arrives to root for Bok-joo, he is informed by Dr Go, and decides to stop by on his visit to his friend. Bok-joo instantly feels embarrassed and nervous, however she still manages to lift the barbell. Everyone cheers for her to win, but Bok-joo does not feel happy at all; looking down in embarrassment.

upset bok joo jae yi.png

Joon-hung arrives late and sees everyone cheering, he notices Bok-joo in despair. He looks at the direction that she is looking and found Jae-yi sitting there cheering. Bok-joo holds back her tears and walks off the stage, her worst circumstance has happened.

nam joo hyuk jae yi.png


Aww poor Bok-joo, makes me want to cry with her, but hey, at least she aced the competition despite Jae-yi being there. She was able to calm her nerves and still able to gather her strength. Her knees were probably shaking and was nervous as it is, never mind having Jae-yi present. Also, getting over Jae-yi was the hurdle that she will face after her competition, but he had to handle it before her first hurdle even ended. The drama really shows that you cannot control everything, yes you can try to block it out, but it is all about handling the problem and solving it.

The episode wasn’t exactly fast-movning but had many cute scenes, my favourite would be the double date lunch. So cute how Joon-hung would try to do the same as Jae-yi but for Bok-joo. The cherry on top was when he asked for Bok-joo’s thoughts on Dr Go’s comment; he asked about it happily and brought it up again and made it seem like he likes Dr Go’s comment, which he probably did.

Lastly, isn’t Si-ho coping better than we all thought? Like her parents are divorcing, her dad left them, her mum cannot support them anymore. They are basically homeless and she can still train and go play pool with other dudes, plus she still has the time and mentality to look for her sister, and is pretty calm about it too. If it was me, I would just cry in the corner and pray for a new life haha. Like she is more insane when she wanted Joon-hung back, why can’t she show the same enthusiasm for her family. Maybe Joon-hung is more important than her family, which would explain her actions, but wait a second! Let’s let this straight. Her family supports her passion for gymnastics. She dumped Joon-hung for gymnastic. So like, correct me if I am wrong, but like, wouldn’t her family be at the top of the priority table. No family = no gymnastics. It does’t mean family is the most important to her but she needs her family to pursue gymnastics. But she does not need Joon-hung to pursue gymnastics.